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Inside the pitch black hall stood two huge stone eagles, the stone eagles were about 4 meters tall, their spirits were spirited, and they were extremely lifelike. The surface of the stone eagle was covered with profound talismans, these talismans were like tadpoles, covering the entire stone eagle statue.

At this moment, there was a person quietly standing in the middle of the two stone eagles. This person's gaze gently swept across the talismans on the stone eagles, as though he was thinking about something.

At this time, a fat, long-haired, middle-aged man quickly walked into the hall. After the man entered, he immediately knelt down on one knee and respectfully said, "Greetings, Sect Leader."


The person standing in the middle of the stone eagle nodded and asked: "How is it?"

"Most of the experts in the Lotus Star Sword Sect have been killed by the Lord Sword Envoy. Qing Wenlu died in battle. Now, the leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect has made his move and is fighting fiercely with the three guards." That person said.

If he were in his prime, even I would never be able to touch him. But now that he is injured, this is the best opportunity for our Black Hawk Sect to annex the Lotus Star Sword Sect. " The Sect Leader of the Black Hawk Hall said in a deep voice, "As long as the Lotus Star Sword Sect is destroyed, I will obtain the Lotus Star Sword Sect and their sword techniques, and in addition to the Lotus Star Sword Technique fragment that I hold in my hand, it will be sufficient for the Lotus Star Sword Technique to be restored. When that time comes, I will recreate the Lotus Star Sword Sect with the Black Hawk Mystical Iron, and then, our Black Hawk Sect will be able to replicate the glory of the Lotus Sword Sect, slaughter its way out of the Wanhua Realm, swallow up the world and step onto the peak of this world!"

Hearing this, the person below knelt down excitedly and shouted, "Long live Sect Leader, long live!"

"Hai." The Black Hawk Hall's leader waved his hand and said indifferently, "Speaking of this, it's just a painting. The most important thing is still to see if Yan Donghe can kill the Sect Leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect."

"Lord Sword Envoy received a fortuitous encounter and obtained the thousand year old inheritance from the supreme expert. His strength is no longer what it was before, he is an injured old thief, how can he not fight, Sect Leader is not worried." That person laughed and continued, "But Sect Leader, this subordinate has a question, I don't know whether I should say it or not."


"Um …" That person hesitated for a moment before saying, "Hierarch, the Sect Leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect is injured now, why didn't you personally go out and destroy the Lotus Star Sword Sect at this critical juncture, allowing the Lord Sword Envoy to challenge him instead?"

"Didn't you already say it? He's had a fortuitous encounter, and his strength rose explosively. It's enough to deal with that old fogey of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, why would he want me to go? " The Leader of the Black Hawk Hall looked at the long-haired man meaningfully, and said indifferently: "Besides, my Black Hawk Hall has quite a few enemies. If someone were to attack our Black Hawk Hall at this time, who would defend against it? You don't even know this little bit of common sense, how can you be the protector of my Black Hawk Cult? "

"Your subordinate is stupid." The man knocked his head on the ground in a hurry.

"Go down. The first thing you should do is inform me about the situation of the battle at the Lotus Star Sword Sect. "

"Yes, your subordinate will take his leave."

The man kowtowed to the High Priestess and respectfully left the room.

However, it didn't take long for that person to return to the main hall.

"What's the matter?"

He had just turned around to look at the Eagle Glyph when the Black Hawk Cult Leader spoke in a displeased manner.

"It's like this, Sect Leader, someone came from outside and said that he has something to see you about." That person said.

"Who?" The High Priestess of the Black Hawk Hall frowned and said.

"He said his name is Xiao Huai Lin and he just entered the Wanhua Realm, so he came to the Linglong Mountain to seek knowledge."


"Right." The man laughed: "Xiao Huai Lin has an extraordinary aura, the profound qi is dense and I'm afraid his strength is not bad. If he can be recruited into our Black Hawk Cult, then it will definitely make our Black Hawk Cult's strength more powerful."

"Oh?" The Black Hawk Cult leader pondered for a moment and then said: "If that's the case, then bring him in."

"Yes, Sect Leader."

Not long after that person left, a young man wearing a fiery red blademaster outfit and carrying a blood-red thin sword on his back walked in.

The man's hair was parted in the middle, and he had a long braid on his back. He was extremely tall, and his figure was very thin. He had a very good figure.

With a smile on his face, he walked into the hall. When he saw the Black Hawk Hall Master, he immediately took a few steps forward and cupped his fists as he said, "Xiao Huai Lin greets the sect master."

"I heard Protector Liu say that you're here to study?" The High Priestess of the Black Hawk Hall carefully examined this man and asked after sensing his aura.

"That's right." Xiao Huai Lin said.

"En, a third stage Sky Spirit Master cultivation is not bad, not bad, a material that can be created." The High Priestess of the Black Hawk Cult nodded and said, "Since you requested to study, I am not stingy. Please join the Black Hawk Cult for now."

"Join Black Hawk Cult?" Xiao Huai Lin froze for a moment, then smiled and said: "I'm not looking to join Black Hawk Cult."

"Then, do you want to learn the superior sword techniques of my Black Hawk Cult from an outsider?" The High Priestess harrumphed, "If that's the case, then hurry up and leave. There's no such thing as a free lunch in this world."

"Oh." Xiao Huai Lin nodded his head, and said with a smile: "Since that's the case, then I'll join."

"That's more like it."

"However, I do not wish to become an ordinary disciple." Xiao Huai Lin continued.

