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Chapter 539 Partners

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Suicide Witch’s skin began to melt, and the blood vessels in her body began to crack bit by bit. Her internal organs started to weaken, and her spirit cores started to shatter from the sudden onslaught of the poisonous sword, her Spirit Profound Qi began to roil.

Suicide Witch was holding onto the cane in one hand while holding onto the poison sword in Bai Yanshan’s hand with the other, her face was extremely ugly, her facial features had already started to change, the sound coming out from her mouth was like stones, it was ear-piercing.

“Why? Bai Yanshan, I have been good to you, why do you want to kill me?” She grudgingly asked, her eyes filled with confusion.

“Because I am not your tool, not your puppet. I am a living person.” Bai Yanshan said indifferently.

Suicide Witch spat out a large amount of green blood, coughed a few times and asked in pain, “What do you mean by that?”

“I already knew that the reason you taught me the profound skills and gave me a lot of good pills and medicines was only to cultivate me to become a weapon for you to use against the Emperor Palace in the future and against your enemies… All these years, you have been searching for someone with extraordinary talent, just wanting to collect more talents for the Suicide Valley. But your calculations were wrong, your so-called ‘brainwashing’ actions have no effect on me at all, I, Bai Yanshan, am still Bai Yanshan, and I will pursue my martial path, but not the way you gave to me. In the end, I am still a person from the Immortal Sword Sect, the so-called Suicide Valley is none of my business. If you hadn’t forcefully kidnapped me here, I wouldn’t be here today. However, I still have to thank you. If it wasn’t for you forcing me, how could my cultivation have advanced by leaps and bounds? How could my strength be at the level of being able to fight against Sky Spirit Master? However, thanks are thanks. The debt between us still needs to be settled!”

With that said, Bai Yanshan twisted the sword hilt in her hand. The poisoned sword that had stabbed into Suicide Witch’s body started to spin.

“So that’s how it is! You treated me like your enemy from the beginning to the end! Hehe! I didn’t expect that I, Suicide Witch who have been smart all my life, would end up by a girl like you! I really didn’t expect that! Hahahaha!”

Suicide Witch stopped laughing for a second, then let out a few pieces of meat out of her mouth and fell to the ground dead.

Her corpse slowly shrivelled up, and large amounts of green smoke rose from it.

This evil person whose name could shake the entire Bei Yang, this powerful being who had suppressed countless tyrants in Bei Yang, had now fallen here, died in this miserable way.

Bai Yanshan stood quietly in front of the Suicide Witch, quietly staring at the corpse.

The Suicide Sword was extremely powerful and had terrifying poison power. Even the peak-level old witch would not be able to withstand a single attack from it. Not to mention the fact that the Suicide Witch was severely injured and the Suicide Sword had the support of the strange array she had set up and became even stronger. Therefore, killing the Suicide Witch in one sword strike was not a rare thing.

After a long while, Bai Yanshan finally turned and looked at Su Yun.

“If you wanted to kill Suicide Witch, why wait till now?” Su Yun looked at Bai Yanshan and asked indifferently.

“Because you want to kill her, I’ll take care of her as well. Moreover, if I make move now, Suicide Witch will definitely be defenceless. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Bai Yanshan said unhurriedly.

“Is that so?” Su Yun took a deep breath, then jumped down from the giant’s body and shouted: “Since you killed Suicide Witch, then quickly bring me to save Xianli, you have been in Suicide Valley, you must know where the Suicide Witch is locking Xianli.”

Hearing that, Bai Yashan turned and asked: “Su Yun, why are you so concerned about Elder Long of my sect? Could it be that you came to Suicide Valley just to save Elder Long?”

“Otherwise, do you think there is anything worth risking my life in this Suicide Valley?” Su Yun said casually, and anxiously added: “Alright, Bai Yanshan, stop with the nonsense, go save Long Xianli!”

Seeing Su Yun being so anxious, Bai Yanshan’s heart started to ripple. “I never thought that Su Yun would take such big risks for Elder Long’s sake, going to Suicide Valley and going against the fearsome Suicide Witch, he is truly a person with loyalty.”

Bai Yanshan thought for a while, then said: “Su Yun, you don’t have to worry, the Elder is fine! In fact, she wasn’t in Suicide Valley for a long time, and Suicide Witch lied to you before. She wanted to use Elder Long to restrain you, but luckily, you didn’t fall for it.”

Hearing that, Su Yun was startled. “Xianli is not in Suicide Valley? Why did Taoist Priest Niao Lu say that both of you were captured by Suicide Witch into Suicide Valley and killed by her?”

“Who is Taoist Priest Niao Lu? You don’t have to believe it. I don’t know where Elder Long went, but I know that nothing will happen to her. You don’t have to worry about that anymore.” Bai Yanshan said.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s anxious heart was finally at ease. Although the gap between him and Bai Yanshan was not shallow, from the beginning till the end, Bai Yanshan had never lied to him, furthermore, there was no need to lie about such things.

