Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 599
Hearing that the old man already knew the location of his parents, Su Yun was overjoyed, and immediately became excited, and asked: "Where are the two old men now?"

"This …"

The old man chuckled as his eyes narrowed into slits. He said, "If you want to know, you have to pay first."

Su Yun was slightly taken aback: "How much?"

The old man stretched out a finger.

"A hundred thousand profound coin? "Alright!" Su Yun nodded.

"No no no, a hundred thousand profound coin? The lowest level of business I have ever done is the seven hundred thousand profound coin! " The old man shook his head.

"Could it be a million profound coin?" Su Yun frowned slightly.

He didn't have that much money on him right now, if he really wanted to take it, he would have to go back to the Ultimate Martial World to ask Hei Yu for it.

"It's ten million profound coin!"

At this time, the old man said a price that would not stop until he had shocked everyone.

Hearing that, Su Yun was immediately stunned in place, and only after a long while did he regain his senses, he slapped his thigh and shouted: "Ten million profound coin? Is this old man trying to steal money? "

This time, Su Yun did not even care about the title, it was simply an evil merchant, to actually ask for 10 million, even if he went to ask for it from Hei Yu, he would not be able to take it out within a short period of time!

"Young man, ten million profound coin is definitely worth it, after all, these two are your most important people, don't you want to go see them earlier?"

The old man laughed: "Furthermore, the divine arts I have just used are not simple and are usually not allowed to be used. If you use this divine arts, you need to use a price of more than ten million, but I know that to you, these ten million profound coin s should be nothing more than a drop in the ocean!"

"Not cheap? How did you know? " Did this old man know that he was the Alliance Leader of the's region, the Hundred Meetings Alliance?

Then, the old man pointed at Su Yun and laughed: "I smell that special scent on you, and if it's not wrong, it should be the key to that treasure deposit. If you take this key to look for the treasure deposit, and get the money to exchange for your parents' whereabouts, isn't that over with?"

It turned out that the old man had already noticed the key that Su Yun snatched from the Blood Helmet Man.

"So you already knew?" Su Yun secretly placed his hand beside the sword sheath.

The old man seemed to have sensed Su Yun's intentions, and said anxiously: "Young man, do not be nervous, I have told you before, I am not the type of person who would kill and seek wealth, I earn money only by my conscience! "Even though you have the key to the treasure, I'm not interested in that item at all!"

"I really can't see what kind of conscience you have. If you ask for ten million, how can I possibly take it out in a short amount of time? If you want me to search for treasure, do you think that you can easily obtain it with a key? "

Su Yun shook his head.

"How can you not get a treasure easily when you have a key? Those people who don't have keys are still thinking about the treasure. You, you, seriously, you know that the spell I just used would have cost me my lifespan. This bell of mine consumes my lifespan every time I use it, so my price is extremely high. Wasn't it to earn more profound coin and raise his cultivation so that he could live longer? If you don't want to pay ten million profound coin, I would rather waste my lifespan than tell you the whereabouts of your parents. Alright, brat, either bring your money or leave, you choose. "

The old man seemed rather impatient. It seemed that he was only interested in money.

Hearing that, Su Yun had no other choice, he took out the key and said: "Since that's the case, then how about I exchange the key with you? You can go on a treasure hunt yourself with the key. "

"No, no, no, there are so many people who are thinking about treasures, and it is inevitable that someone's thoughts will go awry on the way. I told you that I won't kill anyone, and in order to avoid battles, I can't go find treasures, not to mention that as long as I have real gold and silver, I don't need anything else, even if it's precious."

After the old man finished speaking, he sat down on the ground and smirked at Su Yun, waiting for his reply.

"I really can't do anything to you."

Seeing that, Su Yun shook his head and sighed, he could only turn around and leave, preparing to look for the treasure then look for the old man.

However, just as he turned around, the old man behind him shouted, "Wait!"

Su Yun stopped and turned to look at him suspiciously.

The old man suddenly opened his eyes, ran to the back of Su Yun's butt and touched it.

"What are you doing?"

Su Yun was shocked.

Then, Su Yun saw the old man holding onto the order badge on his waist and looked at it carefully.

The order badge was only a very simple pass, and the person who gave the order badge to him was Realm Master.

The old man studied the order badge, he raised his head and stared at Su Yun: "You are from the Realm Tree?"

"Not really, but I know Realm Master."

Su Yun asked curiously: "What's wrong again?"

The old man put down the order badge and placed his hands behind his back. He circled around Su Yun and asked: "What is your relationship with the Realm Master?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Don't worry about it, just say it."

"That won't do. I can say it." Su Yun rubbed his fingers, and said without a shred of conscience: "We need to collect money."

When the old man heard this, he flew into a rage. "Aiya, how dare you lie to me?"

