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Chapter 519 Absolute Suppression

Chapter 519 Absolute Suppression

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The thick dark clouds in the sky began to swirl rapidly, forming a terrifying whirlpool. Immediately after, a blood-red bolt of lightning descended from the centre, striking beside Mo San with lightning speed.

Bang! Bang!

A hundred-meter-tall Devil Bone Giant appeared!

A ferocious and unstoppable momentum swept in all directions like a wave. The sudden change was unexpected, almost to the surprise of almost everyone. Even the two experts didn’t have any reaction.

All of their expressions changed as they abruptly turned their heads to look at the Devil Bone Giant that had suddenly appeared. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

“Lord! Be careful!”

The Spirit Cultivator with two arms like rubber bands roared at Mo San!

The smile on Mo San’s face froze. He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt a shadow above his head. Then, a gigantic bone hand stretched forward and grabbed him tightly.

The sudden tightening and pain woke him up. Mo San hurriedly looked back, but what entered his eyes was a pair of blood-red eyes.

Those devilish eyes stared at him, and in that instant, Mo San’s entire body turned cold.

“What is this thing?”

“Such heavy devil qi. Which supreme expert from the True Devil Realm has come?”

“Be careful, be careful!”

The other Spirit Cultivators all cried out in alarm as they retreated one by one, staring at this scene with unexplainable terror in their eyes.

The aura of this Devil Bone Giant was too powerful.

With the bones as their bodies, they couldn’t be compared to ordinary magic tools. What’s more, these existences even had the power of Yin Mo sealed within them.

“It’s this kid’s doing. You go rescue lord Mo San, I’ll go kill this kid!”

The rubber band Spirit Cultivator shouted at another expert beside him, then he stared at Su Yun with his cold eyes. He then took a deep breath and ran over.

When Su Yun saw this, he focused and retreated. His opponent was two levels higher than him, and was definitely not his opponent, so he could only dodge.

“You want to run? Dream on!”

That person suddenly shouted, then stretched out his hands, and like a rubber band, they reached towards Su Yun, wanting to pinch Su Yun’s neck.

But at this moment, Su Yun’s speed increased to the limit, and he dodged quickly like a phantom, causing his wondrous hand to fly out of his hand.

Such speed!

The person narrowed his eyes and said solemnly, “However, you’re a tiny sixth grade of Spirit Master. How could I, Sea Martial Lord, be afraid of you?”

As his voice fell, Sea Martial Lord suddenly retracted both of his hands. The palms of his hands folded and changed constantly as if he was using some kind of profound spell. He also started chanting an incantation.

Upon seeing this, some of the Spirit Cultivators nearby intended to attack the Sea Martial Lord, but the other expert, River Martial Lord, came to help and protect him.

It was impossible to interrupt his profound skill.

Su Yun took a deep breath, raised his left arm, and also started to conjure up the profound qi. Some strange light beams exploded from his fingertips and shot into the sky, one, two, three, six beams of light shooting into the sky.

In an instant, the sky became even darker, “Lord Su Yun! Retreat! Retreat! You are no match for him. Retreat quickly!”

The fatty Hei Yu didn’t notice that the giant was summoned by Su Yun, he immediately shouted as he saw that the Sea Martial Lord had his attention on Su Yun.

However, Su Yun was not afraid at all and continued to urge his profound qi.

“Let me show you what true power is!”

It seemed that the Sea Martial Lord had completed the profound spell. He suddenly opened his eyes, and a strange light seeped out of his eyes. His arms, on the other hand, were overflowing with a large amount of white colour, and spots that were like rocks formed on his arms.

As the markings continued to spread, Su Yun could clearly feel his opponent’s strength increasing crazily.

After the Profound Spell was complete, Sea Martial Lord seemed to have been reborn. He walked towards Su Yun step by step. What was shocking was that with every step he took, the earth trembled, and a clear footprint would be left behind.

As he got closer to Su Yun, his speed also got faster and faster. In the end, he started to run, and when he got closer to Su Yun, he was no different than a gust of wind.

“Receive my attack!”

A loud shout rang out, and Su Yun only felt a blur before his eyes, then a huge fist came at him.

His face slightly tightened, and he didn’t dare take the attack directly and directly activated his Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment.

With a “dong” sound, the Qi Cover started to tremble. Su Yun only felt a wave of power coming towards him through the Qi Cover, and he couldn’t help but retreat.

The power of this punch was probably several times stronger than the usual existence of the eighth grade of Spirit Master.

After a while, Su Yun stopped and stared at the Sea Martial Lord.

A surprised expression appeared on the face of the Sea Martial Lord as he looked at Su Yun in shock.

“What magic treasure is this? You actually managed to block my attack without shattering it?”

“Not to mention a single strike, even if it’s ten strikes, it won’t shatter!” Su Yun said in a deep voice as he held the Imperial Equipment flag.

The strength of an Imperial Equipment depended on the profound qi in the user’s body. As long as the profound qi was sufficient, the Imperial Equipment would not shatter.

