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The members of the six-man hunting squadron were all dumbfounded, they could not believe their eyes.

Why would this Qualification Item fall on the road?

“Its color is like snow and it’s shaped like a lotus. Every lotus petal has the unique symbol of the Dark House on it. There’s no way to imitate it; it must be a Qualification Item!”

"This must be a Qualification Item, everyone!"

A skinny man turned his head and excitedly said to the people behind him.

“Don’t celebrate too early.”

The burly man with the large blade said in a deep voice, "For no reason at all, there will be a Qualification Item on the road. Without a doubt, this must be a trap. Did you guys see those corpses on the ground?"

Aren’t these bodies suspicious?

“If you act rashly, I’m afraid you will lose your lives!”

"Then what should we do?"

Don’t you see?

"Around to leave?"

The thin man Chen Hongzhi said unwillingly.

If there is nothing out of the ordinary, we can take them out too. There are a total of ten Qualification Items, and we agreed that we will all work together to take them, and six of them will enter the Dark House together. We are only the first, so why are you so anxious?

A woman with short hair and wearing a fiery red dress said.

"Meishu is right. We should be careful."

The brawny man, Li Jin, said solemnly. He then took out a defensive magic treasure, activated the magic treasure with profound qi. The magic treasure displayed its might, causing a large amount of yellow light to shine on everyone’s body.

Everyone exchanged glances, and the woman named Gui Meishu took out a bunch of rings and distributed one to each of them. She then closed her eyes and began to chant, and after a while, a white starlight array appeared under her feet. Around the array, five circles appeared, and if one was to pay attention, they would notice that these figures were extremely similar to the figures of the other five.

This was a magic treasure unique to Gui Meishu. It was connected to her body, and when danger arose, she would be able to bring them all back at once. With this item, everyone’s safety would be guaranteed.

“Let’s go!”

Li Jin shouted in a low voice as he took the lead and walked towards the Qualification Item.

As they trod on the broken corpses and ignored the ice-cold blood, the five of them carefully approached the Qualification Item. Gui Meishu, who was standing outside, urged on her hand signs as she stared unblinkingly at the five people.

Finally, Li Jin approached.

The Qualification Item was just inches away from him.

"Captain Li!"

Chen Hongzhi, who was standing behind them, was slightly excited as he spoke.

The rest of the group’s breathing quickened.

No one would have thought that they would be able to obtain the first Qualification Item so quickly. Amongst so many experts, these people managed to obtain the first "En!" in less than a day.

Li Jin nodded and spat out fiercely. His eyes were bright red as he looked around. After finding no problems, he impatiently reached his hand towards the item. He grabbed it and picked it up. Bada!

As if the Qualification Item grew in the ground. When he picked it up, the bottom of the object made a crisp ‘bada’ sound.

Li Jin was stunned.

In an instant, a beam of light exploded from the bottom of the item, illuminating all five of them.

“What’s going on?”

Li Jin was shocked. He immediately understood that he was being followed by someone else. He stepped back repeatedly, but he discovered that the scenery around him was different from before.

It had been a rugged mountain path, with a messy ground and terrifying corpses. But now, there was only a vast expanse of whiteness in the surroundings. There was nothing to be seen. The only thing that was fortunate was that his teammates were still alive.

“Captain, what’s going on?”

"Where are we?"

“Looks like we’ve fallen for someone else’s trap.”

"Could it be that someone is setting a trap with a Qualification Item?"

"Damn it!"

Chen Hongzhi said angrily.

Li Jin did not say anything. He turned his head and looked around, trying to find a way out, but at this moment, a gloomy laughter suddenly floated down from the heads of the crowd.

"Welcome to my world."

The walls were covered with strange patterns, and each of them were a hundred meters tall. They were letting out rumbling sounds, and slowly moving over, making people feel a great deal of pressure.

"Get out of here."

Li Jin exclaimed.

Everyone immediately rushed towards the gap in the wall that was still open.

However, the wall seemed to know the crowd’s intention. It was as if the wall knew the crowd’s intention. It was as if the wall was as if the wall knew the crowd’s intention.

"From above!"

