Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 564
“This is this …”

Mu Gui was stunned, he anxiously looked at the direction of the green light, only to see that the light aura was coming from the entrance of the Wanhua Realm!

At this moment, the door opened and a slim and graceful figure appeared before it.

Ling Qingyu looked over, to see a large group of people rushing out from the big gates, all of them had powerful Spirit Qi, they were tyrannical beings, when they moved, the ground around the ancient trees immediately shook, countless of big trees rose up from the ground, and a large quantity of thick vines flew out.

The vines were alive, piercing through the Devil Cultivator s, following that, a large number of vines wrapped around the Single Horned Devil Cultivator, binding him into a dumpling, causing the One-horned Devil Cultivator to fall onto the ground, no matter how he activated his profound energy, he was unable to break free from the suppression.

Seeing that, Mu Gui and Mu Ying were instantly overjoyed, and walked over quickly. The two of them knelt in front of the gentle and graceful figure that came out of the door and shouted loudly: “Greetings, Sector Lord.”


The slim figure slowly raised her chin, and looked at the arrow wound on Mu Ying’s shoulder. The wound there was already rotten, and Mu Ying’s entire arm was almost crippled, she could not even feel a thing.

The graceful figure stooped down and extended her slender white hands to slowly caress Mu Ying’s wounds. A bit of green film was formed, covering all the parts that were rotten, causing Mu Ying to close her eyes, her face which was twisted by the pain had become much more relaxed.

“Bring her down there and treat her wounds. Don’t wait until the poison spreads to her heart. At that time, you’ll probably have to use Spirit Wood Spring Water to cure her.”

The slim figure said softly.

“Yes, sector lord.”

A few Spirit Cultivator behind cupped their fists, and then brought Mu Ying into the door, and disappeared in the light.

Mu Gui sat cross-legged and recuperated on his own.

The graceful figure was not in a hurry to deal with Mu Gui, but instead, walked quickly towards Ling Qingyu and the rest.

“supreme expert, supreme expert, quickly save him. Save him.”

Seeing the shining, miraculous beauty in front of him, Ling Qingyu felt like she had found her own savior as she cried out anxiously.

The graceful figure did not reply to Ling Qingyu in a hurry, but turned to look at Mu Gui.

Mu Gui immediately cupped his fists, and said: “Sector Lord, the True Devil Realm has come to attack, if not for these two risking their lives to help, I’m afraid that the gates would have been broken and occupied by the people of True Devil Realm, and they would have been injured because of us. I hope the Realm Lord can help save this Su Yun, and that’s right, although this Su Yun is a Devil Cultivator, he is still a student of the Master Subhuti.”


Hearing the voice, the slim and perfect figure slightly raised her eyebrows, then she nodded and walked over.

“Please put him flat on the ground.” The slim figure whispered.

“Alright.” Ling Qingyu nodded her head and quickly placed Su Yun on the ground.

The graceful figure stooped down and gently placed her hand on Su Yun’s chest. She closed her eyes and urged her profound energy, a light green halo of light was released from her hand, and quickly covered Su Yun’s entire body.

A moment later, the slim figure lifted up her hand and frowned slightly.

“His injuries are much worse than Mu Ying’s, or perhaps it can’t be called injuries, but they are dry. His body seems to have received an extremely strong attaching profound energy, causing his body to be injured, and the situation is dire.”

The slim figure said softly.

“That’s right.” Ling Qingyu nodded lightly, a look of helplessness and sorrow flashing past his eyes: "He is only a eighth grade of Spirit Master existence, he doesn’t even have a Sky Spirit Master, yet he wants to contend against those Devil Cultivator s, how can he have any chance of victory? In order to defeat the Devil Cultivator, he had no choice but to activate a magic treasure that he could not control, causing his body to be injured.

“Is that so?”

The slim figure turned to look at Mu Gui, and asked softly: “Why is he here?”

“He wants to enter the Wanhua Realm, this subordinate sees his sincerity, and he agreed to follow my Wanhua Realm’s rules, so he allowed him to enter, but who would have thought that at this juncture, there would actually be an intruder from the True Devil Realm.”

Mu Gui said.

“In that case, my Wanhua Realm owes this person a favor.”

The slim figure pondered for a while, then waved her hand and said, “Quickly bring these two into the World Tree and recuperate.”


With that, a few Spirit Cultivator walked over, and brought Su Yun towards the big gate.

After she was done, the graceful figure walked towards the Single Horned Devil Cultivator.

Amongst the Devil Cultivator who had invaded this place, only this person did not die.

Looking at the dumpling-like Single Horned Devil Cultivator, the slim figure raised her hand and lightly tapped a few times, causing the lush vines that were wrapped around the One-horned Devil Cultivator to completely disintegrate.

The horned Devil Cultivator didn’t have any restraints on him, he anxiously climbed up from the ground and was about to escape when his feet were half an inch off the ground. Then, a ray of light came out and struck his knees, cutting off the lower half of his knees, causing demon blood to gush out like a spring.


