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Everyone was caught off guard by Mister's words. Or rather, it could be said that Mister today was extremely different from before!

Everything was fine, why did he suddenly have to ask?

In the past, the elderly would ask the students some questions about the profound qi, but they would not immediately ask them after the end of the lesson. After all, after the end of the lesson, the majority of the students would rush back to their own areas of cultivation after learning it.

However, since Mister had said it like that, none of the Spirit Cultivator present dared to go against his wishes.

"Since mister wishes to take the test, this student will naturally listen to mister's teachings." A man wearing a purple-gold crown and a cloud robe cupped his fist as he spoke.


The old man nodded decisively. He was silent for three seconds, and didn't care whether the other students were ready or not.

"What is the heart? What is spirit? And why? And what about Lingxin? "

With that said, quite a few people immediately appeared to be deep in thought.

Some people touched their chins as they lowered their heads in thought, frowning.

The atmosphere was quite strange.

However, not every Spirit Cultivator was frowning, there were a few people who smiled, looking extremely confident, as though they knew the answer.

Then, he said in a clear voice: "The heart is the essence, the bone is the flesh, the eyes are the nose, for everything that one sees and understands, the spirit is the essence, the spirit, the bone, the flesh, the eyes, the nose … "The heart is also the window that allows us to see the divine path. Those without a soul will be forever trapped in the darkness, unable to move forward, and the heart is the drill on the divine path that carries us here …"

The cloud robed man spoke with confidence and assurance. His words were very clear, and every word he said was very appropriate. The students beside him listened quietly, and kept nodding their heads. His perfect and brilliant performance caused the people around him to secretly cheer.

What the man said was exactly what the old man had said. There was nothing wrong with what he had said. Those who were able to do so were not ordinary people. Regardless of what they memorized, they would only be able to read ten lines at a time, and would never forget anything. Although Teacher has lectured for a full ten days, during these ten days, every word that he spoke was firmly engraved in everyone's hearts. No one would be able to forget it.

When he finished speaking, the old man just stood quietly by the side. His eyes once again narrowed, and he did not say anything for a long time.

He showed neither satisfaction nor displeasure.

The man in robes was still smiling when he saw the expression on Mister's face. After thinking for a moment, he cupped his fist and asked, "Mister, is what I said wrong?"

"No, you are right. Not only that, you also added your insights, your experiences, and also combined them with the thoughts of many Spirit Cultivator s to express a unique feeling."

The old man nodded, but his expression didn't change much.

Seeing this, a trace of doubt rose in the man's heart.

What was going on?

The old man raised his head and looked at the people around him. He asked calmly, "Then, what about you? Is it the same as Xu Zi's opinion? "

"It's all very different."

The others all called out.

However, as these words were spoken, the old man's face showed a strong sense of disappointment and helplessness. The previous calmness had already disappeared without a trace, people could not help but shake their heads.

With that, the old man raised his hand and waved it. He said indifferently, "Okay, everyone who wishes to cultivate in seclusion can leave. There is no need to gather here."

Although the old man said this, no one left. They all heard his sigh and knew that he must have something to say. Xu Zi didn't point it out, or else he wouldn't have such an expression.

"Only know the watch, don't know the inside? What do you mean, sir? Was what Xuzi said wrong? Please explain, Mister! "

Xu Zi cupped his fists and said seriously.

"Watch, but the feeling in your mind is everything you associate with what I said. It's not your own feelings, you just interpreted what I said in the past few days. You did not say the specific meaning."

The gentleman shook his head and looked at the others.

"Then, do any of you know the deeper meaning here?"

After he finished speaking, no one said a word. Everyone lowered their heads, but some had confused expressions on their faces. No one could answer this old man's question.

The strange atmosphere continued for a while. The more the old man looked at it, the more disappointed he became. His long and narrow eyes had already closed, and he could not help but shake his head.

Su Yun who was standing outside the barrier and listening finally regained his senses.

The old man's speech was very fresh, giving people a feeling of enlightenment. He had been at a loss the entire time, and had even exchanged for the devil blood. His stubborn heart after escaping into the demonic path for revenge also rose to a higher level at this moment.

Why are people, why are spirits, and why are all things?

Everything in this world was actually like the sand beneath his feet. Sometimes it was very strong, it could support the entire world, and sometimes it was also very weak, only a speck of dust.

