Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 574
Seeing this person walk out, Yan Donghe asked, "Who are you?"

Su Yun immediately took out a divine leaf from his spatial ring, and indicated to everyone: "Do you recognize this?"

"This is?"

The woman's face froze and her eyes filled with surprise.

"What is this?" Sword envoy Yan Donghe asked.

Although Wanhua Realm had been here for a period of time, he was not very familiar with the World Tree Realm Lord. Thus, when he saw these golden yellow leaves, he did not know what kind of thing they were. "

It is said that these are the divine leaves on the trees of the, and are only a few of them. Normally, they would not be given to others, but the fact that this person has the divine leaves means that he has a good relationship with the Realm Lord, so provoking him would mean provoking the Realm Lord. The lady whispered to the sword envoy, "I'm afraid this person is an incredible figure. We have to be careful."

"Is that so? Are you sure that is the real God Leaf? and not a forgery? " Yan Donghe said with a frown.

"Nope." The black dressed woman shook her head: "I had the good fortune to have seen this divine leaf, I can't be wrong about this Qi, furthermore, faking the divine leaf is a death sentence, once it is exposed, the result will be very miserable. All the grass and trees in Wanhua Realm are the eyes and ears of Realm Lord, who would have the guts to do such a thing?"

Yan Donghe pondered for a moment and then said lightly, "It's fine as long as this person has the Divine Leaf, but what does it have to do with me? We did not do anything that violated the rules of the mountain today. Even Realm Lord s would not be able to save the Lotus Star Sword Sect. "

"Lord Sword Envoy, don't be rash. Let's see what this person intends to do." The black uniformed woman laughed: "Anyways, the Lotus Star Sword Sect is going to die today, there's no need for us to be so anxious. He only has a piece of Divine Leaf, not the Realm Lord, we shouldn't put him in our eyes."

"You're right."

The sword envoy nodded, then said to Su Yun indifferently: "I don't care who you are, but if you want to stop us and save the Lotus Star Sword Sect, then forgive me for my rudeness."

"The Realm Lord's divine leaf is here, how dare you be impudent?" Su Yun said.

"We have not violated the rules of the realm, what can you do to me? What? Could it be that you want to use your power to kill us? " Yan Donghe harrumphed.

"Use your authority? Of course I wouldn't do that, and I don't have a job. " Su Yun said solemnly: "But I am not here with the Realm Lord God Leaf, I am here on orders from the Realm Lord, and have come to request for the assistance of the Lotus Star Sword Sect in completing the mission given to me by the Realm Lord, aren't you here to obstruct the mission given to us by the Realm Lord, to look down on the Realm Lord, and to provoke the Realm Lord? What? Is your Black Hawk Cult trying to rebel? " Su Yun bellowed.

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked.

The Black Hawk Cult had suddenly been put on the rebel list. What was the point of doing this?

He did not know how to refute, his eyes were wide, the sword in his hand was gripped tightly, if not for the God Leaf in Su Yun's hand, he would have immediately rushed forward and hacked that fellow into two halves.

"Master Su Yun."

A few disciples of the Lotus Star Sword Sect looked at Su Yun excitedly. At that moment, they felt that the person in front of them was like the savior of the sect.

"Hur Hur Hur Hur, Rebellion? Master Su Yun, your words are a little harsh, our Black Hawk Sect belongs to the Wanhua Realm after all, so we naturally belong to the Wanhua Realm. Even if you lend us a hundred guts, we would never dare to be disrespectful to the Realm Lord.

At this moment, the black-clothed woman suddenly laughed coquettishly and walked out.

She threw a few flirtatious glances at Su Yun, and seeing that Su Yun was not moved, she stuck out her chest and continued: "However, Master Su Yun, you said that you are bringing the Realm Lord's Divine Leaf to carry out a mission, what kind of mission would that be? Why did he have to request for the assistance of the Lotus Star Sword Sect? In terms of strength, our Black Hawk Cult is much stronger than the Lotus Star Sword Sect. Why didn't you ask for our help? "

"What mission?" Of course it's a secret mission, how can I casually reveal it? "

If Master Su Yun is not willing to speak, then we will not know, and the so-called ignorant is innocent. We can continue to challenge the Lotus Star Sword Sect, I believe, as long as we do not injure you, I believe that even the Realm Lord will not do anything to us, right? The black-clothed woman laughed.

Hearing that, Su Yun's face became gloomy: So, you plan on using the strong one?

"Any other options?" The black dressed woman's smile gradually faded. "We have to come today. If we don't destroy the Lotus Star Sword Sect, would we still have the face to return to the sect?"

"Very good."

Su Yun nodded his head, and immediately pulled out the death sword behind him, the pitch black sword seemed to become even more devilish under the evil qi's release, he flipped the death sword and stabbed it into the ground, staring at the sword envoy and spoke coldly: "Today, the Lotus Star Sword Sect has sent me to protect you, since you guys want to challenge me, then I will represent the Lotus Star Sword Sect and fight you all."


