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"Oh? Master Subhuti's? "

The man was stunned.

As the light faded away, a man and a woman appeared in the light.

The two were dressed in green robes, the man was handsome, the woman was beautiful, and their temperament was excellent. They both gave off an oddly amiable feeling, but also gave off an indescribably elegant and outstanding feeling.

But right now, the two of them were looking at Su Yun with a hint of vigilance in their eyes, and deep in their eyes, there was a loathing that could not be concealed.

Su Yun understood where this disgust came from. Seems like the people from Ultimate Martial World had been completely rejected by them.

The man's name was Mu Gui and the woman's name was Mu Ying. The two of them had been standing guard here for 30 years, and when Wanhua Realm began to restrict Ultimate Martial World, they were sent here.

Mu Gui took the Identity Badge from Su Yun and covered it with his hand. In that moment, the Identity Badge released a green halo of light.

Su Yun felt it was magical. He knew that the nameplate given to him by his Master Subhuti was definitely a magic weapon as well, but he didn't know what its effects were.

The light rippled outwards, and quickly, the light dissipated. From within the nameplate, one could hear an old and kind voice.

"May I ask if you are my friend, Mu Gui?"

"Master Subhuti, is that you?" Mu Gui looked at the nameplate and asked.

"It's me." From within the nameplate, the voice of Master Subhuti rang out: "I heard your voice, I believe you have already met my student Su Yun, right?"

"Yes." Mu Gui raised his head and looked at Su Yun, and said indifferently: "He is right in front of me."

"Since that's the case, then I ask for your understanding this time around. My student wishes to go to Wanhua Realm to find his parents, whose relationship is higher than the heavens, whose parents are greater than the heavens. This child has a sincere heart, and is hard to come by.

Master Subhuti spoke out.

Hearing that, Mu Gui was silent for a moment, then shook his head: "Master, it's not that I am heartless, it's just that the Wanhua Realm has been messed up by these Ultimate Martial World people, the miasma is black, if I were to continue letting these people in, I'm afraid the Wanhua Realm will be destroyed."

"I am only looking for my parents and do not have any other thoughts. I promise that after entering the Wanhua Realm, I will not move, a flower or a grass, a tree or a leaf, and will strictly follow the rules of the Wanhua Realm. I will always remember Senior's instructions, and once I find my parents, I will immediately leave the Wanhua Realm." Su Yun immediately cupped his fists and said with a sonorous and serious voice.

Right now, he only wished to see his parents a little faster. Even if it was the Golden Realm or the Silver Realm, he didn't care.

"Mu Gui, Mu Ying, this child has already said so, what else do you two have to worry about? If that really doesn't work, then I am also willing to be responsible for their actions. Can you, for my sake, allow him to enter? "

At this moment, Master Subhuti interjected another sentence, and an ancient voice rang out from within the nameplate.

"This …"

Mu Gui was silent.

"Mu Gui, the First Master of Subhuti is a great sage. Even the Elders of the Wanhua Realm regard him with great respect." Mu Ying saw Mu Gui's hesitation and spoke up.

Mu Gui nodded, he raised his head again, looked at Su Yun, sized him up for a good while, and then said: "Since master has spoken, then if I reject, then it would be disrespectful to you. Although Wanhua Realm has restricted Ultimate Martial World from entering, but it is not to the extent of refusing, master, I will grant you that request."

"That Subhuti is here to thank you on behalf of my students." Subhuti chuckled.

"No need."

Mu Gui shook his head.

When Su Yun heard this, he was extremely happy, he immediately cupped his fists towards the two in front of him: "Thank you, both of you, thank you teacher."

"Remember what you said before. Once you enter the Wanhua Realm, you must follow the rules there. Don't lose your sense of propriety as a teacher."

Master Subhuti gave the order, and then the light emanating from the nameplate slowly faded away.

Mu Gui gave his Identity Badge to Su Yun. Su Yun carefully took it, then turned and walked towards the gigantic tree.

"Follow us."

The girl called Mu Ying said indifferently to Su Yun as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. Then, she leaped up into the air and followed Mu Gui.

Su Yun anxiously followed, and flew up.

The tree was extremely large, and one could see the incomparably thick trunk of the tree below. As for the top, it was a completely different world.

As he continued to ascend, the scene before his eyes became more and more numerous. He could see that the tree was filled with dense spirit beasts, ranging from three to four meters tall, they were all curled up on thick branches, with their eyes closed in rest, while the small one was only an inch long. They stood on a branch, curiously looking at Su Yun. Sunlight seeped out from the dense foliage, shining down on the place, rendering the place extremely beautiful. There were also a large number of fruits, either red or purple, floating in the air, but they did not appear in the foliage. Instead, they were suspended in the air as if they had no master, and one could see quite a few spirit beasts casually grabbing a fruit, heartily eating it.