In this world, there were no truly strong experts, nor were there any so-called weak individuals. This type of weakness and strength were both caused by a thought.

It was both a living being and a divine being. It could become a living being and it could also become a divine being. Everything in this world was like a giant disc, without the so-called 'strength' or 'strength' that could not be compared to the fog in front of them. It was uncertain, and it did not exist forever strong or weak …

Su Yun's current comprehension was very rich, but these insights were constantly changing.

The elder's words had moved him greatly. He felt that he should find a place to properly digest these words and absorb the feelings in his heart.

He raised his head and looked at the old man seriously. Then, he clasped his hands at the old man across the screen.

After entering the Ultimate Martial World, perhaps no one's words could move him more than the old man's, and no one's words could help him so much.

After he finished bowing, Su Yun turned around and prepared to leave to continue searching for the guard gate of the so-called 'Wanhua Realm'.

"Young friend, please wait."

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind.

Su Yun stopped and turned his head, only to see the old man with his hands behind his back, walking slowly towards him.

It was actually that mister.

Su Yun was surprised, but he did not dare delay, and immediately cupped his fists towards the old man.

The old man leisurely walked towards them, the barrier that had cut off the village instantly disappearing without a trace upon contact.

The 70 odd students followed behind the old man. When they saw Su Yun, they were all surprised, and all of them started whispering to each other, discussing amongst themselves.

"Who is this person?" Why are we here? "

"Is this a passing Spirit Cultivator?"

"I know this fellow. He has been standing here for quite a few days already. He must have eavesdropped on Mister's lecture."

"This shameless fellow is very unfamiliar, he must be someone who just entered the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain."

"He probably came to the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain to fish in troubled water, and asked for some supreme expert's guidance. Tsk tsk, this kind of junior with inferior strength who has a heart that is higher than the heavens comes every year."

All sorts of small voices continuously sounded. Even though their discussion wasn't loud, there were still quite a few that fell into Su Yun's ears.

Hearing this, Su Yun frowned.

Amongst these people, there were quite a few whose cultivation were higher than his. Their foundations were strong, so their temperament shouldn't be too bad. How could they be like women who liked to criticize others like this?

"Oh, I know you!"

At this time, a young man in a green robe came out from the crowd, he ran to Su Yun and ran in front of him for a circle, revealing a shocked expression, he pointed at Su Yun and shouted: "Aren't you the guy that asked for directions? Why are you here? I see now that you must have overheard your teacher's lecture, you shameless fellow! "

With that said, a few extremely furious Spirit Cultivator appeared from the crowd.

"Stealing a teacher is a huge crime!" If this person dares to do such a despicable thing, he must be severely punished! "

"Destroy his body, destroy his soul, and execute him!"

"Right, execute him!"

"Kill him!"

A few grumpy guys immediately jumped out, as if they wanted to swallow Su Yun alive.

However, at this time, the old man raised his hand, signaling everyone to stop.

Lifting up their hands, the crowd immediately fell silent.

Su Yun did not bother with the Spirit Cultivator that was much stronger than him, and instead bowed to the old man and said: "I wonder what senior wants this junior to do?"

"Oh, nothing much." The old man looked at Su Yun and smiled: "I saw that you have been standing outside for the past few days, I think you have heard of this old man's bad things, I wonder if little friend has any opinions towards my previous question?"

Hearing that, Su Yun shook his head: "All of the things senior has taught me these past few days, are all words to wake the world up. As for the problem... Please forgive me, Senior. I was a little distracted before so I didn't hear Senior's question clearly. I hope that Senior can ask it again. "

"What is the heart? What is spirit? And why? And what about Lingxin? " The old man asked directly.

With that said, Su Yun turned silent.

The 70 + people behind looked at Su Yun with anticipation, as though they were waiting for him to speak. Some of them whispered to each other, and looked at him with ridicule.

The old man was not anxious, he did not utter a word, with his hands behind his back, he stared straight at Su Yun. After an unknown period of time, Su Yun finally spoke up.

He raised his head and stared at the old man with a pale face. Without the slightest hesitation, three words came out of his mouth …

"I don't know."

As these words fell, the entire scene became so quiet that it was as if a needle had dropped onto the ground. It was as if the heavens were being split apart …