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Looking at the key in Su Yun's hand, Su Shentian still could not recover his senses. After he looked at it seriously for a while, he realized that it was indeed the real deal.

"Yun'er, how did you get the Prison Key?" Su Shentian was shocked, and could not help but ask.

"By chance." Su Yun laughed, and then explained everything to the two clan elders.

When Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue heard that, they were truly moved.

This was truly a matter of luck and opportunity.

"Good!" Good! Good! "That's great, as expected of my son, with this key, your sister will definitely be saved."

Shen Xuexue happily grabbed Su Yun's hand.

Right now, their biggest headache and worry was about entering jail. They didn't expect that once their son arrived, this biggest problem would be solved so easily. How could they not be happy?

"Although I don't really see my sister, we are family after all. How can I not help?" Father, Mother, you must have suffered a lot in the past few years, so let your son share the rest. " Su Yun said seriously: "Once we get our sister, we will return to the Sky Martial Continent and reunite with Qing'er, and share our happiness together!"

"Qing'er?" Hearing that, Shen Xuexue remembered, and immediately asked: "Is Qing'er alright?"

"She's fine." Su Yun nodded, but his expression dimmed as he sighed: "All these years, Qing'er has been through quite a bit, and have also suffered a lot. Once little sister is back safe and sound, I will definitely treat her well."

It had been a while since Su Yun last saw him, it would be a lie if he said that he did not miss him.

~ Who knows if Qing'er has come to the Ultimate Martial World, it should be very easy for the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace to come to the Ultimate Martial World.

Hearing that, Shen Xuexue laughed: "So what if you marry Qing'er?"

"Alright!" However, Su Yun agreed without any hesitation, and without any feeling of distress.

Shen Xuexue was surprised, she had seen it for herself. In the past, Su Yun had beaten and scolded Qing'er, and he hated her greatly, so how could his attitude change so much?

But when they heard Su Yun recounting the matters of Su Qing'er, the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect, they were all dumbfounded. After Shen Xuexue and Su Shentian heard this, they became silent. Maybe the two of them did not expect that there would be so many stories behind it, and even more so did not expect that Qing'er, at such a young age, would actually have such a deep heart and determination.

"A girl like this, you must definitely cherish her. Yun'er, you must not let her down." Su Shentian said in a serious tone.

"I understand, Father." Su Yun said.

"But what surprised me the most was you, Yun'er." Su Shentian said again. He looked at Su Yun from head to toe, and said emotionally: "The current you, has changed too much. Do you know? If you did not find me, maybe I would not even dare to recognize you, the current you, is like a completely different person, you seem more mature, more steady, especially your cultivation, Yun'er, what is your cultivation level now? "

Su Yun was wearing a Long Zhen's wristband and the two elders could not see through their son's true strength.

Su Yun laughed and took off the Long Zhen's wristband, releasing his Qi.

Smelling the scent, their faces changed, "third grade of Sky Spirit Master!"

"Looks like your cultivation level isn't low either." Su Yun asked.

Su Shentian hesitated for a moment, then nodded his head: "Your mother and I are both at the seventh stage of the Sky Spirit Master."

"Seventh rank!"

Su Yun was speechless. Father and Mother are so powerful, is she really someone who walked out of the Su Family? If he did not have the memories of his previous life, if he did not encounter many fortuitous encounters and Limitless Sword Arts, he would not have had his current cultivation, could it be that his parents met with such a miracle?

Su Shentian seemed to have seen through the doubt in Su Yun's heart and he said helplessly: "Sigh, Yun'er, I know you must have countless questions you want to ask right now, but the time is not right yet. When the time is ripe, I will explain everything to you."

Su Yun nodded and did not speak further.

Knowing what his parents were doing, Su Yun decided to help. After all, it was related to his sister's safety.

Alright, there is no time to lose, god sky, let us go to Nameless Prison first, if there is anything, we can talk about it after we meet that supreme expert! Shen Xuexue said.


Su Shentian nodded, then stood up and walked towards Nameless Prison with the family of three.

The entrance to the prison was filled with powerful existences. They were circling in front of a huge and pitch-black array, as if drawing that array.

"Father, is this the formation prepared by the supreme expert?" Su Yun looked at the array through the gaps of the crowd and asked.

"That's right." Su Shentian nodded his head, and said solemnly: "This array has been set up for a full seven months, with a hundred third grade of Sky Spirit Master people working together to draw, including demons, demons, humans, ghosts, demons, and beasts, all sorts of powers have been gathered, its might is unimaginable."

Hearing that, Su Yun frowned: "With such a large amount of energy gathered together, don't tell me that they aren't worried about the backlash caused by the energy being too chaotic?"

"This is what the experts are doing, these Sky Spirit Master experts are setting up the array, they are integrating this power."

Su Shentian said.

"So that's how it is."