The Black Hawk Hall's Leader knitted his eyebrows as he was extremely infuriated by Xiao Huai Lin's rude words. He asked in a low voice, "Then what do you want to do?"

Xiao Huai Lin was walking left and right, looking at the person up there with a playful look, and laughed: "What do you think about being the Sect Leader of the Black Hawk Cult?"

"How dare you!"

Protector Liu and the Black Hawk Cult Leader were both furious.

Without waiting for the Sect Leader to make a move, Protector Liu rushed over first, his hand turning into an eagle's claw and directly grabbed at Xiao Huai Lin's head.

Since he was a protector, his cultivation was not low either, fully at the fourth stage of the Sky Spirit Master. In the Linglong Mountain, Liu Zhen was considered famous, no one could take a direct hit from his Black Hawk Claw.

However, just as the eagle claw was about to approach Xiao Huai Lin, Xiao Huai Lin moved.

It did not move too much, nor did it move at a terrifying speed that could cause eyeballs to fall. All it did was shake its head slightly.


The terrifying black claw landed on his shoulder.


Protector Liu's eyes widened in disbelief.

Even though he managed to avoid the fatal blow, his sharp attack had at least struck Luo Yuan's shoulder. If it was an ordinary person's arm, they would have already been smashed to smithereens.

As he watched Xiao Huai Lin's fiery red blademaster clothe ignite flames, Protector Liu felt as if he had struck not only steel, but also a piece of red-hot steel, his palms incomparably hot.


He cried out in pain and backed off.

"Imperial Equipment?"

The sect leader of the Black Hawk Hall looked at the fiery red blademaster clothe on Xiao Huai Lin's body and exclaimed in a low voice.

"Hehe, is this how your Black Hawk Cult treats their guests? "Tsk tsk tsk tsk, it seems quite like me."

Xiao Huai Lin turned around, looked at Protector Liu and laughed as he spoke.

"Damn it! Who the hell are you?!" Protector Liu clenched his hands and said through gritted teeth. At this moment, his palm was almost completely melted and worn, the burning power of this piece of clothing was too terrifying.

"Didn't I tell you my name? My name is Xiao Huai Lin and I am only a scholar, but someone who knows me has given me a title." The corner of Xiao Huai Lin's mouth rose into a sinister smile, "The number one sword in the world, have you heard of it?"

With that said, he suddenly raised his arm, and that blood red thin sword was unsheathed, and directly slashed towards Protector Liu's head.

"Eagle Sky!"

Protector Liu bellowed, the profound energy around his body surged like a torrential river towards his arms, and in that moment, his arms were harder than steel, harder than even Mount Tai, the boundless defensive power was like a city wall, it was extremely dense.

The Black Hawk Cult's leader's eyes narrowed as he stared at Protector Liu. He knew that this protector Liu was not someone an ordinary person could touch. His arms were probably even harder than the swords in his hands.

However …


A crisp sound rang out.

Protector Liu's arms were cut off, and at the same time, his body was cut into two, completely dead.


The High Priestess of the Black Hawk Hall widened her eyes in shock as she witnessed this scene.

Protector Liu's body split into two parts. The area where he was cut into was covered in red and white smoke came out from it. The blood that had just spilled out of his body was quickly burnt to steam when it passed by that red light …

One slash in a second was enough to kill a fourth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator.

"This is absolutely not something a third stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator can do. Even if the beast you are holding is a Imperial Equipment or a divine tool, it is definitely not something that you can do. Who exactly are you? What exactly is your cultivation level? "

The High Priestess of the Black Hawk Cult roared in shock and shock. "Aoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

He finally understood, the young man in front of him was obviously a magic treasure who had tampered with his own cultivation level.

"Why do you keep asking this boring question?" Why do you keep asking this boring question?

Xiao Huai Lin held his blood-red sword, looking helpless, he then said indifferently: "I said, I am here to learn, to ask the Black Hawk Cult for their outstanding sword skills, I am here to challenge and learn, this Protector Liu is not much, in my opinion, you will have to personally take charge first, if you do not defeat me, then Black Hawk Sect will become the dust of history today."

After saying that, Xiao Huai Lin also rushed over, his sword slashing towards the Black Hawk Cult Leader.

The blade of the sword rippled with a reddish glow in the air, like a meteorite cutting through the sky in the dark night.

He knew that he would not have a peaceful ending today. He could only grit his teeth and pull out his sword to fight. However, he did not forget to crush the token at his waist.

This special command was actually a signal device. When the command medallion shattered, all the followers of the Black Hawk Hall would receive a summons from the Sect Leader. Soon, countless experts of the Black Hawk Cult began to rush over.

"Come to the Black Hawk Cult to behave atrociously. No matter what, you must stay here today."

The Black Hawk Cult Leader roared as he swiftly brandished his sword to block the fierce attack.

"I also didn't say that I was going to leave. If I don't defeat you, how could I be willing to leave?"

Xiao Huai Lin laughed.

The Black Hawk Cult Leader's face darkened when he saw how easily the other party had welcomed his attack.

He was a seventh stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator, and was already a well-known figure in the Linglong Mountain. No one dared to behave atrociously in front of him, but at that moment, not only had he exchanged over a hundred blows with him, he wasn't even panting.

Forget it, let's just delay him first. When people come, we'll surround him, and all the treasures on his body will belong to me.

The Black Hawk Cult Leader pondered in his heart.

Crash! Crash!

At this moment, a large number of sounds came from outside the hall, followed by the rustling of footsteps.

"He's here!"

The Black Hawk Cult Leader was overjoyed.