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Chapter 568

Seeing that, Su Yun anxiously stood up and raised his cup to toast her.

The two of them finished drinking and then put down the cups. Su Yun could not wait and opened his mouth to speak.

"What's the reason for the Realm Lord holding this banquet today?"

"Why not? Just for you. " The Realm Lord said.

"There's no need to go through so much trouble." Su Yun laughed bitterly: "I appreciate your kindness, but I may be leaving soon."

"I know." The Realm Lord nodded and said: "I heard from Mu Gui and Mu Ying that you came here to find your parents, right?"

"That's right, my parents are currently in Linglong Mountain. You are the Realm Lord of the Wanhua Realm, so the Linglong Mountain should be under your jurisdiction, and the Linglong Mountain is not small as well, so it will be difficult to find them in the near future. If the Realm Lord is able to help, after reuniting with my parents, I will definitely repay you heavily."

Su Yun immediately said.

Actually, the reason that he had followed this woman here all the time and didn't left as soon as he recovered was he hoped that this woman would be able to help him.

"Your parents are in Linglong Mountain?"

The Realm Lord asked.

Several months ago, I received news that they are still in Linglong Mountain. I think they shouldn't be going anywhere in such a short period of time. Su Yun said, although he said it like that, he was still a little worried, he had to find a time to use the 'Heavenly Seeking Treasure Bell' again, it's internal energy was recovering, and could support his next usage.

She frowned, lowered her head and thought for a moment, then said: "Su Yun, I will send someone to accompany you to Linglong Mountain, but whether or not I can find your parents, I can only rely on you."

Hearing that, Su Yun was surprised: "Why do you say that, Realm Lord?"

"You might not know this, but the Linglong Mountain is different from the other places in the Wanhua Realm. It can be said to be the most complicated and mysterious place in the Wanhua Realm, and we are in the most special place here. Because there are a total of fifty sects residing in the Linglong Mountain, which is a paradise for cultivators in the Wanhua Realm, and a place where cultivators from other realms gather. The fish and the dragons are mixed, and don't belong to me, so I am unable to help you.

"So it's like that."

Su Yun was a little disappointed. He had thought that with the power of the Realm Master, finding his parents would be extremely easy.

"But you don't have to be too disappointed, although the Linglong Mountain isn't under my jurisdiction, the people there still have to obey the rules set by me, if anyone goes out of line, I still have the authority to punish them, other than that, all the sects in the Linglong Mountain have to pay tribute to me every year, I give you a Divine Leaf, with this Divine Leaf, no matter which sect leader, they must receive you."

The Realm Lord raised her hand. A ray of golden light flew out from her palm, passing through the mouth of the gourd above, and flew out of the mouth of the gourd. After a while, beams of golden light descended like raindrops, and those who were drinking below all looked up, watching the miraculous scene. After a while, the light faded, and a golden leaf gently fell, slowly entering the mouth of the gourd.

The Realm Lord stretched out the divine leaf in front of Su Yun. Su Yun looked at the divine leaf, feeling the profound Qi that was being released from it, he sighed in his heart, and took it out, leaving it untouched.

"Thank you, Realm Lord." Su Yun cupped his fists and said.

"It's just a small task. Don't say too much. Drink your wine."

The Realm Lord smiled gently and saluted Su Yun. Then, she turned and walked towards her seat.

During the banquet, there were people who came over to chat with Su Yun, all of them had high cultivation levels and terrifying strength, but right now, facing Su Yun, they did not dare to reveal any of their arrogance, and all of them addressing him as Master, which made Su Yun extremely flattered.

After three rounds of drinking, the banquet started dispersing. Su Yun then got up to leave, the Realm Lord did not say too much, and immediately arranged for four bodyguards to accompany him, but they were all rejected by Su Yun, and with the Divine Leaf, Linglong Mountain would definitely be unobstructed this time, although the bodyguards were strong, but their speed was not as fast as his, bringing them along on the road was more like a burden.

Once Su Yun stepped out of the Realm Tree, he immediately released his flying sword and rushed towards the Linglong Mountain. Stepping on the flying sword, he transformed into a rainbow, rushing straight into the horizon, his speed making others unable to catch up.

The Realm Lord and the Wanhua Realm stood on a branch outside the Realm Tree, looking at the direction that Su Yun left in, not making a sound.

A few green robed, middle-aged looking supreme expert s whispered to each other, and one of them walked over and cupped his fists as he spoke.

"Realm Lord, I heard that you gave all of the holy water to this person. Why is that …" According to common sense, a drop of holy water should be enough to save his life. Once we are exhausted, in the future when we go against the people of True Devil Realm, what will we do to save the people of Wanhua Realm? "

"You think I'm broken?" The Realm Lord didn't look at him, her eyes were still looking into the distance, her lips parted.