The surroundings were filled with a harmonious scene, causing those who saw it to be unable to help themselves from sighing in their hearts.

Soon, Mu Gui and Mu Ying, who were leading the way, slowed down their pace.

Su Yun raised his head and looked, and was immediately shocked.

An enormous, thick branch appeared above it. This branch was nearly ten meters wide, and its length was hard to calculate. It stretched out its lush branches and branches and began to grow outside. This tree was very mysterious; it was most likely this branch that had the largest branches.

In these villages, there were many short elves walking back and forth. In the center of the village, there was a three-meter tall wooden door, which was wrapped in vines, and the door was already tightly closed, with specks of light seeping out from the cracks of the door.

Su Yun looked at the wooden door, and felt that the light that seeped out from the gap was extremely mysterious. This place was like a paradise. Everything seemed so harmonious, so beautiful, green leaves, colorful flowers, fresh fruits, spirits …

"Lord Mu Gui! Master Mu Ying! "

When the Elves saw this man and woman, they all ran out and cried out in excitement.

At this moment, Mu Gui and Mu Ying, who had been tensed up, finally revealed peaceful and kind smiles.

They flew over and stood together with the elves. They lowered their heads and smiled as they said something to them. Their faces were both shining with radiance, causing people to feel extremely familiar with them.

Seeing that, Su Yun could not help but stop in his tracks, standing in the air and watching the scene from afar.

He still remembered that Master Subhuti had once said that the two of them were people with great intellect. Even though the two of them did not speak any words that were rich in philosophy, the feeling they gave others was that of a saint. That indescribable feeling of perfection and mystery they gave others was simply unforgettable.

The two of them explained to the spirit creatures for a moment, then turned and spoke to Su Yun: "Come over here, we will open the gate for you to enter the Wanhua Realm, and hope that after you enter, you will remember what you said before, and abide by everything in the Wanhua Realm, and treat it as your own home."

"After all …" That's our home. "

Mu Ying added.

Hearing that, Su Yun's expression became serious, he cupped his fists and bowed: "I will definitely remember this."

Mu Gui and Mu Ying nodded slightly.

Afterward, the two of them, accompanied by the Elves, walked towards the wooden door.

The two of them stood on their left and right, both holding out one hand, and pressed on the door. They closed their eyes and began to chant, and their palms released a large amount of light, and after that, a 'weng weng' sound rippled in the air, and very quickly …

Crash …

The door slowly opened, and a dazzling light spilled out from within …

The main entrance to the Wanhua Realm!

After entering the Wanhua Realm and heading there, he would be able to find his parents!

Su Yun was extremely excited, his eyes blazing with fire that could not be hidden, he was stirred, and his body involuntarily flew towards the door.

How many years had it been?

Many days of longing.

Years of care.

Even though the past few days in the Su Family were difficult for him to look back on, but no matter what happened, he would never forget that he was the son of Su Shentian and her, and his name was Su Yun!

"Father, mother, your son is here."

Su Yun looked at the dazzling door, and muttered.


We'll meet soon …


At this moment, a scarlet arrow suddenly shot out from the dense foliage of the forest and headed straight in their direction.

The sharp arrow flew at an extremely fast speed, and almost none of the surrounding creatures could react in time.

Su Yun was thinking about his parents, but he did not notice it in time. When he sensed the sharp arrow flying towards him, the arrow had already reached Mu Ying, who was opening the door.

Both of them were so focused on opening the door that they didn't notice the sharp arrows behind them.

Su Yun's pupils expanded as he shouted anxiously, "Be careful!"


Mu Gui and Mu Ying were startled. They turned their heads, but the sharp arrow had already arrived …


An ear-piercing sound rang out.

The blood-red arrow pierced through Mu Ying's shoulder and nailed her to the wooden door behind her.


Mu Ying cried out in pain.

"Who is it? Who was the one who secretly shot at people! "Who is it!?" Mu Gui's eyes were blazing as he glared around while shouting.

The dense foliage around them were suddenly cut open by the blood red devil qi, countless of creatures did not manage to avoid the terrifying devil qi and were directly sliced apart. Following that, a large number of figures descended from the sky and rushed over.

"The Door Guard of the Wanhua Realm? Back then you did not allow us to enter the Wanhua Realm, but today I want to see, do you dare to not allow us to enter the Wanhua Realm! "

A cold voice floated out, and a tall and thin figure flew over.

The auras around these figures were incomparably cold. Moreover, they were filled with a frightening and ruthless aura, as though they were demons from the depths of the abyss …

Devil qi!

Su Yun's heart tensed up, he stared at the existence of the pills, and his relaxed heart tensed up again.