Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 505
When they heard Su Yun’s words, the three of them looked at each other.

Han Yuexin, who was panting heavily and using her sword to prop herself up, looked at this person with a puzzled expression. Of course, her expression was still as cold as ever. To her, Huo Liu person was no different from Huo Liu.

“So that’s how it is. So this lord has taken a fancy to this woman?”

Hehe, if that’s the case, then this is too easy to deal with. Since the lord likes her, then take her away.

“Actually, there’s no need to fight with us at all. This is an arena, we still need to deal with more enemies, isn’t it better for us to save our profound energy?”

Huo Liu heaved a sigh of relief and laughed.

When Su Yun heard, he frowned and secretly sized up Huo Liu’s expression. He didn’t know if this guy was really planning on using this to calm things down, or was he just saying it on purpose. Actually, he had other thoughts.

However, since Su Yun had already spoken, he naturally wouldn’t remain indifferent.

He pretended to be satisfied as he nodded his head, saying calmly: “Since you guys are so sensible, there’s no need to say too much.”


“Come here!”

He pointed at the Han Yuexin said coldly.

“Do you think I’ll go with you?”

Han Yuexin didn’t recognize this person to be Su Yun. She held onto the Cold Sword and said coldly.

Han Yuexin didn’t recognize him, so this was rather troublesome.

Su Yun sighed and walked towards Han Yuexin with the Tribulation Fire Sword in his hand.

When Huo Liu and Mao Li saw this, they immediately retreated backwards vigilantly. They could not see Su Yun’s cultivation, so they naturally did not dare to attack recklessly, not to mention that Su Yun’s target was Han Yuexin.

Su Yun approached Han Yuexin, he wanted to say something, but the next second, Han Yuexin struck out with her sword.

When Su Yun saw this, he immediately raised his Tribulation Fire Sword to block.

The scorching white sword clashed against the Cold Sword and immediately, a large number of cracks appeared. A billowing white smoke spewed out, as though the Cold Sword was about to be melted by the deathly white sword.

When Su Yun saw this, he immediately shouted, " Han Yuexin, don’t act recklessly. It’s me, Su Yun!"

Hearing this, Han Yuexin was stunned for a moment before saying, " Su Yun?"

“You are the Su Yun who participated in the Lu City Grand Competition and won the championship?”

He finally remembered.

“It’s me!”

Su Yun said in a low voice, “Now, I will take you away. Don’t resist, but don’t pretend to be obedient to me. Once you do, it will make them suspicious, okay?”

Pretend to be subdued by me! "

After saying that, Su Yun stretched out his hand and grabbed Han Yuexin’s waist.

Han Yuexin was a smart person, and this time she was very clever. She immediately swung her arms and legs, shouting with all her might, “Let me go!”

“Let me go.”

However, Huo Liu only acted as if he wasn’t struggling, but in the eyes of Huo Liu and others, it was as if he was being suppressed by Su Yun.

Su Yun flew up into the air while carrying Han Yuexin, and without saying anything, he rushed forward crazily.

However, at this moment, a large amount of violent auras drifted over from the distance, and soon after, a large number of figures rushed over.

“Huo Liu, it’s big brother and the others!”

Shi Zhang immediately cried out.

Huo Liu and Mao Li hurriedly looked into the distance and saw a man wearing a bamboo hat rushing towards them. Behind him was a large number of Spirit Cultivators.

“What scoundrel dares to kill my men!”

Want to go?

“It’s not that easy!”

The person wearing the bamboo hat saw the headless corpse and was immediately enraged. He yelled at Su Yun and was about to rush over.

Seeing this, Su Yun did not dare to hesitate. He immediately pushed his speed to the limit and crazily rushed forward.

The person wearing the bamboo hat refused to let them go. He wasn’t as terrified as Huo Liu and others. because he was completely determined to get Su Yun.

Han Yuexin immediately came out of Su Yun’s arms and flew off.

When Huo Liu and the others saw this, they immediately understood. They knew that Su Yun had lied to them. These two were clearly in the same boat. They immediately shouted, “Chase after him!”

“Catch up to them!”

“Isn’t this the Han Yuexin?”

That person was wearing a black cloak, could it be Su Yun? "

Hua Yashan, who was following behind the bamboo hat man, was stunned when he saw the two fleeing into the distance.

However, now that Su Yun had killed the people on this side, he had declared war on this side. It was already impossible to negotiate with them. In this team, Hua Yashan did not have much authority to speak.

Su Yun’s speed was extremely fast, like a lightning bolt, but Han Yuexin was not good at it. Plus, after taking Huo Liu’s palm attack, her breath was in a mess, so she forced herself to escape, causing her injuries to worsen.

When Su Yun saw this, he immediately drew his breath and threw out the Tribulation Fire Sword. The white sword circled around in the air before quickly landing at Han Han Yuexin’s feet. Su Yun then activated his Qi and flew in front of the sword at full speed.

“Damn it, he’s so fast!”

“Let’s spread out and block them!”

Several men shouted in a low tone.

Everyone immediately dispersed, trying to force Su Yun to stop in a circle, “There’s no need!”

Seeing that he couldn’t catch up to Su Yun, the man wearing the bamboo hat immediately stopped and shouted in a low voice.

Everyone hurriedly stopped.

“Captain, are we going to just let this go?”

“Big Brother, that person killed our people. Are we just going to watch him leave like that?”

Everyone began to question him, their unwilling voices falling to an end.

