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Hundred Blossom Thousand Tree Sect

Countless flowers were blooming in a natural gate made up of towering trees.

This door was not deliberately carved by humans, and no one had set up a formation. It was a pure natural door, born from nature.

This was the symbol and gateway to the Wanhua Realm. No matter who it was, they would have to pass through to enter and exit the Wanhua Realm.

There was a spirit beast guarding the door, and not only that, there was one as well.

Every time they moved, they would let out a strange thump thump thump thump sound. On top of these two trees, there were a dense group of 100 birds, which were colorful, gorgeous, small like sparrows, and as big as phoenixes.

Aside from this tree and bird, there were also a large number of spirit beasts in the surroundings. There were green tigers all over, earth elephants as big as mountains, and spirit pythons that were more than a hundred meters long spiraling around them.

And right before this Hundred Beast Spirit Dance, there was a large quantity of Wanhua Realm standing guard. There were more than a thousand of them, and each one of their auras was stronger than the others, at the first stage of the Sky Spirit Master, it was extremely terrifying.

Far away from the magical natural gate, there was a peach forest. Unknowingly, a Fox Demon with a huge white tail and a cute and charming appearance had popped out from the peach forest.

Fox Demon's fair hands clung onto the peach tree as she peeked at the natural gate. After waiting for the time it took for an incense stick to burn, her big black eyes moved once, then she wagged her tail and ran towards the gate.


Seeing the Fox Demon walking towards the big door, the officers of the Realm Tree soldiers immediately walked over, and shouted: "Who are you? "Do what?"


Fox Demon pointed to his own nose and laughed: "I am a rogue cultivator. Hehe, I want to leave Wanhua Realm."

"A rogue cultivator?" The military officer glanced at Fox Demon and said indifferently: "With the orders from Realm Master, no one is allowed to leave the Wanhua Realm. The natural door is temporarily sealed, and no one is allowed to enter or leave."

"Why?" Fox Demon was stunned.

"Don't ask too much, just leave, otherwise, we will capture you and send you to the Realm Tree!" the officer shouted. His expression was unusually serious, as if he was not joking.

After the Fox Demon heard this, he knew that there was no hope to leave, so he stroked his chin and thought, his eyes secretly looking at the order badge on the officer's waist, he chuckled, then ignored the foolish soldiers, turned and ran towards the peach forest.

After entering the peach forest, Fox Demon was rummaging through a white space bag hanging from his waist, very quickly. He took out a sparkling and translucent glowing jewel and began to work on it.

A moment later, a tall and handsome man walked out of the peach forest.

The man had a serious expression. He had his hands behind his back and was dressed in a green robe. There was a treasured sword by his waist and an ancient tree rune on his chest.

He walked towards them step by step, neither too fast nor too slow, giving off the feeling that he was as steady as Mt. Tai.

Before the officer could return to the troop, he saw another person approaching. His face tightened as he walked up to him and shouted, "Halt! The natural gate has already been closed. No one is allowed to enter or leave, and no one is allowed to get near! "

"How dare you!"

Just as the officer finished speaking, the handsome man immediately shouted angrily, and said coldly: "How dare you greet me like that! How dare you! Do you know who I am? "

As the words left his mouth, the soldiers were stunned as they looked at the man in shock.

However, after seeing this person's face, everyone looked at each other. They realized that no one knew this person …

"Lord?" The officer was stunned, he looked at the man carefully, then asked curiously: "Who are you?"

"You don't even know me?" Hearing that, the man became extremely furious, "You bastards actually don't know who this lord is? Well, let your officers out! Otherwise, I want you guys to have a good time! "

"Sir?" The military officer looked at him suspiciously and said indifferently, "I am the officer here!"

"You? Who are you in charge of? "

"Guard Captain, Giant Jia!" The officer snorted proudly.

Who knew that as soon as he finished speaking, that person would slap him across the face, his movements quick and ruthless as he instantly slapped the officer in the face.


When he regained his senses, his face was burning red, the pain was much worse. He felt that although the slap did not use profound strength, it had broken through his protective profound qi and directly hit his face, causing him to feel very uncomfortable …

"You …" The officer was stunned, and his mind was a little muddled. The soldiers were extremely surprised, but no one dared to move.

The military officer was naturally furious, upon seeing this ridiculous fellow, he was about to flare up. However, before he could even move, he heard the person yell angrily: "So it's actually Little Jia's subordinate! Your Giant Jia has to be courteous to me, who are you? Some of you scram, I am ordered by the Realm Master to immediately head to the Ultimate Martial World to seek reinforcements, hurry up and open the gate to nature for me, if not, will you guys be able to hold up the big matter of the Realm Master? "

"The order of the Realm Master?" When the military officer heard this, he didn't dare to fuss over the matter of this fellow slapping him in the face.

