Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 508
Su Yun only knew that the death swords only devoured Evil Qi, but did not want to devour Evil Qi.

However, he did not feel that the death sword had changed because it had devoured the devil qi. Instead, it only passed through one part of the sword before being expelled outside the sword, not devouring the Evil Qi for its own use.

The death sword was intelligent, unlike the other subordinate swords and origin swords, its spiritual power was far greater than other swords, to the extent that Su Yun could not control it even if he was not careful. And now, it was attacking the other party’s demonic body by biting down on the devil qi.

“I didn’t expect you to be so capable!”

Su Yun stared at the death sword, muttered to himself, then took a deep breath and once again charged at the Devil Cultivator.

"Woo! Woo!"

The Devil Cultivator suddenly let out a series of howls, then a large amount of fist-sized devil qi rushed out from his body. The devil qi turned into devil mouths and bit toward Su Yun. There were at least thousands of them.

Su Yun dodged to the left and right, avoiding the devil mouths. He got close to the Devil Cultivator, taking the chance to attack.

The Devil Cultivator’s chest was hit by the sword once again, and he was sent flying.

Even though he already possessed a devil body, there was a huge difference between a devil body and a physical body. At the very least, a devil body could no longer use many profound skills before it died.

However, even though the other party had been hit by a few of the swords, he still acted as if nothing had happened, and his aura did not decrease at all. It seemed that the strength of his devil body was extremely terrifying.

"What speed!"

"Human, I will devour you!"

At this time, the Devil Cultivator spoke. His voice was no longer as clear as before, but now there was actually a demon note overlapping with each other. This was the result of the soul being gradually eroded by the devil strength.

"Devour me?"

"Can you?"

Su Yun coldly snorted and pushed his speed to the limit. He circled around the Devil Cultivator like a whirlwind, the death sword in his hand crazily slashed towards the Devil Cultivator’s body. A large amount of sword shadows covered the area, slashing again and again.



The death sword crazily tore apart, like a gaping maw.

"Ah! Ah!"

The Devil Cultivator roared again, his body began to change again, from the front, the back, the left, the right, there were a large number of malevolent devil hands, directly grabbing in all directions, there were no dead angles, there was nowhere to run, Su Yun’s speed was extremely fast and it was also hard to avoid, his left leg and left arm were tightly gripped by the devil hands.

Su Yun immediately tried to struggle.


The devil hands were extremely powerful. They contained all strength of a seventh grade of Spirit Master exsitence. It was not something that a sixth grade like him could break free from.

"Take a look and see if I can swallow you!"

The Devil Cultivator’s head turned 180 degrees, then it moved in front of Su Yun and opened its mouth.

That mouth was like a rubber band, it grew longer and bigger. Waves of devil qi swirled in his mouth like terrifying faces that were wailing at Su Yun.

Then, he covered Su Yun’s head with his mouth. He was going to swallow Su Yun’s head whole!


At this moment, the death sword suddenly moved and pierced straight into the big mouth!

The Devil Cultivator was startled. He wanted to move forward and swallow Su Yun along with his sword, but at this moment, he realized that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move forward even a bit.

What was going on?

The Devil Cultivator’s head kept shaking as if he was fighting with Su Yun. However, no matter how hard he tried, it was useless.

At this time, Su Yun slowly raise his head. What entered the Devil Cultivator’s eyes were a pair of blood-red eyes that were full of devilishness.

At this moment, Su Yun’s face was sinister, and his face was filled with killing intent and chilliness. He was only a few centimeters away from the Devil Cultivator’s face, and the two of them could even smell the killing intent coming from each other.

An ice-cold, brutal, vicious, and cruel killing intent!

It was the same!

“You can’t do it!”

Su Yun suddenly waved his arm, and the death sword instantly cut across and cut off half of the Devil Cultivator’s head.

The Devil Cultivator’s body trembled, and the Devil Hands that were grabbing Su Yun relaxed.

However, at this time, Su Yun did not choose to escape. Instead, he grabbed the Devil Cultivator by the neck, picked him up, buckled the death sword upside down, and continued to stab at his broken head.


The Devil Cultivator’s head was pierced through once again.

Su Yun followed up and hacked down with the death sword.

After passing through the Devil Cultivator’s body, it began to move crazily inside his body. If it was a mortal body, at this moment, the Devil Cultivator’s body would have been cut into several pieces. However, the demon dweller’s body was extremely terrifying, and even if it was cut open, it would still quickly heal.

However, Su Yun didn’t expect the death sword to be able to cut it down. What he wanted was the death sword to completely remove the Devil Cultivator’s aura and completely destroy him!


At this moment, two hands that had turned into two black blades suddenly pierced through Su Yun’s abdomen!

They were the demon Devil Cultivator’s hand.

How could he not hurt Su Yun at such a close distance?

However, a shocking scene occurred.

After Su Yun took this attack, he didn’t have any reaction. Even his body didn’t have any conditioned reflex, as if this attack wasn’t on his body. He continued to chop at the Devil Cultivator with his sword again and again, showing a completely unending stance.

There was no such thing as a rule. There was no way to advance or retreat. It was as if they were fighting to the bitter end!

"This is devilishness?"

"Are you also a Devil Cultivator?"

Finally, the Devil Cultivator sensed something wrong with Su Yun.

He could see the madness and unparalleled obsession in those bloodshot eyes!

Although this devil strength was incomparably weak when compared to his own, but the devilishness attached to this devil strength was planted deep inside his body, never to be erased.

"Ah! Ah!!"

