Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 583
On the way to Black Hawk Sect, the black clothed lady brought the Black Hawk Sect Disciples with a cold expression and rushed back to the sect.

Yan Donghe was being held by the profound qi, he was lying on the Qi bed made of profound qi, he stared blankly at the sky, the wounds on his body had been treated simply, but the injuries caused by the Qi Meridian, Spirit Core and the others, could not be healed in a short period of time.

"Have you thought about how you're going to explain this to the Sect Leader?"

The black dressed lady turned and stared at Yan Donghe as she spoke.

Yan Donghe bit his lower lip, but in the end he did not say a word.

I originally thought that with your fortuitous encounter, your cultivation would definitely soar, and that you would be able to deal with the trash from the Lotus Star Sword Sect with ease. The Sect Leader even helped you deal with that old fellow from the Lotus Star Sword Sect, but who would have thought that you would actually lose to a nobody.

Seeing Yan Donghe not saying a word, the girl in black continued to mock him.

After Yan Donghe heard this, anger flitted past his dull eyes, and he said angrily: "Widow, don't go overboard, that man is from the Realm Lord, how could I dare to kill him? If we really do something to him, it will implicate our entire Black Hawk Sect, do you understand? Moreover, Sect Leader told me to help you take these two treasures, but he didn't tell me that the people of Realm Lord are here. Your intelligence is incorrect, do you still want me to take all the responsibility? Hmph, I don't believe that you can get along peacefully. "

"Yan Donghe, don't talk to me in that arrogant tone, your current master has already injured three of them, your cultivation has dropped greatly, and it is unknown whether or not you can protect your master's cultivation, do you think the Sect Leader will think highly of you?" The black-dressed woman harrumphed.

Hearing that, Yan Donghe's face changed, he wanted to say something, but seemed to be related to the wound, he fiercely coughed a few times, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Hmph, just a piece of trash."

The black dressed lady secretly muttered to herself, she was too lazy to continue talking with Yan Donghe, she continued to move forward.

Although the Linglong Mountain did not allow anyone to fly, the speed of the group flying close to the ground was not slow either.

Very quickly, the black clothed lady, Yan Donghe and the rest arrived at the foot of the mountain where the Black Hawk Sect was.

At this moment, thick smoke was billowing from the mountain, and a large amount of berserk profound qi was floating down from the mountain.

When the black-clothed woman felt this aura, her expression immediately became serious.

"What's going on? Lord Ligua, something seems to be amiss. " One of the Black Hawk Sect people in front turned his head and said.

"The two of you, go up the mountain and take a look." The woman in black whispered.


The two of them cupped their fists and said, then increased their speed and rushed up the mountain, but before the two of them had walked far, they saw a few Black Hawk Sect disciples rushing down the road, they had panicked expressions and their entire bodies were covered with blood and wounds, they crawled and rolled all over the mountain, all of them looked extremely miserable.

"Ah, it's Lord Ligua and Lord Sword Envoy!"

The moment the disciples saw the woman in black clothing they rushed over as if they had been saved.

"What happened?"

The girl in black grabbed a person and asked anxiously.

"It's ruined, it's ruined, it's ruined …" The people from the church were trembling as they wailed.

"Destroy what?" The girl in black did not hold back and slapped the man twice before shouting sternly, "Speak properly for me!"

That person covered his face with a hand full of grievance. Just as he was about to speak, the other person shouted loudly, his voice hoarse …

"Lord Ligua, the Black Hawk Sect is destroyed, the Sect Leader is tragically dead, all the elites of our sect are killed, the entire Black Hawk Sect is destroyed."


The black-clothed girl and the others were petrified. All of them were completely shocked.

"There is a big dragon on the mountain, its entire body is on fire, it is powerful, the moment it opens its mouth, it ignited the entire Black Hawk Hall, no one can stand in front of it for even a breath, it has eaten everyone, all the people there died and fled, Lord Ligua, quickly flee, if the dragon finds us, we are all dead."

With that, the group of people did not care about the black-dressed woman and the others, and started running towards the front with all their might.

The black dressed lady's expression changed, her mind was in a mess, how could she have imagined that the Black Hawk Sect would disappear just like that?

Did the Sect Leader offend some supreme expert?

The woman in black was deep in thought.


At this moment, a deafening roar reverberated through the entire mountain.

The face of the woman in black and the others paled.

"Widow, what are you waiting for? If you don't want to die, then hurry up and run. " Yan Donghe who was on the bed shouted to the black clothed lady.

The woman in black was surprised for a moment and then quickly said: "Let's go! We have to leave this place!"

"Yes, yes!"

Everyone nodded and turned to leave.

But at this time, the mountain suddenly trembled, and with a loud bang, the entire mountain exploded, and a fiery red giant dragon leapt out of the mountain, flying straight into the clouds. It hovered above the ninth heaven, looking down upon all the living beings below, the blazing temperature dyed the white clouds red, and the flames that overflowed from its body seemed to want to burn the entire sky.

