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Chapter 535 Kill into the Valley

Limitless Sword God
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Dong! Dong! Dong!

The seven Devil Bone Giants were like meteorites as they fiercely collided with each other. The energy wall that was releasing billions of arrows suddenly shattered like glass shards and disappeared into the air.

The arrows vanished into thin air.

This mountain-like existence scared these disciples out of their wits. Each of their faces was deathly pale. Facing such a magnificent puppet artefact, almost no one had the courage to fight it out.

Su Yun rushed in, one hand holding the death sword, the other holding the Imperial Equipment Token Flag. The Qi Cover wrapped around his body, and he crashed into the centre of the crowd. Immediately after, the Imperial Equipment was withdrawn, the death sword’s edge was immediately exposed, and he viciously swung it around the crowd.

A large amount of flesh and broken limbs flew out, and one by one, the disciples of the Suicide Valley fell under the pitch-black longswords. No one was able to withstand Su Yun’s sword at this moment.

“This guy’s cultivation is clearly not high, why is he so powerful?” The Spirit Cultivator who had been directing the air arrows stared at Su Yun, gritting his teeth, and couldn’t help but retreat.

This person was Poison Fist Qiao Gong.

This was already the last barrier of Suicide Valley. If they couldn’t stop Su Yun here, then there wouldn’t be any traps or arrays to stop Su Yun. Once the door was broken, everything in the valley could be seen.

“Hold it, hold it. We can’t let this guy enter our Suicide Valley!” The Poison Fist Qiao Gong roared.

As he spoke, he did not stay idle either. He threw out his fists, which were filled with green gas, and activated his Poison Fists. He stared at the surrounding disciples of the Suicide Valley, once he noticed that someone was trying to escape, he would throw a punch without any hesitation, killing all the disciples that were trying to escape.

Qiao Gong’s methods were extremely vicious. Anyone who got hit by his fist would immediately turn into a pool of blood, dying without any chance of survival. As the second disciple of the Suicide Witch, Qiao Gong’s cultivation level and strength were unquestionable.

Seeing how Qiao Gong was supervising the battle, how could the disciples of the Suicide Valley dare to run? They had no choice but to fight for their lives against Su Yun.

Although Su Yun had obtained the power of the death sword and his devil power had increased, his consciousness was not completely under his control. From the beginning to the end, he had kept a thread of his consciousness to himself.

Facing countless attacks from all directions, he pushed his speed to the limit and was moving like a ghost in the crowd. Every time he attacked, he would pierce through his body and smash into the disciples of the Suicide Valley, and when the disciples of the Death Valley surrounded him, the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment would immediately help him resist the incoming damage.

Sun Yun could be easily described as nimble and cunning.

Facing these vicious people from the Suicide Valley, Su Yun did not show any mercy, the death sword crazily slashed at their necks.

In these past few years, it was unknown how many Spirit Cultivators had died tragically in this Suicide Valley.

Over years, countless people in the Bei Yang Region had been killed by the Suicide Valley.

Now was the moment of reckoning.

The fourteen iron fists of the giants were like huge shovels that completely destroyed the entire area. The huge boulders were directly crushed into fine powder, and the ground was also cracked, making it almost impossible to find a complete place. The places that were hit by the fists were all filled with flesh and blood; it was extremely terrifying.

Blood spurted out. Accompanied by the cries of injuries, the sound of weapons clashing, and the sound of magic spells exploding, this place was like a purgatory that sent chills and shivers down one’s spine.

Seeing Su Yun madly fighting in the crowd and the disciples of the Suicide Valley falling one by one, Qiao Gong was anxious, angry and scared. After hesitating for a long time, he finally clenched his teeth, gathered up the poison gas in his fists, and rushed towards Su Yun.

“Su Yun!” Qiao Gong roared angrily as he threw out a punch.

Feeling a very violent and complicated smell coming at him, Su Yun frowned. He turned around and saw a dark green fist coming at his face. He turned around and instantly appeared a few meters away, avoiding the punch.

Qiao Gong threw himself into the air, a little exasperated, but he was also secretly happy in his anger: “Su Yun dodged? Could it be that he was afraid of my fists?”

Thinking up to here, Qiao Gong took a deep breath, let out a furious roar, and rushed towards Su Yun.

His fist was extremely fast and ferocious, with an unknown amount of power. However, one could tell that the poison contained within his fist was something no ordinary person could withstand.

Although Qiao Gong wasn’t a quick-witted person, he was absolutely not a mediocre talent in the Suicide Valley.

However, the current Su Yun was absolutely not someone he could challenge.

Facing the relentless fists, Su Yun humphed, raised his fist, and ferociously punched towards the incoming fists.

“What?” Qiao Gong was instantly shocked. Not only him, but even the disciples of the Suicide Valley were also shocked.

