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Chapter 513 Kill the Space Expert

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The space barrier shattered and the person inside was blasted out. They flew back and crashed into a mountain wall not far away.

The bone statue giant quickly reached out and grabbed the person in his hand.

However, the man quickly reacted. He urged the power of space to cut off the giant’s hand with the intention of chopping it off.

A dull sound rang out, and it seemed as if the invincible power of space could not cut through the giant’s hand, not even leaving a scar.

“How is this possible?”

That person was extremely shocked.

However, he didn’t know that this giant’s body was made from the Chang Gu, an expert of Devil Sect in True Devil Realm. It couldn’t be broken by ordinary thing, not even Su Yun with his current cultivation and death sword could break through, let alone his power of space.

Su Yun did not pay attention to the mysterious Spirit Cultivator who had the Space Profound Energy. Instead, he walked step by step towards the Qualification Item on the ground.

In his eyes, the most valuable thing at the moment was this item.

When the Spirit Cultivator saw this, a hint of fanaticism flashed across his eyes. Killing intent flashed in his eyes and he immediately ignored the giant, charging straight towards Su Yun. His body suddenly disappeared in the instant he took a step, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Su Yun.

This was no longer something that could be done with extreme speed. This was simply teleportation!

“Too arrogant!”

The mysterious Spirit Cultivator sneered and struck his palm towards Su Yun’s head. A large amount of spatial energy was being released from his palm. Once it landed, Su Yun’s head would definitely be torn into pieces!

However, just as the palm descended, a blood-red sword suddenly flew out from Su Yun’s forehead. The tip of the sword was directly pressed against the Spirit Cultivator’s palm, preventing him from falling.


The aura burst out from his palm and scattered in all directions, but he could not descend any further.


The Spirit Cultivator’s eyes widened. Before he could react, his entire body was once again grabbed by the incomparably huge giant and tightly held in his hand.

“Ah! Ah!”

The giant’s eyes were bloodshot, and a large amount of blood-red aura was emitted from its body. It held the person in its hands and roared crazily. The devil qi in its body was like a venomous snake that was pouring into its body.

The devil qi was like a rope, tightly binding him. After that, the devil qi actually began to disintegrate his flesh and blood, before fusing into his bones. From this posture, it was clear that it wanted to completely destroy his body.

That person tried his best to twist his body, trying to struggle free. However, at this moment, his power was completely blocked by the giant’s devil power, so he was unable to use his space power. In addition to all the battles he had fought before, he had consumed a lot of his profound energy and was already powerless to escape. Su Yun picked up the Qualification Item on the ground and examined it, and discovered that it was not a fake.

He immediately turned around to look at the Spirit Cultivator who was being controlled by the giant.

These giants were of extremely high ranks, and their cultivation was above his. He was not worried that this Spirit Cultivator would be able to escape from the giant’s grasp.

“I think some of the bodies on the roadside have been dead for more than ten days. From this, it can be seen that you have been lying in ambush here for a long time. So, did you get this thing a long time ago?”

“Do you have any other treasures?”

“What about the treasures you looted from the Spirit Cultivators?”

“Give them out, if you do, I won’t kill you!”

He spoke very slowly, like being afraid that the other party wouldn’t hear him clearly.

When the other party heard this, he stopped struggling and his entire body trembled. He stared at Su Yun for a while and said with a nervous voice, “Sir, so you’re here to ask for money?”

“If that’s the case, then it’s easy. You can take all the treasures and profound coins I have as long as you don’t kill me.”

“You are willing to cooperate?”

“That would be great.”

Su Yun smiled, then moved his finger. The giant immediately released the devil qi that bound the Spirit Cultivator’s hands.

However, the moment his devil qi was released, that person suddenly disappeared. Like a bird that had broken free from its shackles, he instantly landed in the sky.

“Stinky brat, do you think I will surrender so easily?”

“Hmph, I let you capture me just because I was careless a moment ago. Now that I have a free body and my profound qi attribute is space, ordinary people will definitely not be able to catch me. Now, I will take your lowly life and let you know the consequences of offending me!”

The man growled, his eyes no longer filled with fear and panic, but filled with rage instead.

“You’re lying to me?”

A hint of killing intent flashed across Su Yun’s eyes.

That person disappeared again, and when he reappeared, he was behind Su Yun.

He quickly waved his hand towards Su Yun’s back, but he did not actually hit the body.

Su Yun suddenly turned around, raised his sword and slashed, but that person disappeared again, then appeared on Su Yun’s back and patted in the air again.