That punch just now had destroyed at least one-tenth of Su Yun’s profound qi. If it wasn’t for the Imperial Equipment to block it, that punch would have broken all of Su Yun’s bones.

However, this also meant that the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment was powerful. If it was of a lower rank, it would most likely shatter into pieces.

“It seems like you still have some amazing treasures on you.”

A trace of uncontrollable fanaticism flashed across Sea Martial Lord’s eyes as he stared at Su Yun, “How could an existence of the sixth grade of Spirit Master possess such a treasure? It’s better to hand it to me as soon as possible!”

His fists made a strange gurgling sound. The spots on them moved quickly, and as he moved, the power in his body rose again, until it rose to an extremely terrifying level.

However, before the punch could hit Su Yun, the situation changed again. Several huge bone hands rushed over from the side and grabbed Sea Martial Lord who was attacking Su Yun with a terrifying momentum!

Caught off guard, the Sea Martial Lord was instantly bound by the bone hands. He struggled fiercely, but it was completely useless. The strength of these bone hands was so great that even he could not imagine how powerful they were.

What’s going on?

The Sea Martial Lord turned his head to look, but he was petrified with just a glance.

All he saw was a total of six Devil Bone Giants that were the same as the previous one appearing around him!


There were six of them!

The eyes of these giants were blood-red, and their bodies were enormous. Their cultivations were incomparably powerful, and they simply weren’t something they could contend against.

A Devil Bone Giant grabbed the body of Sea Martial Lord and used all its strength to hold him back, while the rest of the Devil Bone Giants rushed towards the River Martial Lord. Because of this sudden appearance of the giant, the scene became more and more chaotic.

“Dammit, what the hell is this, let go of me!” Mo San roared with all his might, but no one responded to his words.

“Looks like the plan has changed. The enemies we need to deal with are not just Mo San and the others, but others as well!” Ban Qingye’s expression was ugly as he watched this scene. He could not help but repeatedly retreat.

“Elder Brother, what should we do now?”

“Withdraw of course!” Ban Qingye shouted.

But the next second, another giant blocked their path behind them.


The giant let out earth-shaking roars, intimidating Ban Qingye and his group. These people’s bodies were trembling, and their minds had already been frightened by it.

He quietly observed the giant and realized that there was a gap at the bottom of the giant. He secretly clenched his teeth and suddenly accelerated. He suddenly rushed over and rushed towards the giant with a terrifying momentum. He wanted to pass through the giant’s bottom and escape directly.

However, at the very instant he made his move, a huge iron fist, with an unimaginable speed, smashed towards Ban Qingye!!!

The iron fist smashed into the ground, causing the earth to quake and the mountains to shake. The power emitted from the fist extended into the ground with a terrifying aura, causing a large number of explosions to appear.

When the Devil Bone Giant slowly raised its iron fist, everyone only saw a broken corpse that was completely crushed by devil strength. The corpse was already badly mutilated, and there was not a single part of its body left intact. Ban Qingye had completely died.

Killing a supreme expert of seventh grade of Spirit Master with a single punch!

What kind of terrifying existence was this?

Mo San and the other Spirit Cultivators were stunned as well. Even Sea Martial Lord and River Martial Lord were stunned. This was something that could only be done by someone at least at tenth grade of Spirit Master or even Spirit Sage above, right?

Did these Devil Bone Giants have such methods?

“Alright! Now you can take over these Qualification Items!”

Su Yun took the Qualification Items on the ground and the Qualification Item on Ban Qingye as if there was no one around. He threw them all at the fatty Hei Yu.

The fatty was still in a daze, but when he saw Su Yun throw the equipment at him, he suddenly woke up, “Lord Su Yun, could it be that these giants are…”

“Don’t worry, I’m the one who summoned them.” Su Yun said calmly.

When Fatty heard this, he immediately understood.

It was no wonder that Su Yun was able to obtain a qualifying item with his sixth grade of Spirit Master cultivation. No wonder he was so fearless towards these experts. He had always been confident that he had a trump card.

These giants were definitely stronger than the Sea Martial Lord or the River Martial Lord. With these seven giants here, it would be extremely easy for them to acquire Qualification Items.

“There are three. They are a total of one hundred and eighty million profound coins. Please pay the bill, boss!” Su Yun smiled at Hei Yu.

How could Hei Yu dare to hesitate? He immediately took the snow-white card and allocated money.

One hundred and eighty million profound coins was not a small sum for him as the master of a Chamber of Commerce. However, for the future of the Chamber of Commerce, in order to make it go further, he had to pay.

Quickly, Su Yun received the profound coin card containing 180 million profound coins. He put it into his spatial ring and then waved his hand, putting down the Sea Martial Lord and River Martial Lord who were controlled by the giant.

“Who the hell are you?”

The two landed on the ground, but they didn’t dare to act rashly. Sea Martial Lord stared at Su Yun and asked in a deep voice.