Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 553

After obtaining the heart of the Desolate Devil, Su Yun rushed out of the Desolate Devil Battle Field without stopping. Although he had the 'Lingxi Spell', it was not the time for him to learn it. He urgently wanted to go to the Wanhua Realm to find his parents.

If he delayed it for too long and his parents went to other places, then wouldn't this be a wasted trip?

Su Yun thought as he sped up his pace.

Very quickly, he was out of the Desolate Devil Battle Field, and outside of the battlefield, there was a sea of people, as though during the time he was in the Desolate Devil Battle Field, there were many more Spirit Cultivator.

Su Yun quickly walked to the array in front of the ancient temple and found an unmanned array, he then took out the Desolate Devil's heart, and according to Hei Yu's method, crushed the heart, and poured the blood and flesh on the Array Origin in the center.

The moment the Array Origin was touched by the Desolate Devil's flesh, it immediately released a bright light that shone towards the surroundings.

Upon seeing this, the Spirit Cultivator s from all four directions all turned to look at Su Yun.

"Look, this man has the heart of the Desolate Devil!"

"I searched the Desolate Devil Battle Field for three days and three nights, yet I haven't seen a single Desolate Devil. I only saw a large number of Spirit Cultivator, and I don't even know where this person found him."

"Don't tell me he is a Desolate Devil general? "I have met two people in the desert, but they are too powerful and I do not dare to fight them. Without the help of my fellow cultivator, fighting them alone will only lead to death."

"But this guy is alone, there doesn't seem to be anyone else by his side, could it be that this Desolate Devil's heart was obtained by him alone?"

The crowd discussed animatedly, and all sorts of guesses were continuously made. Occasionally, sounds of admiration, admiration, and jealousy could be heard from the crowd.

As Su Yun was activating the array, many Spirit Cultivator s walked over.

"Hello, cultivator. May I ask if you are selling this formation?"

A person stepped forward and said.

"For sale?"

Su Yun was startled for a moment, and immediately understood.

He had crushed the Desolate Devil's heart to activate the formation technique, which meant that the Desolate Devil's heart was stained with his Qi, the formation technique would automatically record his Qi, other than himself, no one else could enter, but if he did not enter, after a while, when the formation technique was completed, the other people could enter, but the formation technique would only transmit one person at a time, and if he did not enter, he would become a peddler. Sell it to someone else.

The supreme expert had set a rule here, no one dared to cause trouble, so these powerful families could only use money to deal with it.

"This cultivator friend, I will offer a million profound coin to buy your qualifications to enter the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain! What do you think? "

"A million? You want to buy the right to do so with just a mere million? Do you think this cultivator is an idiot? "Fellow cultivator, I offer three million!"

Hehe, 3 million, I say you poor bastards shouldn't even think about entering the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain if you don't have the money, otherwise your poverty will spread to those renowned supreme expert.

"30 million!"

"40 million!"

"50 million!"


Everyone was shouting out loud, and the higher the bid, along with their shouts, they attracted a few Spirit Cultivator s over. Su Yun had merely activated a formation array, but he was forcibly turned into an auction by them.

Seeing the people around shouting for prices, Su Yun could not help but shake his head.

Did I f * cking sell it?

Su Yun did not even look at the people who were arguing until their faces and ears were red. Seeing that the array formation in front of him was completed, he immediately walked in and activated it.


In that moment, Su Yun transformed into a ray of white light, and flew straight to the sky, and disappeared.

The teleportation nexus also came to a sudden halt after Su Yun left, returning to its still state. When the surrounding people saw that Su Yun had left, they were all stunned for a moment, then shouted and separated.

Crash! *

Not long after Su Yun stepped into the teleportation circle, he heard a strange sound, and then the man fell hard onto the ground, his head was in a mess, it was extremely uncomfortable.

The aura of teleportation surrounded him for a long time. He sat up and began to meditate to recover his mind.

After enough time passed for an incense stick to burn, he finally recovered. He opened his eyes and looked around ….

He saw that the surroundings were faintly discernible, and the surroundings seemed to be covered with a layer of gauze; it was extremely hazy. At this moment, he was sitting on a patch of green grass. In the distance was a dense forest. Under the influence of the fog, the woods were faintly discernible.

This is the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain?

Su Yun stood up and walked around: Other than the fog being a bit large, I don't think there's anything special about it, right?

However, those fellows outside had their heads cut off in an attempt to get in here. It was likely that there would be something that would surprise him here.

Su Yun thought as he stepped forward.

What he needed to do now was to find the Wanhua Realm's gatekeeper.

He did not dare to use his sword. After all, this was a place where many experts gathered, and there were many experts present in the supreme expert.

