Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 593

Su Yun asked.

"It's Huo Tianwu."

"Huo Tianwu?" Su Yun thought for a while, then a figure appeared in his mind. He smiled slightly and said: "Oh? "It's you, come in and talk."

"Thank you, Protector."

As Huo Tianwu spoke, he pushed the door and entered. After entering, he faced Su Yun who was seated in the Array Seal and cupped his fists as he bowed.

"Tianwu, what's the matter?"

Su Yun asked.

"It's like this, Protector, Protector Bu Ming and Qing Wenlu have both passed away in battle, our sect has no deputy sect, but now that Sect Leader has passed away, many matters of the sect have to be settled by someone, and the affairs of the sect and the reconstruction of the sect have to be done, everyone hopes that you can step forward to take over the position of Sect Leader, and take charge of the overall situation." Huo Tianwu said seriously.

Hearing that, Su Yun frowned.

He frowned, he thought for a moment, then shook his head helplessly: "Actually, the reason I entered the Lotus Star Sword Sect was to deal with Black Hawk Sect, and also the kindness of the old Sect Leader, I did not intend to become the Protector, I still have things to take care of, and won't stay in the Sword Sect, you guys letting me take over as one of the Sect Leader, is really making things difficult for me."

Hearing that, Huo Tianwu was stumped: "But Protector, a country cannot have one day without a ruler, a family cannot have one day without a master, and cannot have one day without a master!

"Could it be that other than me, there is no one else that can become the Sect Leader's Sect Leader?" Su Yun did not understand.

"No one can compare to your prestige and strength, Protector." Huo Tianwu shook his head.

Su Yun laughed: "Reputation? I have been in the Lotus Star Sword Sect for close to a hundred years already, and your cultivation has also reached the third grade of Sky Spirit Master realm. In terms of prestige, you are not weaker than anyone else, and since I am not in the Sect Leader, why don't you do it? "


Huo Tianwu was stunned.

"Not bad, you're more suitable than me." Su Yun laughed.

"I can't, I can't!" Huo Tianwu shook his hands and said: "The so-called prestige is not only within the sects, but also needs to be inside the Linglong Mountain. If I become the Sect Leader, I will definitely not convince anyone else, if the Sect Leader is too weak, I will inevitably be bullied by other sects. Perhaps in the future, the number of people like the Black Hawk Sect who dare to provoke and cause trouble for others will increase, so I still need you to assume the position of Sect Leader."

After Su Yun heard this, he rubbed his chin and thought hard for a while before suddenly clapping his hands, and said: "Didn't we say that we do not have a position of vice Sect Leader? How about this, you take the position of Sect Leader, and I'll take the position of Vice Sect Leader, how about that? "

Everyone in the Linglong Mountain knew that Su Yun was a person of the Realm Lord. Although he did not become a Sect Leader, he still had enough power to intimidate others while at the very least, protecting the peace of the Lotus Star Sword Sect was definitely possible.

Huo Tianwu opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but Su Yun slapped his hand and agreed, "It's settled then."

Su Yun made a decision, which Huo Tianwu could not refute. After recuperating for a few days, he felt that he had recovered a lot, so he returned to Lotus Star Sword Sect and started organizing the reconstruction work with Huo Tianwu.

Battling with the Black Hawk Sect and Xiao Huailin caused the loss of troops and the deaths of many experts and people in positions of power. As a result, Su Yun had no choice but to select new talents and pick people with both experience and talent to hold positions of power.

After he had dealt with most of the matters in the Lotus Star Sword Sect, Su Yun left the Sword Sect after informing Huo Tianwu about the news.

In the few days he was in the Sword Sect, he received many invitations from Sect Leader s of various sects and clans, all hoping that Su Yun would be able to come to the sect to chat.

These people only cared about him two things: firstly, his status as an important official of the Realm Lord. Two, the powerful giant that killed Xiao Huailin, shocked everyone.

This magical equipment was not ordinary, everyone believed that there was a master behind Su Yun, otherwise he would definitely not be able to control such a powerful magical equipment, no one would think that the Realm Lord had bestowed this equipment to him, because the strong Spirit Qi released by the Devil Bone Spirit was from the devil qi, not the Spirit Life Qi.

Although Su Yun was not too willing to go, but these sects had been in the Linglong Mountain for many years, and knew the roots of the people here. Going to all the different sects and clans to find the whereabouts of their parents, was definitely much more efficient than staying in the Linglong Mountain.

paid a visit to each and every one of the thirteen families. Although they exchanged greetings for a long time, no one knew about the relationship between Su Shentian and the rest. However, based on their status as officials of the Realm Lord s, these sects were still willing to help Su Yun.

As a result, the names Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue had spread throughout the entire Linglong Mountain. Many people knew that a person called Su Yun was currently searching for them.

When this news spreads out, if father and mother knew, they would definitely know that I was looking for them, and they would definitely come to meet me.

Su Yun thought.

However, what made Su Yun incomparably disappointed was that after wandering around the Linglong Mountain for half a day, there was still no news about him. All of the people who entrusted him with this task had either returned without any success or the person he was looking for did not have a new name and was not Su Yun's parents.