The black-dressed woman and the Sword Envoy were all stunned.

"Master Su Yun, this favor will forever remain in the heart of my Lotus Star Sword Sect, but this is a matter of our sect and you do not need to be involved at all. Please return to the backyard first, I will take care of everything here."

The old sect leader hastily came up and said.

However, Su Yun shook his head and said: "I also heard it just now. You seem to still have injuries on your body, so it's not convenient for you to fight.

The old sect leader was quiet for a moment, then nodded his head: "The other side knew that I was injured, which is why they came here, but Master Su Yun, you cannot have any mishaps, otherwise, we cannot afford it."

"You can't afford it, they can't either. Relax, if I fight, they will definitely be afraid, but in terms of momentum, they won't be able to defeat me, so I've already won three points. When that time comes, you can lend me a hand, and defeating them won't be a difficult matter."


The leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect rejected without hesitation.

He did not explain any further, and it was as if he knew that continuing to persuade Su Yun would be of no use. He directly walked in front of Su Yun and said solemnly: "Today's matters should be settled by my, the Lotus Star Sword Sect. Master Su Yun, has nothing to do with this matter."

"Old Sect Leader, you …"

"Don't say more."

The old sect leader's attitude was firm, he turned and nodded towards Su Yun, then turned his head and pulled out a snow white sword that was like a lotus, and directly thrusted towards the Array Seal in the center.

Seeing that, Su Yun opened his mouth, he still wanted to say something, but in the end he did not say anything, the Sect Leader had already pierced his sword into the array, there was no longer any chance of redemption.

But carefully thinking about it, it was indeed logical, if in this crisis, the Sect Leader did not stand up to save the sect, and even if Su Yun relied on the Realm Lord's deterrence to save the Lotus Star Sword Sect, then the sect would still live and die with its name. After all, many disciples saw what happened today, and thought that their Sect Leader no longer had the ability to protect the sect, and that the sect was no longer in existence.

Therefore, if the sect leader did not fight today, he would lose. He must stand out!

"You guys of the Lotus Star Sword Sect have some backbone."

The sword envoy Yan Donghe snorted and stepped forward. He drew his sword and was about to stab it into the Array Seal to form a contract with the old Sect Leader so that he could duel with him.

But at this moment, the lady in black beside him hurriedly raised her hand and stopped Yan Donghe.

"What are you doing?"

Yan Donghe looked at the woman in dissatisfaction.

The lady laughed lightly and said: "Lord Sword Envoy, you have been fighting with the experts of the Lotus Star Sword Sect consecutively. The profound qi and other parts of your body have been exhausted, and now, you have to contend against the Lotus Star Sword Sect's Sect Leader.

He was currently not in a good state, especially after battling with Qing Wenlu, which had consumed most of the profound qi in his body. Although the Black Hawk Hall had provided him with a lot of good recovery pills, how could he possibly recover in such a short period of time?

However, the lady turned her head and smiled towards the people of the Lotus Star Sword Sect: "Everyone, don't be too anxious, our Black Hawk Cult is powerful and has numerous experts. It is impossible to send a sword envoy to battle by himself, and for the sword envoy to rest for a moment, let the other disciples help you deal with the Lotus Star Sword Sect's leader."

After she finished speaking, she clapped her hands.

The disciples of the Black Hawk Cult split up from left to right, and three men in black blademaster uniforms walked out.

All three wore blademaster uniforms and held long swords in their hands. All of their expressions were very cold, and their eyes flickered with an indescribable coldness. Their expressions, movements, and auras were all the same.

The first man stepped forward, pulled out his own sword, and stabbed into the Array Seal.


As the two swords entered the array, the array immediately released a dazzling light.

Su Yun took a few steps back as he stared at the array.

The High Priestess and the Black Hawk Cult disciple spoke up at the same time.

"Those who are defeated, quickly retreat from the Lotus Star Sword Sect. You must never step foot in!"

"Those who are defeated, quickly hand over the Lotus Star Sword and sword technique!"

With that said, the two middle tiered sword s flew into the air at the same time, but when the swords left the sword formation, they left behind two shining sword images.

The two of them stared at their respective swords in the air and rushed over, reaching their hands out to catch their swords.

Although the Sect Leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect was injured, his skills were not bad. The moment his old hand grabbed onto the sword, he shot through the air like a meteor, sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, making it impossible to clearly see his figure.

As long as he defeated the sword envoy, these Black Hawk Hall's people would not be a concern, so he did not dare to waste any more time on these people. After quickly moving around for a circle, his aura was definitely strong.

When the sword landed on the man's head, the sword Qi he released seemed to have resonated with him as it gathered over. The people below seemed to see a gigantic lotus flower falling down like a meteor, beautiful yet terrifying …

"This is the Lotus Star Sword Technique?"

Sword envoy Yan Donghe said.