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Chapter 543 Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell

Within a luxurious room.

Su Yun checked his items, and then kept all of them into his storage ring.

Bai Yanshan had already left after the meeting with the Suicide Valley, although she had inherited the Suicide Witch's inheritance, she had always viewed the Suicide Witch as her enemy. In her opinion, if one wanted to eat their own wolf to fatten themselves, they would have to give them a piece of meat. That was what Bai Yanshan did. Now that she had dealt with the Suicide Witch, she naturally had to return to the Emperor Palace to find the latter.

Su Yun had also heard about Long Xianli and Bai Yanshan's matter, when he found out that Long Xianli had come to the Suicide Valley multiple times in order to save Bai Yanshan, Su Yun was angry and happy, he had never seen someone as silly as him, and with Long Xianli's strength, wasn't coming to the Suicide Valley just seeking death? In order to prevent Long Xianli from continuing to act foolishly, he pretended to be indifferent, hoping to scare her away. However, he did not expect that the woman would be so stubborn at times, Bai Yanshan guessed that after she left the Suicide Valley, she would definitely be hiding somewhere to save Bai Yanshan.

However, the change in Suicide Valley would probably spread throughout the entire Bei Yang very quickly. At that time, once Long Xianli finds out about this, he would definitely return to Emperor Palace by himself.

Long Xianli was unharmed, but Su Yun was at ease, at least he knew him, he did not wish for anything to happen to Long Xianli.

"I'll continue to look for my parents now."

Su Yun whispered as he stared at the blue sky outside the door.

He had already instructed Hei Yu to contact the various great Chamber of Commerce s in private and have them assist him in finding Su Shentian and Shen Xuexue. Su Yun could only rely on his memories to provide some basic information about the two of them. Furthermore, they had once appeared in the Emperor Palace, and as the two of them had stayed there for a period of time, Su Yun had also specially sent people to Emperor Palace to investigate.

What he needed to do now was to cultivate in meditation and wait for news.

Hei Yu ordered some people to set up the Alliance Leader's Ascension Altar, and held a grand ceremony, and prepared an altar for Su Yun and the other leaders of the Chamber of Commerce. This altar was the most direct tool for the Alliance Leader to contact the elders, and was also a symbol of their identity. Su Yun was confident in, he was not afraid of Hei Yu harming him, after all, he had interacted with Hei Yu for so long, so he was still a reliable person.

"Master Su Yun!"

At this moment, a call sounded out from outside the door. A obese youth was seen walking over quickly.

Lowering his head to think, Su Yun raised his head to look, only to realize that the person was Hei Yu.

Su Yun immediately got up, and asked anxiously: "Is there any news about my parents?"


Hei Yu's words were straightforward, and almost without hesitation.


"However, although there is no news from your hall, I have found something that I believe is extremely helpful in finding your hall." Hei Yu said.

"What is it?" Su Yun asked.

"Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell!"

As Hei Yu spoke, he took out a small bronze bell from nowhere and gave it to Su Yun.

Su Yun took the bell and looked at it carefully.

The outside of this bell was plain and ordinary, it was not a big deal, but the inside of the bell was different. The inside of the bell was densely packed with talismans that were over ten times smaller than rice grains.

This is a magic treasure created by the Heavenly Seeking Dao Sovereign, it has the ability to peer into the heaven and earth. After the Heavenly Seeking Dao Sovereign died, this treasure did a few twists and turns and eventually flowed into the Bei Yang.

Hei Yu said.

Hearing that, Su Yun was ecstatic, and could not help but nod his head.

"That's right, compared to searching by relying on people, relying on these magic treasure is much more realistic."

Su Yun thought about the Through Heavens Mirror in the Sky Martial Continent, even there, there was such a treasure like the Through Heavens Mirror, does the Ultimate Martial World not have anything stronger or better?

Without further ado, he immediately picked up the Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell and injected it into the profound qi, starting to activate.

In an instant, the characters inside the Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell glowed with a white light, and then the characters started to spin on their own, and then flew out one after another, and started to circle around the bell like revolving stars.

"How do I use it?"

Su Yun stared at the mysterious Heaven Seeking Treasure bell and asked.

"Touch these runes with your hand and think of the problem you want to solve and it will tell you the answer." Hei Yu said.

Su Yun nodded and immediately followed Hei Yu's instructions. He closed his eyes and transmitted the thoughts in his mind to the Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell.

Very quickly, the Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell had a reaction, it shook gently, releasing bizarre sounds that floated out from the bell and went into Su Yun's ear, into his heart, after a while, a bit of information appeared in Su Yun's mind.

"Linglong Mountain."

Su Yun whispered.

"Master Su Yun, what did you say?" Hei Yu asked.

"This' Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell 'tells me the three words' Linglong Mountain '." Su Yun suddenly turned his head, and asked Hei Yu: "Hei Yu, do you know where the Exquisite Mountain is? Where is it in the Ultimate Martial World? Is it far from here? How many days will it take to get here? "

Su Yun said anxiously, and spoke a few questions in a row, causing Hei Yu to be stunned when he heard it.

