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Don't know?

What a simple three words.

However, was this the time to say these three words?

Su Yun might not know about the position of the old man in front of him, and even more so, did not know about the influence he had in the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain.

In order to receive his slight guidance, it was unknown how much effort the people here had expended. How could the crowd dare to offend this person? After listening to the lessons of the past ten days, everyone had some answers in their hearts. After listening to the lessons of the past ten days, everyone had some answers in their hearts.

"He actually doesn't know?" Isn't this fellow stealing my teacher? "

"From what I see, this fellow is just an inferior fellow. It's difficult for him to achieve great things."

Some of their eyes were already filled with disdain, some even turned their gaze away, as though looking at Su Yun made them feel like they were insulting their eyes.

Xu Zi and the rest sighed again and again, while Xu Zi himself shook his head and said to Su Yun: "Mister has already explained everything clearly, I still remember that Mister has said it twice, how can you not know about this? "Ai, what a disgrace to Mister's mysterious wisdom. You should hurry up and leave."

With that, Xu Zi waved for Su Yun to leave quickly.

However, what surprised everyone was that the old man was not angry, but instead had a calm and peaceful expression. He nodded at Su Yun and said: "You did not listen to my lecture? "Why don't you know?"

"I have indeed heard some of Senior's lessons. Regarding this aspect …" This junior has also heard some of the insights that senior has spoken of, but … "I'm not too sure why I didn't know …"

Su Yun shook his head: "I feel that the way I think in my heart is changing at every moment. The spirit, heart, spirit, and heart that I comprehend are all changing. So... I don't have a standard answer in my heart, I don't know. If you insist on asking, I'm afraid I can only tell you … "Everything can be a heart, everything can be a spirit. Everything in this world, everything we think about, can become an answer …"

Su Yun said, although he did not know what he was saying at the end, but it did not matter, this was what he was thinking, and although he did not know who the old man in front of him was, he admired the old man for the past ten days of lessons, and would not lie to people he respected.

"What is he talking about?"

Su Yun's reply attracted a buzzing sound of discussion from the back row. A few people scoffed at it and humphed again and again, feeling that Su Yun's words were completely off topic.

But in the next second, the elder actually started laughing …

"Hehehehe …"

The old man smiled kindly, a smile that came from the bottom of his heart.

He seemed to be very satisfied with Su Yun's answer.

Upon seeing the elder's expression, the crowd was taken aback.

"What I said was merely my understanding, and was thought by my point of view. In reality, the understanding that I said before was not the standard answer, because right now, my state of mind is the same as this little friend's, and everything in the world is the answer."

"Xu Zi, your answer is a form, or maybe it's not even a form, because your answer is to think from the perspective of what I've said, not from your own perspective. You only understand and comprehend what I mean by what I've said, and that way you will never be able to comprehend to a higher level. In fact, not just this sentence, or even what I've taught you for the past few days, you guys shouldn't follow the meaning of my words, but instead, you'll have to think from the perspective of what I've said, and that's all!"

As these words were spoken, everyone fell silent.

The old man swept his gaze across the crowd and said indifferently: "The lecture process is very boring, but your cultivations are already not low, so you can endure the boredom, and endure the loneliness, but you cannot defeat the complacency in your hearts. The old man swept his gaze across the crowd and said calmly:" The lesson process is very dull, but your cultivations are not low, and you can endure the boredom, and endure the loneliness, but you can not defeat the complacency in your hearts.

As these words fell into the ears of the people around him, their hearts were filled with shock.

So this was the meaning of what the old man had said.

Some people lowered their heads, feeling incomparably ashamed.

Xu Zi clasped hands and bowed her head, saying nothing.

How could he have expected that his intelligence was nothing more than an act? His words were now slapping him in the face …

The old man did not speak further, he turned and looked at Su Yun, and asked: "Little friend, who are you?"

"Senior is too modest, junior is just a countryside boy, and is not a good student. I came to Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain for the first time, and do not understand the rules here, if there is anything that offends senior, please forgive me."

Su Yun laughed.

When the old man heard that, his narrow and seamed eyes widened, and he said in shock: "You just came to Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain?"

"Right." Su Yun nodded.