The three of them approached the main gate of the Nameless Prison, but at the moment, the main gate was completely sealed off by the experts, no one was allowed to go near.

Su Yun pondered on whether he should create some movement to lure these people away.

Seeing that, Shen Xuexue leaned over, took out a green fan and gently waved it, releasing an intoxicating fragrance that silently floated out. The people who smelt the aroma all had their eyes opened, but were unable to fall asleep, after a while, their heavy eyelids opened again and they recovered their spirit.

"Mom, what technique is this?"

"It's the Illusion Art I learned in the sect before, the effects of the Illusion Treasure Fan are stronger, now they are all in a type of illusion, they won't be able to recover in a short period of time, but once the Illusion Art is dispelled, they will definitely sense someone using it, let's not waste time, quickly go in, and take advantage of the time when no one else is looking for us."

Shen Xuexue said.

Su Yun nodded, without hesitation, he immediately took out his key and walked towards the big door.

The Nameless Prison's door was special, it was just a round hole, but the hole was sealed by a barrier, and in the center of the hole, there was a sword made of stone. The sword hilt had a groove, and when Su Yun inserted the key into the groove, the stone sword immediately shook, and a small hole appeared in the barrier.

The three of them immediately ran in and the barrier quickly closed up again.

The few experts standing in front of the black array immediately came to their senses and looked around vigilantly.

"Someone is using an Illusion Art!"

A demon king with bull's horns and armor all over his body whispered.

"I smell the source of the illusion. It seems to have come from the side of the prison door."

A man with a dog's head walked over and stared at the door for a while, his eyebrows slightly raised.

"The aura is disappearing, but there's nothing wrong with the door. What's going on?"

A few experts had doubts in their hearts, but their vigilance did not allow them to rest. The Ox Horn Demon King immediately sent people to investigate, and at the same time, he sent even more men to forbid them from getting near the entrance.

The outside of the Nameless Prison once again became noisy.


Su Yun and the other two walked into the pitch black cave.

Although Shen Xuexue had only casually used one Illusion Art, Su Yun was already incomparably impressed. To be able to paralyze even those experts, his parents' strength was truly extraordinary.

"Father, mother, are you from the Su Family?"

After walking for a while, Su Yun asked a question that he wanted to know the answer to from the beginning.

Hearing that, Shen Xuexue and Su Shentian could not help but look at him. After a long while, the two of them looked at each other, and Su Shentian opened his mouth to speak.


When the two simple words came out, Su Yun's heart could not help but thump hard.

Since his parents was not, then he might not even have blood ties with the Su Family anymore …

Yun'er, the reason your father and I were in the Su Family back then was because we wanted to escape from our enemies' family. As for the reason why your sister was separated from us, it was also because the enemy came looking for us. "

Shen Xuexue said with guilt all over her face.

Su Yun shook his head: "Mother, don't say that, Yun'er understands your difficulties."

"No matter what, we will be reunited very soon." Su Shentian laughed.


Nodding his head, Su Yun walked forward resolutely.

Soon, he felt, he would be able to say goodbye to all these quarrels and live a peaceful life in peace.

As long as he could find his little sister, he would immediately go find Qing'er and return to the Sky Martial Continent.

The three of them proceeded forward. The road was dark and narrow, but after walking for nearly an incense's time, a fork had appeared in the road in front of them. Two pitch-black holes appeared in their eyes.

"According to the information I received, it was to the left. "At the end of the right road is the treasure that all the greedy generations dream of, we don't need to care about it."

Su Shentian said to Shen Xuexue, and then quickly ran down the left side of the road.

Su Yun stood in place, he hesitated for a moment, then suddenly placed the sword sheath behind him, and quickly followed.

The road on the left was still pitch black, but it was gradually becoming more open, as if the world had suddenly opened up.

Slowly, a strange, sharp Qi rippled in the air.

The auras were as sharp as swords, causing one to feel suffocated. It was as though the throats of the three cultivators would be slit in the next moment.

The sword strokes on the surrounding roads were extremely strange.

As one continued forward, one would be able to see many Vapour Phase long swords that were either stabbed into the ground or stuck into the walls, like crystal jade artifacts.

"What a sharp sword Qi, could this imprisoned supreme expert be a sword expert?"

Su Shentian said.

"I don't know."

Shen Xuexue shook her head.

Su Yun, who was following them, looked at his parents, only to see that although the two of them said it out loud, they did not seem to be displeased. In truth, Su Yun was not in any discomfort, if it were any other existence of the third grade of Sky Spirit Master, they would have long since been unable to breathe, and would have fallen to the ground with difficulty, but he did not. The reason was simple, he actually had a very special feeling towards this Qi.


This aura was very similar to the kind of mystical Qi that he had grasped, and that was the Spirit Lord Qi!

Su Yun stared at the item in detail.

This seems to be the Spirit Lord Qi.

Could it be that the person being held had some sort of connection with the Limitless Sword Sect?