Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 561

"Devil Cultivator?"

The female Devil Cultivator stared at Su Yun who was standing on Devil Bone Giant's shoulder and asked loudly: "Are you from True Devil Realm? "May I ask which sect it is from?"

"I am not from True Devil Realm." Su Yun raised his death sword and shouted to the female Devil Cultivator.

When the female Devil Cultivator heard that, she was shocked in her heart, "But the devil qi on you …."

Su Yun did not want to explain, he opened his blood-red eyes and stared coldly at the Devil Cultivator, and shouted: "You all either need to leave quickly, or engage in a blood battle with me, I will not make any other comments!"

He was about to meet his parents, but he did not expect that such a group of Devil Cultivator would appear so quickly. If not for them, perhaps he would have already entered the Wanhua Realm, and would already be on the way to the Linglong Mountain.

Thinking about it, Su Yun's heart surged with a berserk hatred, he looked at the Devil Cultivator s with even more red eyes.

"Hmph, such arrogant words. If we don't fight with you, how will we have the face to return to the True Devil Realm in the future?"

The snorted angrily.

"I want to personally destroy this wild Devil Cultivator's body. I want to take out his soul and refine my demon essence."

As the Devil Cultivator finished speaking, the surrounding Devil Cultivator immediately spread out. One by one, they became like a gale wind, with a berserk aura, they quickly moved, the entire ancient tree seemed to be surrounded by a black storm, their aura was extremely ferocious.


Just then, a low sound came out from Devil Bone Giant's feet, only to see a figure swaying out from it, looking to be in a sorry state.

Focusing and looking over, this person was the Single Horned Devil Cultivator that was stepped on by the Devil Bone Giant earlier.

At the moment, he was in a sorry state, his clothes were tattered, and the skin all over his body was covered with cracks. In truth, the one-horned Devil Cultivator's physical strength was not low, but when he attacked Mu Gui just now, when the profound qi erupted, he was suddenly attacked by the Devil Bone Giant, causing the profound qi in his body to scurry around, causing his own body to be mostly destroyed, and he received heavy injuries.

"Brambles, don't act recklessly, kill these two gatekeepers first, break open the Wanhua Realm's door, and then deal with other matters, don't forget our mission! This Devil Cultivator is very strong, don't waste too much energy on him! "

The horned Devil Cultivator shouted in a hoarse and weak voice.

But the female Devil Cultivator did not care, she continued to shout and call for all the Devil Cultivator s to arrange a formation to deal with Su Yun, and then she turned and snorted at the horned Devil Cultivator who was flying: "One-headed, are you still so naive? Do you think you can deal with these two gatekeepers if you don't kill this person? "Don't be silly, this person is going against us to protect them!"

"But we do not have much time, the two must have informed the experts of Wanhua Realm, if we do not break through the door in a short period of time, then we will not have any chance."

"Since that's the case, let's move quickly!"

The shouted and rushed towards Su Yunchong. From a distance, she opened her mouth and spat out a blood red arrow that shot towards Su Yun.

The arrow flew over and exploded, turning into a dense rain of fine arrows that flew into the sky.

The long, thin arrow was so sharp that it seemed as if it could pierce the air.

However, the Devil Cultivator's methods were not limited to just these, she was actually able to retreat for a few metres, waving both of her arms, her slender fingers fiercely thrusting towards Su Yun like a sword, her ten fingers actually extending infinitely outwards, increasing the distance by dozens of metres, directly piercing through.

The position of the sharp claws were not simple, she had targeted and attacked the vital points of the ten main Qi Meridian s on Su Yun's body. If they were to be punctured, the profound qi in Su Yun's body would certainly become a mess.

Facing his opponent's rain like attack, Su Yun was naturally not afraid. Grabbing his Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment, the profound energy in his body started to surge towards the flag in his hands.

In that moment, a thick Qi Cover was formed.

Clank, clank, clank, clank …

The flying arrow and the Devil Cultivator's ten fingers smashed onto the Qi Cover, causing it to shake non-stop. The ripples continued to spread but the Qi Cover remained unharmed and did not break at all.

"Hmm?" The opened her eyes wide as she looked in shock.


A large amount of smoke came from the side, enveloping Su Yun, causing his line of sight to be completely blocked, and not only that, he seemed to have been cut off, and all the activity outside had disappeared.

Su Yun did not dare to remove the Imperial Equipment barrier, his gaze swept across the pitch black space, only to see that in the darkness, there seemed to be a figure moving.

Was it those Devil Cultivator s?

Su Yun thought.


Just then, the devil qi above suddenly opened up, as though it had been ripped apart by something, following that, a gigantic terrifying demon blade that seemed capable of slashing the sky came crashing down.

Dong! Shocking explosions sounded as the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment suffered an unprecedented hacking sound. The entire place was in an uproar, a large amount of profound qi fell from the barrier, as though the barrier could collapse at any time.

This is the formation cast by the Devil Cultivator? Indeed, it was no small matter.

Su Yun's eyes congealed, who dared to have the slightest bit of hesitation? With a swing of his arms, profound qi started to revolve frantically. The runes on his arm started to flicker incessantly, as rays of light broke through the dense devil qi, smashing through the dense leaves and leaves, straight into the sky.

