Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 575
A dazzling sword technique descended from the sky. That majesty contained a mysterious sword technique that pressed down from above, leaving an indelible impression on the hearts of everyone present.

"Black Hawk Soaring Qi!"

The man did not show any signs of weakness, with a low roar, all the hair on his body suddenly exploded, the large quantity of extremely sharp, profound energy that was like a cold blade suddenly erupted, transforming into a condor flying in the sky.

"He actually dared to directly contend against the Sect Leader!"

"The Left Protector Bu Ming exclaimed in surprise.

"This person is too reckless. It seems like the outcome of this attack will be decided."

"Black Hawk Hall is bullying our Lotus Star Sword Sect?"

"A bunch of damned bastards."

When the people of the Lotus Star Sword Sect saw that person's actions, they were filled with righteous indignation and felt greatly infuriated.

But no matter how angry they were, there was no one who wasn't focused on that vast and mighty strike right now.

In a trance, people saw a tall and sturdy eagle charge towards a mysterious white lotus.


A ring of colored ripples spread out on the white lotus, half of the ripples flew into the air, and the other half struck down. Before they even reached the ground, the people on the ground could feel the terrifying destructive force from the ripples, and all of their faces instantly turned pale, and they started to scream crazily.

"Retreat!" "Quickly retreat!"

"Go!" Those above the Sky Spirit Master immediately summoned their magic treasure for defense, and the rest of them immediately left the place! The black-dressed woman shouted loudly towards the door.

"All of you, retreat! Activate the protection barrier! "Faster!"

Bu Ming, the Left Protector of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, urgently shouted.

The scene became chaotic. People were running around like ants on a hot pan. It only took a few breaths' time before the crowded battleground was empty. Everyone scattered to the back. Even the powerful sword expert Yan Donghe had no choice but to retreat. Although he had the ability to take the profound qi that came out from the intense battle between the two, even if he were to take it, he himself would have to use up a lot of it.

The energy ripples struck over, shattering all the roof tiles. The crushed grass and trees stuck to the ground like a thin film. Other than that miraculous Array Seal, everything else in the area was turned into dust …

Dong dong dong dong dong dong

A peerlessly terrifying aura unceasingly surged in the air as thunderous sounds reverberated unceasingly. One could only watch as the eagle and Bai Lian clashed fiercely in the air, unable to part with each other.

At this moment and time, they were fighting for the profound energy.

Regardless of whether it was the High Priestess or that expert from the Black Hawk Cult, if they were to relax even a little, then the victor of this battle would be determined.

Behind the white lotus was the Sect Leader's snow-white sword. The sword blade was touching the root of the white lotus, its body was trembling and its power was strong, as though the heavens were pressing down on it. And at the tail of the eagle, was the sword of the Black Hawk Sect's expert.

The clouds moved with the profound qi, and only these two auras were the most dazzling, as though they wanted to stir the entire sky.

Su Yun looked up into the sky, to see that the Sect Leader's face was pale, perspiring profusely, and the sword in his hand was trembling.

The other party was even more exhausted. Veins bulged on his forehead and his eyes reddened, as if he was releasing the last bit of his strength.

According to his usual standards, this person was definitely not a match for the Sect Leader. But from the looks of it, the other party had used the Sect Leader's old injuries in order to put up such a fight.


Suddenly, the Sect Leader roared in anger, the pure and holy white lotus released a halo of light, like a blossoming flower, it was extremely gorgeous, smashing down directly. The eagle released a mournful cry, then breaking its wings, its body shattering into pieces, the extremely terrifying white lotus exploded downwards together with the sword pressure, causing a series of popping sounds to ring out in the air, like the sound of firecrackers.

The Spirit Cultivator who was supporting the eagle widened his eyes as he looked at the incoming Bai Lian in shock. His entire body suddenly trembled violently, his aura was like a dam that had burst, completely collapsing and crumbling apart.


A crisp sound rang out.

The body of the expert from the Black Hawk Hall directly smashed down from the sky, fiercely smashing onto the ground, his entire body had a large number of terrifying cracks, both his hands and feet were broken, only leaving behind a single staff, the sword in his hand was also broken into many pieces, and he had long been injured in the fighting strength, judging from his injuries, even his cultivation had been emptied.

Victory had been decided!


Below, the people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect let out excited howls.

The cheers continued like a tsunami.

The white-haired Sect Leader landed lightly on the ground. He stared at the crippled Black Hawk Cult expert on the ground and coldly snorted, "Are you willing to leave?"

"Of course not."

Without waiting for the expert to speak, the girl in black clothing behind him took the lead and spoke first. She chuckled, drew out the sword at her waist and stabbed towards the man's head.


That person's head was immediately pierced through. He didn't even have the chance to struggle before dying.

The light sword in the Array Seal also disappeared at once.

When a person who had made a contract died, the Array Seal automatically ordered the other party to refuse to comply with the previous agreement. The person's body also turned into sand and disappeared like Qing Wenlu.

When everyone saw this, they were enraged.

Seeing this, the Sect Leader's gaze turned serious.

