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The Desolate Devil was holding onto a corpse and stuffing it into his mouth, it was the corpse of an old man, the corpse was extremely frail, it opened its mouth wide, and actually swallowed most of the corpse, then with a bite, it spurted out fresh blood, clomping on it.

Swallowing the Spirit Cultivator!

Su Yun's eyes congealed.

No wonder so many Spirit Cultivator were injured outside the temple! From the looks of it, Desolate Devil was not simple, especially this one, the corpses of Spirit Cultivator were all around its feet, it was possible that the fighting strength was very terrifying.


Desolate Devil who was enjoying his meal seemed to have sensed that someone was coming over, he turned around and stared at the person behind him.

The Desolate Devil was extremely tall, with red eyes, completely black muscles, and on his body hung broken armor, the surroundings was filled with a large amount of devil qi, when it saw Su Yun, the devil qi in his eyes erupted, releasing a thunderous roar, throwing the broken corpse in his hands to the side, it directly flew towards Su Yunchong.

Only the devil nature and wild nature remained, this was a monster that had completely revived from the grievances and life of the Desolate Devil.

Su Yun lifted the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and rushed forward. Using his maximum speed, he stabbed it in the chest while the Desolate Devil was unprepared.

In that moment, a torrent of sword sheath rushed out from behind and rushed towards Desolate Devil with an astonishing and terrifying force. Thousands of subordinate sword sent it flying, and its sturdy body directly struck a pile of soil nearby.

Su Yun did not dare hesitate, the Desolate Devil was most likely a Sky Spirit Master cultivator, it was not easy to summon a Devil Bone Giant, he could only use his own methods to defeat it.

He threw away the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and let it attack Desolate Devil together. Then, he summoned the subordinate sword and started to dance.

The ferocious Burning Heaven Sword Formation was activated.


The fire phoenix released a long cry, and from 'Burning Heaven Sword Formation', a huge fire phoenix flew out, directly pouncing towards Desolate Devil, the surrounding temperature frantically rose, the heat wave continuously swept towards them, it was like a scorching hell.


The fire phoenix collided with the Desolate Devil, and a violent explosion sounded! The whole field began to shake.

The shockwave was blown over, Su Yun used the Heaven Smiting Fire and the other sword to stare in that direction, only to see the flames slowly dissipating, and Desolate Devil's broken body slowly appearing in his eyes.

The destructive power of this move was extremely strong, the armor on Desolate Devil's body had already been turned into ashes, and his solid muscles were riddled with holes.

However, it did not die.

"The power is sufficient, but the first Burning Heaven Sword Formation of the Burning Heaven Sword Formation has no spirit, I still need to practice more."

Su Yun muttered, seeing the Desolate Devil rushing towards him step by step, he took a deep breath, raised the profound energy in his body, retreated a few steps, and then waved the Tribulation Fire Sword again, waving it forward.

Second Sword of the Burning Heaven Sword Formation: Sword Demon Liu Xin!

Hua, hua, hua.

The sword pierced through the sky like a fiery meteor, striking Desolate Devil's sturdy body in an instant. The profound energy on the sword erupted with heat, like a blooming firework, it emitted out light in all directions, releasing an endless amount of might!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The power spread throughout Desolate Devil's body, and in that moment, his body released one intense explosion after another, the flames and scorching heat engulfing his entire body!

The second sword strike was still weak and lifeless, it looked to be extremely powerful, but it probably did not harm Desolate Devil by much.

In the end, the Burning Heaven Sword Formation was still the Burning Heaven Sword Formation, so every sword attack was very hard to control. If he could master it all, with the destructive power of the Nine Swords, which existence was not able to kill it?

A series of domineering attacks made the Desolate Devil lose his sense of direction, but because the Desolate Devil was made up of grievances, it had long since lost its nature. It did not know fear, it did not know excitement, but all its actions came from the grievances in its heart, which was a characteristic of devils, even if it was facing an existence that was thousands of times stronger than itself, it would still follow the commands of the grievances.


Desolate Devil released a heart-wrenching roar, he took heavy steps and rushed towards Su Yun again. Large amounts of pitch black thorns surged out from his skin, and shot forward like arrows.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The dense black thorns flew over, and formed a thick rain of swords in front of Su Yun, but the moment the black thorns attacked, they were blocked by the translucent Qi Cover.

Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment.

Facing Su Yun, the Desolate Devil could not even break his defense!

"I'll use you to practice my sword formation!"

Su Yun bellowed, he wanted to activate the Tribulation Fire Sword and use the 'Burning Heaven Sword Formation'!

"The third slash!" Sword Devouring Land! "

Su Yun growled, the tribulation fire in his hands suddenly thrusted fiercely towards the ground beneath his feet.

In that moment, the subordinate sword floating in the air seemed to have received orders, they all brought their swords down, and then suddenly dropped them, piercing through the ground, sinking into the ground and disappearing.

The ground began to tremble as time passed. Within a few breaths, it was as if there was a magnitude 9 earthquake.

Cracks started to appear on the ground and four or five inches long cracks appeared. Fiery light shot out of the cracks, and hot air came out from the cracks. Following that, large amounts of magma surged out.

Desolate Devil was not affected by this change at all, his red eyes only stared at Su Yun, his mouth that was filled with steel teeth released a terrifying roar, and pounced at Su Yun.