The sky turned dark, and the sunlight shining down on the towering trees disappeared without a trace. The dark clouds above the trees quickly rotated, and then, a strange light began to fall towards the shuttle.

"devil qi, what a strong devil qi!" The horned Devil Cultivator shouted.

The female Devil Cultivator ignored him and continued to urge the other Devil Cultivator s to attack Su Yun who was trapped by the devil qi.

One after another, demon beheading after another came crashing down from above, as though there was a peerless Giant Demon standing outside the sky, attacking Su Yun to destroy the world.

The in Su Yun's body was quickly being exhausted. Like a balloon that was leaking air, the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment was already in imminent danger and could collapse at any time.

But in that moment of life and death, all seven Devil Bone Giant s appeared and stood around the huge tree. They stared at the Single Horned Devil Cultivator and the others with their sun-like eyes.

The tyrannical devil qi enveloped heaven and earth, pressing down onto the giant tree until it trembled. The female Devil Cultivator and single-horned Devil Cultivator were all shocked by the giant that suddenly appeared, and upon sensing the Qi being emitted from the Devil Bone Giant's body, all of the Devil Cultivator's hearts started to race, their souls trembling.

"This aura …" This Qi is so familiar, it seems to be the Qi of Master Yin Mo, the Qi of Master Yin Mo!

The horned Devil Cultivator seemed to have sensed something, as though he had just woken up from a dream, he roared out loud, and shouted with all his might.

"What?" Master Yin Mo? "Impossible, Master Yin Mo has already died, this is impossible!" The shouted to him.

"We need to retreat immediately!" The horned Devil Cultivator calmed down, his face frighteningly pale.

"No way!" The female Devil Cultivator clenched her teeth and said angrily: "At this point, we no longer have any reason to leave. No matter who he is, I want to kill him!"

After saying that, the Devil Cultivator took out a blood-red needle and threw it into the air.

The blood needles flew in the air and split into ten, like lightning, they struck into the heads of the other Devil Cultivator s. In the blink of an eye, the devil qi surrounding the Devil Cultivator s expanded rapidly, and in a short period of time, the cultivation of each of the Devil Cultivator s had increased to one fold.

These were all existences above Sky Spirit Master! Although Su Yun did not know their specific cultivation levels, but at that moment, he understood that their cultivation levels had already far surpassed his. Even if he used the seven Devil Bone Giant s, it would still be difficult for him to defeat them!

"No matter who you are, today you must be used by me to feed demon essence. No one will be able to save you!" The female Devil Cultivator roared, all of her Devil Cultivator extended out her palm and struck Su Yun with all her might.

When every Devil Cultivator's palm struck again, a huge mountain flew out, smashing towards Su Yun. Every mountain was extremely pitch black, and contained sharp Chang Gu and scalding blood inside, it was as big as a mountain. Bullet.

Dong dong dong …

The seven giants crashed into the leaves and rushed forward, surrounding Su Yun in the center. When the black mountain crashed into their bodies, they released a series of explosions, causing scalding blood to spurt out from the mountain and splash onto the giant's body.

The giant was dyed red with blood and white smoke began to billow out. However, he stood tall and unmoving.

The seven giants started to move, bearing the attacks from all around them, they faced the Devil Cultivator s who were quickly revolving around the devil qi, and smashed their huge fists towards them.

Facing such a terrifying attack, the Devil Cultivator couldn't help but be alarmed and hastily dodge. One of the Devil Cultivator s did not manage to dodge, and was directly struck to the ground with his fist, the giant's strength shook him until his skin split open, and the profound qi crumbled.

Seeing the miserable state of the Devil Cultivator, the other Devil Cultivator s felt their scalps go numb. However, although Giant was strong, he was not so strong that they did not even have the ability to fight.

"Ancient Devil Tactic."

A Devil Cultivator man chanted in a low voice, his mouth chanting some incantation, causing the devil qi around him to quickly arrange, transforming into a huge 'seal' character, floating in the air.

His hands danced quickly, as if he was accumulating some kind of profound qi. After a few breaths, the Devil Cultivator pushed his hands forward, and the huge word 'seal' shot towards one of the Devil Bone Giant s like lightning, smashing right into its chest.

In the blink of an eye, the Devil Bone Giant's movements slowed down. Not only its speed, but even its aura, strength and so on all decreased at a rapid pace, as if it had been forcefully pulled down by countless levels. The difference in strength was like heaven and earth.


Seeing that, Su Yun frowned.

"Ancient Devil Arts!"

"Ancient Devil Arts!"


The other Devil Cultivator s all started to shout, and stored up this strange demon art.

Looking at their imposing auras, they actually wanted to use this magical technique to restrain all of the Devil Bone Giant s.

The situation wasn't looking good.

Su Yun held onto his death sword tightly and stared at one of the Devil Cultivator, planning to kill it personally.

Although he was able to fight against these Devil Cultivator, he still relied entirely on their strength. Once the strength of Giant was restricted, it would be difficult for him to win against them with his cultivation that did not even reach the Sky Spirit Master.

At this point, there was no other choice.

"Wan Hua Qing Heart Curse!"

At this moment, a loud shout came from the front door.