The surroundings were extremely quiet. In the distance, there was a hill, covered in green grass, it was extremely beautiful, the sky was blue, the trees swayed gently with the wind, there was not a single living creature around, there were no Vicious Beast, it was as if there was a paradise.

"Welcome to Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, young and unfamiliar boy."

Just as Su Yun was walking and looking around, an aged voice suddenly came out from beside him.

Hearing that, Su Yun's heart tensed up, he subconsciously retreated, and looked towards the origin of the voice, only to see a thick and sturdy tree.

But there was no one around …

Su Yun sized up the tree, and asked suspiciously: "Who is talking?"

"Of course it's me."

The voice came again. The source of the sound was the tree. The trunk of the tree gradually cracked open, and soon, a clear and aged face could be seen.

"Young people don't know the essence? I am the Tree Spirit here for ten thousand years, you do not need to be afraid, I do not have any enmity towards you. "

The Tree Spirit seemed to have sensed Su Yun's vigilance and opened his mouth to speak.

Seeing that the other party did not seem to have any hostility towards him, Su Yun retracted his hostility and looked at the tree again. He was unable to hide the astonishment in his eyes: "Ten thousand year old Tree Spirit? Don't tell me you have ten thousand years of cultivation? "

"Not bad, is this really that rare?"

"Of course."

Su Yun replied without hesitation.

A Spirit Cultivator who could cultivate for thousands of years, especially someone from the Ultimate Martial World, with Ultimate Martial World's unique cultivation conditions, if he combined them with the profound coin, his cultivation would probably reach a whole new level. If it was ten thousand years, his cultivation would definitely reach the pinnacle and become a part of the supreme expert.

However, he did not expect that in the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, even trees would have Awakening, and it would even be an existence that had cultivated for 10,000 years. How could this not surprise him?

Unexpectedly at this time, Tree Spirit began to laugh heartily.

"Young people are young, after all, and have never seen much of the world. This is your first time coming to the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, you definitely don't know that many things here have already Awakened!" The Tree Spirit released waves of ancient laughter, then continued: "Look at the stone over there, the 'Fate Flower', and the bird circling there, they have all Awakened, and that stone has a cultivation level higher than mine by 20,000 years, it already possesses 30,000 years of cultivation, as long as it cultivates for another 20,000 years, with fifty thousand years of cultivation, it can break through the petrifying man and become an Immortal God level existence."

"An existence on the Immortal level? Could it be that there really are Immortals and Gods in this world? " Su Yun was startled.

"Yes, why not? This world is so big that we don't even know how big it is. " Tree Spirit laughed and said.

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded.

This time, he had a better understanding of the situation.

"Brat, why are you here in Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain?" Tree Spirit asked.

"Find someone." Su Yun replied without hesitation.

"Is he also looking for an expert to take him as his master?" I don't know how many Spirit Cultivator like you I've met over the years, but most of them are extremely arrogant and conceited, looking down on others. I'm afraid that some true master teachers are not willing to teach them anything, even if there is a master teacher willing to give them some pointers, I'm afraid they will not be able to learn much from them. "

"Senior, you're overthinking it. I am not here to look for a master teacher to offer guidance. I am here to look for the gatekeeper." Su Yun said indifferently: "I am heading to the Wanhua Realm, but the only way to enter the Wanhua Realm is if there is a way, that's why I came here."

Su Yun said.

"Go to the Wanhua Realm?" After a while, he returned back to normal and said: "I'm afraid the Wanhua Realm is not that easy to enter, the gatekeepers are not as easy to enter as before. If you can't get their approval, they will definitely not let you enter, the current Spirit Cultivator only cares about his own interests, and crazily absorb the Wanhua Realm's resources, constantly harming the life forms within the Wanhua Realm, how can the gatekeepers allow any outsiders to enter?"

"No matter what, I have to go in."

Su Yun said.

However, he still had some doubts in his heart.

Since it was so hard to enter Wanhua Realm, then how did his parents get in?

Furthermore … How did they manage to enter the Ultimate Martial World? Are they really that strong?

's heart became restless as he was filled with doubts and anticipation. At the very least, right now, Qing'er was not the only person that he possessed in this world. There was also Hu Qian Mei, as well as Xian Li, his father and mother, and even his younger sister that he had never met before … "Brat, since you insist on going, let me give you some pointers. Go west. Go west. Go straight west. You will eventually meet those gatekeepers." Tree Spirit's voice was serious as he said in a low voice: "But I want to advise you, you must be modest, cautious, and not overboard to anger those guards. What awaits you is death, those guards are not simple, even in Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, they are incredible existences, understand?"

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded, cupped his fists and respectfully bowed to Tree Spirit.

"Senior's teachings, junior has remembered them."