Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 545

He's persuading me to surrender again!

Su Yun held onto the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword tightly, he stared at the demon's face and secretly thought in his heart.

Why persuade? Doesn't it want to kill me? Or could it be that it was extremely merciful and could not bear to kill?

None of this was possible. Since it was money, why would he care about his life? This was the San Tu, not a Bei Yang, nor a city. It was a normal thing for a Spirit Cultivator to die in a field.

This Flame Ruins was also very strange before, suddenly appearing with so many Flame Demon Spirit s, suddenly disappearing without a trace, suddenly everything returned to normal …

'Could it be … '

Su Yun suddenly thought of a possibility.

Since the other party was adamant in persuading him to surrender, it was not because of his kind intentions. It was likely that it could not kill him.

Thinking about it, Su Yun pondered for a while, then suddenly turned his head, looked at the flames behind him that pierced the wall, and rushed forward.

The Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment was taken out and activated by him, a protective shield wrapped tightly around its body, and following his movements, it struck the flame wall.

However, when Su Yunchong went and touched the wall, he was surprised to find that although the wall had temperature, it was not high. Although it looked sharp and powerful, it was terrifying, but when he touched it, the wall instantly broke! It was simply outer strength!

Su Yun smashed apart the fire wall and rushed out, only to see a blue sky and white clouds, it was extremely peaceful, and behind him, there was a gigantic illusion technique area.

At that moment, the spirit demon was continuously pouring profound energy s into the illusion technique area, as though it was maintaining this strange illusion technique area.

When the spirit monster saw Su Yunchong leaving the illusion area, it was immediately shocked, and its heart jumped out of its chest as it looked at Su Yun.

It was all an illusion! When I was hit by the fireball before, I was already dragged into this illusion, and then you used your illusion technique to trick me, trying to use the power created in your illusion to make me yield, and then you used the power of your illusion technique to make me yield. And this is a very shrewd thought, in order to make the illusion more real, you even used a part of your mana to simulate this feeling! "How brilliant!"

Su Yun laughed as he stepped on his Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and walked towards the monster.

Although in the illusion area, the Flame Emperor gave off a very strong feeling, but in here, the cultivation of the spirit in front of him was very low, not even in the Sky Spirit Master realm.

Hearing Su Yun's words, the monster was shocked and afraid, it had never expected that Su Yun would suddenly break through the wall and rush out of the illusion area.

"You … You actually came out!"

The spirit beast retreated a few steps, looking at Su Yun in fear, it screamed at the top of its lungs.

It knew a little about Su Yun's strength. Although he was not at the Sky Spirit Master, he was not weak either, what's more, this monster was not an expert in direct combat, but was used to using illusions to suppress the enemy.

Su Yun was too lazy to waste time with the monster, he immediately raised his sword and rushed forward.

The monster did not hesitate and immediately turned its head and ran.

The monster's speed of escape was not slow at all. In a flash, it disappeared into the sky.

He ran so fast!

Seeing that, Su Yun had no choice but to slow down.

If he could not kill it, he would not blindly chase after it. After all, heading to Desolate Devil Battle Field was the most important thing right now.


Just then, an ear piercing sound came out from afar, the monster that was running ahead suddenly had its body cut into a few pieces, the flames on its body dimmed and it died instantly.


Su Yun raised his eyes and looked towards the place where the spirit beast had died, only to see the air there warp, following that, a young man wearing white clothes, with a short hair, and a centipede's scar on his face appeared.

The man held a sickle-like dagger in his hand. Its color was similar to that of wheat, and his eyes were slightly sunken. He had an aquiline nose and looked very sharp.

This was invisibility.

But when did he get here?

Su Yun was secretly on guard, even the spirit demon did not sense his presence, and was directly slashed down, from this, the other party's strength must have already reached the level of Sky Spirit Master.

"This illusion technique is a clown. It often uses illusion techniques to deceive and kill off those Spirit Cultivator s that have passed through here. Today, I will meet them and will definitely not let them go.

The man took out his dagger and kicked away the dead body of the spirit beast, then he flew towards Su Yun.

"Brother, are you alright? You didn't let this illusion clown get hurt, did you? " He cupped his fist and said.

"I'm fine, thank you for your concern." Su Yun cupped his fists, he secretly sized up the man and became cautious. Seeing that there was no one around, he did not linger, and immediately said: "I still have matters to attend to, I will not stay any longer, goodbye!"

After he finished speaking, he was about to leave.

"Brother, please wait!" At this moment, the man suddenly shouted.

Su Yun stopped and slightly turned his head.

The man walked up quickly and glanced at Su Yun's waist, and then bent down and cupped his fists, and bowed respectfully to Su Yun.

"Auction House Master Bei Xuan greets Alliance Leader."

"Alliance Leader?" Su Yun was startled, then realised.