The old man looked at Su Yun again carefully, and actually nodded his head in satisfaction, and laughed: "Little friend, this old man sees that you are extremely talented, with a very good eye of discernment, you are a good genius spirit cultivator, it can be created but not created. If you are willing, are you willing to be this old man's student? Although this old one is not very capable, I still like Spirit Cultivator who have good talent. Maybe this old one can teach you something. "

Hearing that, Su Yun was ecstatic, he immediately cupped his fists and bowed 90 degrees, then said: "How can I reject Senior's hospitality?"

"Good!" "Alright!" The old man was very pleased and his eyes were filled with joy.

Just at this time, Su Yun's excited face suddenly revealed a look of difficulty, and after that, he shook his head, and said: "However …. Senior, I am afraid that this junior cannot stay here any longer, this junior came to Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain not to find a great sage to comprehend the Great Dao, but to head to Wanhua Realm to search for my parents' whereabouts, so … "Although I would like your guidance very much, but …"

"Hey, kid, what's the meaning of this? Reject my husband? Do you know that my master is one of the Five Meridians in the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, how many people would not be satisfied even if they wanted to be his disciple? But you, my master has personally accepted you as a student, and yet you reject him?

Behind, Xu Zi saw that Su Yun was hesitating, and seemed like he wanted to reject, but he was angered and walked over, and shouted angrily.

"Sigh!" Xu Zi, don't be angry. This little friend here has no other choice. His parents are greater than the Heavens, so he has his own difficulties. " The old man said, he was not dissatisfied with Su Yun's words.

Hearing that, Xu Zi lowered his head again, not daring to say another word.

The old man looked at Su Yun, and asked: "Then, little friend, I won't ask you anything else, I will only ask you, are you willing to become my Master's student, and receive my teachings?"

"That is what I wish for." Su Yun bowed.

"Alright." The old man nodded, laughed, then took out a mask from his bosom and handed it over to Su Yun: "Since that's the case, then, you can be this old man's student."

"But... Junior has to first find his parents. " Su Yun's face turned ugly.

"If you go find your parents, what conflict do you have with becoming my student? You can go find your parents first, and when you have free time, come here and listen to my lessons. I don't have any compulsion to keep you here. " Subhuti chuckled as he spoke.

Hearing that, Su Yun's heart was both moved and moved.

It was very hard for him to understand what kind of mentality the first Master of Subhuti had at this moment, but without question, it was an open-minded and open-minded mindset that cared about everything but cared about everything. What sort of supreme realm was this?

Su Yun paid his respects to the old man again, and accepted the faceplate seriously. Following the instructions of his previous Master, he recorded his information on the signboard, and then turned and left.


Hei Yu's Chamber of Commerce's main hall.

Fatty Hei Yu was doing his usual rounds around the Chamber of Commerce. He led two Spirit Cultivator s with decent cultivation base, with both of his hands behind his back, he paced around the place filled with people.

When the Spirit Cultivator s who entered the Chamber of Commerce to trade with saw this fatty, they would all respectfully bow or greet him.

Hei Yu could not help but nod his head, but he did not have a smile on his face.

"President Hei Yu."

At this moment, a familiar voice came from behind.

Hei Yu turned his head, only to see a few people quickly walking over, and the person in the lead, was Cang Yan.

"Oh, so it's Miss Cang Yan. How have you been, Miss?" Hei Yu cupped his fists and said: "I heard that you are reconstructing the Cang Family, but I wonder how it is progressing?"

"President, you're being considerate." Cang Yan laughed bitterly, and said: "I am just a woman, I am still unable to pass on my legacy, how can I rebuild it? I was recently contacting a cousin of mine who was training outside, but he had not returned to the Cang Family for many years, and I do not know if he is dead or alive. All I did was wait for him to come back, and then we can build a team together.

"Right." Hei Yu nodded his head: "This is my daily mission."

"For Chamber of Commerce Hei Yu to have such a scale, you must work hard, President." Cang Yan sighed.

"Miss, is there anything you need?"

"Oh, I just want to find some items here and see if you have any."

"Most of it is there. Let me help you take whatever it is that Miss Cang Yan wants." Hei Yu said.

Hearing that, Cang Yan was extremely grateful.

However, just as she was about to speak, a call came from outside the door.

"Hey, does anyone here know Su Yun? Do you know where he is? Hurry and get him out to see me! "

As these words were spoken, the hall became a bit quieter.

Cang Yan and Hei Yu's expressions became stiff.

Who was so bold as to directly call out the Hundred Meetings Alliance's Alliance Leader's name? And with such a frivolous tone?

The two of them looked towards the source of the voice at the same time with extremely dissatisfied expressions …