"How despicable, you are violating the rules!" Protector Zuo gritted his teeth and said.

"What violation of the rules of the mountain?" He previously violated our sect rules, and according to our sect rules, he should be put to death, I am currently only executing sect rules, maybe that's not right, but the rules of the Linglong Mountain does not say that we should not execute sect rules at this time, right? The black-clothed woman laughed.

"You are obviously afraid that he will be afraid of death and agree to the previous agreement, which is why you took advantage of this loophole. Your Black Hawk Cult is so shameless!" Bu Ming cursed.

"Shameless?" The black-dressed woman said disdainfully, "If you are unwilling, you can do the same."

When Bu Ming heard this, he became furious and did not know how to refute.

"Protector Bu, no need to be angry. The more they are like this, the more the world will feel that they are despicable. This sect will not last for long. We will just watch." The High Priestess spoke in a low voice.

Bu Ming nodded and snorted at the woman before retreating to the side.

The black-dressed lady spoke to the remaining two: "You are only allowed to win, you are not allowed to lose, understand? Failure will only mean death, this is what the Sect Leader has said! "

"Yes." The duo replied with determination in their eyes.

Then, a second expert of the Black Hawk Cult walked out and stabbed the sword at his waist.

Seeing this, the Hierarch remained silent. Then, he threw his sword into the air and the contract was formed. The two of them drew their swords and soared into the sky, once again fiercely fighting with each other.

This expert was clearly more cautious than the previous one. He was no longer fighting as aggressively as before, nor did he dare to fight head on with him. He only took defensive measures.

The people below watched intently. The people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect were probably worried, while the people from the Black Hawk Hall were watching on the sidelines as if they were just watching a show. In their eyes, the Black Hawk Cult would definitely win this trip, so there was nothing to worry about.

That was true. The other party had been forced to the point where even the Sect Leader had to take action. What other trump cards could he possibly possess?

"Protector Bu Ming, are you willing to join the battle?"

Su Yun retracted his gaze from the sky, and walked towards the middle aged lady and spoke.

Hearing that, Bu Ming turned to look at Su Yun, and was slightly startled, then anxiously bowed: "Oh, it's Master Su Yun, Master Su Yun, a while ago, I was out on some business, and was unable to greet you, please forgive me."

"At a time like this, you don't need to care. I want to know if you can still fight?"

Su Yun said.

Although I am the protector of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, my cultivation level is not high, and 30 years ago, when I was out on a mission, I was severely injured, and my cultivation was crippled by half. I do not even have the Sky Spirit Master with me now, how could I fight?

Hearing that, Su Yun was startled, although she could not see through Bu Ming's cultivation, her Qi was extremely weak, afraid that she was wearing a magic treasure that covered her.

"If that's the case, does the Lotus Star Sword Sect have any experts who can fight against him?" Su Yun asked: "The black clothed lady is making use of these experts to exhaust the Sect Leader. If the Sect Leader were to continue fighting and clash with the sword envoys, I'm afraid that she has no chance of winning.


Bu Ming was startled, he anxiously looked up into the sky, and then his face became gloomy.

"Chen Tai, Zhang Xing!" Bu Ming loudly shouted.

Two men in white robes immediately walked out from the crowd. The man held a longsword in his hand, and both of them had extraordinary stature.

"You are the sect's elites, and right now is the sect's critical moment. Do you have the courage to fight your next opponent?" Bu Ming said.

"It is our duty to sacrifice ourselves for the sect." The two of them called out without hesitation.

"Very good!"

Bu Ming nodded.

Su Yun looked at the two of them, only to see that the two were only at the second stage of Sky Spirit Master, he could not help but shake his head: "Protector Bu, is there no one stronger?"

Furthermore, the Black Hawk Cult came prepared. Just a while ago, the experts that we sent were all assassinated, although no one died, but they suffered different degrees of injuries, and there are not many who can fight. I think that the people who attacked the experts of my sect must be from the Black Hawk Cult, as their goal is to prepare for today's challenge.

"So it's like that."

Su Yun's expression was also helpless.

The Lotus Star Sword Sect was really miserable, but he didn't know if he should say that they were too weak, or that the Black Hawk Cult was too strong. If even an expert from their sect was attacked, then what level would that expert be at?

"Since the other party wants to exhaust themselves, we can only do so together with them. This is the Lotus Star Sword Sect after all, and there are many disciples who would dare to die here. I do not believe that the Black Hawk Cult will be able to kill everyone here." Bu Ming said resolutely.

Seeing the determination in her eyes, Su Yun nodded his head in admiration.


Just then, another violent explosion sounded out in the air. A figure descended from the sky and crashed into the ground. And right above the figure was the Sect Leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect.

He held the sword in one hand. The blade of the sword had already pierced through the heart of that expert from the Black Hawk Cult. The other party was dead.

"I know that you all will not retreat so easily. Since that is the case, I will not hold back anymore." The Sect Leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect said coldly, "This sword strike is for Protector Qing!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the snow-white longsword slashed towards the head of the expert. His head was pierced through like lightning, splitting it in half …