"The plate on your waist shouldn't be wrong, although Xin Yang is not in the Bei Yang recently, he has clearly known about the Bei Yang, the Alliance Leader used all his strength to cut down the Suicide Witch, and gave us back our Bei Yang peace, in fact, we, the Bei Yang, rebuilt our parents, and approved of you taking the position of Alliance Leader. As a member of the Hundred Meetings Alliance, how can Bei Xuan not bow when he sees the Alliance Leader?"

The short man said with a smile.

He didn't think that he would recognize the Alliance Leader Badge hanging on his waist.

Hearing that, Su Yun's guard relaxed, and he laughed: "I never thought that in the San Tu's realm, we would meet people from the Bei Yang, we are destined to meet."

"I never thought that I would meet you, Alliance Leader, in such a situation. I am both surprised and happy." Bei Xuan laughed in his heart, and then asked: "But Alliance Leader, aren't you in Bei Yang? "Why are you here?"

"I have something to attend to in the Desolate Devil Battle Field."

"Alliance Leader wants to enter the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain?" Bei Xuan asked in his heart.

"How do you know?"

"The people who are heading towards the Desolate Devil Battle Field are most likely going to enter the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain. Otherwise, who would go to such a desolate place?" Bei Xuan laughed in his heart.

"What about you? President Bei Xuan, what are you doing in San Tu? Is he also going to the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain? " Su Yun asked.

"No, no, of course not, I am here to collect some rare materials. I was entrusted by a friend to find a rare spirit herb called 'Ge Yue Grass' for him, this kind of spirit herb only grows in the San Tu, and it cannot exist for long after the spirit herb leaves the growing area, so there is no sale in the auction house. I personally found one for my friend, then used a method to send it to my friend."

Bei Xuan said in his heart.

"So that's how it is!"

"However, this' Ge Yue grass' is not easy to gather, I have met with some trouble." Bei Xuan sighed in his heart, then looked at Su Yun and cupped his fists: "For Alliance Leader to be able to kill Suicide Witch, his strength must be powerful, if Alliance Leader is willing to help Xin Yang obtain the 'Ge Yue grass', I will be extremely grateful, I beg Alliance Leader to help!"

Bei Xuan's heart had always been like this.

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief, he actually wanted to reject them, he actually wanted to enter the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain as soon as possible, so he wanted to find the entrance to the Wanhua Realm and meet his parents, but he was still a Alliance Leader of the Hundred Meetings Alliance, as a member of the Alliance, Bei Xuan's request was undeniable, although Su Yun could put on an airs and refuse, but he had just sat on the throne of the Alliance Leader, if he wanted to remain stable, he had to win some people's hearts.

That's why the Suicide Witch died. For this matter, I have to first understand it a bit, then measure my strength, if I do not succeed in killing the Suicide Witch, I'm afraid that you will have no choice but to return with regret. "Su Yun said in a low voice.

His cultivation is at the first stage of the Sky Spirit Master, so he has the attribute of being the master of the Spirit Life Qi, thus his vitality is extremely strong. If Alliance Leader is unable to subdue the 'Guardian Beast', he only needs to lure it away, and Xin Yue will seize the chance to pluck the 'Moon Gesun' and seize the 'Moon Gesun', then the guardian beast will have no need to bother.

"Then lead the way. If that guardian beast isn't too strong, I will help you."

Su Yun said.

Hearing that, Bei Xuan's face revealed joy, he bowed to Su Yun again, and then went to lead the way.

There were a lot of Chamber of Commerce in Bei Yang, but a president with a high cultivation like Bei Xuan Xin Yang was extremely rare. Of course, there was a price to pay for his strong cultivation, and that was the consumption of a large amount of profound coin s. The funds for the auction was little, and there was also a limit for the auction, so the scale of the Xin Yang Auction House was not large, at least compared to Hei Yu's.

Bei Xuan was extremely fast, and coincidentally, he was headed in the direction of the Desolate Devil Battle Field, so it did not take long.

"Bei Xuan, since you are the president, why not send more people to gather the items? Why did you come here alone? "

Su Yun asked.

"I'm used to doing this all by myself. Speaking of which, this auction house also inherited from my father. I don't like doing business myself." Bei Xuan laughed bitterly in his heart.

Su Yun nodded and did not speak further.

After an unknown period of time, Bei Xuan Xin Yang who was flying ahead finally stopped.

"We're here!"

"No," he said.

Su Yun stopped and looked around. He was no longer in the desolate land, but instead, a strange grassland, the grassland was lush and verdant, full of life and vitality, it was hard to imagine that this was the San Tu that the Demonic Cultivators were in.

Su Yun looked ahead, but he could not see a single living thing, and asked: "Where is the guardian beast?"

"Underground!" Bei Xuan pointed to the ground with a serious expression.