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Chapter 531 Suicide Valley part 1

Chapter 531 Suicide Valley part 1

What kind of divine object was the Withered Vine Staff? The Suicide Witch knew very well that this was a powerful magic treasure made from the branches and leaves of the ten thousand years old divine tree on the peak of Ultimate Martial.

‘What kind of weapon was that? Why was it so powerful?’

The Suicide Witch’s eyes were wide open, her face was filled with astonishment. She had never expected that the other party would have a weapon that was even stronger than hers.

The Withered Vine Staff was the life magic treasure of Suicide Witch. Now that her magic treasure had been destroyed, the Suicide Witch’s body had naturally suffered a great deal of damage, and blood had also seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

She fiercely stared at Su Yun and didn’t dare to move forward. Instead, she kept on backing away.

How could Su Yun, who had already released all of the power of the death sword, let her go?

With a low roar, he rushed over like a dragon, using the Divine Wind Sword Technique, outside the entire Suicide Valley, a dark evil wind suddenly blew, the sky became dark, dark clouds covered the sky, not even the sun could be seen, the entire atmosphere was very strange, the temperature also began to drop crazily.

A large number of sword shadows flew out from Su Yun’s body, directly surrounding the Suicide Witch. The sword shadows superimposed and were extremely dense, and were so fast that it was impossible to tell how fast they were.

With the enhancement of the death sword’s power, the profound energy in Su Yun’s body increased explosively. With the support of the demonic nature of the devil blood, he seemed to have entered an unprecedented crazed state, and the number of swings in a second also increased from one thousand to one thousand two hundred.

However, one should not underestimate these two hundred sword strikes. At the level of one second and one thousand sword strikes, it would be extremely difficult to even lift up a single sword strike, let alone two hundred sword strikes. Furthermore, at such a terrifying frequency, the addition of one sword strike would create a huge pressure on the opponent.

At this moment, even though it was the Suicide Witch, she still appeared extremely strenuous. She raised her withered hand and continuously swung it in the air, her palm overflowing with a lot of dark green gas. After the gas seeped out of her palm, it quickly gathered together, forming a thick wall, blocking the fast and almost indiscernible death sword.

However, although the old witch’s cultivation was high, in terms of speed, she was definitely no match for Su Yun. Although she had blocked many attacks, new wounds still appeared on her body, and the sword qi and evil qi in the wounds were like living creatures, beginning to erode her body, making her feel very uncomfortable.

“You can be considered capable, for forcing me to this state even with a mere eighth grade of Spirit Master. But don’t be too complacent. This old lady has far more tricks up her sleeves than that!”

The Suicide Witch’s face darkened, and she suddenly let out a loud roar. Her body suddenly burst out a huge wave of air, shaking all directions.

Su Yun, who was quickly swinging the sword, was not prepared and was directly blown away by this Qi wave.


The Suicide Witch’s yellow eyes suddenly opened, and her lips quickly moved. A magical chant flowed out from her mouth. Then, she suddenly rolled up her sleeves, revealing her skinny arm and held it horizontally in front of her eyes. On her thin arm, there was an old tree pattern, but this old tree was very sturdy, almost filling the old witch’s arm to the brim. However, what was most frightening was that the old Witch’s arm was completely covered in leaves. The ancient tree didn’t bear any fruit. Instead, it bore a large number of skulls.

Along with the old witch’s chant, those skulls released waves of light and started swaying ceaselessly. The jaws of the skull bumped against each other, making a series of ‘click-clack’ sounds.

“Let me see how I will turn you into a fruit on this human-bone tree!” The old witch yelled coldly and was about to launch her profound skill.

At this critical moment, a pair of gigantic fists descended from the sky, directly smashing towards the old witch’s head.

The old witch was surprised for a second. She immediately thought of those Devil Bone Giants and didn’t dare to hesitate. She used her ‘profound qi Protection’. A dense poisonous gas formed a thick wall above her head.

Although this wall could not completely block the Devil Bone Giant’s attack, it could delay it for a bit longer. This amount of time was enough for the Suicide Witch to complete the activation of this spell and end Su Yun’s life.

However, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

Several whooshing sounds suddenly rang out, and an even thicker pressure descended from the sky.

The suicide Witch’s expression changed drastically. She abruptly raised her head and looked towards the sky. However, with just a single glance, her entire body turned as stiff as a wooden chicken.

Several huge fists descended from the sky. Each fist contained a boundless destructive power that could flatten high mountains and shatter the earth.

The old witch’s eyeballs flashed up, and when she saw the number of fists clearly, she looked as if she had been petrified.

“Seven!” The old witch murmured.

There were at least seven such terrifying Devil Bone Giant, could it be true?

While the Suicide Witch lost in her thoughts, the attacks launched by the seven Devil Bone Giants had already fallen down, and the protective profound qi released by the old witch was instantly shattered into pieces. Huge amounts of mountain-like fists fiercely smashed on her thin and hunched body, and a terrifying power spread across her entire body, crazily tearing her entire body apart.