“You actually dare to touch my fist with your physical body! How dare you!”

Qiao Gong said in astonishment. However, he soon calmed down, and with a cold expression, he said: “Since that’s the case, I will let you know how powerful Poison Fist Qiao Gong is so that you don’t think that I am an unworthy person!”

As Qiao Gong shouted, he focused all the profound energy of his body on his right fist that was thrown out, using all of his strength to drink. It was as if he wanted to decide the victor between him and Su Yun from this punch.

However, Su Yun’s body shook and then suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, with a “bang” sound, Qiao Gong’s entire body flew out and crashed into a rock behind him. He fell into it, his face covered in blood.

This punch actually landed on Qiao Gong’s face!

People were stunned.

It turned out that from the beginning to the end, Su Yun did not plan to fight Qiao Gong head on. He used his own advantage to pretend to fight Qiao Gong head on, then used his speed to counterattack and directly slapped Qiao Gong in the face, catching him off guard.

Although Qiao Gong’s strength was not weak, his intelligence was still a far cry. Under certain circumstances, intelligence could also be considered a type of strength. Sometimes, the victor of a battle would come from his IQ being crushed.

Su Yun suddenly retracted his hand, pulled out the death sword, and fiercely slashed at Qiao Gong who hadn’t even stood up yet.

A large number of sword shadows transformed into a gigantic mouth of a ferocious beast, directly swallowing Qiao Gong. Qiao Gong hadn’t even stood up when his body froze. The sword shadows pierced through his body, then vanished without a trace.

Su Yun took a few steps back and then turned around to look at the disciples of the Suicide Valley.

The body of Qiao Gong behind him started to gradually collapse, like a withered flower. The flesh on his body fell down bit by bit, finally turning into a pile of dead flesh and completely dying. “Senior brother Qiao Gong is dead?” The crowd were stunned as they stared at Qiao Gong’s broken body in fear.

“Qiao Gong is dead! Qiao Gong is dead!”

“Even Qiao Gong wasn’t his opponent, so how could we be his opponent?”

“Run! Run!”

The remaining people from the Suicide Valley no longer had the courage to fight against Su Yun. If Qiao Gong didn’t force them with his iron will, they would have already fled long ago. How could they still fight with Su Yun?

After all, in the Suicide Valley, Su Yun was an existence that was said to be able to fight against the Suicide Witch.

How could they fight against such an existence? And now that Qiao Gong was dead, what else did they insist on?

The remaining disciples of the Suicide Valley were all busy running for their lives. After killing a few people, Su Yun didn’t pay any more attention to them. He controlled the seven Devil Bone Giants to break the gate of Suicide Valley and continued to head inside.

Only then did Hei Yu, Cang Yan and the others arrived late. When they saw the damaged gate covered in blood and broken corpses, everyone was stunned. They stood there blankly, unable to recover for a long time.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The earth trembled slightly as if telling everyone in the Suicide Valley that an invader has arrived.

“So fast!” Under the ancient tree, the Suicide Witch opened her eyes, looked into the distance and said in a deep voice.

“According to the scouts’ reports, there aren’t many people who have come. There’s only that strange person with the eighth grade of Spirit Master!” The brown-cloaked man said.

“Where are the other members of the Chamber of Commerce?”

"They’re still killing each other in the valley. However, Hei Yu had seen through it. He had brought another group of people with him to support this eighth grade of Spirit Master. The Black Fish Chamber of Commerce’s strength cannot be underestimated. It is not easy to deal with them. Don’t take it lightly! " The brown-cloaked man said solemnly.

“Don’t worry, this is the Suicide Valley, my territory. How can I not deal with these ants?” The Suicide Witch stood up, snorted with a serious face.

“I will send my Six Annihilation Guards to help you.” The brown-cloaked man waved his hand and the six red-clothed Spirit Cultivators walked over. All of them wore pale masks and only a pair of deep eyes could be seen. They seemed to be unfathomable.

Hearing this, the Suicide Witch looked at these people, then laughed hoarsely and said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, president, but there’s no need. Compared to your experts, this old woman believes in my disciples more. It’s better if the Six Annihilation Guards stay here and protect you.”

After saying that, she turned her head towards the young girl standing there and said, “Yanshan!”

“Yes!” Bai Yanshan stood out.

“Follow me and kill the enemies!”

“Yes!” Bai Yanshan nodded, a mysterious light flashing across her eyes, then she walked towards the Suicide Witch.

When the brown-cloaked man heard this, he didn’t feel angry. Instead, he nodded slightly and said, “Then, I will wait here for your good news.”

“Just wait and see.” The Suicide Witch laughed hoarsely, stomped her feet on the ground and flew out.

Bai Yanshan held her dark green sword as she followed closely behind…