Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 613
Inside a tranquil and huge bottle gourd, a plain looking Realm Master dressed in green quietly sat on a vine seat.

Below him were hundreds of Realm Tree and ministers.

Prime Minister Rong Muke cupped his fists and bowed, as he recited.

"Reportedly, All Empty Sect has joined forces with the experts of the Sword Inquisition Sword Sect, Luo Tong Sect, and the Nebula Sword Pavilion to construct a bridge over the border in order to forcefully cross over and enter our Wanhua Realm. Subordinate expects that they will arrive at the Wanhua Realm's natural gate in seven days."

As soon as he finished his sentence, the officials became agitated.

"He actually teamed up with four big sects to deal with our Wanhua Realm …" What exactly do the people of the All Empty Sect want to do? "

"Is this pressure on us?"

"Although our Wanhua Realm can't compare to the Sword World, it is still an independent space. They are merely a few sects, how can they possibly want to destroy our Wanhua Realm?"

"Realm Master, although our Wanhua Realm advocates peace, we cannot use words to maintain it. If we do that, it will only make others think that we, the Wanhua Realm, are easy to bully." A middle-aged woman stood out and cupped her fists: "Realm Master, do you remember why we issued a ban on people from other realms entering the Wanhua Realm? It is precisely because after they entered the realm, they destroyed everything they had without restraint, and ignored the laws, which caused our Wanhua Realm to be indelibly injured. But what was the underlying reason? It is because the people of the other realms think that we, from Wanhua Realm, will not easily kill people, and even if they violate the laws, they can still get away with it. That is why this situation is happening, Realm Master, I think that we should organize an even stronger army to expel those people from the outside world.

The moment he said this, a group of people immediately followed up with a shout.

"What Lord Liu says is right. If we continue, then those arrogant people will become even more arrogant!"

"We have to show them some tricks. We have to make an example out of them!"

The crowd cried out, all in high spirits.

Realm Master did not make a sound.

Seeing that, Rong Muke shook his head: "Lord Liu is too serious! Once we do this, then we, the Wanhua Realm, will also lose our very roots. "

"Prime Minister, do you have any other concerns?" the woman called Lord Liu asked.

"Of course." Rong Muke said indifferently: "Reportedly, True Devil Realm already received the news that All Empty Sect had invaded our Wanhua Realm, although he did not make a move, I was worried that they would interfere at this time. I thought that it would be the best if we did not fight with All Empty Sect, otherwise, once the two sides start fighting, there would be no end to it."

"True Devil Realm!" Lord Liu gritted his teeth and said angrily, "These bastards only care about profit and seek. They are all people. If I have the ability, I will definitely exterminate them!"

"The True Devil Realm is not all evil, it is only a few of those evil forces invading our Wanhua Realm, if there is any movement, why can't we get some external help? After all, these evil people are public enemies. " An old man stood up and said.

That's right, we can also invite a few sects and powers to deal with the people from All Empty Sect. Master Liu, the people from Linglong Mountain are not to be touched.

"Hmph, will they help? They are all outsiders, and their hearts are focused on themselves. " Lord Liu said coldly.

"You can't put it like that. Right now, they are also living in the Wanhua Realm, and are already people on the same boat. Since the Wanhua Realm is in danger, how can they just watch without doing anything?"

"Even though you say so, you have evil intentions …"


The officials argued nonstop, and even Rong Muke interjected a few words from time to time, causing quite a commotion.

However, after discussing for a long time, they still could not come up with a suitable decision. It was truly worrisome.

The Realm Master at the top remained calm and collected, quietly looking down at the officials below. She did not say anything, nor did she have any expression, as if she was thinking about something, causing people to not be able to guess what she was thinking.


Just then, a green armored soldier ran in. The soldier looked flustered and rushed forward, kneeling in front of Realm Master.

"What is it?"

The Realm Master finally opened her mouth and her voice was clear and pleasant to the ear, instilling a voice within the noisy gourd that sounded like clear spring water.

However, what the soldier said next made it so that no one was in the mood to appreciate the voice.

"Reporting to Realm Master, Sword World has sent news that Caiyun Palace has intervened in this matter. The thirteenth clan elder of the Palace, Kinmo, brought a total of 9000 experts and disciples, and they have already arrived at the place where the bridge is set up in All Empty Sect. They wish to cross the border with us and enter our Wanhua Realm together!"

The soldier shouted with a trembling voice. Almost at the same time he spoke, the whole hall quieted down.

After the news was reported, the entire arena was still terrifyingly quiet, as if even the sound of hair hitting the ground could be heard. Everyone stared blankly at the soldier for a long time … Difficult to recall...

"Caiyun Palace?"

The middle-aged woman, named Lord Liu, had her mouth tied as she tremblingly shouted, "Yours …" Is it really the Caiyun Palace? "


The soldier's face was pale, and his voice trembled as he said, "Your subordinate didn't believe it in the beginning. I've questioned him repeatedly, and he's been watching that brother for a full hour. He's sure that it's someone from the Caiyun Palace …"

Everyone was shocked.

"This time …" "This is bad!"

"I didn't think that the people from the Caiyun Palace would be involved in this …"

"Realm Master, what should we do now?"

