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Chapter 510 No Turning Back

The voice was dull and extremely oppressive, giving off the feeling that one’s blood vessels were about to burst.

Su Yun suddenly turned around and looked around. The Tribulation Fire Sword and Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment were tightly gripped by him.

The howl lasted for a full ten breaths of time before it stopped. Soon after, the statue in the middle of the seven gigantic bone sculptures in the stone chamber began to move.

On the surface of the tattoo, there was a flash of red light. Then, he felt the devil qi in Yin Mo’s armour quickly overflowing, gathering towards the inside at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, the red light of the tattoo disappeared, and his clothes also stopped releasing devil qi.

The scene was silent for about three breaths.

Then, kacha!

A clear sound rang in the room.

Immediately following that, the one in the middle of the seven gigantic bone statues began to move.

Its huge, massive arms swayed, and a great amount of sand and stone fell from the sky.

Then the head, shaking as if to free itself from some restraint, and finally the legs, moving straight ahead.

Just one step.


Su Yun could feel the entire stone room shaking.

The hundred meter tall bone statue giant’s eyes began to turn blood-red as a sharp killing intent gradually filled the entire space.

Su Yun secretly felt the aura around the giant and analyzed its cultivation. He found that the cultivation around the giant was unfathomable and extraordinary. It was absolutely not something he could fight against.

The giant looked down at Su Yun, and after a while, grand voices came out.

“How can he be such a weak human with such a low cultivation?”

Su Yun frowned but did not say anything.

In this situation, leaving was perhaps the best choice.

He secretly glanced at the road behind him, but after a single glance, he was completely astonished.

Behind him, the corridor of white bones had disappeared at an unknown time and was replaced by a thick wall of bones.

‘What was going on?’

“People, don’t think about escaping. You have already received the experience from Lord Chang Gu. Before the event ends, you are not allowed to leave this place, understand?”

The giant seemed to see through Su Yun’s thoughts, so he spoke.

“Lord Chang Gu? Practice? What the hell is going on?”

Seeing that the giant didn’t seem to have any ill intentions, Su Yun mustered up the courage to ask.

“Practice! Naturally, it was the practice set by Lord Chang Gu!”

“Lord Chang Gu is Lord Yin Mo’s good friend, and he is also the head of The Seven of Devil Sect. The model you see me using is made from Lord Chang Gu, and these seven are all The Seven of Devil Sect. Back then Lord Yin Mo tried to kill Immortal Nine Thousand to defeat the Immortal Army, but with just his power, it was impossible for him to enter the Nine Immortal Palace, so he came looking for The Seven of the Devil Sect.”

“They joined hands and entered the immortal palace. Their final plan carried out and they headed Immortal Nine Thousand. Everyone had succumbed to a heavy encirclement, making it difficult for them to escape. Everyone had successively died in battle, and the situation was in danger, but right at this moment, Lord Yin Mo suddenly took the opportunity to forcefully tear open a hole in the Immortal Army and send the only surviving one, Lord Chang Gu, out of the Nine Immortal Palace while he desperately tried to cover his tracks.”

“In the end, Lord Chang Gu luckily escaped from the Immortal Palace and returned to the True Demon World. At first, he thought that there was still a chance for Lord Yin Mo to survive. After he returned to the Devil Sect, he immediately gathered experts and went back to the Nine Immortal Palace in order to save Lord Yin Mo, but in the end, he only managed to take back this armour. When the strongest of the Immortal Army arrived, Lord Chang Gu was chased down by the powerful expert and was seriously injured, and was unable to return to the True Devil Realm.”

“Because of the reverence for Lord Yin Mo, he missed him. Thus, he set up a cenotaph, and his soul was shattered!” At this moment, the giant spoke and explained what had happened.

“My lord hoped that there will be a devil that will inherit Lord Yin Mo’s will till the end. For the sake of daring to oppose the heaven, he laid down this practice. No matter who it is, after entering the cenotaph, if they are willing to worship Lord Yin Mo with devil salute and leave the cenotaph, has no intention to Lord Yin Mo’s treasure, then one would be able to accept the practice. If one coveted Lord Yin Mo’s treasure will be killed by us seven bone guards without mercy. Those who refuse to worship Lord Yin Mo will also be killed by us without mercy!”

“Devil salute?”

“What if one doesn’t worship with devil salute?”

“Kill without mercy!”

The giant said coldly.

When Su Yun heard this, he was really shocked.

Fortunately, he had been considerate and used the devil salute. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

“After the practice, what do you get?”

Su Yun asked again. This was probably what he was most concerned about.

However, the giant did not say anything more and directly took a few steps forward. He approached Su Yun and said in a low voice, “There’s no need to say anymore. Human, accept my practice!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the giant actually raised his two huge fists and ferociously pounded them towards him.

