Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 506
Han Yuexin asked a series of questions, which caused Su Yun to be unable to react. After a short pause, he replied honestly.

“Of course I’m just one person. My current cultivation is at sixth-grade of Spirit Master, right?”


Han Yuexin was petrified as she stared blankly at Su Yun.

Sixth-grade of Spirit Master?

How long had it been?

Su Yun had advanced to this extent?

How was this possible?

“You might be powerful before, but you definitely aren’t a sixth-grade of Spirit Master. I’ll call you a fifth-grade Spirit Master. How long has it been since you’ve advanced?”

“Ordinary people would never be able to advance without decades of effort and good fortune. How could you be so fast?”

Han Yuexin came back to her senses and spoke in a daze.

“Yuexin, have you never heard of something called profound coin in this world?”

Su Yun said calmly, “As long as you have enough profound coins, isn’t it easy to advance your cultivation?”

When Han Yuexin heard this, she was stunned for a moment, then suddenly came to a realization. She seemed to have thought of something, nodded and said, “I forgot, I heard that your relationship with the Huairou family’s young miss is very good, naturally no shortage of profound coins.”

However, he wasn’t in the mood to explain.

“If you want to leave here, I’ll send you out. Are you planning to leave Bei Yang?”

“No, I’ve finally entered Bei Yang with great difficulty, so I naturally have to use the resources here to quickly raise my fighting strength to 7,000. As for the Dark House, if I can’t get into the school, then I’ll think of ways to enter the other martial institutions. Actually, this is just a choice, I might not even join any martial institutions. All I’m doing now is looking for a safe place to cultivate.”

A safe place to cultivate was a place where Spirit Cultivator could guarantee their foundations. Only by cultivating in a safe place could they think of ways to raise their cultivation conditions.

“I hope you have a good future.”

Su Yun nodded, expressing his understanding.

“Thank you.”

Han Yuexin nodded lightly. The corner of her lips curled up, revealing a rare trace of a smile.

Su Yun’s current location was not far from the edge of Tame Dragon Land. Very quickly, the two of them saw an open river.

“Once you cross this river, you will be out of this battlefield. There will be people from the Dark House at the border. You have told them that they will send you back to Yan Xin City through a special array.”

Su Yun said.


Han Yuexin nodded, turned around, and bowed towards Su Yun, saying, " Su Yun, thank you. If there’s a chance in the future, I will definitely repay you."

“No need to worry about it, we’ll talk about it in the future.”

Su Yun smiled.

Han Yuexin didn’t say anything else, but she carefully looked at Su Yun’s face, as if she wanted to remember it. Then she turned around, leaped, and flew across the river.

Seeing Han Yuexin disappear from the other side of the river, Su Yun finally felt relieved. With that, he no longer owed her anything.

He turned around and continued to walk deeper into the Tame Dragon Land.

Although it was said to be at the edge of the Tame Dragon Land, this place actually did not belong to the Tame Dragon Land. It could only be said to be the Sichuan River around the Sichuan Meridian.

Su Yun followed the river and looked for his target. The amount of money he had was not much, less than three million profound coins was still far from enough, far from the plan.

After walking for half an hour, there was no sign of anyone at all. Not even a corpse or fresh blood could be seen on the ground.

Was this a no-man’s land?

That’s true. After entering this battlefield, everyone was probably thinking of heading towards the center. Who would be wandering around the edges?

Su Yun thought.


At this moment, a deep roar suddenly came from the depths of the rubble in front of them.

Su Yun’s footsteps became sluggish and he stopped.

Berserk beast?

Judging from this voice, did he barge into its territory?

Causing it to be dissatisfied?

Su Yun thought for a while, then retreated.

In this kind of place, he was unwilling to waste his precious energy on berserk beasts. If he encountered any other Spirit Cultivators who lacked energy and profound energy insufficient profound strength, then that would be terrible.


Su Yun didn’t even take a few steps back when the ferocious beasts rushed over.

It’s a huge creature like tiger, its eyes were like copper bells, its pupils were red, and there was a huge eye on its forehead. Its back bones protruded, its limbs were well-developed, and it was extremely majestic. It opened its bloody mouth and directly swallowed Su Yun, the sharp light between its fangs stabbing into Su Yun’s skin like needles.

At that instant, Su Yun understood that the other side wasn’t angry because he broke into its territory. The reason it roared was very simple, it was hungry.


A light white Qi Cover wrapped around Su Yun’s body, and when that fierce beast, which was like a tiger, bit into the Qi Cover, it was like biting on a rock. Its teeth were hard to enter, and it rubbed the Qi Cover, letting out a sharp ‘creaking’ sound.