The man in the bamboo hat looked up, his wheat-colored face grim.

Even if we do manage to catch him, I’m afraid we will have to put in some effort to deal with him. If we spend too much energy on him, it will be detrimental to our future actions.

“No need to say anymore. The Tame Dragon Land is already filled with dangers. If we go after it blindly, we will only end up falling into someone else’s trap!”

“Let’s go!”

The bamboo hat man shouted coldly. After he finished speaking, he ignored the crowd and turned around to leave.

Seeing that, the crowd had no choice but to give up. Su Yun felt that no one was chasing after them, so he rode his flying sword and landed on the ground.

Her face was extremely ugly, her lips were dry, and her eyes had lost its light. Previously, when she forcefully urged her Qi to escape, it had caused multiple ruptures in her meridians.

When Su Yun saw this, he took out a few pellets and fed them to her. Then, he circulated some of his Qi into her body and made Han Yuexin better.

“Thank you, Su Yun. This time, it’s all thanks to you. Otherwise, I would have been humiliated to death.”

Han Yuexin said weakly.

“There’s no need to thank me. After all, you took care of me back in Lu City.”

Su Yun smiled.

“Did I?”

Han Yuexin didn’t quite understand what was going on, but seeing the sincere smile on the man’s face, she didn’t ask any further.

" Han Yuexin, although your strength isn’t bad, this place is still too dangerous for you. Why are you here?"

Su Yun followed to ask.

“To enter the Dark House, of course.”

“Enter the Dark House?”

“You came here alone to snatch the Qualification Items?”

“Although the Dark House is good, is it worth your life to exchange for it?”

With her cultivation level, it was entirely suicidal for her to fight for the right to enter the Dark House.

“Although I am a bit proud, I also understand that I am a bit arrogant. This time, I did not come alone, but with someone. Merely, my companions died halfway, and only I luckily escaped.”

“No wonder you’re alone. But don’t you have a sect now?”

“Why do you still want to enter the Dark House?”

Su Yun asked in confusion.

After she said that, Han Yuexin sighed and shook her head, “Sect?”

“It is precisely because of the lack of access to the sect that I want to enter the Dark House.”

When Su Yun heard that, he said, “Did something happen?”

“It’s a long story.”

Han Yuexin sighed and told him everything that had happened in Lu City.

It turned out that after Han Yuexin had rejected Liuye Wen’s inquiry, she was worried that Liuye Wen would ask for revenge, so she immediately galloped back to the sect, hoping to rely on the sect’s power to protect her and prevent Liuye Wen from making a move against her. However, when the sect learned of this matter, they immediately expelled Han Yuexin.

When Han Yuexin heard this news, her heart broke. She naturally didn’t want to do it, and her master didn’t agree with the Sect Leader’s idea. Thus, this matter was delayed.

Not long after that, Han Yuexin received another message, stating that the sect would send her to the Fleeting Liuye family in the future to quell the fury of Liuye Wen, in the hope that he wouldn’t take revenge on the sect.

After hearing this news, Han Yuexin did not make it difficult for her master anymore. Immediately, she secretly left the sect and left in all directions.

However, not long after he left the sect, the shocking news began to spread.

The Huairou Family officially annexed the Liuye family. Liuye family members died or fled. Liuye Wen’s whereabouts were unknown.

However, Han Yuexin no longer had any plans to return to the sect. This time, she was so flustered to meet a sect from the Fleeting Liuye family without any sense of protection. What would happen to the sect if she were to meet a stronger faction next time?

Therefore, seeking a strong power to rely on had become Han Yuexin’s most pressing hope. Only with a strong backer would she be able to provide a safe cultivation environment for the Spirit Cultivators.

Coincidentally, the Dark House was recruiting.

Although Han Yuexinin was not from Bei Yang, Dark House was very familiar with the name of the Underworld. She had just experienced the situation in the sect, and was eager to enter the Dark House with a stronger force to rely on.

To this end, she spent profound coins accumulated for many years to enter Bei Yang. She also hooked up with a group of rogue cultivators to enter Tame Dragon Land together to snatch the Qualification Items.

During the first month of her journey, she would hide for a month with her teammates and wait until the competition reached its climax. If her opponent was too strong, she would be doomed to give up, and if she had the strength to fight her opponent, she would fight it out.

However, what made her disappointed was that not long after entering the Tame Dragon Land, all of her teammates had died tragically. As such, all of Han Yuexin’s thoughts turned into a bubble.

After Su Yun heard all this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“We can only say that luck played tricks on us.”

Han Yuexin said calmly.

“What do you plan to do next?”

“Leaving the Tame Dragon Land, every step counts.”

“Are we not going to continue snatching the Qualification Items?”

“Previously, I had hoped to rely on my teammates to get one, but now it seems that my thoughts are too naive. The Qualification Item with qualifications is probably not something that people like me can obtain.”

Han Yuexin stood up, bowed to Su Yun and said, " Su Yun, Han Yuexin owes you a favor. If you have a life in the future, we will definitely repay you!"

“You’re too polite.”

Su Yun nodded and said, “But this place is still too dangerous. Since you want to leave, I’ll send you away.”

“Aren’t you going?”

Han Yuexin asked.

“Of course not.”

“You want to seize Qualification Item?”


“Then what are you going to do?”

Are you alone or with a team?

" Su Yun, what’s your cultivation level now?"

Han Yuexin couldn’t help but ask. She discovered that after seperating in Lu City, the person in front of her had been reborn. She didn’t recognize him anymore …