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The sound of densely packed footsteps resonated throughout the great hall. Xiao Huai Lin, who was still fighting with the Black Hawk Hall Master, suddenly pulled away from him as he sped up his pace and stood in the middle of the great hall.

He turned his head and looked at the entrance of the great hall. He saw that it was filled with experts from the Black Hawk Cult.

"Hierarchy, what happened?"

"Ah, Liu..." Protector Liu, how … How... How did he die?"

"Sect Leader, who killed Protector Liu? "Who is this person?"

When the elites of the Black Hawk Cult saw the ruined hall and the dismembered Protector Liu, all of their eyes turned round as they exclaimed in astonishment.

However, the Black Hawk Hall's Leader didn't explain anything. He simply pointed his finger at Xiao Huai Lin and shouted, "Annihilate this person!"

"Yes sir!"

Everyone shouted loudly and rushed forward together.

A sneer hung on his face, and he turned his head to look at the Black Hawk Hall Master, saying: "Today, I have come here to fight you one on one with the intention to learn, but I never thought that you would actually bully the few with your numbers. This is truly not in line with the path of swordsmen, shameless, you are too shameless."

"Are you even worthy of speaking shamelessness to me? "Brat, you dare to behave so atrociously in my Black Hawk Cult? What do you think this is?"

The High Priestess of the Black Hawk Hall said coldly, "I will let you know the consequences of offending my Black Hawk Hall." After he finished speaking, he raised his hand and growled, "Tear apart his body. I want to imprison his soul and slowly torture him."


The experts of the Black Hawk Cult all roared and instantly surrounded him. The profound qi in their bodies were like a wild horse running around, frantically rushing forward, wave after wave of beautiful profound skill directly smashing towards Xiao Huai Lin. From the looks of it, no one was planning to capture them alive.

However, Xiao Huai Lin did not dodge, and his handsome face revealed a thick layer of anger.

"Despicable. Using numbers to bully the young is too shameless. But since you're looking for a helper, fine then I'll accept it. But, do you really think that I don't have any?"

After he finished speaking, Xiao Huai Lin's hand went towards his waist, and pressed onto it, activating the profound energy, a ball of fiery red light suddenly burst out from his waist, the terrifying power of the flames was astonishing.

"This is …"

The Black Hawk Cult Leader was startled.

But hear...


The sound of a heaven shaking roar burst out, and then, an incomparably large creature came out from Xiao Huai Lin's belt, and swept towards the surroundings with a terrifying and peerless momentum …



Within the Lotus Star Sword Sect.

The last expert had already entered the arena and was fighting with an expert from the Lotus Star Sword Sect. The Lotus Star Sword Sect's Sect Leader fought two people in a row, and both ended up trampled over the other party. His strength was revealed, intimidating the world, and the magnificent and terrifying profound skill was still difficult to erase in the hearts of the crowd.

However, he was wounded, his consumption of profound qi was too high, and was slightly unable to hold on, so he could only temporarily send someone else up.

However, it was fine if he won, but if he lost, he would only end up dying.

The three experts from the Black Hawk Cult were all extraordinary. Although they were not a match for the Sect Leader, they were able to deal with these disciples. They were slaughtered like pigs and dogs.

In the blink of an eye, four people had been killed, causing the Lotus Star Sword Sect's Sect Leader to frown. When the fifth person was preparing to go up on stage, he had no choice but to get up once more, thrust his sword into the Array Seal, and go up on stage to fight.

Seeing that, Su Yun could not help but sigh, this was the sorrow of a small sect. When they met with trouble, the number of experts that could come out was simply too few. On the other hand, the great sects had many disciples, and many outstanding people. In order to gain the upper hand, some people would fight with their lives in times of crisis.

Originally, he had wanted to find his parents as soon as possible, but such a thing had actually happened in the Lotus Star Sword Sect. If they had nothing to do with each other, Su Yun could just leave, and he would not want to get involved in this dispute. However, the Lotus Star Sword Sect had treated him well, and if they did not help him, Su Yun would not feel guilty.

He was like this. He would always remember the small grudges and grudges that others had against him.


The girl in black frowned as she took off the plate on her waist and looked at it.

One could only see the floating lustre on the card as a diagram was faintly discernible in the light.

Seeing that, the sword arts expert, Yan Donghe, who was standing beside him, asked, "What's wrong?"

"The Sect Leader has sent out an urgent order." The black-clothed woman said in a deep voice.

"Something happened in the school?" Yan Donghe said solemnly.

The news of us challenging the Lotus Star Sword Sect has probably already spread throughout the entire Linglong Mountain, and there are many enemies of the sect, so there's no need to worry, at this time people will also come to challenge our sect. However, there's no need to worry, the Sect Leader is already prepared, we can continue with what we have to do, the Sect Leader has already explained everything beforehand, and if there's really a need to pay attention to the situation, he will take care of it.

The woman put the token back on her waist and smiled.

