Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 578
As soon as the old Sect Leader finished speaking, the surrounding crowd went into an uproar.

Even Su Yun was shocked.

Who would have thought that the Old Sect Leader would actually plan to hand over these treasures?

"Sect Leader, this … That's not so good. " Bu Ming anxiously asked.

If the Lotus Star Sword and the sword technique were to be handed over, it would mean that the Lotus Star Sword Sect had been completely dispersed. The fate of a sect would be handed over to a person they had not known for more than a month.

However, the old sect leader shook his head and said, "In fact … I am no longer able to fight, with Su Yun's help, what else do we have to say? If he wins, then that's for the best. If he loses, no matter what, we have to protect his life. Originally, this had nothing to do with him. Although my Lotus Star Sword Sect is not some big sect, we still need to understand kindness, understand? "

When Bu Ming and the rest heard that, they hurriedly cupped their fists and bowed.

Seeing this, the black-dressed woman's initially worried face relaxed.

"I was about Lord Su Yun's life. If he dies here, my Black Hawk Cult will definitely be in trouble, but the old man from the Lotus Star Sword Sect knows his place, so, Sir Sword Envoy, you do not have to show mercy, as long as you win against Master Su Yun, then we can complete our mission. "

The black clothed lady laughed, and looked up and down at Su Yun, and laughed: You are a pretty good man, Master Sword Envoy, you should go easy on him.

"This person is wearing a magic treasure barrier, I am unable to see through his cultivation, but, since he dared to come out, I am afraid that he is confident, so I cannot be careless." Yan Donghe said solemnly.

"Relax, the other party is just a beginner in Sky Spirit Master."

The woman in black spoke straightforwardly.

Yan Donghe turned around and looked at him. "How did you know?"

"I have a treasure that allows me to see through everything, although I am unable to see through all of it, I can still catch a glimpse of his profound qi. I do not know what his actual cultivation level is, but from the looks of this strand of aura, he is just an existence that has just entered the Sky Spirit Master."

"Just entered the Sky Spirit Master? Hmph, how can you have the guts to fight with me? " Annoyed, Yan Donghe asked, "Is he looking down on me?"

"Master Sword Messenger, you do not need to be angry, I can see what attitude Su Yun has." Master Sword Envoy, let me be honest with you, although your cultivation has risen greatly, and is no longer the same as before, but you are still lacking compared to this Lotus Star Sword Sect's Sect Leader, I predicted that you are probably at the fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master, and this Sect Leader is at least at the peak of the seventh stage. If this were in the past, I am afraid that you would not be able to contend against him, but today, one of the reasons is because he is injured, his has ruptured, his strength has dropped greatly, and the other is because the battle previously exhausted his few profound energy s.

Hearing that, the anger on Yan Donghe's face deepened. He said in a low voice, "What do you mean by that? Could it be that I was already afraid of him when he was at the peak of his old bones? "

"Of course not. Aiyaya, Lord Sword Envoy, don't be angry. Please listen to what I have to say." The black dressed woman laughed: "Actually, this Su Yun is also in a similar situation as you are now, and the reason why he dared to challenge you with his newly entered Sky Spirit Master is also because of this. Previously, when you fought with the many experts of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, the consumption of your profound qi was extremely huge, and your strength had been damaged, and you are no longer in your peak state.

"Oh?" Yan Donghe thought for a moment and said, "Then doesn't that mean I can't touch him?"

"As long as I don't kill him."

"Then I will cut off both his arms and legs! cripple his cultivation. " Yan Donghe harrumphed.

"That's fine."

The black-clothed woman nodded.

Yan Donghe's eyes were like an eagle's, sharply staring at Su Yun, he then took a step forward, and walked towards Array Seal.

Seeing that, Su Yun did not hesitate and stepped forward into the Array Seal.

"Master Su Yun, the contract has not been formed yet, but it is still too late to cancel it now. Are you really going to represent the Lotus Star Sword Sect and fight against us?" The woman in black suddenly asked.

"I made myself clear earlier, I don't want to repeat myself." Su Yun said indifferently.

"Since that's the case, then that's your intention. With so many pairs of eyes watching here, everyone can testify to it, if Master is injured, please do not report us to Realm Lord." The black-clothed woman laughed.

When the crowd heard this, they finally understood what the black-dressed woman meant. So, she was trying to get a dose of prophylactic treatment. Normally, people would only pat their chest and never complain, but when Su Yun heard that, he opened his mouth and said: "It's hard to say."


The black-clothed girl's expression froze.

Everyone was stunned.

Who would have thought that Su Yun would actually defy common sense …

In this way, the Black Hawk Cult was a little scared. After all, Su Yun was a Realm Lord.

"Alright, let's cut the crap. Since you've already made your decision, I won't care too much about it."

Yan Donghe stepped into the array, stared at Su Yun and bellowed: "If you lose, quickly hand over the Lotus Star Sword and the sword technique."

His voice was like thunder, like a Vicious Beast.

Seeing that, Su Yun did not show any signs of weakness, he stepped into the array and stared at the opponent, then roared: If you lose, scram!