Since Long Xianli was fine, Su Yun was relaxed now, he immediately released the death sword’s power and kept it in the sword sheath, then sat down on the ground. He hurriedly took out some pills from his bag and stuffed them into his mouth.

Once the pill entered his mouth, he started to chew without restraint, no longer paying attention to Bai Yanshan and continued to recover himself.

Seeing Su Yun like that, Bai Yanshan frowned, but she was not angry, she walked over and quietly sized Su Yun up, her white face revealed waves of astonishment.

From the strength that Su Yun had displayed, his cultivation was not weak, and even if he did not reach the Sky Spirit Master, he would soon step into the stage. Furthermore, the seven devil bone giants behind him were even more terrifying, each one’s strength far surpassed that of the Sky Spirit Master.

“I never expected that we would meet here. Even more, I never expected that the current you have already reached such a terrifying level of strength!”

Bai Yanshan could not help but exclaim. Although she was confident and conceited, at that moment, she did not dare to be arrogant anymore. Facing the seven giants, she did not have any strength to fight, much less Su Yun.

“You’re not bad either, the sword attack you used to kill Suicide Witch was so powerful that I’m afraid I can’t handle it.” Su Yun opened his eyes and casually said.

Bai Yanshan knew that this was only Su Yun’s humble words, she didn’t feel happy. Instead, she asked: “Where are you planning to go next?”

“Since Xianli is fine, I will continue to look for my parents.” Su Yun said indifferently.

“Parents?” A trace of doubt flashed across Bai Yanshan’s eyes.

Su Yun did not say anything. Seeing that, Bai Yanshan did not ask.

Although the two of them had some relation that was unclear, they did not have any feelings for each other. Speaking of feeling, Su Yun liked Long Xianli more, but towards Bai Yanshan, he could not feel anything.

“Since that’s the case, then we will part ways here, I will return to the Emperor Palace and contact my Sect Leader, I hope that he can get the Emperor Palace’s people to find Elder Long.” Bai Yanshan said.

Su Yun nodded and stood up, prepared to leave the Emperor Palace.

But before the two parted, a large number of figures suddenly charged over. The auras of these people were violent and thick and filled with hostility. The moment they appeared, the two of them immediately gathered together. Each of them took out their weapons and vigilantly looked in every direction.

Six white figures appeared at an unknown time, surrounding Su Yun and Bai Yanshan from six different directions, surrounding the two of them.

These six people all wore white robes with red edges and wore white masks, their faces could not be seen, but all of their auras were astonishing, and they were already existences of Sky Spirit Master.

How could so many experts suddenly appear? Were these people from Suicide Valley? Su Yun was stunned.

At the moment, fighting with them would only result in a loss, he had just removed the death sword’s state, the power had already dissipated, it was impossible for him to activate the death sword’s power, if not his already exhausted and withered body would be torn apart by the death sword’s power.

On the other hand, he could use the Heavenly Crystal to temporarily increase his strength, but it was not a long-term plan.

“I can’t believe the dignified Suicide Witch would die in the hands of her beloved disciple! If this news got out, it would be a huge joke!” Just then, a shout came out from the crowd, the crowd dispersed and a man in a brown cape walked out, approaching Su Yun.

Su Yun secretly sized him up, and realised that he had been disguised from start to finish, even his voice was affected, as he did not know Su Yun’s identity.

“Who are you?” Su Yun asked.

“He is someone who worked with Suicide Witch, I think he is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. All these years, it is because of him that Suicide Witch had been able to suppress all the major Chamber of Commerce in Bei Yang territory. Otherwise, with Suicide Witch’s strength, it would be a fantasy for her to suppress so many Chamber of Commerce.” Bai Yanshan said softly.

Outsiders might not know the power of Suicide Witch and thought that she was so powerful, but Bai Yanshan knew that Suicide Witch was not strong enough to suppress all of the experts in Bei Yang, which was why she said those words.

Although the various large Chamber of Commerce appeared strong on the surface, they actually had quite a lot of weak points. It was precisely because of this brown-robed man that Suicide Witch was able to easily control the various large Chamber of Commerce, making them submit.

“Someone who works with Suicide Witch?” Su Yun frowned.

“That’s just the past.” The brown-robed man walked over and then walked around Bai Yanshan and Su Yun. Under the hood, a pair of complicated eyes appeared: "Suicide Witch is dead, the collaboration had ended, I need a new partner. The two of you in front of me, regardless of scheming or strength, I am very satisfied, I hope to cooperate with you so that you can control Suicide Valley which has no leader, and help me suppress Bei Yang, and obtain endless amounts of treasures, power and authority. You two, are you willing? " The brown-robed person spoke in a low voice with a tempting tone.

After Suicide Witch died, the brown-robed partner didn’t show the slightest bit of anger. Instead, he threw out an olive branch to the two of them…