Cries of surprise rang out unceasingly. At this moment, not many people dared to talk about resisting. Instead, all of them started panicking.

This showed just how strong this Caiyun Palace was!

"All Empty Sect's Sect Leader Xiao's wife is named Phoenix Lady, and according to the rumors, she walked out of the Rainbow Cloud Palace, and this Thirteenth Elder is called Jin Mo Luo. Could it be that this Phoenix Lady has some sort of relationship with Jin Mo Luo?" Rong Muke said in a heavy voice, "Xiao Huailin is Phoenix Lady's son, it is not surprising for Caiyun Palace to help."

As the soldier came to report the news, the bubbling gourd gradually calmed down. Everyone was silent as they bowed their heads as if they were thinking about something. The atmosphere was strange and tense. A sense of unease surrounded everyone.

"Realm Master... If he had the help of the Caiyun Palace, then perhaps … It's extremely difficult for us to fight against it. " Rong Muke cupped his fists and said: "The Caiyun Palace is also extremely famous in the Sword World, with no one competing with it, the fact that they are involved, I'm afraid will not be the same."

"Prime Minister, what do you think we should do?" Realm Master looked at Rong Muke and spoke softly.

Rong Muke bit his lower lip and said: "If it had only been the All Empty Sect and the other forces interfering, we would have had a huge debate, and we might even have had a chance to fight. But now, Caiyun Palace has stepped in, and the nature of the situation has changed, we are debating … No, fight to the death … "I can't do it either. At this point, there's only one way out …" Saying that, Rong Muke stopped talking.

Realm Master looked at him and said indifferently: "You mean to say that we have to compromise with them?"

"Other than that, it's hard to avoid sabre soldiers." Rong Muke said.

"But if that's the case, then we have to hand over the person who killed Xiao Huailin." The Realm Master said softly: "This is extremely unfair to her, everyone is well aware of what Xiao Huailin has done in my Wanhua Realm. She killed Xiao Huailin, but in fact, she stopped him from doing whatever he wanted, and protected Wanhua Realm's peace."

"But if we do not hand her over, the Wanhua Realm will not be at peace." Rong Muke sighed.

The Realm Master was silent again.

After a long while, she raised her head and said indifferently, "You all can leave first. This matter … "Allow me to think for a moment."

Seeing this, everyone looked at each other in dismay. In the end, they all cupped their fists and bowed before retreating.

The group of people buzzed away from the gourd, but it was clear that everyone still had expressions of worry and nervousness on their faces.

The arrival of the Caiyun Palace was like a blow to their heads, making them feel very uncomfortable.

"Master Rong Muke, what should we do now? Seeing Realm Master like this, it seemed that he did not plan to hand over Xiao Huailin's murderer! If that's the case, doesn't that mean that our Wanhua Realm will suffer a great calamity? "

An important official walked over quickly and asked Rong Muke with worry.

However, Rong Muke could not help but shake his head, and say indifferently: "Realm Master has his own plans, please do not be too worried."

Finished, he ignored the Realm Tree officials and quickly walked away.

When the group of officials saw this, they were perplexed.

The official was even more helpless.

"From the looks of it, Master Rong Muke also supported the Realm Master, and did not want to hand over the culprit who killed Xiao Huailin." The people at the side looked at Rong Muke who was walking further and further away and said indifferently.

"If we were to hand it over, the reputation of our Wanhua Realm might not be preserved."

"But if you do not hand it over, the one who can't be saved is our Wanhua Realm! Compared to the Wanhua Realm, what is so important about a mere reputation? "

"With things having gotten to this point, arguing about it is useless, we will definitely not be able to beat them, but what can we do if the Realm Master is not willing to compromise?"

"Once we start fighting, we will no longer be a match for the people of Caiyun Palace. I'm afraid that at that time, we will have fewer people here."

"Too little? If the other party got angry, all of us would probably be killed by the people from Caiyun Palace! "

"Ai, what should we do?"

This group of people were gathered together, discussing and sighing. Helpless voices rose and fell one after another.

"Hey, everyone. Since Realm Master isn't willing to compromise, why don't we compromise … "How about it?"

At this moment, a person with a crew cut and a scar at the corner of his eye whispered.

Everyone looked over, and realised that the person who said that was the newly appointed commander of the Realm Tree, Giant Jia.

The Guard Captain was the person in charge of the surrounding defensive forces of the Realm Tree. The previous Guard Captain had died due to an accident during a mission, and the Giant Jia had been transferred over from another place, so no one was familiar with him.

However, at this critical moment, the speech of the Giant Jia really shocked everyone.

"Compromise? Giant Jia, what do you want to do? " Previously, Lord Liu said coldly, seemingly quite disgusted with this person.

Jie Jia smiled slightly, "My lords, I know that you all are thinking for the Wanhua Realm and do not wish for the Wanhua Realm to start a war with other powers. Since this matter can be avoided, why can't we? Don't you know why the Realm Master isn't willing to accept Prime Minister Rong Muke's compromise? "Hehe, actually the reason is very simple, she just cannot let go of her face. She is afraid that other people will criticize her, so she disagrees. But what if we have to take the blame for that?"

Once the giant Jia's words fell, everyone was stunned. Very quickly, everyone understood what the giant Jia meant …