Dong, Dong, Dong! The seven giants crazily punched around the old witch, their violent powers causing the entire Suicide Valley to shake. The ground was completely broken into pieces, and there were almost no intact parts of the valley.

The sky-rending roar and unparalleled power shocked all the Spirit Cultivators in present. Even the experts of the Suicide Valley were thoroughly intimidated by this scene.

Their eyes were filled with fear and began to tremble. That aloof and invincible Suicide Witch was already in such a sorry state, and they could see the old woman struggling to resist this power in that huge, chaotic fist strike. However, she was not as strong as her heart, and her body was shaking uncontrollably; the power given by the giant made her almost unable to maintain her balance.

The profound qi within her body was dispersed, and her defences were also destroyed. Her hunched body began to tear apart as frightening cracks began to appear on her body.

In the end, the Suicide Witch was still the Suicide Witch, which meant that her physical body was even more powerful than ordinary people’s bodies. This was not simple at all.

If it was any ordinary Spirit Cultivator, they would have long since run out of flesh in the face of this terrifying storm of energy.

Su Yun let out a sigh of relief, supported by his last bit of consciousness, and rushed towards Suicide Witch who was in the middle of a chaotic fight.

With the help of the seven Devil Bone Giants, the Suicide Witch had more than enough self-defence, but her attacks were insufficient. This was the best time to take her life.

As Su Yun thought this, his body was like a shadow falling into a mess of fists. The mournful death sword stabbed out, and the sword was so fast that it was breathtakingly beautiful.


The Suicide Witch was shocked. She never thought that Su Yun dared to charge in. After all, he was not immune to the giant fist. He could not guarantee that the giant would not hurt him.

However, the reality shocked the Suicide Witch.

In order to maintain the might of the sword, Su Yun did not intentionally move his body to avoid the giant’s fist. Instead, he forcefully held the giant’s fist and fiercely attacked.

In order to kill the old witch, Su Yun had sacrificed everything!


The Suicide Witch raised both of her palms and blocked the black sword that was thrusting towards her. Her elderly face was filled with malevolence, and because of her anger and resentment, her entire face was twisted, making it look extremely ugly.

The old witch’s withered hands kept shaking. While enduring the attacks of the seven Devil Bone Giants, she also had to deal with Su Yun’s strange sword, making her feel that she was struggling even more.

But at that moment, under the black cloak, his blood-red eyes suddenly curved as a strange smile appeared on his face.

Seeing this, the Suicide Witch’s heart skipped a beat, feeling that something was wrong.

The black sword suddenly began to tremble, and then an ear-piercing sword hum erupted from the blade. The evil qi circling around the sword condensed into a mournful Evil Soul, and a pair of sharp claws smashed towards Suicide Witch.

The Suicide Witch didn’t even have time to react. How could she have imagined that such a terrifying Evil Soul would emerge from this sword?


Three deep claw marks appeared on the Suicide Witch’s head.

“Ah! Ah!”

The Suicide Witch let out a shrill scream and was pushed back again and again. Her profound qi was in chaos. Su Yun took advantage of this and stabbed the Suicide Witch’s chest with the death sword.

The Suicide Witch completely lost the power to resist. The seven giants’ fists landed, Suicide Witch’s body was instantly smashed into an uneven, broken state, and she was on the verge of death.

“It’s over!”

A trace of fierceness flashed across Su Yun’s bloodshot eyes. He raised his death sword and slashed towards the old witch’s chest.

“If you devour the soul of Long Xianli, then her soul should be in your body, right? You won’t object if I take everything out of your body and devour your soul, right?”

Su Yun’s voice was full of devilishness, it no longer sounded like something a person should say.

Fear finally emerged from the Suicide Witch’s dark eyes.

She discovered that the person fighting her was completely different from the person she had seen before. It had only been a short period of time, but what had happened to him?


The death sword transformed into a half moon, chopping straight towards her.

The violent sword Qis seemed to be able to cut through everything.

“Ah! Ah!!”

The Suicide Witch shouted in rage, stretching out both of her arms, using her flesh and blood to block the death sword!


The death sword cut down two arms.

However, the Suicide Witch took advantage of this moment to cast some kind of magic and disappeared abruptly.

How could an old fox like Suicide Witch not have a magic treasure to flee for her life?

A beam of red light suddenly flew through the sky, before swiftly heading towards the Suicide Valley. Judging from that aura, it was definitely the Suicide Witch.

Su Yun’s sword hit nothing but air, but the killing intent in his eyes did not fade. He coldly stared at the depths of the Valley and said solemnly, “You think you can escape?”

As soon as his voice fell, he flew straight towards that direction. The seven Devil Bone Giants followed closely, and the ground was trampled by the giants with “dong dong” sounds.