Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 582
As a person who loved swords, this treasure was naturally something that one would yearn for in their dreams. Even though it was a broken sword, no one could deny its might.

"Sect Leader, why did you pass this precious treasure down to me?"

Su Yun did not rush to receive the sword, but instead looked at the old Sect Leader seriously and asked.

"Compared to Lotus Star Sword Sect, I think this sword might be more suitable for you."

The old sect leader said.

"How do you know?"

"Do you know what the sword does?"


"No, a guardian."

The Old Sect Leader shook his head.

"Then why not leave it in the Lotus Star Sword Sect and use it to protect the sect?"

"Guardian is not the responsibility of the sword, rather it is the responsibility of the sword person, only by using it can we achieve the goal of protecting, but today, this Lotus Star Sword brings us more danger than guardian, so I plan to pass it down to you, or perhaps, I should ask you to bring it away from the Lotus Star Sword Sect." The Old Sect Leader said.

Hearing that, Su Yun was startled.

After thinking for a moment, he seemed to vaguely understand the Old Sect Leader's intentions.

"Today's disaster all came from the Lotus Star Sword, in fact, it wasn't just today, in the past, when my Sword Sect met with misfortune, it was also because of the sword. Back then, the second generation Sect Leader carried this sword and traveled through the four seas, sweeping through the lands, breaking all the heroes of the realm, and losing all the supreme expert in the world, what kind of glory is that? Everyone thought that it was because of the Lotus Star Sword, but it was not, no matter which supreme expert it was, it was definitely not its magic tool that was strong, or else after all these years, why is my Lotus Star Sword Sect still at such a scale? "

The old sect master's expression became unconcealable, and he said: "After today, I have already had an epiphany, so it would be better to continue guarding this Lotus Star Sword, and pass it on to the person who needs it. As for you, Su Yun, compared to me, you will definitely need this sword more, so today, I will pass this sword down to you in front of all the followers, and I hope you won't reject it."

Su Yun heard her, and did not speak for a long time.

The Old Sect Leader took a step forward, his two hands holding onto the treasure sword, he looked at Su Yun and slowly spoke.

"The sword is here. If you are unwilling to accept it, it's fine. It's up to fate, it all depends on fate."

After he finished, he stood there quietly, as if he was waiting for Su Yun's decision.

Su Yun looked at the flawless sword, for some reason, his heart was surprisingly calm, he did not immediately accept the sword, nor did he immediately refuse.

However, after waiting for Mo San to regain his breath, he still extended his hand out and grabbed the sword hilt.

"I am willing to accept this Lotus Star Sword." He said seriously.

The Sect Leader nodded his head in gratification as a smile finally appeared on his face.

The followers below were all confused.

The higher ups of Lotus Star Sword Sect, led by Bu Ming, were even more restless. Finally, a deacon could not resist and spoke up.

"Sect Leader, what did you mean by that?" Let Protector Su bring the sword away from the Lotus Star Sword Sect? "Could it be that you wish for this sword to …"

"That's right." The old sect master nodded, and said indifferently: "The reason Protector Su joined my sect was to retreat, you all should know his goal in coming to Linglong Mountain, he cannot stay in the sect for long, he will leave by himself in the future."

"Since that's the case, why did you still pass the sword to Lord Su Yun? Is it because he saved our sect? "

"If that's what I mean, do you think it's inappropriate?" The old Sect Master asked.

Everyone was speechless when they heard this.

In fact, with Su Yun's capabilities, accepting the sword would be acceptable. After all, without Su Yun, the sword and sword would have long been given to the Black Hawk Sect, so why would it be here? But, if the Lotus Star Sword Sect did not have these treasures, then wouldn't the sect still be dead in name? Everyone knew that the most precious treasures of the Lotus Star Sword Sect were the Lotus Star Sword and the sword techniques. This was also the reason why the Lotus Star Sword Sect was established in the Linglong Mountain.

However, the old High Priestess once again spoke out, calming the hearts of the crowd.

Whether or not the Lotus Star Sword exist in the Lotus Star Sword Sect is not important. What is important is that in the hearts of every single one of us, there is the doctrine of the Lotus Star, we will never forget the teachings of the Lotus Star, and that is enough, for all these years, we have been unable to spread the might of the Lotus Star Sword, so why not give it to the fated one? Furthermore, I believe that even if Su Yun left the sect, he would never be able to forget about him … "

The old Sect Master earnestly said.

Although this was his reasoning, it was very true. After some people heard this, the dissatisfaction in their hearts was greatly reduced.

There was only one sword, so what did it matter if he was in a sect or not? Furthermore, if the Lotus Star Sword s were in the sect, it would only bring more trouble to the Lotus Star Sword Sect, and would cause the sect to never be at peace. The development of a sect would never depend on a magic treasure.

The old Sect Master earnestly sized up everyone present, every face he seriously examined. When the faces of some people were filled with reluctance and sadness, his face would reveal helplessness and disappointment, and when some people's faces were extremely calm and indifferent, a gratified smile would appear on his face.

