Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 605
The group of officials retreated, and all that was left in the huge bottle gourd was the Realm Master and the old Prime Minister Rong Muke.

Realm Master lowered her head in thought, her beautiful and clear face was like a tranquil lily, slightly curving her eyelashes, her pink lips, a delicate nose, a head of shiny black hair that drooped down, a face that could be broken with a single pinch, making her look extremely beautiful. Countless Spirit Cultivator saw that the Realm Master was really worried about her, the boring path of cultivation levelled their temperament, but after seeing Realm Master's beautiful face, her gradually darkening temperament suddenly surged.

"Why haven't you left yet?"

At this time, Realm Master raised her beautiful head and asked with her clear and melodious voice.

Rong Muke thought for a moment, then cupped his fists and said respectfully: "Realm Master, do you already know who killed Xiao Huailin?"

The Realm Master stayed silent for around seven to eight breaths before she said indifferently: "We are the children of nature. In this world, what can possibly escape the eyes of nature? I already know who that person is. "

"Then what about Realm Master?"

"I need to negotiate with him." The Realm Master said indifferently: "The life forms of Wanhua Realm are innocent, I do not wish for them to be harmed. Although handing over this person will calm the situation down, I have to respect this person and not casually kill him."

With that, the Realm Master stood up and walked towards the exit of the bottle gourd.

Rong Muke bowed and cupped his fists, respectfully sending him off.


A crisp sound echoed in the dark cell.

Su Yun felt like something inside his body had exploded. The inside of his body was hot, but he did not feel uncomfortable.

His consciousness started to slowly fade and he seemed to have fallen into a strange illusion as he gradually fell asleep.

But very quickly, he opened his eyes again, and the moment he did, everything around him was no longer that pitch black prison, but instead, a vast expanse of blue sky. And at this moment, Su Yun and sword ancestor were standing atop this blue sky.

Su Yun looked around, his eyes filled with shock.

"sword ancestor, where is this place?"

Su Yun asked in shock.

"This is my illusion space." The sword ancestor laughed.

"Illusionary Space?"

"That's right, before, I had washed your veins and integrated the profound qi in your body, I do not know how you managed to do it, but there are too many profound qi s in your body, although there are many Spirit Core, but they are all in a mess. If there were so many profound qi s, devil qi, Swift Wind Spirit Qi, and Spirit Lord Qi surging through the Qi Meridian at the same time, it would have caused the Qi Meridian to explode, causing your cultivation to drop greatly, but you have a divine object in your body, so if not for the protection of this divine object, you would have been crippled by now."

"Divine object? Could it be the Monarch Occult Force? "

"Monarch Occult Force? A good name, this power can be considered a divine power, so you don't have to worry now, the profound qi and Spirit Core s in your body have already been integrated by me, Su Yun, before you start training with the sword art sign, I will teach you a set of incantations, and for every stage of cultivation you advance, following the incantation, you will integrate the profound energy in your body, and with that, you will be able to consolidate your profound qi and your cultivation, and become even stronger.

"Disciple will remember that."

Su Yun immediately said.

sword ancestor nodded his head, and then said in a clear voice: "The fire forms have nine Qi channels, the earth forms have seven Qi channels, the metal forms have five Qi channels, the wood forms have three Qi channels, the water forms have three Qi lines, the metal forms go to the earth, the earth forms go to the water, the water forms go to the fire, the fire forms go to the gold, the meridians go to the sky, the earth forms go to the earth, and the meridians go to the seventy-two meridians, the acupuncture points go to the earth and to the five elements."

The sword ancestor spoke very carefully. As he sat cross-legged in the blue sky, he spoke with luck.

Seeing that, Su Yun did not dare delay, and immediately followed suit.

There was almost no Spirit Cultivator that would integrate their own profound qi. Advancing was advancing, obtaining power was acquiring, thus they would never care about it. At most, they just need to reconcile with the profound qi, and that would be enough.

After integrating for an unknown period of time, Su Yun opened his eyes, memorizing the chants in his heart, it was like reciting a poem, it was not difficult at all.

"You have already memorized the formula, next, I will give you pointers on the cultivation of s, but before that, Su Yun, you have to understand, no profound technique technique can make you learn it immediately, the role of a lecturer is only to enlighten, to introduce, to truly master this profound technique technique, you have to comprehend and train yourself, do you understand?"

"Su Yun understands."


The sword ancestor nodded and looked into the distance.

He looked into the distance, and very quickly, a large number of magical birds flew over. These birds were the size of a palm, hiding the sky and covering the earth. They were just like locusts as they scuttled over.

This was the imaginary world of the sword ancestor. He could imagine anything from thin air, so this bird was naturally imagined by him as well.

