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Chapter 542 It’s My Time

Alliance leader?

Everyone's eyes lit up. Some people's eyes even glowed with golden light as they became excited.

This was an extraordinary position. If he really did as Cang Yan said, then this position of alliance leader would be extremely important. At this moment, all of the leaders of the various large Chambers of Commerce had their hearts in their throat. If this proposal was approved, then who would be the alliance leader?

"Miss Cang Yan, your proposal is good. Selecting a leader, in the face of danger, we will gather all the heroes to resist the enemy. However, if the leader is chosen, there will be many problems in all aspects, and the leader will be very difficult to elect in the near future." At this time, an old man walked out from the crowd. He was the president of the Siyan Chamber of Commerce, although their strength wasn't considered strong in Bei Yang, but this old man had a lot of experience and connections.

"Yes, choosing a leader is still not practical."

"To put it bluntly, we are all merchants. I think everyone here would want to become the alliance leader."

"Without a fair and reasonable method, no one would be convinced by the choice of the alliance leader. At that time, there would only be more problems."

"I think it's better to maintain the current situation and wait for Li Chongguang to arrive before we try to think of another way."

Some people said.

However, before the voice of these people could last for long, a deep bellow rang out.

"We can only deal with all kinds of problems at any time if we prepare early. If we don't want to think of a way to deal with Li Chongguang now, when he come to destroy us one day, it would be too late!" It was Hei Yu.

His face was calm and he flew into the air, staring at the people around him, then shouted, "I think that the position of alliance leader is very necessary, and I also think that everyone's concerns are unnecessary. You guys are worried that the alliance leader will not be chosen well, and the leader that you choose will only think about benefits. Actually, you don't have to worry at all, if the alliance leader that we chose isn't from the Chamber of Commerce, then wouldn't everything be fine? "

Everyone was stunned when they heard his words. Indeed, if this person had nothing to do with the Chamber of Commerce, so how could this person involve the interests of these people?

Hei Yu took the opportunity and raised his hand, pointing at Su Yun who seated on a nearby boulder, gasped for breath and swallowed the medicine to recover, then said: "Everyone, I think we should elect an alliance leader, and the position of alliance leader would definitely belong to lord Su Yun!"

"What?" Everyone was shocked.

Su Yun was startled. He opened his eyes and looked at Hei Yu, his face was filled with confusion.

Why did they mention him?

Hei Yu remained calm, and continued: "This time's attack on Suicide Witch, the first meritorious general was Lord Su Yun, if not for him fighting outside the valley and severely injuring the Suicide Witch, would everyone still be able to enter the valley so easily? If it were not for Lord Su Yun leading the way, would everyone be able to handle the countless traps? If Lord Su Yun had not risked his life to kill all the experts in Suicide Valley, would the valley have been destroyed? Can everyone still stand here safe and sound? That was why the main contributor to this battle was Lord Su Yun! This position, must belong to him! "

Hei Yu spoke passionately and righteously. A few people looked at him in astonishment. They wanted to say something, but found that they were unable to.

"The reason why Lord Su Yun attacked Suicide Valley today is to respond to us, it is for Bei Yang's future, for Bei Yang's brightness, as far as I know, he is not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and everything about Suicide Witch has nothing to do with him, but for the sake of the human life, he still stood out, I feel that if such a person cannot become the alliance leader, then who else can be the?"

"Furthermore, Lord Su Yun is not a weak man. Even Suicide Witch died in his hands, this power must be stronger than everyone here, right? Suicide Witch has suppressed us for so many years, why can't we let Lord Su Yun protect me? "

Hei Yu saw that everyone was deep in thought , then spoke again, stabilizing his idea.

Hearing Hei Yu say that, if Su Yun still did not understand, then he would be a fool.

Hei Yu was intentionally hoping for Su Yun to become the alliance leader. Firstly, current situation in Bei Yang definitely required a person of high moral standing, the Chambers of Commerce contended for supremacy, and all thesepeople were all pure merchants, no one would seriously cultivate after earning profound coins. They had a large amount of profound coins, but wanted more, then continue to cultivate. As a result, the cultivation of these merchants was not considered high, most of them did not even reach the level of Sky Spirit Master.

"Lord Su Yun?"

Hei Yu's words drew the attention of the old man, president Siyan, who was walking forward with a hunched back. He moved to Su Yun's side and looked at Su Yun seriously, then said: "Although this lord has killed Suicide Witch and found Li Chongguang, his contributions are great. But, we do not know anything about this Lord Su Yun, his backgroud, where is he from, his character, etc. we are not clear about any of these. If we were to carelessly let him be the alliance leader, it would not be appropriate. "

"This …" Hei Yu frowned and hesitated.

