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If these words came from Xiao Changtian's mouth, many people would snort in disdain. No matter how strong the All Empty Sect was, he could not compare to the Wanhua Realm. Jin Moluo was different.

Behind him stood the entire Cloud Heavenly Palace.

Compared to the Wanhua Realm, the power of this force was in no way inferior!

Jin Moluo did indeed have the qualifications to say such words.

"From what you have said, there seems to be some other solution?"

The Realm Master said indifferently.

"That's right." Jin Moluo nodded his head: "My Cloud Heavenly Palace and my Wanhua Realm do not have any grievances and grievances, my grandson died so miserably in this realm, but I know that this was not intentional by your people, if I were to place all the blame on you, it would make people think that my Cloud Heavenly Palace is unreasonable."

"You finally said something fair." The Tree Lord snorted: "Since that's the case, then why aren't you leaving quickly with your men?"

"Leave?" Jin Moluo shook his head, "Although the responsibility does not rest with you, in the end, you guys cannot escape our responsibility. If you do not seek justice, we will not leave just like that."

"Then what the f * ck do you want to do?"

The Tree Lord was impatient, roars came out from the huge tree: "I'm not hitting you guys, and you're not leaving, what are you guys trying to do?"

Jin Moluo heard and laughed. He looked at the Realm Master and asked: "Realm Master, before this, may I ask if you have kept my grandson's corpse?"

"Xiao Huailin's skeleton is indeed preserved within the Realm Tree, but it is only left with bones, no flesh, no soul, no hope of revival. There is nothing to be done." The Realm Master said indifferently.

"Resurrection is impossible, and I have no extravagant hopes. However, please return my grandson's corpse first." Jin Moluo said.

Furthermore, the reason why Realm Master saved Xiao Huailin's bones was so that he could repay him.

Realm Master turned and nodded at Rong Muke. Rong Muke understood and immediately ordered his men to return to the Realm Tree to retrieve Xiao Huailin's bones.

Very quickly, the man who returned to the Realm Tree was back. He took out a waxy yellow wooden coffin from the space bag and placed it on the ground.

Seeing that, Jin Moluo directly flew to the coffin and opened it up.

Inside the coffin, there was a clean, white human bone.

The human bone crystal was sparkling and translucent like a beautiful jade.

Seeing the skeleton, Phoenix Lady immediately burst into tears, while Xiao Changtian also cried.

"Jade Bone …" Jin Moluo extended his old hand, caressing the skeleton, his eyes became cloudy: "When Huailin was born, I saw the Asgard Mistress before and asked for a jade green bone to be inserted into his body to reconstruct his bones, allowing him to have a perfect jade bone. It increases his Inherent skill, but who would have thought, that now that the jade bone is still there, he is gone … "Sigh …"

Jin Moluo heaved a long sigh, a conflict surfaced in his heart, people at his level of cultivation would never be easily troubled by someone's personality, but the corpse in front of him, was his own grandson, how could he not feel anything?

"Father, you must avenge Huailin!" Phoenix Lady sobbed and screamed with all her might.

"Don't worry, the killer won't get away with it!"

Jin Moluo calmly said as he put away his sorrowful expression.

He grabbed one of the hand bones and placed it on his palm, urging the profound strength to release a golden glow.

"Fighting will only cause injuries to both sides, although my Sword World uses fighting as the main method of cultivation, but today, we are not here to cause trouble, but to seek justice, the old me will not force you, so you all should take a step back, too. Let us make a fair battle, whoever loses, meets the requirements of the both sides, what about that?"

"A contest?"

Realm Master frowned slightly.

"Right, let's spar!"

Jin Moluo stood up, her gaze was fixated on the jade bone in Xiao Huailin's hand, suddenly grabbing onto the sword like iron rod, she sliced through the air.

The body of the staff released a mysterious wave of profound strength that tore through the void, and a pitch black lustrous halo of light split open in front of Jin Moluo.

"But before that, the murderer who harmed my grandson must pay with his life for my grandson's death. If that person gets off scot-free, then everything will be meaningless to me!"

With that said, Jin Moluo suddenly crushed the jade bone in his hand, turned it into powder, and scattered it into the air.

The powder revolved around the void, and eventually stuck to the void, rippling out many strange auras …

"This is …"

Realm Master's face slightly changed: What are you trying to do?

Jin Moluo snorted: "Since Realm Master is unwilling to hand over the culprit who killed Huailin, then I can only do it myself!"



Linglong Mountain.

Near the entrance of the Dark Place, Su Yun and Hu Qianmei had just landed, so the number of people at the entrance of the Dark Place had lessened, only looking at them as they went in, not looking at them.

All Empty Sect, Ask Sword Sect and the other four major sects had launched an attack on the Wanhua Realm with the support of the Cloud Heavenly Palace, so the news had already spread throughout the entire Wanhua Realm, and even the few people from the realm knew about it. The entire Dark Place was already in danger, they were afraid that they would be involved in this incident.