His speed was so fast that one would be speechless. It was as if he was exerting his full strength without the slightest bit of restraint. The injuries left on him by the giant had no effect on him at all.

He struck out with a full seventy-two palms in the air!

That person disappeared once again before reappearing in midair. He quickly clasped his hands together and formed a seal. His face then turned cold as he shouted, “It’s over!”


As his voice fell, he slammed his palms together.

In an instant, the space around Su Yun began to distort, and began to rotate crazily!

Space twisted!

He was going to twist Su Yun’s entire body into pieces!

However, in that instant, a Qi Cover opened up and spread out in a circular manner. The distorted space was blocked by the Qi Cover and it was actually unable to move.


The person was shocked as he looked at the scene in astonishment.

The twisted space was forcefully halted.

“Impossible, there’s no one who can defend against my Space Profound Energy!”

“This is impossible!”

The man shouted hysterically.

“Your space power is indeed very strong. However, the current you are at the end of your tether. Furthermore, this defensive magic treasure of mine is a top quality Imperial Equipment. How could it not be able to block your attack?”

Su Yun said calmly.

As soon as his voice fell, the giant once again reached out his huge hand towards the Spirit Cultivator.

That person clenched his teeth and quickly activated his spell again, and then he disappeared once more.

However, when he appeared a hundred meters away, in almost an instant, a bright red sword pierced through his chest.


That person’s entire body twitched and he spat out a large amount of blood from his mouth. He suddenly turned around and saw Su Yun standing behind him. “How can you …” That person widened his eyes and shouted in a trembling and weak voice.

“Your space profound energy is very strange, but in fact, your speed is not fast enough. At least in my eyes, the time it takes for you to perform another space shift is more than enough for me to launch an attack on you.”

Su Yun whispered into his ear.

When the man heard this, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

‘How fast was this?’

Su Yun raised his hand, and the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword that piercing his chest immediately slashed upwards, from his chest to his forehead.

“Since you are unwilling to hand over everything you have, then, you can’t blame me. I can only go and get it myself.”

Then, Su Yun waved his hand and the sword pierced through his head.

Blood splattered into the sky, and the profound energy surrounding the Spirit Cultivator quickly dispersed.

The profound qi in his body was extremely powerful, and after it had been cut open, profound qi began to heal itself. Judging from its strength, the other party was at least an existence at the peak seventh grade of Spirit Master. Without the help of the Devil Bone Giant, he would not be his match at all.

He once again took out the Tribulation Fire Sword and slashed it at his opponent. The fire tribulation killed his body and his soul was shattered. This powerful existence that controlled space profound energy had perished just like that.

Killing such a Spirit Cultivator, Su Yun didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty.

Not to mention, in this chaotic battlefield, either you kill me or I kill you. Everyone is doing this for their own benefit.

The Spirit Cultivators who had not died earlier had long been scared away. Su Yun grabbed the corpse of the Space Spirit Cultivator and landed on the ground. He took out a few of the space bags from his body, then pulled out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and threw his corpse into the air, quickly waving it around.

The sword rotated like a storm, chopping the broken corpse into pieces. A rain of blood fell, Su Yun released his profound qi and wrapped around the blood rain. He then flew towards the Devil Bone Giant, smearing the blood onto the marks on the body of the Giant.

The blood of powerful Spirit Cultivator could amplify the power of the Devil Bone Giant and was one of the main ways to increase their strength. This was from the information he had obtained from the rune on their arms.

The Devil had neither good nor evil, and he was only born for the obsession in his heart.

However, there was one thing that he had to admit. The way the Devil acted was always more brutal than others.

This Spirit Cultivator had given Su Yun an extremely significant income. Of course, the most important thing was the Qualification Item in his hand.

Su Yun did not plan to join the Dark House, and perhaps this item could be sold for a good price.

Of course, generally speaking, those Spirit Cultivators who wanted to join the Dark House were asking for a good future. Spirit Cultivators like this most likely didn’t have much money, and if he wanted to find real buyers, he would probably still need to find those who wanted to enter the Dark House with other goals.

After all, the Dark House was an unspecialized alliance. Although it covered a lot of people, its internal relations were very complex, and there were many sects that were interested in it. The people that came to participate in this mess were not pure unspecialized characters, even the people sent by the Chamber of Commerce were a big part of them.

There were plenty of rich people among the contestants.

Su Yun cleaned up the place, called back the Devil Bone Giant, took out his flying sword, and continued to head towards the centre of the Tame Dragon Land.

Although there was a battle, it wasn’t enough to attract many Spirit Cultivators. At this moment, an even more intense battle was taking place in the middle of the Land.