What kind of majestic and charming divine dragon was this?

When the girl in black and the others saw this huge Spiritual Beast, their bodies violently trembled. The aura emitted by this divine dragon had completely shattered the last bit of their defense. If it weren't for their instincts to survive, they would have already knelt down to the ground and kowtowed.


At this time, the sound of flesh being cut came from behind the girl.

Her hair stood on end, and she was shocked all over, she immediately looked back, only to see a man dressed in fiery red clothes, holding a blood red sword, standing behind the group of people. Beside him were a few ice-cold headless corpses, and these corpses, were the Black Hawk Sect's people who had escaped from the mountains earlier.

"Run? Has Yours Truly told you all to run? "

The man snorted, he then turned and looked at the black dressed lady and the group with a disgusted expression, and asked: "Hey, are you guys from Black Hawk Sect?"

"We …?" The woman in black was stunned. She quickly smiled and said, "No, of course not!"

"No?" "Then forget it."

The man snorted and was about to leave when he caught sight of the tokens on everyone's waists from the corner of his eye. He turned his head to look at the tokens on the corpses' waists and his face darkened.

"Damn it, you guys are obviously from the Black Hawk Sect, yet you still dare to lie to me."

he roared.

With that said, he directly slashed towards Yan Donghe who was on the Qi bed.

Yan Donghe had no time to defend, his body was cut into two, the fine sword released a burst of heat, and directly burnt all the blood in his body.

Yan Donghe died a tragic death.

Seeing this, the rest of the Black Hawk Sect s were scared out of their wits.

But at this moment, the girl in black shouted.

"Everyone, don't be afraid. He is only one person, we have nearly a hundred generals here, do you all still need to be afraid of him? Attack together and kill him! "

With this encouragement, those people who were frightened came back to their senses.

Yes, they had the numbers, what was there to be afraid of?

After she finished speaking, everyone swarmed over like a swarm of bees.

"Your Black Hawk Sect has started to bully the small again. Damn it, this is too damn it! In that case, don't blame me for being heartless."

The man angrily roared, his eyes blood-red, as if he was extremely annoyed by the actions of these people, and his sword also became fiercer.

His sword was extremely fast and it was sharp, whoever touched his sword would be split into two, in a short while, half of the Black Hawk Sect would be killed, they were all turned into a pile of sand.

The girl in black was about to go forward to support him, but seeing how fierce she was, how could she dare to fight again? She quickly turned around and was about to escape.

However, just as she turned around, a ferocious fire dragon flew towards her …

Su Yun quietly stood in front of a flat, white clearing.

The ground here was very magical. Even though it was covered with a white jade floor, lotus flowers grew on it. There was no soil nor water, but these lotus flowers were exceptionally gorgeous.

In front of the lotus, there was an old man standing there. The old man held a long sword in his hand and pointed the sword at a lotus with his eyes closed. His lips were mumbling something.

"Lotus Star Sword Art does not focus on sword moves, but on the heart. Strictly speaking, it does not have any ingenuity, but its advantages is that it can be used however one pleases, but to be able to use Lotus Star Sword Art, one must have a prerequisite, that is, to place one's state of mind in a completely pure state, you need to maintain a lotus like state of mind, in order to be able to unleash the greatest amount of power of the Lotus Star Sword Art."

As the old Sect Master spoke, he began to swing the sword in his hand.

Surprisingly, his sword dance was extremely slow, and his breathing slowed as he moved.

The sword in his hand seemed to have slowed down several times, making people feel anxious. The sword had neither strength nor aura, much less injuring the enemy.

Seeing that, Su Yun frowned: "Sect Leader, how can such a sword be used to harm people?"

"Don't use hurting people as your goal, only protecting others." The Sect Leader spoke slowly and continued to move, "You must believe that this sword will protect you. When danger approaches, it will help you defeat your opponent."

After he finished speaking, the old Sect Master's sword edge swung in a circle in front of Su Yun, still acting slow and unhurried, but looking at him, he was already indicating to Su Yun that he wanted to attack him.

Seeing that, Su Yun asked: How much power do I use?

"One hundred percent." The old sect leader said without a trace of politeness.

Hearing that, Su Yun's eyes turned serious.

He took a deep breath and activated profound qi, causing it to explode with speed, he rushed towards the old sect leader like a tornado, at the same time he pulled out the Lotus Star Sword in his hand and thrusted straight at the old sect leader.

This sword was brilliant and swift, dazzling everyone who saw it.


Just as the edge of the sword was about to touch the old Sect Leader's body, his slow sword suddenly moved.

As if attracted by something, the sword moved directly to where Su Yun was attacking from.


A crisp sound rang out.

A gigantic White Lotus Mark appeared in front of the old Sect Leader. Su Yun struck the White Lotus Mark and his entire body suffered a backlash.