Many people nodded when they heard this.

"I am from the Sky Martial Continent. I have no sect or background. The reason I came to Bei Yang is to look for someone." Just then, Su Yun spoke out.

He stopped meditating and jumped down from the stone. Step by step, he walked over to President Siyan and said in a serious tone.

"I believe that no one here is more suitable to have the position of alliance leader than me. I am not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, so I would not use this power to seek benefits, and I don't have any connections with Bei Yang's business. Furthermore, I have the strength to fight against Suicide Witch, if you think that I am not worthy of being the leader, I hope that when you choose other candidate, you can let me have a martial arts competition with that person. If that person cannot even beat me, then must not have even reached the standard of Suicide Witch, so, how can that person become the alliance leader and protect Bei Yang? Can you hope that the people who cause trouble in the future are all inferior to Suicide Witch?"

Su Yun stood up, looked around, and said earnestly. These words were filled with confidence, his current advantage and his domineering attitude.

The last few words were Su Yun's confidence in his own strength, and could be said to be arrogant, but it was enough. After all, regardless of cultivation, he was strong enough to suppress everyone here, seven devil bone giants, several origin swords, thousands of subordinate swords, with his sword art sign, he could even contend against existence of Sky Spirit Master.

This was also what Su Yun hoped for. He had to obtain the position of the alliance leader. If he obtained it, it would be of great help in his search for parents.

Hearing Su Yun's words, many people frowned.

Doesn't this kid know how to be modest? Although his strength was not bad, but his cultivation was not high, not to mention that the people here were all presidents of Chamber of Commerce, all of them were important people in Bei Yang, did this guy not understand the situation?

"Lord Su Yun, do you think that the position of alliance leader is yours already?" President Siyan said with some dissatisfaction.

"Of course not. These words are just a form of confidence in my own strength. Do you think there's anything wrong with my words?" Su Yun turned around and asked.

President Siyan was stunned and was somewhat speechless.

"If Li Chongguang can find Suicide Witch to suppress you, then he can find an existence more cunning and more vicious than Suicide Witch to deal with you in the future. Of course, if you all insist on not creating an alliance, then I have nothing to say. I like Bei Yang very much, and only wanted to help, if not, I, Su Yun would not come here today to fight with Suicide Witch. I have nothing else to say now, you can make your decision. " After Su Yun finished speaking, he cupped his fists and sat down on the side to recuperate.

He had said everything he needed to say, done everything he needed to do. Now, he could only wait for the result.

He wanted the position of alliance leader very much, but he couldn't force anything. He could only leave it to the presidents of Chamber of Commerce to decide.

Hearing that, people started to discuss in low voice, there were quite a few people who directly supported Su Yun, since this matter could not be resolved without Su Yun. But some people felt that Su Yun was out of place, and that these people were the minority.

"Alright, everybody, stop talking, since you do not have a suitable candidate, then, I will propose, for Lord Su Yun to be the alliance leader, we have hundreds of Chambers of Commerce present, so with the numbers as the name, call it Hundred Chambers Alliance, what do you say?" Hei Yu stood up in time and shouted loudly.


"Support president Hei Yu!"

"I support Lord Su Yun!"

Some of the other presidents who were on good terms with Hei Yu immediately shouted out.

Very soon, the scene burst into an uproar. When President Siyan saw this, he opened his mouth, but could not say anything. From the looks of it, people were with Su Yun.

Seeing that, Su Yun secretly took a deep breath.

Hei Yu had a good relationship with Su Yun. He would definitely be the biggest beneficiary of Su Yun being the alliance leader. Many of the people present still did not know his relationship with Sun Yun.

With he help of Hei Yu, Su Yun finally became the leader of Hundred Chambers Alliance.

Perhaps, there were many people who were dissatisfied with Su Yun becoming the alliance leader, but at least seventy percent of the people respected Su Yun from the bottom of their hearts, had no doubt that he obtained the position. After all, he was the one who killed Suicide Witch, and he was the one who caused the destruction of Suicide Valley. It was him who ended the oppression from Suicide Valley which lasted for many years. It was also he who facilitated the establishment of the Hundred Chambers Alliance.

"Greetings, Alliance Leader!"

Within Suicide Valley, a tsunami of cheers and shouts could be heard. Countless members of the Chamber of Commerce knelt down and shouted towards the black clothed man who was sitting on the stone. No matter who it was, at this moment, everyone revealed a look of reverence. They didn't dare to be the slightest bit negligent …

Su Yun quietly looked down at the people below him. He looked calm, but for some reason, he suddenly felt excited.

In the vast Ultimate Martial World, there was finally a place for him …