"Is that a lie? Aren't you the same? If you want to know, then pay. I won't force you, one is willing to beat one is willing to take it. " Su Yun shrugged.

You … "The old man stomped his feet in anger, but there was nothing he could do in the end, he harrumphed:" Alright, alright, stop playing tricks with me, at most, I will reduce the price by 2 million, you just have to pay me 8 million, quickly tell me what your relationship with Realm Master is, if not, I will not ask anymore, you won't be able to buy the information on me even if 10 million, at least 20 million! "

Hearing that, Su Yun did not dare to push the matter any further, and laughed: "Old man, before that, can you tell me about your relationship with the Realm Master? You have explained your relationship, so I can answer that easily. "

"Heh, are you afraid that I'll harm you?" As if the old man knew Su Yun was worried, he shook his head and snorted: "I'm not the enemy of Realm Master. To be honest, I used to be an important subject of the Realm Tree, and the profound technique that I used previously is also a divine technique passed down in the Realm Tree. Normal people can't learn it, so don't worry, even if you have a close relationship with the Realm Master, I won't harm you!"

"Is that so?" Su Yun was surprised, he did not expect the old man to be from the Realm Tree, he thought for a while, then took out the divine leaf and showed it to the old man.

When the old man saw this, he was stunned.

"divine leaf!"

"You should know what this means better than I do." Su Yun kept the divine leaf.

After a long time, he sighed and said lightly: "I never thought that you would actually have a divine leaf. It doesn't matter if it is because I have wronged the people of the Realm Tree back then, but today, I met you who has a close relationship with the Realm Master. It can be considered fate, so I will help you!"

The old man shook his head, then said, "The current location of your parents is the location where you used your key, which is also the location of the treasure. If you take this key to the treasure deposit, you should be able to find your parents.

Hearing that, Su Yun was surprised. He didn't expect the old man to tell him the news so easily, much less that his parents would be located in such a treasure trove …

Why did the attitude of the divine leaf change so quickly?

Who the heck was this old man?

Su Yun took a deep breath, his mind was in a mess, but the most important thing right now was not the identity of the old man, but the whereabouts of his parents, and asked again: "Where are they? Could it be for the treasure? "

"God knows. If you want to know what a person is going to do, you will have to spend years or even decades. Moreover, you can't use this kind of divine technique at any time, if you overuse it, I'm in danger of destroying and dissipating my soul. I can't answer your question." The old man said.

Su Yun nodded and cupped his fists at the old man: "Anyways, old man, thank you."

"No need for your thanks, I also have a request for you, if you go back and meet Realm Master, can you help me pass on a message to her, tell her that I, Ku Rong, do not ask to leave Dark Place, and only hope that the Realm Tree people can forgive me. "This will do."

'So, this old man is called Ku Rong … '

Su Yun thought, then nodded: "If I am able to see Realm Master again, I will definitely pass on the message for senior."

The old man nodded and waved his hand. "Alright, go find your parents."


Su Yun cupped his fists, he then took out his sword and stepped on it and rushed forward.

He really did not expect to meet such a strange old man, and even more so, did not expect that the Realm Master's divine leaf would give him so much convenience. From the old man's words, perhaps he had committed some unforgivable mistake, and thus was punished within the Dark Place, never to return to the Wanhua Realm. But Su Yun did not care anymore, after knowing the whereabouts of his parents, he was extremely excited, he flew like a meteor in the sky, straight towards the location of the treasure.

The Blood Helmet man had told Su Yun the location before. Although he was not familiar with the Dark Place, it was still very easy to find the location.

"It should be coming from this direction, it'll be soon!"

Su Yun stared in front of him, and muttered.

When they were almost at the nameless prison where the treasure was located, on the road, they could already see a lot of people. There were evil people, Devil Cultivator s, Spirit Demons, Spirit Cultivator s and more, all sorts of strange existences were going towards the nameless prison, but without question, all of them were not good people. Among them, there were many who had astonishing Qi, and even if Su Yun sensed the Qi, he could not help but have a serious expression.

What were parents doing here?

Weren't they here to find out where their sister was? Could it be that his sister was here?

Thinking about that, Su Yun could not help but increase his speed.


A gigantic skeleton appeared in his line of sight, as though it had almost sunk into the top of Dark Place. It connected with the entire space of Dark Place and sat on an extremely spacious piece of flat land.

evil qi spread in all directions around the skeleton, and around the skeleton, a large number of figures appeared.

Seeing that, Su Yun flew up into the sky and looked around.

He even took off his cloak so that his parents would notice him.

"Father, mother, your son has come to find you!" Father, Mother! "

Su Yun looked around and shouted.

However, despite the ruckus around him and the shouts he made, there was still no movement.

But Su Yun did not give up.

As he flew, he shouted and flew around everywhere, hoping to attract Su Shentian's and his attention.

"Haha, child, father is here!"

At this moment, a strange sound came from below.