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Chapter 526 Contradiction Intensified

Chapter 526 Contradiction Intensified

In fact, it was not just a rumour. It was more like a spark that ignited the dry prairie in everyone’s hearts, causing the huge fire to be unstoppable.

In Ultimate Martial World, it was common for the strong to suppress the weak and plunder the resources of the weak. Often, the weak would not be exploited and stand up against the strong, but this would most likely end with the weak being killed by the strong.

It wasn’t that the weak were too weak, but the strong were too strong. Since she dared to exploit these people, the Suicide Witch was definitely proud of her methods.

“Good! Very good! Very good! Since you’ve decided to go against me, are you prepared to face my wrath?”

The Suicide Witch’s eyes sparkled with anger, she said coldly, then abruptly raised the cane in her hand and waved it straight down.

In that instant, a dark green wind appeared out of nowhere and engulfed the entire Suicide Valley.

A cold wind blew, and people felt a huge mountain pressing down on their backs. Every part of their bones and flesh felt very uncomfortable, and the Qi Meridian and Spirit Core felt as if they were being blocked by a foreign object. It was very uncomfortable.

“This is the old witch’s profound skill!” Someone shouted.

“Damn it! I feel that my profound qi circulation has become more difficult than usual!”

“We have to break this strange profound skill!”

“As matters stand, we have no way out. Everyone, let’s go!” A person shouted loudly.

Following that, a master of Chamber of Commerce took out his magic treasure and loudly shouted, “For the sake of freedom and for the sake of our dignity as Spirit Cultivator, kill!”

This voice ignited a wave of passion for everyone!

“Kill!” The Spirit Cultivators under him began to roar one after another.

All of a sudden, a small group of people rushed out from the crowd, directly colliding with the Suicide Witch.

With one person in the lead, there would be a second person, a third person, and a fourth person. As the first person took the lead, the people behind him seemed to be encouraged, as they defeated their fear, overcoming the fear that the Suicide Witch brought upon them.

On one side was a huge army brimming with killing intent, and on the other side was an old woman who looked like she was in her last years. This scene was extremely strange, but in fact, she was strong and the weak one was the other side.

“Soaring Eagle Flash!”

“Six Thai Godly Palm!”

“Take my Wood Energy Profound Arts!”

“Taste the power of my ultimate skill, Piercing Heaven and Earth!”

The Spirit Cultivators who were nearing the Suicide Witch all unleashed their profound skills and launched their attacks at her without exhaustion. No one dared to hold back, and no one dared to be negligent, because the existence in front of them was an incredible one. To hold back was to strangle oneself.

The profound skills were like fireworks as they flew towards the Suicide Witch. The violent destructive energies were like a tidal wave as they rushed towards her. The terrifying power caused people to feel a chill run down their spine and their hearts were terrified.

However, the old woman lowered her eyes when faced with such an attack. She didn’t even spare a glance as if everything around her had nothing to do with her.

“You’re too arrogant. Do you really think your body can withstand the attacks of so many of us?” A Spirit Cultivator’s eyes exploded with light as he coldly shouted.

But the next moment, a shocking scene appeared.

Just as these attacks were about to hit the old witch, the ground under the old witch suddenly cracked open, and immediately, a green light rushed out from the crack, instantly wrapping the old witch up tightly. Those terrifying profound skills were unable to shatter the green light, only leaving layers of ripples on the surface of the green light, unable to break the defence!

Such a scene shocked everyone around!


“What is this light?”

“This is impossible!”

Shocked shouts and incredulous sighs continued unabated. But most of all, it was astonishment that was hard to be concealed.

“Imperial Equipment?” In the dark, Su Yun, who was standing with Hei Yu, frowned and said in a low voice.

“Moreover, the rank isn’t low either. No wonder the Suicide Witch is so confident. With her extraordinary cultivation level and an extremely high-grade Imperial Equipment, no one can easily break through her defence! Then she’ll be safe.” Fatty Hei Yu said.

“That’s right.” Su Yun nodded, then turned his head, clasped his hands towards Hei Yu and said: “Master Hei Yu, thank you very much for this matter. If not for your personal appearance and your help, this little rumour that I let Cang Yan pass would not have been so easily accepted by these people from the Chamber of Commerce. If they did not show up, I would have been the only one and definitely can’t fight against the Suicide Witch.”

When Fatty heard this, he shook his head and then cupped his fist towards Su Yun, “Lord Su Yun, please do not say thank you! In fact, not only do you not need to say thank you, but you should instead accept our thanks. Lord Su Yun, do you know how much we look forward to such a day. Merchants are shrewd, and none of the merchants here are a fool. There are many things that cannot be hidden from them, but sometimes they would rather believe that this is true. This time, however, the ‘story’ that you created happened to hit exactly on the weak points of everyone, making it impossible for everyone to accept it. This time, half of the people here actually doubted the authenticity of this news, but they didn’t try to verify it. Because what they need right now is this information. Why would they need to verify it?”