When Su Yun saw this, he was immediately shocked.

This was not practice, this was clearly a challenge!

He hastily activated the Imperial Equipment, and a faint white Qi Cover immediately enveloped his body.


Su Yun did not know how powerful this giant was, but what could be known was that the giant did not use his full strength. Its current strength was probably not something that Spirit Master could compare to, perhaps even higher, the existence of Sky Spirit Master.

The giant did not use all of his power, he only used his ability to adapt to Su Yun’s current cultivation level.

With his fist covered by the defences, the giant immediately raised his fists. With a low growl, his fists were covered in blood. They were like flames that wrapped around his fists before once again smashing Imperial Equipment.

Bang! Bang!

This time, the sound was even louder, and the force from the punch almost made Su Yun faint.

He gritted his teeth and tried his best to hold Imperial Equipment to the controls.

However, if this continued, the giant would only consume his own profound energy, making it impossible to forcibly remove Imperial Equipment the defences on the flying magic tools!

Su Yun let out a sigh of relief. He looked at the two huge fists in front of the Qi Cover, and suddenly took off his Imperial Equipment, and viciously chopped down with the tribulation fire sword.

The devilish white tribulation fire sword surged with blazing flames, and like a meteor, it crashed into the huge bone hand. The terrifying destructive power caused the air to be knocked out circle after circle of ripples.


The explosion rose up again. The air rippled and blew in all directions. The tribulation fire sword ruthlessly chopped down on the bones of the hand.

However, the bone hand was not damaged in the slightest.

Su Yun stared with wide eyes, “This is impossible!”

Amongst the swords he had, the one with the most destructive power besides the death sword was the Tribulation Fire Sword. Even Ling Qingyu’s The Contracted Sword that Secures Victory could not be compared to it, but facing his full-powered attack, this skeleton was actually safe and sound!

‘How was this possible?’

Even the tombstone had to leave behind a sword mark!

“Do you know how we made it?”

At this time, the giant bone statue opened its mouth once more, “We are treasures carved by Lord Chang Gu using his own bones as materials. That is to say, we are all the bones of Lord Chang Gu, and he has given us all his strength. Normal strength, cannot hurt us!”

“Human, if you want to complete the practice, then you must leave scars on my body. Only by leaving wounds on my body can the practice could be counted as completed. Lord Chang Gu said those who hurt me could kill me.”

“If you can’t hurt me, you don’t have the qualifications to take all of this.”

‘Those who hurt me could kill me?’

What he said was right. If one couldn’t even hurt others, how could one kill?

Su Yun thought about it coldly, then his expression suddenly became ferocious. He put away the tribulation fire sword, pulled out the death sword again, and fiercely swung it at the bone hand.

He no longer activated the Divine Wind Sword Technique, so his attack speed was not fast. At this moment, he had already focused all of his power on destroying everything in his path.

However, even if the death sword appeared, it wouldn’t be able to easily break through the bone statue’s defence. As the sword fell, the deathly aura rippled and the bone hand remained unperturbed. It seemed that this practice wasn’t easy to complete!

Su Yun’s face instantly turned cold.

“You are still too weak. This trial needs to be completed by at least the tenth level of Spirit Master, and you are only a sixth level existence. The difference is huge, Lord Chang Gu and Lord Yin Mo’s power cannot be used by you because you are not qualified!”

The giant shouted loudly, then once again waved his arms and smashed towards Su Yun.

At this moment, the speed at which these two enormous fists were swinging increased by several times in mid-air.

When Su Yun saw this, he hurriedly moved aside.




As the punches became more frequent, Su Yun speed of the punches also became faster. Not only that, Su Yun noticed that the power of the giant’s fists became more and more complex.

At first, this fist was only covered in blood like flames, but as the number of punches increased, devil qi, blood qi, baleful qi, yin qi, killing intent, etc. began to appear on the surface of the fist. Within the blink of an eye, a thousand different types of power gathered on the fist.

This was definitely not a power that an ordinary person could handle.

Now, even if Su Yun was at his peak, he would definitely not use a Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment to receive the giant’s punch!

One could only rely on speed to constantly dodge.

But in the end, this was not the solution.

What should he do?

Had he to sit still and wait for death?

Su Yun’s eyes shook. He dodged that fatal fist as he looked for a way to leave wounds on the giant.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind.

Although this method did not count for much, given the current situation, even if the practice did not count, he would still have to give it a try.

After making his decision, Su Yun stared at the giant and leapt.


The giant’s two fists smashed towards Su Yun, and he quickly dodged as his two fists landed on the ground.

Su Yun jumped up and landed on the giant’s right arm. Then he quickly moved and rushed towards the giant’s shoulder to fight it!