Su Yun suddenly grab the Devil Cultivator by the neck and wildly lift him up. Immediately following that, the death sword slashed horizontally, slashing towards the Devil Cultivator’s neck. The pitch-black death sword let out a mournful sword hum.

The Devil Cultivator was extremely anxious. His remaining thoughts allowed him to focus all his energy on his neck to block the incoming death sword.


As the sword cut into the neck, the devil qi immediately began to stir restlessly. However, with the rapid movement of the Devil Cultivator’s qi, the defense of the neck instantly increased by several dozen times.

“Man, although I can’t see just how high your cultivation is, I know that your cultivation is inferior to mine. It’s impossible for you to defeat me!”

"Obediently submit! Obediently let me devour you!"

The Devil Cultivator roared and began to attack Su Yun’s body with his hands. One punch after another, he attacked with his blades. Blood flowed everywhere as the flesh and bones were all exposed. If an ordinary profound practitioner were to receive such an attack, he would definitely be seriously injured, but the current Su Yun was still as unharmed as ever.

He tightly stared at the Devil Cultivator’s neck, his left hand grabbed onto it, while his right hand held onto the death sword and continued to press it against the Devil Cultivator’s body. He had an expression that said he wouldn’t rest until he achieved his goal.

The death sword trembled crazily as the blade was drawn bit by bit into the sword’s wound, the lacerated wound slowly enlarging.

The Devil Cultivator sensed that something was wrong and immediately increased his attack on Su Yun. He broke Su Yun’s bones and shattered his meridians and internal organs, but Su Yun still alive and would not give up!

"You hateful person!"

The Devil Cultivator finally became impatient. He raised both his hands and took out the blood-red dual spears. He then combined the two spears into one and formed an even more violent and terrifying red spear, directly stabbing at Su Yun’s head.

The head was always the vital point of Spirit Cultivator.

No matter if it was a devil a human, or an evil being, their heads could not suffer any heavy injuries. Otherwise, if they were not injured, they would die!

Su Yun had attacked the enemy’s head, and the enemy’s attack was also aimed at Su Yun’s head!

This was a fatal blow!

Su Yun’s eyes flashed. Facing the long spear that was thrusting at him, he was not scared at all. On the contrary, because the Devil Cultivator wanted to condense a long spear, the devil qi defense on his neck loosened.


Hua la.

The death sword advantage of the situation and cut through his neck.

Swish! Swish!

His neck was broken, and devil qi rushed up like a fountain. Su Yun grabbed the Devil Cultivator’s head and held it in his hand.

After his head was chopped off, the power of his body was immediately dissipated. Before the spear could pierce him, it had vanished.

The wails exploded!

The head shook a bit on Su Yun’s head and then went silent.

The headless body of the Devil Cultivator also fell from the sky, heavily landing on the ground and started to gradually dissipate.

Woo! Woo!

As the devil qi dispersed, a faint whimper could be heard.

Su Yun followed the voice and found the person’s soul. He immediately pulled out the Tribulation Fire Sword and chopped at it.

The devilish white flames devoured the soul, completely burning it.

The flame gradually disappeared, and the devil qi dispersed with the wind.

A seventh gradeof Spirit Master existence had died just like that.

Su Yun descended from the sky and kept the death sword and the Tribulation Fire Sword. After standing there for a while, he heavily fell onto the ground.

At this moment, it was unknown how much profound energy he had consumed, and he was already nearing the point of withering.

After waiting for about half an incense stick of time, he finally recovered.

He hurriedly got up and took out a pill to swallow. He was lucky enough to recover from his injuries, but his body was filled with the Evil Qi. He didn’t know why, but it was extremely difficult to convert the Monarch Occult Force into Spirit Life Qi.

He took a few deep breaths. He knew that it was due to his devilishness being activated. He didn’t dare to be too hasty so he tried his best to calm himself down and slowly got lucky.

After half a day’s effort, he finally felt better. However, the wounds on his body didn’t recover so quickly.

He turned his head to look at the tombstone, and his eyes couldn’t help but narrow.

In truth, when Su Yun fought with the Devil Cultivator, the devilishness that was accumulated in his body was not activated by him, but by the power that seeped out of the tombstone. Although Su Yun did not absorb much of the tombstone’s power, but no matter what, he was always stained with some of the devilishness that was accumulated in his body.

"What exactly is devilishness?"

"What the hell is devil?"

“My devilishness had been activated. After fighting with that Devil Cultivator, I actually didn’t know pain, only forgot about life and death, and only wants to eliminate him. Now that he’s dead, everything will be restored, pain, and fear of death, it’s so strange.”

Su Yun touched the wound on his chest and murmured.

But no one answered.

After taking care of this person, he was finally in control. After all, his cultivation level was higher than his.

With the death of this person, the battle fighting strength of the qualification certificate increased by several hundred. However, Su Yun didn’t really crave the battle fighting strength requirements anymore.

However, what made people feel fortunate was that such a huge commotion occurred during the battle with the Devil Cultivator and no spirit expert were attracted. From the looks of it, this place was indeed very remote.

Su Yun let out a breath, stood up and walked towards the tombstone.

This tombstone was so magical, it seemed like the person who buried the bones must exist.

He still did not dare to look directly at the words on the tombstone. Although this power could help him quickly advance, he did not want to be occupied by this power. He scanned his surroundings once before leaving.

It was best to stay away from such a bizarre tombstone.


Just as Su Yun was about to leave, he was surprised to discover that the back of the tombstone was completely cracked. It was extremely cracked, and waves of cold wind blew out from it.

Su Yun thought in surprise.