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"So that's how it is."

Su Yun nodded his head: "Since it is like this, then you can arrange for people to go and lock up all the mountain roads, and prevent anyone from entering or leaving. But, if the culprit really is one of the few paths that our Lotus Star Sword Sect is in charge of, you have to instruct the disciples, if they can beat him, then beat him, if they can't, then let him leave, do not sacrifice yourself, understand?"

Huo Tianwu did not understand what Su Yun meant, but he had always been respectful to Su Yun, so he did not dare to doubt him.

With that, Huo Tianwu left.

Huo Tianwu left and continued to head back to the house with his luck, but at the moment, Ling Qingyu's face was filled with anger, the coldness in his eyes had become even more intense.

When Huo Tianwu came to report the news, he announced it, and even added fuel to the fire ¡­

Su Yun knew that the past few days would not be easy.

With that done, he was dragged to the cultivation grounds of Lotus Star Sword Sect by Ling Qingyu and started to cultivate arduously.

At the same time, at the Realm Tree's place.

A large amount of troops was gathering outside the Realm Tree.

The scattered troops around the Wanhua Realm all received the orders from the Realm Master to return. In just a few days, there were already close to a hundred thousand Realm Tree soldiers gathered outside the Realm Tree.

At a glance, the dark green armor gave off an extremely shocking feeling. And what was even more shocking was that all these soldiers were at the first stage of the Sky Spirit Master.

Realm Master who was dressed in green stood on a tall branch, looking down at the army, his eyes extremely calm.

Rong Muke and the rest followed behind, only to see Rong Muke holding onto a green leaf, looking at the glowing words on the green leaf, he muttered something, as though he was reporting something to Realm Master.

"These are all soldiers with a cultivation of at least the first stage of Sky Spirit Master. According to your command, we did not summon anyone with a cultivation below the first stage."

Rong Muke said.

"If we are at odds with the people of All Empty Sect, something bad will definitely happen. For a war of this level, people below the first stage of Sky Spirit Master would only end up dying for nothing." The Realm Master said indifferently.

"That's right."

Rong Muke nodded, his gaze sweeping across the crowd, his heart becoming more at ease, he laughed: "With this many Sky Spirit Master experts, I am afraid no realm would be able to gather this many, all because of my Wanhua Realm, who has such abundant resources, and is more suitable to train experts."

Although this was a little exaggerated, it was still the truth. How could an ordinary realm gather together an existence that was nearly ten All Spirits's Sky Profound level? Probably only an extremely large realm like the Ultimate Martial World would be possible.

"But it is because my Wanhua Realm is rich in resources that I am being spied on by other people from the realm. This humble subject is actually quite worried about my Realm Master." A middle-aged man with a crew cut spoke out. His name was Yang Lang and he was in charge of setting up the Realm Tree s' barrier.

"What's Lord Yang worried about?"

Realm Master turned his head and asked.

Yang Lang cupped his fists in salute, and said: "This humble subject is worried, the goal of coming to Cloud Heavenly Palace this time, is not to stand up for All Empty Sect, but to scheme for my Wanhua Realm."

"You think they want to use this as an excuse to attack my Wanhua Realm?" The Realm Master said indifferently.

"That's right." Yang Lang nodded.

When the surrounding people heard this, they all had grave expressions on their faces. They felt that this possibility wasn't small.

Realm Master turned his gaze and looked down at the sea like army, and said indifferently: "Actually, Master Yang, your concern is correct, and this is not a concern, but a fact. The reason why Cloud Heavenly Palace is here this time, is to find trouble with us and create excuses for them!"

"Why does the Realm Master say that?"

"Because the life forms of the 'Desperate Death Realm' have already been killed by the Cloud Heavenly Palace, and the Cloud Heavenly Palace needs to develop, so we must start a war. The profound qi that the people of the Sword World cultivate is not the Swift Wind Spirit Qi, but a very special battle Qi.

Although my Wanhua Realm is not some great realm with outstanding strength, over these few years, we have always advocated peace. We have never treated others sincerely, and have never let down our reputations, and are renowned throughout the world, if the Cloud Heavenly Palace were to start a war with us for no reason, we will definitely be met with opposition from the other realm, and at that time, when the Cloud Heavenly Palace attacks us together, they will only eat the consequences. Rong Muke said.

Realm Master heard her, but he shook his head again: "They can make a move as long as they have an excuse, it's perfectly justifiable. How would others dare interfere? Furthermore, the other realm s were not a threat to them! They are even less afraid of war! "

Hearing that, Rong Muke opened his mouth.

Furthermore, even if we hand over the person who killed Xiao Huailin to the All Empty Sect, they would not let this matter rest, so I refused to hand him over. At the same time, I gathered the power of the Wanhua Realm, and prepared to fight against the various sects and Cloud Heavenly Palace. The Realm Master said indifferently.

When everyone heard this, they understood the reasoning behind it and nodded their heads.

It had to be said that the Realm Master had a much better eye for things than them.


