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Chapter 532 Suicide Valley part 2

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Naturally, those from the Suicide Valley wanted to escape when they saw the Suicide Witch was defeated, but the people from the Chamber of Commerce didn’t want them to leave so easily. Over the years, the people from the major Chamber of Commerce had suffered many exploits from the people from the Suicide Valley, and today was a good opportunity for them to vent their anger.

The news of the Suicide Valley’s war spread across entire Bei Yang Region and soon enough, more and more people came rushing over to join the various major Chamber of Commerce.

Outside the valley, the silhouettes of a large number of Spirit Cultivators could be seen in the sky.

This was the best chance to get rid of a tumour, Suicide Valley!

If they missed this day, it would be difficult to get rid of the Suicide Witch again. With Su Yun’s eighth grade of Spirit Master cultivation, he had made the old witch look down on him, making her think less, in the end, he had made a surprise attack, but in the future, when she fought against Su Yun again, the Suicide Witch would use all of her strength; at that time, it would be much more difficult for Su Yun to defeat the old witch.

Therefore, now that they had rushed into the valley, killing the Suicide Witch who was seriously injured was the only thing they had to do.

As they watched Su Yun lead the seven Devil Bone Giants towards the Suicide Valley, Cang Yan and Hei Yu were both dumbstruck. It wasn’t easy for them to recover from their shock.

“Master Hei Yu, where is this Lord Su Yun from? Why have I never heard of such a character?”

Cang Yan’s face was little pale as if she was shocked by the crazy power of Su Yun.

The peerlessly powerful Suicide Witch has actually been forced to flee in panic after her hands had been cut off by this man!

“Was that true?”

“Not to mention you, even I have never heard of this person. It’s like he just appeared in Bei Yang out of nowhere, maybe he is someone from a big power out of Bei Yang, but no matter what, he has done a great service for Bei Yang this time. The Suicide Witch is injured, and she’s not far from death. All the Chamber of Commerce and Spirit Cultivators in Bei Yang will be grateful to this lord.” Hei Yu said.

Cang Yan nodded. At this moment, Hei Yu spoke up with a solemn expression, “However, there is something that I do not know …”

“What?” Cang Yan looked at him.

Hei Yu worriedly looked in the direction of the Suicide Valley, he said in a deep voice, “The reason why the old witch was able to do evil in Bei Yang Region was because she relied on these strange traps of her Suicide Valley. Every time she failed to defeat others, she would hide in the valley, and no one would be able to do anything to her. Now that the Suicide Witch has hidden inside after being wounded, I wonder if she has any backup plans or if there will be some sort of trap in the valley, Lord Su Yun will still be in trouble.”

“That’s right.” Cang Yan woke up and nodded, “This is the old witch’s lair, she must have some other methods. Lord Hei Yu, we must organize everyone and slaughter our way into Suicide Valley to assist Lord Su Yun!”

“That’s right! We can’t let Lord Su Yun enter alone, I’ll go make the arrangements!” As soon as he finished speaking, Hei Yu went aside.

The outside of the Suicide Valley was still boiling with excitement, and the remaining experts of the valley had already begun to retreat. They all rushed towards the blood-red formation at the centre, but there was a limit to the number of people that could be transported.

The crowd from the Chamber of Commerce began to destroy the formation to prevent the experts from escaping. They had been in a stalemate for less than two hours, and the formation was finally broken. The remaining people couldn’t return in time, so they had no choice but to surrender to the Chamber of Commerce in order to preserve their lives.

After the chaos ended, an unprecedented loud sound rang out within the Suicide Valley. Within the depths of the valley, several enormous figures could be seen swaying.

Hei Yu surveyed the depths of the valley, then flew into the air and began shouting at the people around him.

“Everyone, at this moment, the Suicide Witch is on the verge of death. At this moment, it is our great chance to destroy the Suicide Valley and to get rid of this tumour. Now, with such a supreme expert leading us into the Suicide Valley, how can we let this opportunity slip by? Everyone, charge with me. Let us follow Lord Su Yun’s footsteps and charge into Suicide Valley!”

Although Hei Yu’s appearance was rather comical, his words were extremely solemn and his blood boiled.

With these words spoken, the noisy surroundings immediately became even more boisterous, as if a pot had exploded.

“Right, at this time, we can’t just let this Suicide Witch go!”

“This is our chance to retaliate, let’s fight our way into the Suicide Valley!”

“Kill! Follow Lord Su Yun and charge in!”

“Kill! Kill!”

The angry roars didn’t stop, and there was one person whose voice was especially joyful. It was a tall, skinny, bald man. His name was Li Chongguang, and he was the president of the New Chamber of Commerce. His position in the Bei Yang Region was extremely high, and even Hei Yu had to give him some face.

Seeing both Hei Yu and Li Chongguang say this, everyone felt their blood boil with passion, and all of them felt like their hearts were on fire. The experts of the New Chamber of Commerce led by Li Chongguang took the lead and rushed into the valley.