Su Yun looked at the big mouth in front of his head and spat out a mouthful of foul air. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, pulled out the Tribulation Fire Sword, and threw it into his mouth.


The Tribulation Fire Sword was like a flaming arrow flying out. The instant the Qi Cover was removed, it rushed into the mouth of the fierce beast and stabbed it back.

Su Yun immediately activated the technique and poured his profound qi into the Tribulation Fire Sword, activating all the flame power within Tribulation Fire Sword. In an instant, the Tribulation Fire Sword erupted with a deathly white flame, crazily burning the internal organs of the fierce beast.


After an unknown amount of time, its skin began to slowly burn and smoke began to billow out from its eyes and nose. Its gigantic body started to stop struggling and became quiet. Finally, it laid on the ground and did not move at all.

It was burning the beast’s body, a beast whose strength was at fifth grade of Spirit Master.

Su Yun called back the Tribulation Fire Sword and looked at the fierce beast. He was not interested in taking its inner core, so he walked straight ahead.

The Long Zhen’s wristband did not know their own cultivation, yet they dared to provoke them. If they did not deliberately conceal themselves along the way, then they would be the target of endless trouble from these berserk beasts.


Just when Su Yun passed by the beast den that was burned to death and was about to head towards the Tame Dragon Land, a black tombstone suddenly appeared in his line of sight.

Su Yun discovered that there was a very orderly arrangement of gravel around them, and there were even some sticks in between the stones. Behind the tombstone, there was a pile of wood that had already collapsed and shattered, and from the looks of it, these wood pieces were even covered with some furniture that could be seen through.

Su Yun quickly walked over and checked the wood and the furniture, found that they were all supported by profound qi.

Had anyone lived here before?

He turned his gaze to the black tombstone behind him, and saw rows of blood-red words on it. However, after a glance at the words, Su Yun felt an indescribable power rush out from the words and infuse itself into his body.

He was shocked and turned his eyes away, not daring to look at her directly.

This word had such power?

Whose tomb is this?

Su Yun thought in surprise.

Suddenly, he remembered that fierce beast that looked like a tiger. Wasn’t its three eyes the color of lacquer red?

Could it be that this vicious beast was attracted by the words on the tombstone?

Su Yun thought to himself. After a while, he shifted his gaze to look at the words, “True Devil Realm, the burial place of the Devil Sect’s Sect Guard Yin Mo.”

Su Yun held onto this strange power and read out the words on it one by one.

The True Devil Realm?

Devil Sect?

Could it be that his initial guess was right, that there really was aDevil Sect in this True Devil Realm?

This was too much of a coincidence. He had actually found a member of the Devil Sect in the Tame Dragon Land, and from the words written on it, the person buried in bones was actually one of the Devil Sect’s Sect Guard. This was an incredible level, the strength must be stronger than Spirit Master.

After death, however, those from the Devil Sect did not place tombstones. Su Yun had joined the Devil Sect, and those from the Devil Sect only hoped to fuse their bodies and souls into the world before burning themselves to death, hoping to be on par with the heaven and earth.

This tombstone for Yin Mo was probably built by other people.

But how could these words release so much power?

Furthermore, he could directly inject his pupils into his body. This way, wouldn’t he be able to continuously increase his cultivation?

Su Yun remembered that the Devil Sect had one method, which was to turn oneself into bones and numb the opponent. When the opponent looked at the bones, all the power in his body would rush into the opponent’s body, while the opponent would immerse himself in the joy of absorbing the power into his body, increasing his strength crazily, and lose himself in the process.

To take his opponent’s flesh further, in order to achieve the goal of destroying his opponent.

If a normal person saw these words, they would be enchanted by the power of the word, but Su Yun didn’t dare to say it.

He took a deep breath, then closed his eyes and bowed three times to the tombstone.

After all, this was a senior, and he was still grateful towards the Devil Sect. After all, they had taught him a lot, even though he didn’t want to return to the Devil Sect.

Sou sou sou!

At this moment, the sound of three formations breaking through the air came from behind him, followed by a shrill wail that rippled through the air.

“Where did this brat come from, he actually came here!”

“Hmph, from the looks of it, you must have discovered the secret here. Since that’s the case, then leave your life behind!”

Su Yun suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes reddened, and he immediately turned around. He pulled out the Tribulation Fire Sword, and waved it towards the sky. The fierce white flame power surged out like a wave, directly dispersing the three incoming profound energies.

This person’s eyes were also red, but it was different from Su Yun’s red. His eyes were red, as if it was caused by overflowing with blood. At this moment, this person’s hair exploded, and he had a ferocious and angry expression as he stared at Su Yun, as if he had been provoked by something.

Seeing this person, Su Yun could tell that this person had absorbed a lot of power from the tombstone!