"This subordinate does not dare, but I feel that... It's not worth it. "

"There's nothing worth it. This person just resolved a huge crisis in Wanhua Realm. If it wasn't for him, what's the use of this holy water?" What's more … We may have to rely on him in the future. "

When everyone heard this, they were all confused. That person hesitated for a moment before asking, "Why do you say that?"

I do not know, I hope that he will help us, but no matter what, he is still the benefactor of our Wanhua Realm, so the people of the Wanhua Realm must be grateful, understand? "Su Yun said in a low voice.

After the Realm Lord finished speaking, he turned around and walked lightly towards her cultivation grounds, leaving behind a group of confused supreme experts.



In the vast sky, that majestic palace descended from the clouds, as if it was a holy and noble immortal cave mansion.

There were shadows on the horizon, approaching the palaces, entering and exiting.

The group of people walked out of the palace, and upon seeing these people, all of the people in the palace bowed in respect.

"Nephew, you have been in the Emperor Palace for quite some time, but these few days I have always made you cultivate in seclusion, so I forgot to take you to see the scenery of the Emperor Palace. Today, I will use this opportunity to take you on a good tour."

Wang Tianyang led a group of Emperor Palace faction leaders and said to Lin Xishan who was beside him.

"Emperor Palace is vast and majestic, I am afraid my eyes are going blind." Lin Xishan laughed.

Wang Tianyang laughed undeniably, then said: "Nephew, are you sure you want to leave Ultimate Martial World and return to Sky Martial Continent?"

"Yes." Lin Xishan nodded his head: "There are a lot of things that I have learned in Emperor Palace, and it has opened my eyes, but in the end, this is not my place, Immortal Sword Sect cannot live without a master, I want to return to Sky Martial Continent and visit a sect."

"They always say that people go higher, and water flows lower. The cultivation conditions of Ultimate Martial World, the profound skill technique, the ingredients for the pills, and so on, which one of them isn't stronger than the Sky Martial Continent by a level? What can you build in such a low plane? You are extremely talented, and in time, you will definitely become a great sage of a supreme expert. If you continue to stay in that low realm, you will have to suffer for your entire life. "

Wang Tianyang said earnestly.

When Lin Xishan heard this, he opened his mouth, but just as he was about to say something, Great Elder Tang Tian coughed lightly.

Lin Xishan turned his head.

Tang Tian cupped his fists and said: "Sect Leader does not forget his homeland, his Spirit Force is worthy of respect, but what the Palace Master said was definitely for the good of the Immortal Sword Sect, in truth, Sect Leader, it is extremely difficult for the scale and development of our Immortal Sword Sect to increase, this time, Sect Leader obtained quite a lot from the Emperor Palace, but even if we go back, we will only surpass the Profound Sky Sect and become the number one sect in the Sky Martial Continent, what happened next? Once the Immortal Sword Sect is at its peak, it will be difficult to break through again, because all of the conditions of the Sky Martial Continent is restricting the development of the Immortal Sword Sect, so, Sect Leader, if you want the Immortal Sword Sect to continue to grow stronger and multiply, it is the best choice to enter the Ultimate Martial World, with the help of a peerless supreme expert like the Palace Lord, it will be extremely easy to stay in the Ultimate Martial World, so, Tang Tian asks Sect Leader to reconsider. "

Hearing that, Lin Xishan frowned.

Returning to Sky Martial Continent was indeed his own intention, he did not discuss further with them, and straightforwardly did not care about their feelings.

He secretly glanced at the sect leaders and elites of the Immortal Sword Sect, only to discover that, to his astonishment, almost everyone's eyes were filled with longing and anticipation.

From the looks of it … After coming to the Ultimate Martial World, everyone liked it here.

Lin Xishan immediately understood.

It was true that the Spirit Qi here was abundant, and should be extremely valuable in the Sky Martial Continent, but here, they were worthless. Cultivating here was a few times faster than the Sky Martial Continent, how could they possibly want to leave?

Thinking up to this point, he couldn't help but feel a little helpless in his heart …

"Uncle Wang, let me think about it." Lin Xishan sighed, and said.

"If you like, I can help you."

Wang Tianyang chuckled.

"Let's talk about it again, we'll talk about it later."

Lin Xishan was no longer willing to discuss this issue, so he continued to watch the scenery.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly asked Tang Tian who was beside him: "Is there any news from Elder Long?"

"After the Suicide Valley was destroyed, Clan Elder Long went missing. I have already sent a hundred disciples to various places to look for her whereabouts. Someone claimed that they met Clan Elder Long at Hei Yu Auction House."

"Have you sent anyone to inquire about it?"

"I've asked them. However, Elder Long is already gone. Thus, they do not know where he has gone to."

"Where's Bai Yanshan? Where is Bai Yanshan? "

"I don't know where he went either."

Lin Xishan frowned.

"It's just two disciples, although your Immortal Sword Sect can't compare to her, but there are still many people, why do you have to worry so much about her?" Wang Tianyang shook his head.

Hearing that, Lin Xishan did not say another word, but the worry between his brows could not be dispelled.