The Single Horned Devil Cultivator screamed in pain and fell from the sky. When he fell on the ground, it was hard to get back up.

“If you were to continue escaping, the thing that will be cut off will not be your legs. Instead, it will be your head.”

The slim figure said expressionlessly.

The horned Devil Cultivator groaned, he did not dare make a sound.

In such a simple exchange, he already knew the disparity in strength between him and this person.

He only saw a gentle and graceful figure walk around the Single Horned Devil Cultivator, a pair of eyes that were smooth like the stars sweeping over his body, and then asked: “Who sent you here to harass my Wanhua Realm’s gate?”

“I don’t know.”

The horned Devil Cultivator snorted.

My World Tree will produce a Myriad Flower Fruit in a year’s time. I am lacking fertilizer right now, so I don’t mind using your soul and body as fertilizer to let the World Tree absorb it. “” Oh?

The slim figure said.

“You!” The horned Devil Cultivator stared wide-eyed, staring at the slim figure in shock, he exclaimed: “Rumor has it that the hearts of the people in Wanhua Realm are like a buddha, they will not be easily killed, how dare you do such a thing?”

"That was the Wanhua Realm in the past, and they were all kind and innocent. At that time, the Wanhua Realm was a true paradise on earth, but now it is different, the Wanhua Realm was completely stained with your dirty things, and naturally the people of the Wanhua Realm cannot be like before. If it is like before, they will only be ruthlessly destroyed by you, and the Wanhua Realm will be completely destroyed.

The voice of the graceful figure was sonorous and firm, as if nothing could change her resolution.

The horned Devil Cultivator stared blankly at her for a long while before speaking.

“You said that you would spare me. Is that true?”

"Saying yes and no, as a sector lord, how could I be trifled with? Do not compare me to the fickle people of your Devil Cultivator. " The slim figure said.

The horned Devil Cultivator was silent for a moment, then said: “The one who sent us here was the Sect Leader of the Devil Sect.”

“Cut it off. Hold onto the soul and use it to feed the World Tree.” The slim figure turned and walked towards the door. Her voice was cold, without a trace of hesitation.

The horned Devil Cultivator panicked and shouted, "Sector Lord, what are you doing? Didn’t I already say it? You should have let me go. "

“You’re not speaking the truth, and yet you’re trying to deceive me. How can I let you go?” Yin Mo’s position in the Devil Sect, you should know that he is revered by the countless Devil Cultivator s here. When Yin Mo is buried in the Ultimate Martial World, no matter who it is, whenever they see his descendants, or the people related to him, they must treat him with respect, and even if the other party is an enemy of the Devil Sect, they must immediately report it to the Devil Sect. Not only did you not do that, you must continue to attack the young man called Su Yun. “It’s gone!”

“Yes sir!”

The few Spirit Cultivator s behind all took out their profound qi, and rushed towards the Single Horned Devil Cultivator full of hatred.

When the horned Devil Cultivator saw this, he was so frightened that his entire body trembled. He clenched his teeth and lowered his head, finally shouting out in a mournful voice, “I said, I said, I said, I said, I said, everything was said!”

“Then quickly tell the truth, this sector lord will only give you one last chance.”

The slim figure said indifferently.

The Single Horned Devil Cultivator was lying on the ground, his mouth screaming in pain: It’s the ‘Dark Demon Palace’, we are from the Dark Demon Palace! It was our Hall Master who asked us to do this. "

“Exorcist?” The slim figure frowned: "This is only an entrance that leads to the Wanhua Realm, why would the squire want you to snatch this place away? Furthermore, even if you were to obtain the right to enter this door, so what? We from the Wanhua Realm will definitely be able to take it back. Although the strength of the Dark Demon Palace is not bad, but in front of my Wanhua Realm, we are just ants on the ground, and can casually crush them.

“Seize the gate, as long as we have the right to own it for an incense’s time, it would be enough. Master Hu Demon has a secret technique, if he can replicate this gate, our main mission will be to duplicate this gate to the Wanhua Realm, and once we can copy this gate, we will be able to enter and exit Wanhua Realm at will. At that time, Master Hu Demon can incite other powers of True Devil Realm to invade the Wanhua Realm, and all of Wanhua Realm’s resources will belong to us.”

The horned Devil Cultivator said.

As these words fell, the hearts of everyone from the Wanhua Realm were palpitating with fear and their hearts were trembling with fear …

The slim figure stood still in her original spot for a long time. Finally, her watery eyes moved towards the seven Devil Bone Giant s who were standing around the giant tree.

The giants stood there quietly, like statues. After an unknown period of time, their bodies slowly turned into sand and disappeared with the wind, eventually disappearing from the world.

“Seems like the Wanhua Realm is about to have wind.”

The slim figure whispered.