He waved his hand, a seal floated on his palm, and then, with luck, the powerful Spirit Lord Qi overflowed once again. It rushed towards the sky and converged together, transforming into a gigantic hand that covered the sky, dancing towards the group of birds under the sword ancestor.

Su Yun looked carefully, and did not dare to breathe too loudly.

He saw the giant hand cover all the birds, and then abruptly pull back.

Sou sou sou sou sou

A large number of transparent divine sword s appeared from within every bird's body.

There were countless densely packed swords as many as there were birds!

They flew back, and revolved around Su Yun and sword ancestor frantically, and not only were the numbers of these swords astonishing, the Qi emitted by each and every sword was tyrannical beyond compare, if they were to touch each other, their hands would be broken.

"The first sword of the two middle tiered sword, the Myriad Spirit Sword, when it reaches the two middle tiered sword Realm, it is already at the Sword Saint Realm. At this stage, the number of swords you can control is already as you wish, you can draw out the Spirit Sword from the rocks, wood, grass, and flowers to fight for you, and all of these swords are intelligent, all of them submitting to you. They have great power, but you have to be careful in using them, because the so called Qi Sword is actually the essence of the Myriad Spirit, if it is not damaged, if it is used it would be better to return."

"two middle tiered sword Second Sword, Sword of the Stars!"

sword ancestor snapped his fingers, the Qi around him immediately dissipated, transforming into wisps of smoke that floated into the birds' bodies, the birds also disappeared.

Then, he raised his hand and waved it towards the sky.

The Spirit Lord Qi in his hand erupted once again, but this time, the Qi released was not much, just a ray of light, the light soared into the sky and disappeared.

Su Yun looked up to the sky and saw that the sky had not changed at all.

Just when Su Yun thought that the sword ancestor had failed in his incantation process, a strange phenomenon occurred.

The blue skies around the two of them vanished, replaced by countless stars. It was as though the two of them were in the universe, and their surroundings were filled with resplendent starlight.

"This sword, do not use it easily, it is a death sword, a life and death sword, regardless of how much cultivation you have or how many profound qi s you have, once used, the profound qi in your body will immediately become empty, the power of this sword will be based on how many profound qi s you have in your body."

After sword ancestor finished speaking, Su Yun felt all the hair on his body standing up, as a sharp aura that he had never felt before flew up from all over the place.

His body started to tremble uncontrollably as cold sweat ran profusely down his face. His breathing became more rapid and an unspeakable feeling of fear rose in his heart.

Weng weng weng

A strange sound came from his eardrums.

Su Yun looked around wide-eyed, only to see that all the stars in the distance had suddenly lit up.

They flickered crazily, like indicators, flickering and dimming, and the feeling each and every star gave Su Yun was not one bit inferior to the feeling of Xiao Huailin's fire dragon!


The stars were no longer dim!

They began to flash with light, becoming brighter and brighter!

It was as if the entire universe was lit up by them!


The first star released a burst of Sword Qi, only seeing a light sword flying over, like a shooting star, rushing towards Su Yun.

In that moment, Su Yun's vision blurred, and it was difficult for him to see the light.




The second star exploded.

Next was the third!

The fourth!

The sword flowed far away like a falling star.

At this moment, that so-called planet was like paper. It was as if with just a thought, it would be completely crushed by this endless sword of stars!

Su Yun felt as though his eardrums were about to explode, his head was going to explode. Following that, he was completely surrounded by the ferocious Stellar Light Sword, and at that moment, he realised that his fighting spirit had been completely extinguished, he could not release even the slightest bit of fighting spirit, and was completely suppressed and subdued by the sword force!

This was a power that completely belonged to the universe! Could a person really use it? Perhaps only a god could control such a terrifying power …

sword ancestor seemed to have noticed Su Yun's strangeness, he snapped his fingers, and the surrounding phenomenon suddenly disappeared, the stars disappeared, the sword intent disappeared, and the terrifying God Power disappeared, and the two of them returned back to the blue sky.

It took a while for Su Yun to finally free himself from the extremely painful pressure. He heaved a sigh of relief, and tried his best to catch his breath.

"Your cultivation is still shallow, you can just obtain two middle tiered sword's first sword strike, but you still need to slowly hone your second sword strike. This is just an introduction to you, don't worry too much about it. "

sword ancestor said.

"Disciple understands." Su Yun exhaled, and said in a slightly embarrassed tone.

"Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you a little." Just then, the sword ancestor suddenly said.


"That is, I am only in the state of a soul, what you saw just now was based on the evolution of my soul's power, which means, the true situation will be different. The higher the cultivation, the greater the power of the Limitless Sword Arts will be displayed, and the reverse will be. Therefore, when you are training the sword art sign, do not waste your cultivation, without cultivation as the foundation, no matter how strong the sword art sign is, it will only be useless. "

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded his head seriously.