Just at this moment, a voice came from afar, following that, a green armored warrior flew over, he knelt down in front of Realm Master and reported, "Reporting to Realm Master, Lord Ju Gu, Master Liu Yuan is heading to Linglong Mountain, and has sent over the Mountain Seal Order!"

"Mountain Seal Order?" Rong Muke and the rest were startled: "What is Ju Gu and the rest planning to do?"

"This subordinate does not know." That soldier shook his head: "When this subordinate received the news from Linglong Mountain, I immediately rushed over to report.

"The Linglong Mountain is extremely special, there are many people from other realms mixed within, if I were to offend these people, it would not be good for my Wanhua Realm." Rong Muke said.

"But what is Lord Ju Gu trying to do? Why did they seal the Linglong Mountain just like that? "

"Who would have known? Logically speaking, he should have immediately rushed over here, gathered his troops and sent them to the Gate of Nature to prepare their defenses."

"We need to immediately recall Lord Ju Gu, at this critical moment, we cannot let him cause any more trouble!"


The ministers were all discussing with each other.

Realm Master lowered his head and thought for a moment, then said: "Prime Minister Bong."

"What orders does Realm Master have?"

"Quickly head to Linglong Mountain, bring Ju Gu, Liu Yuan and the others back, tell them to give up on the pursuit of that person, she cannot stop the commotion for us this time."

"The pursuit of that person? Could it be that Lord Ju Gu and the rest are going to capture the person who killed Xiao Huailin? "

"That's right." Realm Master said indifferently: "But we have to respect the wishes of others, furthermore, she is not enough to help us stop All Empty Sect and her, even if we capture her, it will be useless."

Hearing that, Rong Muke bit his lower lip, then cupped his fist and said: "Yes, Realm Master, this humble subject will go and recall Ju Gu now."

Realm Master nodded and looked down again.

Countless Realm Tree soldiers were still gathering ¡­


Inside the Lotus Star Sword Sect, a muffled sound came out, followed by a wave of heat that blew a pitch-black figure away.

The figure somersaulted in the air, stumbling as he landed before landing on his butt.

Looking, it was Su Yun.

The current him was covered with dirt, his entire body was red and black, he was in a sorry state, but in front, a young lady in white was holding onto a red sword, she glared at him, the young lady's body was covered in flames, it was extremely terrifying, the temperature in the air was so high that it could melt steel, if not for the support of his cultivation, Su Yun would have been roasted alive.

"Did you see it clearly? Su Yun, this is the fourth sword of the Burning Heaven Sword Formation, did you not see it clearly? If you don't see it clearly, I'll demonstrate it to you again! "

Ling Qingyu shouted.

"Look clearly, look clearly!" I saw everything clearly, don't demonstrate it! " Su Yun anxiously crawled up and shouted.

"Alright then!" Ling Qingyu nodded: "Since that's the case, then use the 'Sword of Sun and Moon' that you just learned and spar with me. Let me see how much you have learnt."


Su Yun was stunned.

If he really fought with her, then wouldn't he be played to death?

This woman was really narrow-minded. She had only wiped some oil off her face, yet she was still angry.

Su Yun was helpless, seeing the pleased look in Ling Qingyu's clear eyes, a bit of anger surfaced in his heart.

This girl was so overbearing and arrogant!

His eyes secretly turned, he thought for a moment, then held onto the Tribulation Fire Sword, and shouted: "Alright, since you said it like that, Qingyu, then you be careful, I'm going to activate the sword formation!"

"Bring it on!"

Ling Qingyu held onto the blazing sword, and shouted sternly.

When he approached the other party, the Tribulation Fire Sword released both of its hands, and waved the hand sign for the fourth sword 'Sword of Sun and Moon', 'Sword of Sun and Moon'. The profound qi split into two parts, and rushed towards the left and right hands, the Yang and Yin sides, Ri Zuoyue and Ri Zuoyue, the sword intent rippled out, and the Sword Qi flew out horizontally, causing the body of the Tribulation Fire Sword that was dancing in the air to release a wave of heat wave as two sword images quickly appeared.

The fourth sword stroke could be performed with a single sword stroke. The essence of this technique lay only in its power and intent.

The sword image appeared, transforming into the form of the sun and moon, flying around the Tribulation Fire Sword, then rushed towards Ling Qingyu.

The entire training room began to shake.

The fiery red sword light filled the entire cultivation ground, as if it was going to roast the entire place.

But, this strike that contained such a powerful aura, was not even a threat to Ling Qingyu. With a light snort, she wielded the sword in her hand and similarly unleashed the 'Sword of Sun and Moon'.

Just based on cultivation alone, Ling Qingyu was definitely not Su Yun's opponent, but if it was just this one move, then Su Yun was definitely not Ling Qingyu's opponent. The two swords that were surrounded by the light of the sun and moon clashed together. The Tribulation Fire Sword was directly sent flying and the fiery heat wave on its surface was also completely devoured by the opponent. Ling Qingyu's sword pierced through the enemy's body like a hot knife through butter, striking right at Su Yun!