"Nonsense!" The man took down the order badge from his waist and shouted: "This is the order badge given by the Realm Master, it is equivalent to the divine leaf, anyone who sees this order badge will have seen the Realm Master!"

He shook the medallion for a moment and then put it away. Suddenly, the officer felt that this medallion looked familiar, but he couldn't see it clearly.

But the man shouted angrily, "What are you all standing there for? Why aren't you opening the door to nature? The people of Sword World are coming, if we do not call for reinforcements, the Wanhua Realm is in danger, if we delay something major, you people will all be the sinner of the Wanhua Realm! "

These words truly frightened the guards of Nature's Gate to death.

How could they afford to take such a huge burden on the Wanhua Realm sinner? Although the officer still had his doubts, he did not insist. No matter who this person was, it would not cause any harm to the Wanhua Realm, right? After considering it, he decided not to take this risk. He cupped his hands together and said, "Since that's the case, please wait a moment. After we report this to Sir Ju Jia, we will immediately open the door for you!"

"What?" And even reporting it to the Giant Jia guy? " This man was enraged and raised his hand to slap him again, causing the officer to retreat in fright.

"This matter is extremely urgent, delaying Wanhua Realm by one second is more dangerous, Jia Da already knew of this matter, continue delaying me, when that time comes, Master will personally report this matter to Realm Master, to punish you all for your crimes!"

"This …"

The officer was in trouble.

But when he saw the anger on the man's face and the urgency and majesty in his eyes, he finally felt afraid in his heart.

After hesitating for a while, the officer gritted his teeth and made a decision. He turned around and waved to the soldiers behind him. "Disperse, allow the lord to enter the gate of nature."

"Yes sir!"

The soldiers shouted in unison, and then they all dispersed, opening up a path for the lord to pass.

Naturally, they did not have any enchantments or imprints, and were always open, so they could enter and exit anytime. Of course, they would need the permission of these Realm Tree s.

The corners of the man's mouth curled up as he placed his hands behind his back and swaggered towards the door of nature.


Just as this person was about to leap past the officer, the officer suddenly froze and shifted his gaze to the person behind him …

Behind this person, a snow-white tail was shaking. Moreover … It looks like a fox tail?

"My lord, please wait!"

Sensing that something was wrong, the officer hurriedly shouted.

When the person heard this, he did not hesitate at all. With a turn of his body, he removed all of his camouflage and charged towards the door of nature like a gust of wind!

"Ah, it's fake!"

The military officer was immediately shocked.

"This is a natural door, so naturally, the aura is extremely strong. The aura can purify everything in the world, and any profound technique can't be faked. This person is not from the Realm Tree, catch her! " The officer suddenly understood and shouted in anger.

"Don't go!"

The soldiers immediately rushed towards that person as if a pot had exploded.

That person was no longer a seven feet tall handsome man, but a young girl with furry fox ears. The young girl turned her head, looked at the flustered and exasperated soldiers behind her, and immediately burst into laughter. She stuck out her pink tongue and ridiculed: "You group of idiots, haha, have you been teased by me? "Hahaha …"

After saying that, she increased her speed and charged straight towards the huge natural door.


When the fox was close to the door of nature, a green light suddenly shot out from the air and directly attacked the door of nature. When the green light collided with the door of nature, it exploded with a 'pa' sound and turned into a giant door that covered the sky.


Fox Demon's face changed, before he could even react, he was knocked back into the air.

"Aiyo …"

She sat down on the ground and let out a painful cry. When she turned around to look behind, she saw that a large number of soldiers had already surrounded them.

"Damn it, who was the one who plotted against me?"

Fox Demon crawled up from the ground and pulled out the curved blade on his waist and shouted.

"Sly fox, you still dare to be so arrogant?" "Take him down!"

the officer snapped.

The group of people pulled out their swords and sabers and rushed forward in a flurry.

But in the next second, the fox hacked down with his blade, the blood red scimitar created waves of profound strength, and actually caused these people who were at the first stage of the Sky Spirit Master to lose their balance.

Such strength!

The officer was stunned.

"In the end, you are still someone that can kill Xiao Huailin, his strength is truly not weak, but today, you should just surrender!"

A shout came from the sky and after that, a few green figures rushed over.

The officer and the rest looked, it was the Realm Tree's expert, and the one leading them was the Giant Jia!


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