When Su Yun saw the change in the Old Sect Leader's expression, he suddenly understood.

It turned out that the reason the old sect master had imparted this sword to him was not just because the Lotus Star Sword Sect was unable to wield it. Instead, he used it as a medium to test the mental state of every Sword Sect disciple.

"Alright, I still have some things to discuss with Su Yun in private, if you have nothing else, you can leave now."

The old sect leader waved his hand and said.

"Disciple will take his leave."

Everyone cheered as they slowly left the Lotus Star Hall one by one.

When the last person left the Lotus Star Hall, only Su Yun and the old Sect Leader were left in the hall.

The hall was extremely quiet, Su Yun looked at the Old Sect Leader, not knowing what else he wanted to do.

"Are you thinking that since the Lotus Star Sword have brought so many troubles to my Lotus Star Sword Sect, passing it on to you now, it will only bring you trouble, right?" At this moment, the old Sect Leader spoke up.

"I don't think so." Su Yun said.

"Oh? "Why?"

"If that's the case, you can give them to the Black Hawk Sect previously, but you don't have to defend these two items with your life on the line."

"That's right." The old sect master nodded, and said indifferently: "In fact, I already knew why Black Hawk Sect would these two things …" He paced back and forth in the great hall for a few rounds, and then said slowly: "As early as a few years ago, I received news that the Black Hawk Sect Lord had somehow found the remaining half of my Lotus Star Sword Method, and then I found out that this half of it, had been modelled from my teachings."

"Model?" Hearing that, Su Yun's pupils became big: "Could it be, my Lotus Star Sword s technique is not incomplete?"

"Back when I was in the hands of the previous Sect Leader, I have already found the missing parts of the Lotus Star Sword method. I just did not leak out this information to prevent others from spying on me." The old sect master shook his head and sighed: "The current Spirit Cultivator has long since lost the essence of a cultivator, their goal in cultivating was only for the sake of strength, not for the sake of nature. They painstakingly trained just for the sake of power, for the sake of greed, and there are many such people in my Lotus Star Sword Sect, therefore, I did not say it, not only did I not announce this news, I also wanted to spread the news of the Lotus Star Sword out of the sect."

Hearing that, Su Yun was startled, then he laughed bitterly and shook his head: "If that's the case, then Sect Leader, you can't trust me anymore, in fact, my original intention was only to seek revenge, for force, I am no different from those Spirit Cultivator s."

"No, there is a difference." Without waiting for Su Yun to finish speaking, the old sect master interrupted him.

Su Yun was slightly startled.

However, the old sect leader did not explain and slowly said: "Black Hawk Sect has obtained an unknown piece of sky black iron, it is a top quality material, it can be used to create divine weapons, the Black Hawk Sect has named it Black Hawk black iron, with the intention of using it to repair the Lotus Star Sword, combined with the Lotus Star Sword method to repeat the current second generation sect master's glory, but his thinking is too simple, relying on these two things is not enough, and even if the second generation sect leader is still alive, it is still impossible to reach that level. Su Yun, I know you are in a hurry to find your parents, but please wait for a few more days. During this time, I will pass down all of the Lotus Star Sword s methods to you, and also, I will tell you all the methods to repair the Lotus Star Sword s … "


Su Yun was shocked.

Repair the Lotus Star Sword? Acquired a complete inheritance of the Lotus Star Sword technique?

"Why is that?"

Su Yun was completely at a loss.

He was completely unable to figure out what the Old Sect Leader was thinking. Even if he had stopped the Black Hawk Sect's plan, there shouldn't be a need for him to do this right? These two things were the representatives of the Lotus Star Sword Sect.

However, the old Sect Leader did not explain anything. He just took out a white paper and handed it over to Su Yun.

The book was not some peerless secret manual, but something that belonged to the people of Lotus Star Sword Sect.

Lotus Star Doctrine.

This was something that everyone had to be familiar with after joining the Lotus Star Sword Sect.

Therefore, when I pass on these two objects to you, you know better than me that the sword's function is to protect, and not to kill. Therefore, if you can use these two objects well, I only hope that after you leave the sect, you can inherit the teachings of the Lotus Star.

The old sect leader didn't say anything grandiose or profound, but simply spoke out the thoughts in his heart.

Su Yun was at a loss when he heard it all, but after he heard it all, his heart was in turmoil and it was hard to calm down.

Looking at the white book on teachings, he stands there quietly for a long time. In the end, he extends his hand and accepts the teachings …

Seeing that, the Old Sect Leader was comforted, he patted Su Yun's shoulders and walked out of the hall.

The fastest is three months, if it's slow, there will be no time left, and all the teachers are only at the basic level, no one will be able to obtain the second move, and the teachers do not know that there is a third move, Su Yun, I will pass down the Lotus Star Sword Art to you now, you can follow me. "

"Yes, Sect Leader."

Su Yun nodded, he looked at the Lotus Star Sword in his hand and turned, holding onto his sword, he walked out of the hall.