Hei Yu shook his fat head and said: "Master Su Yun, Linglong Mountain is not in Ultimate Martial World, you might be overthinking it."

"What?" Su Yun was immediately stunned.

"The message the Heaven Seeking Treasure Bell gave you is' Linglong Mountain '? If you want to go to Linglong Mountain, it might be a bit more troublesome, because Linglong Mountain is not the area of the Ultimate Martial World, it is actually the famous Holy Mountain in the Wanxiang Realm. If you want to go, I recommend that you first go to the Extreme Martial Saint Plains to find the gate to the Wanxiang Realm on the Holy Land, enter the Wanxiang Realm, and then head to the Linglong Mountain. "

Hei Yu said.

"Oh? The gate to the Wanhua World? "

"Although the Wanhua World is a different realm, the people from the Ultimate Martial World often go to the Wanhua World, especially the merchants, because there are a lot of materials that are not produced in the Wanhua World, thus many merchants would go there to purchase them. It's just that, in the past few hundred years, the people from the Ultimate Martial World and the people of the Wanhua Realm have created a lot of conflicts, and there have even been a few conflicts that have a significant impact, causing the people from the Wanhua Realm to send experts to seal the door to the Wanhua Realm.

Hei Yu said.

"What a twist." Su Yun sighed, then laughed: "But at least I've found the position of my parents, and this is considered a good thing. President Hei Yu, help me make the necessary preparations, I will immediately leave for the 'Ultimate Martial Saint Plane', and look for the door to the 'Ten Thousand World'."

Su Yun was a little impatient. Now that he knew the location of his father and mother, he couldn't wait to fly over.

After not seeing each other for so many years, he wondered how the two elders were doing. And the sister they had never seen before, he wondered if they had found her.

"Seems like Master Su Yun just entered the Ultimate Martial World for the first time, he doesn't know much about this place." Hei Yu said calmly, and wasn't in a hurry to prepare anything for Su Yun.

Su Yun looked at him in puzzlement: "What do you mean by that?"

"My Lord might not know, the Ultimate Martial Saint is not someone who can enter just because he wants to. This place can be said to be a holy land for the warriors of the Ultimate Martial World. If you want to enter, it will be a little troublesome. You must first go to the Desolate Demon Battlefield, kill a Desolate Demon Beast and remove its heart, then there will be a large number of supreme expert s that will set up a teleportation formation outside the Desolate Demon Battlefield. Only by activating it with the fresh heart of the Desolate Demon Beast, the teleportation formation will be activated, and with the help of the teleportation formation, you will be able to enter the 'Ultimate Martial Saint Plane'. "

"Oh? There's such a unique teleportation circle? "

"This was set up by the supreme expert to test the people who want to enter the Absolute Martial Saint. If they can't even kill a desolate demon, then they don't have the qualifications to enter the 'Ultimate Martial Saint Yuan'." Hei Yu said.

"Then how many people want to enter the Absolute Martial Saint Plains?"

"Many!" How is it not much? The Absolute Martial Saint had gathered a large number of experts and famous experts. That was the gathering place of the supreme expert, if they could stay there for a period of time, they would benefit greatly from it! The entire battlefield was filled with the figures of the Spirit Cultivator. Every day, many people would enter the Absolute Martial Saint Plains, but there were also many who died tragically on the battlefield in order to enter the Absolute Martial Saint Plains! "

"Since it's like this, why don't you merchants care about a group of experts beating up the heart of the Rage Demons for the Spirit Cultivator? used for the sale of peddlers. Sell? You should be able to get a windfall from this, right? " Su Yun asked.

This was a business opportunity.

However, if that was the case, then there should be a lot of people entering the Absolute Martial Saint Plains. It would also be very convenient for him to enter.

"Master, someone had thought about this idea a long time ago and decided to take action as well. However, this action had attracted the anger of the supreme expert, who hired a person to obtain the Rage Demon's Heart. Not only was the person who sold them completely destroyed by the supreme expert, even their properties, relatives, friends, etc. were all destroyed by the supreme expert. Not a single one were left alive, such strict methods caused no one to dare act rashly.

Hei Yu said.

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded his head, and said: "Actually without relying on your own abilities, entering the Ultimate Martial Saint Origin would be useless, after all that place is a gathering place for experts, what are you worth, those people will naturally see through it, if you enter, it will only cause others to look down upon you."

"Your Excellency's words are correct."

Hei Yu nodded his head, he then took out the order badge and imbued a few threads of profound energy, very quickly, a servant of walked over.

"Prepare all the information related to the Extreme Martial Saint Yuan, and then prepare all the information related to the Desolate Demon Battlefield and hand it over to Master Su Yun. Do you understand?" Hei Yu spoke to the servant.

"Yes, Guild Leader. This lowly one will do it right away."

After that, the man immediately left.