At this moment, deep in the valley.

Su Yun used the seven Devil Bone Giants as a barrier and continued to step forward.

The Devil Bone Giants were made of extraordinary materials and possessed astonishing defence. Even if they triggered some simple traps, they wouldn’t be harmed. Moreover, this giant didn’t have any life characteristics. It was similar to a poisonous gas trap.

Of course, this did not mean that they could not do anything to the Devil Bone Giants.

Among the hundreds and thousands of traps, there were also some extremely terrifying traps, such as the ‘Death Kill Formation’, which had amazing destructive power, would be extremely difficult to escape from, if it fell into the array. The array would overflow with a large amount of destructive aura, and it would cause the bones and flesh to peel off, the armour to rot, and even the body of the Devil Bone Giant would find it difficult to resist. Fortunately, only two of the Devil Bone Giants fell into the formation. Su Yun and the other five Giants worked together to destroy the formation and break it open.

In the Suicide Valley, the news spread rapidly outside of the valley. When the disciples who were still training in the Valley learned of this, they were all in a mess. Especially the matter of the Suicide Witch’s defeat was like a bolt from the blue as it struck the hearts of every single disciple of Suicide Valley.

Their comfortable lives of all these years had been given to them by the Suicide Witch. Now that old witch had been challenged and fled in such a sorry state, their beautiful lives vanished like the mist in the mirror.

Under the ancient tree in the old witch’s training ground, she leaned against the ancient tree and coughed violently.

The broken hands were slowly growing, but the newly reborn hands were clearly unable to be used in battle. The sword marks on her chest were the source of the old witch’s pain, and the evil power on them seemed to be stuck there, making it extremely difficult to clear the “cough cough cough” sound. It sounded like she was trying her best to cough out her heart.

A large number of experts from the Suicide Valley walked to the ancient tree. When they saw the old witch was in such a sorry state, their expressions changed.

“Master, are you alright?” Mu Zidu quickly walked over and asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough …” The old witch raised her hand and started to cough with all her might.

When everyone saw this, they looked like they wanted to say something, but no one said anything.

“Master, a large number of the Chamber of Commerce experts are heading towards our Valley. We have to think of a way, or else if they break the trap, we’ll be finished.” At this time, a disciple could not help but ask worriedly.

“Don’t worry, the traps I’ve set up for nearly a thousand years won’t be so easy to break.”

The Suicide Witch raised her head and said coldly, “Now, all you have to do is gather everyone and prepare to face the enemy. Hmph, this bunch of people actually dare to come to Suicide Valley, this time I will make sure they have no way to return, and let them know the methods of the valley!”

“Yes!” Everyone shouted in unison and they were running to separately.

“Old witch, although your words are clear, they may not be as simple as they sound. Right now, the person controlling the Puppet Equipment is breaking your traps and rushing towards the Suicide Valley, and the alliance army is following behind him. Today, the crisis of Suicide Valle will be the most dangerous one in many years. If you don’t deal with it well, the Valley will be finished.”

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the entrance of the training grounds.

Everyone looked over and saw a few people walking towards them. The person in the lead was a man wearing a brown cloak.

The man purposely covered his face so that no one could see his face. Even his voice had been treated by the profound technique and was not the original voice.

With regards to this man’s arrival, most of the experts of the Suicide Valley had a strange and surprised expression on their faces as if this was the first time they had seen this man.

However, the Suicide Witch didn’t seem surprised at all. Instead, she smiled with a relaxed face.

“Although the situation outside is not looking good, for you to be able to come here, I think the one laughing at the end will definitely be me, the Suicide Witch. A person called Su Yun popped up out of nowhere and gathered all these Chamber of Commerce with different thoughts, this is not a big problem. In the Suicide Valley, it’s easy to separate them, as long as those Chamber of Commerce fight among themselves, then it will be much easier for us to get rid of these people.”

That person said solemnly, "But, old witch, you have to bear in mind that no matter how much resentment you have in your heart, you will not destroy the leaders of these Chamber of Commerce. Our goal is to control them and obtain more benefits. Once they die and the Chamber of Commerce will be destroyed, we will suffer even more losses. "

“Wouldn’t it be better to kill them and let your Chamber of Commerce dominate them?” At this time, the old witch said something that would shock anyone with her words.

As the sound of her voice faded, the hearts of the crowd were filled with terror.

So, this person was actually a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Bei Yang!

However, that person shook his head and said blandly, “If I wanted to rule the entire Bei Yang, I would have done it long ago, but you don’t understand one thing. The Ultimate Martial World is huge, so big that it is hard to imagine, and there are many experts from outside the world. The situation is very good, but once I become the strongest, I will definitely attract the dissatisfaction of some experts. I don’t want to become the target. Wouldn’t it be better for me to silently make a fortune like that?”

With these words, the old witch pondered for a while, then let out a series of laughter.