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The Limitless Sword Arts had always been the core of Su Yun's killing spree. Although the sword art sign only had a total of seven moves, to reach the level of two middle tiered sword, comprehending it was already extremely difficult. If there was no one to guide him, then it would be very difficult for Su Yun to step into the realm of two middle tiered sword in his entire life.

It can be said that the thoughts and emotions of the Lotus Star Sword Art are quite similar to it. Su Yun has cultivated the Lotus Star Sword Art, has been through a lot, and if he wanted to comprehend the first sword strike of the two middle tiered sword, he would not have no clue at all. "

sword ancestor used the false image to create a large number of birds.

These birds were like hundreds of birds hovering and phoenix, orbiting around Su Yun.

The magical scene was astonishing.

Su Yun focused and calmed his mind, closing his eyes to meditate, the profound qi in his body slowly flowed like a small stream, revolving throughout his entire body. The Spirit Core slightly opened its mouth, and its five viscera and six organs emitted a sparkling and translucent luster, which was extremely mysterious.

As for Su Yun himself, he sank into a meditative state.

This was the illusion space of the sword ancestor, and he himself wanted to create another illusion space.

The first sword of the Limitless Sword Arts two middle tiered sword was to use the All Spirits as its sword, and the most intuitive way to obtain the All Spirits's sword was to make contact with the All Spirits, understand, and grasp the All Spirits. Only then would the sword be picked up. No matter if it was a stone, a tree, a flower, or a grass, they all possessed intelligence. It was just that the stronger one was the weaker one. The Sword of Stones could break armor, cleave water, and wield the sword of a holy beast. It could howl through the heavens, slashing the heavens and the earth.

Limitless Sword Ancestor continued to talk to Su Yun, regardless of whether or not Su Yun heard him, he continued to mutter.

Outside the prison, Shen Xuexue and Su Shentian were still anxiously waiting.

"It's been so long, why hasn't Yun'er come out yet?"

Shen Xuexue who was seated uneasily said anxiously.

"There are no movements inside, maybe Yun'er is talking to the supreme expert, we have to wait, and do not allow them to come out." Su Shentian said.

"But husband, all the people in this Dark Place are extremely evil, and the people being locked up in this Nameless Prison are definitely not good people. If something were to happen to Yun'er, let me handle it!" Shen Xuexue was slightly agitated, but he was unable to say anything.

Su Shentian's brows had been locked tightly the entire time, and his expression had also become a little grave.

Xue Xue Xue, I know you care a lot about Yun'er, but as matters stand, we have no other choice, Yun'er is no longer the mischievous child from before, and the current him is also a third grade of Sky Spirit Master cultivator, if I were to say that the supreme expert inside would really harm him, with his methods at least, maybe we would be able to hold on for a while, if Yun'er were to be harmed so easily, it would be useless to enter, and we would not be ambushed by the other party, so this is the best choice.

Hearing that, Shen Xuexue opened his mouth, but in the end he did not say anything.

Su Shentian walked over and hugged her, and comforted her: "Don't worry, Yun'er is blessed by the heavens, and will be fine. We should think of a good place, as long as we have this supreme expert's help, we will have the ability to fight against the Supreme Sect. Although the Supreme Sect is an extremely special sect, but they are not invincible yet, we will definitely save Liu Luo."

Shen Xuexue bit her lips and nodded lightly.

Inside the prison.

Su Yun and sword ancestor were still meditating.

The current Su Yun didn't feel like he was in a dark prison nor was he in the illusion space of the sword ancestor. At this moment, he was completely immersed in creating his own world.

In this world, there was nothing. Only Su Yun, and a small grass.

The grass was born on the ground, it was green, full of business, Su Yun stood quietly in front of the grass, looking at it, her expression was stern.

"In your eyes, what is it?"

"It's just a stalk of grass."

"Then in its eyes, what do you think you are?"

"Me? To it, I am naturally an unreachable god. If I want to crush it, I can do so! "

"Then there will be no connection between the two of you, no turning point, no turning point. What you need to do is put yourself at the same height as it, not make it crawl on the ground, and you will be high above it."

Think of it as a person, a person who is equal to your strength, or think of yourself as a blade of grass, a plant similar to it. Every living being has an indestructible nature, and if you don't understand it, then there will always be a gap between you and it.

