Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 573
A few experts of the Lotus Star Sword Sect used the profound qi to cut away the broken pieces of wood from the pavilion, causing Qing Wenlu's broken body to appear in front of everyone's eyes. At that moment, he was lying quietly on the ground, his entire body covered in blood.

He opened his listless eyes and looked at the sky. A disciple of the Lotus Star Sword Sect wanted to help him up, but he was stopped by someone beside him.

The disciple looked at him in surprise, only to see him helplessly shaking his head, indicating that he should not go forward.

The disciple wanted to say something but hesitated. He quickly understood the helplessness in the expert's eyes. In an instant, his eyes flickered with tears and his lips tightened. He looked like he was enduring his grief. "

Yes, saving him was useless.

According to the mountain rules, if Qing Wenlu lost, he would die.

Before the war began, the people already signed the Array Seal, and no one could change it, nor could they save it.

The people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect all gathered around him. Those who were still thinking of saving him had no choice but to stop at this moment.

Sobbing sounds could be heard from the crowd, filled with sorrow and grief.

"Protector Qing!"

The white-haired Hierarch slowly walked over, his deep eyes staring painfully at the man lying in a pool of blood.

"Sect Leader!"

Qing Wenlu replied weakly. He shifted his eyes and looked at the old man who was walking over, his lips moving yet full of blood as he said weakly, "Sect Leader, I'm sorry! Wen Lu … I was useless … I failed to live up to your expectations … I'm sorry …"

"Don't say anymore!"

The old sect master walked forward a few steps, his hands trembling as he grabbed onto Qing Wenlu's slowly raised hand, and called out in a sorrowful voice.

No one said a word, they only stared at Qing Wenlu.

Some people quietly wiped away the tears at the corner of their eyes. The female cultivators' eyes were all red, not daring to look at this scene.

Su Yun looked at the people around him and sighed in his heart.

The people of the Wanhua Realm seemed to be more humane than the people of the Ultimate Martial World, and the people of the Lotus Star Sword Sect were even more so, who said that cultivators were ruthless, and the strength of a cultivator had nothing to do with human nature.

"Today, I'm afraid that I can only rely on you to resolve this calamity!"

Qing Wenlu's voice slowly became weaker, her raised hand also slowly fell down, without any strength left …

The old Sect Master tightly grasped his hand. After a long time, he finally stood up without making a sound. The sorrowful look on his face slowly disappeared, replaced by an endless solemness and majesty …

"Want to save them?"

At this moment, Yan Donghe flew down from the sky and landed in front of the hundreds of Black Hawk Hall disciples.

He held onto the thin sword in his hand as he glanced at Qing Wenlu who was lying on the ground and said indifferently: "As long as you fulfill my request and hand over the Lotus Star Sword Technique and the Lotus Star Sword, then Qing Wenlu can live. Otherwise, according to the mountain rules, once Array Seal is activated, he will definitely die."


Without waiting for the old Sect Leader to speak, a shout came from the crowd of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, one of the disciples shouted at Yan Donghe, "Don't insult Protector Qing, he is an honest man, he has bowed to the sect and died, why would he hand over the sect's treasure to you for his life? "Wishful thinking!"

"That's right, you guys shouldn't underestimate our Lotus Star Sword Sect!"

"We haven't lost yet."

"I don't believe that you can kill all of us at the Lotus Star Sword Sect. Come if you have the ability!"

The disciples were all excited and shouted loudly.

Seeing that, Yan Donghe's face immediately burned with anger, he swept his eyes over the group of people, secretly snorted, without wasting any time, he directly walked forward a few steps and asked Qing Wenlu who was lying on the ground: "Qing Wenlu, you have lost, according to the terms of the contract, you have two choices now, one, obey the contract you made previously, and hand over the Limitless Star Sword Sect's Ultimate Treasure Lotus Star Sword and its sword techniques to me, two, die, quickly choose!"

His shout was so loud that the excited crowd instantly quietened down upon hearing his words.

Everyone's eyes turned to look at Qing Wenlu who was in front of the old Sect Leader.

Just then, Qing Wenlu opened his eyes, and from who knows where, he drew out a bit of energy, he immediately recovered a bit, and grabbed onto his heavy sword, supporting his broken body, he stood up.

Everyone held their breaths, they looked at Qing Wenlu, and at that moment, everyone seemed to see a gigantic being standing straight up.

Only Su Yun knew that this was merely a last resort.

Qing Wenlu's eyes were wide open as he stared at Yan Donghe, like an evil spirit or a ferocious god. His aura was extremely powerful, and then, he bellowed angrily: Don't be wishful thinking, there has never been anyone who is afraid of death in my Lotus Star Sword Sect. Today, you have to slaughter all of my Lotus Star Sword Sect, if not, you won't be able to obtain my sect's treasures! "Ahhh!"

Qing Wenlu released a sharp roar that broke the heavens.