This simple word was sonorous and powerful. It was abnormally loud and clear, causing one's eardrums to tremble, and their heart and soul to tremble.

Yan Donghe's expression changed and he clenched his teeth tightly. His eyes could not wait to tear his opponent apart.

The Array Seal shone again, following that, the two swords inside the array flew into the air, the light swords formed.

Yan Donghe's hands moved quickly, the moment the sword flew into the air, he immediately transformed into a beam of light and flew towards his own slender sword, holding onto the sword hilt, he directly smashed towards Su Yun's pitch black sword that was flying in the air.

When the sword flew into the air, the war had already begun. Normally, people would only do what they liked to do the most when they hit the opponent's weapon. As long as the opponent was slow enough to even control their weapon, then their chances of winning would be much higher.


The weird black sword was directly smashed away by Yan Donghe. The moment the sword tip split the sword, Yan Donghe did not forget to inject a bit of profound energy from his body into the sword.

Without a sword, what are you going to use to fight me? Relying on magic treasure s? Stop dreaming!

Yan Donghe roared in his heart, as he stared at Su Yun who was still standing at the same spot, he directly slashed across.

Seeing this scene, the people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect practically let out a wave of disappointed and anxious exclamations.

Seeing that Su Yun was not even able to get his hands on his weapon, a few people who were originally optimistic about Su Yun all turned their heads over, as though they did not dare watch the next scene.

"Master Su Yun, be careful!"

"Damn it, this Yan Donghe is so despicable. He actually hacked away with his sword!"

"Master Su Yun, get out of the way! Do not contend against it head on! "

The shouts did not stop, a portion of the people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect wanted to immediately rush up to Su Yun to block this attack for him.

However, Su Yun was calm and collected, not the least bit nervous as he looked at the approaching Yan Donghe. There was not a single trace of anxiety on his face …


Just as Yan Donghe was about to attack Su Yun, a sonic boom sounded out.


The woman in black who was watching the fight had her face stiffened as she looked at the sky in surprise.

A black shooting star suddenly appeared behind Yan Donghe and pierced towards his back like a bolt of lightning.

Killing intent surged forth like the waves of a raging river.

Before Yan Donghe could even get close to Su Yun, he was shocked by the sudden sharp killing intent behind him. He turned his head abruptly, the death sword had arrived!


The death sword pierced through Yan Donghe's shoulder.

If not for Yan Donghe's timely dodging, this sword attack would have pierced through his heart.

However … The attack was not over.

Just as the death sword pierced Yan Donghe's shoulder, his shoulder suddenly exploded, causing blood and bone fragments to fly into the air.

Taking a closer look, a Evil Soul actually came out from within the pitch black sword blade!


Yan Donghe roared, and released the profound qi from his body, causing the death sword to fly away.

Because of his carelessness, his left shoulder was almost completely crippled, his shoulder blade fractured, and even the Qi Meridian that was connected to his left hand had most likely been damaged.

Such a sudden turn of events had almost shocked all of the people below.

Regardless of whether it was the people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect or the Black Hawk Cult, everyone was staring at the center in a daze. No one said a word. The scene was absolutely silent, frighteningly silent …

The person who thought that he would be defeated one second turned the tables in the next …

"Yan Donghe, maybe your cultivation is stronger than mine, but in my entire life, there has never been a weaker opponent for me, Su Yun."

Su Yun bellowed, he raised both his hands and took out the red and white swords from the sword sheath, with a twist of his body, the two swords turned into spears and shot towards Yan Donghe.

The two swords struck onto the Sword Qi, but were not deflected back, instead, they were pierced by it. Behind him, the pitch black Sword also attacked, smashing onto the Sword Qi, the Evil Soul on the sword blade shot out once again, waving both claws, frantically attacking Yan Donghe's Sword Qi. Boom!

Yan Donghe clenched his teeth and activated his profound energy to defend, the sweat on his face gradually dripping.

"This is …" Sword kinesis? "

The Old Sect Leader frowned as he looked at Yan Donghe, who was surrounded by the three swords in the air.

There are many sects that are famous for using the Imperial Sword Technique, but as far as I know, the Imperial Sword Technique only uses Qi to control the sword to achieve the effect of injuring people, in fact, this type of sword technique is much weaker than the profound skill, and the Imperial Sword Technique is not a powerful technique, so there are not many people who cultivate it, and looking at Master Su Yun's method, could it be that he is a member of some Imperial Sword Sect?

Bu Ming said.

"Keep watching." The Old Sect Leader said.

Yan Donghe was suppressed. The red, white and black swords were overbearing and ferocious. If this continued, Yan Donghe's profound qi would definitely be exhausted.

Looking at Su Yun who was below him holding the sword art sign with one hand and staring at him wholeheartedly, Yan Donghe was filled with anger.

"A mere existence that has just entered the Sky Spirit Master, how dare he display his skills in front of me, you stinking brat!"

Yan Donghe growled, suddenly closing his eyes and quickly chanting a spell in his mouth …