"No matter what, I have to finish this battle quickly." When this battle is over, let me go up on stage. I can see that the old fellow is already done with his fight, and right now, his strength is not even at 30% of his usual level, which is the best chance to kill him. After I destroy him, I will then snatch his soul, absorb it, and increase my cultivation! "

"It's up to you. Anyway, the Sect Leader has requested that we bring the Lotus Star Sword and the Lotus Star Sword Technique back to the sect."

"This is necessary."


The strange sound came again.

The last expert of the Black Hawk Hall had been cut into pieces and died on the spot.


Below, the people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect roared excitedly. The scene was extremely lively.

The High Priestess landed on the ground with a light breeze. She held her sword in one hand as she pointed it at the ground. The wind blew over, and her white beard swayed gently. She looked extremely imposing.

In the end, he was still an esteemed leader of the sect. Even if the cultivation of the disciples of the Lotus Star Sword Sect weren't good enough, he, the leader, was still someone worthy of his reputation.

Yan Donghe's eyes were filled with battle intent. Without saying a word, he took a step forward and pulled out his sword, fiercely thrusting towards Array Seal.

Seeing that, the Sect Leader raised his sword to stab again, but just as he was about to move, his face suddenly paled and his steps slightly trembled, as if something was amiss.

"Not good, after so many battles, the Sect Leader's profound qi is already very low."

Bu Ming shouted.

"This battle will be very disadvantageous to us. Sect Leader, you can't go up again."

"High Priestess, please rest for the time being. Let me represent you in this battle."

"I'll fight!"

"No, let me do it."

Waves of anxious and concerned voices rang out continuously.

The High Priestess opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn't say it. She only lightly shook her head, hinting everyone to not try to be brave.

If they went up, they would only be throwing their lives away.

However, if they were forced to a corner, with the strength of their wounded bodies, would they even have a chance of victory against this sword envoy?

Many of the people present knew that the probability of this happening was very small...

"Why don't you let me try?"

Just then, a sword flew over from that direction and directly stabbed into the Array Seal.

When everyone saw this, an uproar broke out.

"This is …" Master Su Yun, no! "

The sect leader shouted anxiously.

But it was too late, Su Yun's speed was too fast, a sword had already flown over.

He had already made his decision.

Light rose from the Array Seal …

"Master Su Yun, you …"

Bu Ming was stunned as he looked at the black-cloaked man walking out from the crowd, his face filled with shock.

Even Yan Donghe and the black-dressed woman were extremely surprised.

At this time, no one would have thought that Su Yun would actually step forward and take care of such a rotten matter.

"Master Su Yun, why are you doing this?"

The old sect master sighed and asked as he looked at the sword that was stabbed into his Array Seal.

"Old Sect Leader, although the reason why you are looking for my parents is because of this divine leaf, I am a person who remembers kindness. You are willing to work for me and help me, so why can't I do something for you? How can I watch idly when the Lotus Star Sword Sect is in trouble today? "

"However, you are not a member of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, so what right do you have to interfere in this matter? Master Su Yun, I think it would be better for you to leave this place quickly, so as to not get into a fight and hurt you, that would not be good. "

Without waiting for the old Hierarch to speak, the woman in black spoke.

"Isn't it impossible for people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect to participate in the battle?"

The corner of Su Yun's mouth rose, and said: "That's easy to do."

With that, he turned around and clasped his fists towards the Sect Leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, saying, "Sect Leader, please accept me as your disciple."

"Master Su Yun, this..."

"Old Sect Leader, now that things have reached this point, I have no other choice. Since I am unable to use Realm Lord's deterrence force to force the Black Hawk Cult to retreat, I can only rely on my own ability. Although Su Yun's cultivation is not high, I am willing to do my best."

Su Yun said.

When the old Sect Leader heard this, he fell silent.

He opened his dim eyes and looked at Su Yun, but for some reason, a strange glow leaked out of his sunken eyes, he started to look at Su Yun, and after a long while, he nodded his head.

"Alright, alright, Su Yun, since you are so determined, if I continue to persuade you, it would be obvious that I am putting on an act! Now, I shall officially announce that you have become a member of my Lotus Star Sword Sect and are currently serving as Protector. "

"Thank you, Sect Leader." Su Yun said.

The old sect leader then turned his head and shouted to Bu Fang, "Protector Bu, go and fetch our sect's most valuable treasures, the 'Lotus Star Sword Technique' and the 'Lotus Star Sword Technique'."

"Sect Leader …" Bu Ming was stunned and his expression changed, but he did not ask anything. He immediately turned around and led his disciples away.

Not long after, two treasure boxes were solemnly brought over by them.

One of the treasure boxes seemed to be a sword sheath. Its body was long and slender with lotus flowers engraved on its surface. The other treasure box was square and golden in color. It was extremely magical.

The old sect leader received the two treasure boxes and solemnly placed them in front of him …

"The Lotus Star Sword and the sword technique!"

The black-dressed woman's eyes lit up as she stared at the two treasure boxes.

"Today, since Su Yun is willing to help us, we are not unrighteous people. Su Yun, you can fight with these people on behalf of our sect, do not be afraid, if you lose, I will hand over the Lotus Star Sword and the sword technique to them, you will not be in danger of death!" The old Sect Master said in a low voice.