And almost at the same time his words fell, the Array Seal between the two parties immediately lit up with a dazzling blue light, and immediately, the heavy sword light representing Qing Wenlu on the Array Seal instantly shattered and disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, Qing Wenlu's body also started to split into pieces, and finally turned into a pile of sand and disappeared.

"Protector Qing!"

All of the people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect kneeled down in unison as they broke out in tears.

The disciples of the new sect started wailing even more. The elders of the Lotus Star Sword Sect all knew that this kind Protector Qing was especially caring for the new disciples of the new sect. His influence within the sect was not something that the Left Protector could compare with.

The old sect master stood there silently, but at this moment, his dark and sunken eyes were already filled with thick killing intent.

"This time, even the famous Right Protector Qing Wenlu is dead, who else can take out his hand to fight against our Sword Emissary? Alas, why make unnecessary sacrifices? It would be better to be more straightforward and hand over the items. Wouldn't this be peaceful for all of us? "

At this time, an enchanting dressed woman walked out of the Black Hawk Cult. She was wearing a black blademaster outfit, her chest was wide open, revealing a white cleavage, her charming red lips had a mole at the corner of her mouth, and the order badge on her waist was much more high grade than the disciples behind her.

Sword Specialist Yan Donghe was standing right next to her with his arms crossed. Judging from this woman's aura, she was probably quite powerful as well.

"Is the Lotus Star Sword Sect only so strong?" Yan Donghe shook his head, "It's a pity that this is the Wanhua Realm, it's the Linglong Mountain. Otherwise, this kind of third-rate sect could be easily exterminated.

"What did you say?"

"Damn you."

"Too arrogant."

The people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect were infuriated again as they started to curse out.

However, the people from Black Hawk Cult were not to be outdone either. All sorts of ridicule and ridicule could be heard from the people from Black Hawk Hall.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. The people of the Lotus Star Sword Sect are so mediocre."

"Do you only know how to fight? If you have the ability, you should fight with our Lord Sword Envoy first. "

"Hey, that one over there, didn't you scold him quite fiercely?" Didn't you cry quite fiercely when the Protectors died? I think it would be better for you to come out and avenge the two of you. "

"Haha, how could he dare? With that little bit of ability of his, he only used his own blood to help our Lord Sword Envoy wash the sword. "


The laughter in the hall was endless. The faces of the people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect were all flushed red with anger. They wanted to charge up and fight against these people, but they knew that if they were to fight, it would be a violation of the mountain rules and the Lotus Star Sword Sect would be finished.

"The Black Hawk Cult and the Lotus Star Sword Sect are both living together in Linglong Mountain. They should be supporting each other and helping each other to develop, but the Black Hawk Cult is looking for ways to strengthen themselves by annexing other sects. This is absolutely not advisable."

Just as everyone was laughing out loud, a voice suddenly broke the laughter.

Everyone hurriedly looked towards the source of the voice and saw the white-haired old Sect Leader walking over. He stared at the swordsman Yan Donghe as he said in a deep voice.

When the old Sect Master spoke out, almost everyone's heart jumped in unison.

Has the headmaster made his move?

Yan Donghe had also put away his teasing attitude. He stared at the old man with a serious and serious expression.

As far as he was concerned, in the entire Lotus Star Sword Sect, this was the person that he was the most wary of.

"Is the Sect Leader finally going to make his move? "Hmph, let's see how this Yan Donghe will contend."

"The High Priestess was an expert who had already resounded throughout the entire Linglong Mountain fifty years ago. In front of the High Priestess, what does this Sword Envoy count for?"

"Perhaps the sect leader should have taken action a long time ago. If that's the case, Protector Qing will not have died."

"Who would have thought that Yan Donghe's cultivation would be so terrifying?"

The people from the Lotus Star Sword Sect discussed in a low voice, as their eyes all gathered on the white-haired old man.

This was the last hope of the Lotus Star Sword Sect. If they were to lose, their sect leader would lose, and their sect leader would lose.

"Wait a moment."

At this moment, another voice suddenly came from the crowd.

Everyone was startled awake by this sudden noise and turned their eyes to the source of the sound.

He saw a man wearing a big cloak and carrying a sword sheath walking out of the crowd.

"Without the identity token of the Lotus Star Sword Sect, this person is not a member of the Lotus Star Sword Sect."

The seductive lady in black blademaster clothe looked at Su Yun once, and spoke to the sword envoy beside her.

The sword envoy nodded, his gaze focused on Su Yun's body.

"Master Su Yun, why are you here? Didn't we already arrange for you to stay in the backyard? " The Sect Leader looked at Su Yun who was walking over and said. Earlier, he had been paying attention to Qing Wenlu, but he did not see him in the crowd.

"If I didn't come now, I probably wouldn't even be able to stay in the backyard."

Su Yun shook his head and said.

Su Yun didn't know if this Sect Leader of the Lotus Star Sword Sect treated him with sincerity or not, but during this period of time in the Lotus Star Sword Sect, he had not been mistreated by anyone else.