In my opinion, everything in this world is my friend. I am very ordinary, and even if my cultivation is higher, I am only above this earth, living beings under the heavens, no different from them. They will live, they will die, they will flourish and wither away, and I am also the same. In people's eyes, a rock is the same as a blade of grass, but in reality, the power of a rock is far greater than grass.

These words floated in Su Yun's mind. He quietly listened, quietly thought, and quietly pondered. His heart was like still water, and he did not have any other thoughts.

But after a while.

Maybe as long as a century.

Or maybe just a breath.

Su Yun slowly opened his eyes, and the small blade of grass in his eyes had already withered.

The leaves were yellow and the whole plant was withered and bent. There was no more business to be found.

Su Yun concentrated and looked, as though he was feeling the current state of the blade of grass, experiencing its pain of dying, and reminiscing of its pride and satisfaction at the moment of prosperity.

In this boundless, pale world, just a man and a blade of grass was enough to freeze.

Su Yun did not move an inch, the withered grass still looked like a painting.

"What are you doing?"

Unknowingly, the withered grass had disappeared and a youth dressed in green sat in front of Su Yun, opening his mouth and smiling.

"What are you doing?" Su Yun slowly opened his eyes and asked with a smile.

"There's nothing to do." The youth lazily lied on the ground and crossed his legs as he looked at the sky.

Su Yun remained silent.

Seeing that Su Yun was silent, the young man pouted his lips, then turned and pointed to a gigantic tree that had appeared out of nowhere, and asked: "Tell me, how long will it take for me to be as tall and majestic as that tree?"

"Why do you want to be like Big Tree?"

"Because it looks very powerful."

"Do you think you're weak?"

"Of course." The youth's expression froze for a moment before his mood dropped, "I'm very weak and useless. I feel like I'm the worst living being in this world, what's the difference between having me and not having me? "I was born to be trampled and trampled by others!"

His voice trailed off as he spoke, and his body grew clearer.

In Su Yun's eyes, this withered grass had already become more and more withered, and more and more and more withered …

"So, you only hope to grow up faster and become stronger in order to show your worth?"

Su Yun asked.

"Who would know that you've been in this world before if you can't express your own value?" The youth said in pain.

However, Su Yun said: "You are wrong, the number of creatures that know you have come to this world is uncountable. Moreover, they are right by your side. They have always been quietly observing you, envious of you, and prayed that one day they will be like you, just like you and that big tree right now. "

Hearing that, the young man paused, he raised his head and looked at Su Yun in shock.

Su Yun picked up the sand on the ground and said indifferently: "They are always envious of you, and hope that one day they will be able to do business like you, flourishing with power."

The youth was completely stunned.

You envied the big tree, but the big tree envies the blue sky even more, and the blue sky envies the bigger and stronger things. You envied the big tree, actually, the big tree envies the blue sky, and the blue sky envies the big and powerful things, and the big tree envies the big.

Su Yun chuckled, he was calm and unperturbed, this was truly what he thought, he would never be envious of someone else's cultivation, the main reason why his cultivation was constantly increasing, it was simply to protect the people around him from getting hurt.

The young man looked at Su Yun, at him, and continued to watch him.

After an unknown amount of time, he smiled, a warm smile that warmed the hearts of others.

"Thank you."

He softly said, and the green dress he was wearing became more and more colorful.

Su Yun looked at the green, only to see a blur. Unknowingly, the young man had disappeared and he had appeared right in front of him.

It was a stalk of grass that was brimming with vitality.

It shook gently, as if it was talking to Su Yun. Su Yun smiled lightly, extended his hand and touched the grass, only to see that its surface was glowing with a green light, and an unspeakable Spirit Aura was seeping out.

This Spirit Aura was extremely mysterious, like a soul, like a soul, exquisite enough to make one sigh.

In that moment, Su Yun completely understood.

The first sword strike of the two middle tiered sword of the Limitless Sword Arts actually only had one meaning: everything is fair, no one is superior, no one is inferior.

No matter if it was a sand grain or a mountain, there was no difference in nature.

On the other hand, all the living beings in this world were like him, all his friends. They were willing to help him, and they were willing to fight alongside him!

What else could not be done by the one who obtains all things?

Su Yun's hand also released a green light, resonating with the green grass.

In the darkness, he seemed to sense something. He raised his hand steadily, and a dark green slender Qi sword slowly flowed out from the top of the green grass.

The sword blade was bright and gentle.

In that calmness, there was a hint of uncontrollable amazement …