The two of them entered the Dark Place and saw that it was already packed full of people. Just the door was filled with many people, and people gathered in groups of two or three, discussing, and the presences that were bringing people to the crack were doing good business, the Wanhua Realm was not peaceful, the Gate of Nature was sealed, and in order to protect themselves, everyone wanted to leave, and the only exit was this Dark Place.

"There are many spatial tears in the Dark Place that can tear apart Spirit Cultivator, but they do not lead us to other realm. We need to find someone to lead the way and have him bring us to the designated crack that leads to the Ultimate Martial World." Su Yun said.

"Alright, let's go look."

Hu Qianmei nodded, pulled on Su Yun's clothes and followed him.

At this time, no one came over to Su Yun, and warmly introduced the operation to him. Everyone was busy, and many people from the sects in Linglong Mountain chose to leave.

Su Yun searched around before finally finding a person who sold the spatial crack coordinates to the Ultimate Martial World.

Its face was full of depressions, as if it had been cut by a knife. One of its eyes was blind, the other was blood-red, and its entire body was reeking of rotten flesh. Judging from its Qi, it should be at the second stage of the Sky Spirit Master, but with this level of cultivation, it should be able to repair its own body. Strange?

"To the Ultimate Martial World? No problem, we will bid, one person, five million profound coin! "

The man stretched out his hand and said.

"Five million?"

Hu Qianmei was startled, and then annoyed: "The others are worth three million, how did you get five million? This is simply a massacre! "

"If the time is different, the price will naturally be different." The Rabbit-head Man said: According to reliable intelligence, the people of All Empty Sect and the Cloud Heavenly Palace have already passed through the Bridge of Realm and entered the Wanhua Realm, and are currently fighting with the Realm Tree army, a huge battle is about to start, and at that time, the entire realm will be affected, if you don't want to die, feel free to pay me ten million, otherwise I will definitely not bring you guys to the crack that leads to the Ultimate Martial World.

After Rabbit-head Man finished, he turned around and ignored the two. It had a lot of business, but he did not care about these two.

But in the next second, a blood red short blade suddenly appeared on Rabbit-head Man's neck.

"Stop, did I let you go?"

Hu Qianmei held her dagger and spoke coldly.

Rabbit-head Man's body froze, he stopped in his tracks, turned and stared at Hu Qianmei, and asked: What are you trying to do?

"What for? Hmph, if you don't bring us to the cracks of Ultimate Martial World, then don't blame me for being rude! " Hu Qianmei said coldly.

"Do you know what the result of your actions would be?" Rabbit-head Man did not panic. Instead, his voice turned incomparably cold, "This kind of action is intolerable, you are going to face the entire Dark Place's punishment. I can guarantee that as long as you can injure a single strand of my hair, the two of you will never leave this place!"

"Then let's give it a try!" Hu Qianmei snorted: "Even if we don't leave this place, we will still die anyway. Since we will die anyway, why not drag you along to die with us!"

"You …"

"Qianmei, put down your blade!"

Just then, Su Yun spoke out.

Hu Qianmei was startled, she turned and looked at Su Yun: "Big brother?"

"Put down the blade. It's only ten million profound coin. I can afford it!" Su Yun laughed.

"Oh?" Seeing that, the Rabbit-head Man looked at Su Yun: You have money? Why didn't you tell me earlier if you had the money? Why do you need to cause so much trouble? "

"Stop nagging, hurry up and bring us there, we don't have much time!" If you delay, and the two of us didn't leave here, then even if God is here, I will still kill you and accompany us in death! Do you know? "

Su Yun said indifferently as he waved the profound coin card in his hand.

Rabbit-head Man glanced at the card in Su Yun's hand, then looked at Hu Qianmei, his expression changing a little, but he did not say a word, and directly turned and walked forward.

Seeing that, Hu Qianmei was startled.

"You're so rich?"

"They usually have money …" Su Yun said shamelessly.

The two of them followed behind.

Hu Qianmei put her blade away.


Just as Hu Qianmei had taken a few steps forward, a large amount of golden halos of light suddenly erupted around her!

The circle of light was like the sun, releasing a blinding light that illuminated the entire Dark Place.


Su Yun was surprised, and immediately went forward.

But just as he reached it, an invisible barrier suddenly cut him off.

What was going on?

"You're the one who killed my grandson Xiao Huailin? Dark Place? Cracks? Hmph, you want to escape through the gate of chaos here? Is it funny that this old man allowed you to run? "

A melodious sound came from the outside!

Hu Qianmei who was surrounded by the halos was extremely terrified, she anxiously looked around and asked: "Who are you?"

I am the Thirteenth Elder of Cloud Heavenly Palace, Xiao Huailin's grandfather! An ant! Obediently submit, and pay with your life for my grandson! "

With that said, a spatial storm exploded above the light circle. In the center of the storm, a golden hand extended out like the weight of a mountain, and directly smashed towards Hu Qianmei.