With no other choice, he could only head to the last unvisited sect, which was one of the two great sects of the Linglong Mountain, the Feather Moon Pavilion.

The Feather Moon Pavilion was located in the middle of the valley, unlike the Black Hawk Sect and the others, it was not built on top of the mountain.

The Feather Moon Pavilion was surrounded by mountains and rivers, there were many jade pavilions in the center, and flying cranes gave off the impression of being a holy abode of water and moon, an immortal estate beyond the mortal world.

Su Yun's identity and identity were different now, the one with the most discussions in Linglong Mountain was him, thus entering Feather Moon Pavilion was smooth sailing.

"Lord Su Yun, you finally came. The pavilion master has been waiting for you for a long time."

A disciple of the Feather Moon Pavilion said to Su Yun with a smile, then led him quickly into the pavilion.

The buildings in the Feather Moon Pavilion were all pavilions, one building after another was densely packed, and looking ahead, there were probably more than a hundred of them. There were tall and short pavilions, and the normal disciples lived in the three floors, while the higher ranked disciples stayed on the fourth floor. Pavilion Master Yan Wen and Vice Pavilion Master Mo Ping were at least seven stories tall, and their pavilions were at the very back.

Su Yun walked through the many pavilions, his eyes constantly looking around, looking at everything in Feather Moon Pavilion.

When they were brought to the pavilion where Yan Wen was, Yan Wen and Mo Ping had already been waiting there.

"Lord Su Yun's arrival at the ruined pavilion has really lit up my Feather Moon Pavilion's humble dwelling. Lord Su Yun, quickly come in."

Yan Wen got up to welcome him, smiling as he spoke.

"Greetings Pavilion Masters." Su Yun smiled and saluted, then sat down.

"Yes, please enjoy the tea."

"Yes, Pavilion Master."

The disciple who brought Su Yun into Feather Moon Pavilion immediately withdrew.

Very quickly, several cups of fragrant tea were served.

After the tea, without waiting for Su Yun to speak, Yan Wen spoke first.

I have already heard about Lord Su Yun's matter. It is said that you are looking for Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue, right?

"That's right." Su Yun nodded his head: "But we still haven't received any news, it's really quite frustrating."

Su Yun sighed, he could not activate the Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell yet, so he did not know if his parents were still in Linglong Mountain.

It's not hard to investigate the two of them, but after so many days without any news, in my opinion, Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue are not in Linglong Mountain, if they were, they would have changed their surnames. "Su Yun said. Just then, Mo Ping spoke out.

Hearing that, Su Yun smacked his head and said: "Pavilion Master Mo's words have hit the mark, maybe the two of them did change their surnames, but if they knew I was looking for them, they would have immediately came to see me, but they did not."

"Oh?" Hearing that, Yan Wen laughed: May I ask, what is your relationship with these two?

"To be honest, these two are my parents."

"Is that so?" Yan Wen and Mo Ping were slightly surprised.

He never thought that Su Yun was looking for his father and mother.

The two fell silent.

Su Yun cupped his fists and said: "I am sure that Feather Moon Pavilion is the strongest sect in Linglong Mountain, but I will have to trouble the two pavilion masters this time, I hope that the pavilion masters can help me find news of my parents, if I am able to reunite with my parents, Su Yun will definitely not forget the kindness shown by Feather Moon Pavilion."

"What is Lord Su Yun saying? You repelled Xiao Huailin, you obstructed the Vicious Beast and Fire Dragon, so you are the meritorious general of my Linglong Mountain. Since you have helped our Linglong Mountain, we will naturally help you! " Yan Wen waved his hand.

Su Yun laughed, he did not say a word, but felt that Yan Wen's way of speaking, was extremely strange.

But going back to the topic, Lord Su Yun, although my Feather Moon Pavilion is not small in size, and is not something other sects can compare to, but in terms of modesty, no matter how strong my Feather Moon Pavilion is, it cannot compare to other sects joining hands, you have entrusted so many sects with the investigation, and yet there is no news of it, I am afraid that even if we send men, it would only be in vain. Mo Ping said.

"That's right." Yan Wen nodded in agreement.

Su Yun frowned once again.

In truth, he had already expected Mo Ping's words, but he was already at his wit's end, and did not know how to continue. Was he going to give up now? Or is it …

The information that the Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell gave him was actually fake?

It shouldn't be, Hei Yu had done business for so many years and had countless of treasures to read, how could he make a mistake?

"Oh, right!"

At this time, Mo Ping seemed to have thought of something and called out.

Su Yun and Yan Wen immediately looked at him.

"I forgot about one place. Maybe Lord Su's parents are there!"

Mo Ping said in a heavy voice.

Hearing that, Yan Wen's face became gloomy, and he said softly: Mo Ping, don't say random things, why did Lord Su Yun's parents go to that place? "Don't speak nonsense!"

Mo Ping opened his mouth, but in the end, he sighed and did not continue speaking.

But, Su Yun's head was full of fog, he looked at the two of them and could not wait: "You two, where is this place that you are talking about?"

Yan Wen was silent for a moment, as though he wanted to say something, but he was too anxious to do so. He could only sigh and say: "A place that resides in the Linglong Mountain and does not belong to the Linglong Mountain, but I thought that your parents would not be there."