However …

Just as it was getting close to Su Yun, the ground in front of Su Yun suddenly shattered, following that, a great amount of fire pillars surged out, but what made everyone speechless was that the fire pillars did not fly straight to the clouds, but instead clashed against the Desolate Devil like fire dragons. Several fire pillars swallowed the Desolate Devil in an instant, as though it was suffering a baptism of fire lava.


The Desolate Devil let out a painful howl, and was no longer able to launch an attack.

Su Yun held onto the Tribulation Fire Sword, he continued to pour profound energy into the sword, the pale white Tribulation Fire Sword started to flash with a red light, and the temperature of the sword became even higher.

The fire pillar around Desolate Devil started to move, slowly transforming into a rope to bind it, the fire pillars were not only intensely hot, but also seemed to be extremely sharp, and Desolate Devil's body was actually slowly being sliced apart.

Upon closer inspection, there were a large number of flying swords moving within this pillar of fire!

It was the Tribulation Fire subordinate sword that had sunk into the ground!

Su Yun panted slightly. Looking at the Desolate Devil who was engulfed by the fire pillar, his heart skipped a beat.

This destructive power! It was on a completely different level from the previous two slashes.

It was also true that each strike of the 'Burning Heaven Sword Formation' was several times stronger than the one before, the difference between the power of the third and first sword strikes was already like heaven and earth!


Finally, Desolate Devil let out a mournful howl, and was devoured by the flames. He then fell to the ground, dead.

The scorching heat waves were still rippling in the air, and the area was now as red as the inside of a volcano.

Seeing that, Su Yun stopped his Burning Heaven Sword Formation, took out his Tribulation Fire Sword, and walked towards Desolate Devil.

It was impossible for such a creature to pretend to be dead. It would fight until the very last moment, and when it fell to the ground, it meant that it was dead.

Su Yun took the Tribulation Fire Sword and cut the Desolate Devil's boiling hot body apart, then he took out the rotten heart and hid it inside the space bag.

Not long after, I obtained a heart. In that case, I should be qualified to enter the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain right?

He was relieved for a moment. He turned towards the entrance of the open space.


Just as he was about to leave the flat ground, he stopped in his tracks.

He raised his head and looked straight ahead, only to see that there were seven or eight people standing at the entrance of the tunnel.

All of them were dressed in leather armour, wielding sharp blades in their hands, they had already released their profound qi.

Their gazes all landed on Su Yun's body with a vigilant look.

"You already came out alive, looks like you killed the Desolate Devil inside, right?"

The leading man in a jade crown and jade green robe stared at Su Yun and said.

"Who are you?" Su Yun asked.

However, the supreme expert has restricted us who have low cultivation from entering. If we want to enter, we can only obtain the heart of the Desolate Devil, but after such a long time, majority of the Desolate Devil have been killed, and there aren't many left, the remaining Desolate Devil are all extremely strong existences, do you know that? Not only that, we have lost the lives of a few of our comrades, but although we cannot win against the Desolate Devil, we cannot let our lives be lost for nothing, so I need the Desolate Devil's heart from your hands! "

That person didn't mince words and directly made his words clear.

Hearing that, Su Yun realised: You want to steal the Desolate Devil's Heart from me?

"In order to be able to study in the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, I need a Desolate Devil Heart, leave it to me. This way, perhaps I won't use force against you!" The man said again.

The purpose of their visit was obvious, and it was also obvious that they already knew Su Yun was fighting with the Desolate Devil, so they waited here. If Su Yun was killed by the Desolate Devil, perhaps they would go in to clean up the mess.

"Is that so …"

Su Yun lowered his head to think for a moment, he looked up and scanned his surroundings.

In the end, he still shook his head lightly, and said: "Although you all want this thing a lot, I will not give it to you guys. Firstly, I killed the Desolate Devil, and even if you guys fought with it before, it would still not change the fact.

"So you intend to go against us?"

The man secretly raised the sword in his hand, stared at Su Yun with a solemn face and said fiercely: "Although this is not right, but it is not small. Don't worry, we will only steal the heart of the Desolate Devil, and will not kill you!"

"You guys can't win against the Desolate Devil, but I killed him. Do you think you can be my opponent?" Su Yun asked.

"After your battle with the Desolate Devil, you must be exhausted. We are here to recuperate, why would we be afraid of you?"

"Is that all?"

Too irrational.

Su Yun laughed bitterly.

The man frowned, then bellowed: "Let me ask you one last time, will you hand over the Desolate Devil's heart?"

His expression was somewhat nervous, and there was even a strong sense of urgency, as though he hoped that Su Yun would quickly compromise, but unfortunately, after he said those words, Su Yun still shook his head and continued to remain.

"Then I'm sorry!"

The man clenched his teeth, then muttered: "Everyone, cut off his arms later, I will snatch his space bag, do not harm his life, do you understand?"

"Yes, Big Brother!"

The people behind him shouted.

Hearing that, Su Yun's brows twitched, but he did not say anything, the Tribulation Fire Sword in his hand tightened.

Both sides had already pulled out their bows and arrows.

A battle was about to erupt at any moment!

"Found you!"

Just as the atmosphere became tense, an angry roar rang out from the tunnel.

Hearing that, Su Yun and the Jade Crown Man looked towards the direction of the voice, only to see that from the tunnel, a large quantity of small sounds could be heard, and then, a few figures rushed out.

As he looked over, the leader of the group was surprisingly the long-haired man whom he had met before at the entrance of the ancient temple …