When Su Yun heard this, he was slightly surprised. However, he was relieved after a moment.

It seemed that he was in the right time, as the relationship between these merchants and the Suicide Witch was already very dangerous, and he was only a catalyst.

Without the help of these Chamber of Commerce and experts, Su Yun would not be a match for the Suicide Witch. With their help, the destruction of the valley would no longer be a fantasy.

“Lord Su Yun, Master Hei Yu, don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s go up and take advantage of the Suicide Witch’s confusion to kill her in one go! Once the Suicide Witch dies, the valley will collapse and be wiped out by us.”

At this time, an anxious voice called out from the side. Su Yun turned around and saw that the person who spoke was Cang Yan.

At this moment, hatred flashed in her eyes. Her tan-coloured face was filled with an unconcealable anger and impatience. She really wanted to kill the old witch herself to avenge the Cang Family. Now that the opportunity was right in front of her, how could she not take it in her own hands?

“Cang Yan, don’t act recklessly! You are only at the sixth grade of Spirit Master. It is simply a suicide to go.” Su Yun shook his head.

“But if I have to wait, I’d rather die.” Cang Yan clenched her fists and said while gritting her teeth.

“If you really want to die, I won’t stop you. It’s a pity that the last bit of the Cang Family’s bloodline has been wasted. Don’t you want to see the Suicide Witch die in front of you?” Su Yun said.

When Cang Yan heard this, she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but was unable to say anything. In the end, she could only dejectedly lower her head and say: “Then, milord, what should we do now? Just watch from the side?”

“Of course not.” Su Yun shook his head, “Find an opportunity. I don’t understand the old witch’s fighting style, her profound qi, nor her profound skill. So, I need to take a look. I have prepared in my heart so that I can fight against her.”

“What about the old witch’s cultivation?”

“She is wearing a magic treasure, you won’t be able to see through it.” Su Yun said.

“Lord’s cultivation should be higher than hers, right?” Cang Yan said.

Su Yun did not say anything, but Hei Yu asked curiously, “Master Su Yun, aren’t you also at the sixth grade of Spirit Master? Why did you plan to fight against the Suicide Witch? Isn’t this too dangerous?”

“What? Sixth grade of Spirit Master?” Cang Yan was instantly dumbfounded. Her eyes widened as she stared at Su Yun in a daze. How could she have thought that Su Yun was only at the sixth grade of Spirit Master?

Wait? Cang Yan suddenly thought of the methods that Su Yun had displayed when he had killed those disciples of the Suicide Valley. It did not seem like the strength that the sixth grade of Spirit Master should possess.

“Master Hei Yu, you’re wrong. I’m already at the eighth grade of Spirit Master.” Su Yun laughed, “The profound coins I earned from the chaotic battlefield gave me quite a bit of cultivation.”

“Is that so?” Hei Yu was surprised, he didn’t expect Su Yun to advance so quickly.

Hearing this, Cang Yan also understood. The eighth grade of Spirit Master, no wonder. However, even eighth grade of Spirit Master probably not be able to contend against the Suicide Witch.

“Sir, don’t you have cultivation base of Sky Spirit Master?” Cang Yan hesitated for a moment, and could not help but ask.

“I’m afraid there’s still a long way to Sky Spirit Master.” Su Yun said.

“We cannot see through the Suicide Witch’s strength, but we can know that she must have a cultivation level above Sky Spirit Master. Lord, if it is said that fighting with her will cost my life, then you …” Cang Yan stopped talking.

Su Yun understood her words, and also understood her worries. She had placed all her hopes on Su Yun, but now Su Yun’s strength was not as high as she had expected. It was so low that it was hard for people to accept it, and she was more or less disappointed in her heart.

Su Yun didn’t explain anything and just said, “So, we need to observe and know each other, only then we can win. If we rush forward, we will die!”

“But, can eighth grade of Spirit Master really fight against the Suicide Witch? This is simply a fantasy story. Who knew how many eighth grades of Spirit Master experts are present?” Cang Yan muttered in her heart.

“Cang Yan, if you want revenge, just wait quietly and hold your temper.” Su Yun said plainly once again.

Cang Yan bit her lips and took a deep breath. She suppressed the restlessness in her heart and nodded seriously at Su Yun before standing to the side without saying anything.

Although Su Yun’s cultivation level wasn’t as high as she had expected, she didn’t dare to have any complaints against Su Yun. If it wasn’t Su Yun, there would be no such a battle.

How could she possibly see the hope of killing the Suicide Witch?