Li Jin shouted and leaped, but at this time, a huge lid descended from the sky, sealing up the entire wall.

Li Jin and the others were completely trapped.

“Don’t you know?”

This is actually a huge cauldron, an artifact that I specially used to refine the souls of you greedy people.

Soon, you will also be one of them. "

That voice sounded out once more, and just like the last announcement, it passed into Li Jin and the others’ ears, reaching the edge of the forest a thousand miles away.

Su Yun stepped on the branch and carefully walked forward.

Along the way, he met quite a few corpses. Most of them had already been plundered without any treasures left behind. It could be seen that not all of the people who came here were here for that Qualification Item, but most of them were here to kill them for their belongings.

Perhaps there were even quite a few bandits among the participants.

Su Yun took each step carefully. When he felt that there was someone ahead, he would immediately hide and observe his movements.

With Long Zhen’s wristband protecting him, ordinary people would not be able to discover his existence.

Slowly, Su Yun stopped.

However, the smell of blood in the air gradually became thicker, unlike the way it had always been very faint. Not only that, even a little profound energy had been sent over from the front as well. Even though this profound energy had been deliberately suppressed, it seemed that it was very difficult for the other party to conceal this profound energy, and they still inadvertently revealed some of it.


Judging from this, the other party must have been injured.

Su Yun stared at him, then quickly rushed over.

Although he had killed many people on the way here, he did not lose his principles. Of course, he was not polite. Since he dared to come here, he should be prepared to be killed or to kill others, because no matter who it was, they were here for their own benefit.

This was the hunting grounds, and there were hunters and prey.

Su Yun stealthily moved forward, and very quickly, the source of the blood energy and profound qi appeared before Su Yun’s eyes.

At this moment, these people were sitting cross-legged around a large tree with their eyes closed, regulating their breathing. Among these people, there were men and women, and most of them were dressed differently. Most of them had injuries on their bodies, as if they had just experienced a great battle.

A group of sixteen people?

Su Yun stared at these people and felt that something was wrong. It seemed that there was a group involved in this fight. If there was a large group, then these Qualification Items would probably all be eaten by them.


Just as Su Yun was sizing up these people, a slightly familiar face appeared in his line of sight.

It was a man with a huge black iron sword on his back. The man had a pigtail on his back, and his appearance was quite pretty, with bronze-colored skin. Right now, he was sitting at the side watching these people. He wasn’t injured at all, and he didn’t even use much of his profound qi. He didn’t seem to have experienced any battles.

Looking at this person’s face, Su Yun felt a sense of familiarity. After thinking for a while, he patted his head and instantly understood.

Wasn’t this the same contestant from the first division whom he met during the competition in Lu City, the eldest senior brother of the Heavy Sword Sect, Hua Yashan?

How could he be here?

Su Yun was a little suspicious. This was Bei Yang. Although Hua Yashan was not weak, he shouldn’t have seven thousand fighting strength, right?

If he had been brought here, how could he have come to participate in this competition?

Could it be that he’s doing this for a Qualification Item as well?

Su Yun frowned as he examined Hua Yashan carefully. He discovered that his aura was not that strong. Even though his cultivation base had increased by quite a bit since Lu City, it was still far from reaching 7000 and fifth rank of Spirit Master.

However, compared to this doubt, what Su Yun more confused about was this group of more than ten people, could it be that they were all here to enter the Dark House?

Although the Dark House was good, it shouldn’t be this way, right?

There were only ten Qualification Items, even if they were all in his hands, he wouldn’t be able to split them.

It could be said that Su Yun suddenly thought of an even more likely reason why these people came here. Perhaps it wasn’t because they wanted Qualification Item but because they wanted to kill people just like him.

Thinking of this, Hua Yashan, who already had a sect, could be explained by his appearance here.


Suddenly, a voice so soft that it was almost inaudible floated in from the distance. Although the voice was so soft that ordinary people couldn’t hear it, the powerful existences all woke up one by one.

Su Yun was the same.

"Judging from the voice, the other party seems to be deliberately hiding Huo Liu. Take Mao Li and the others to take a look."

A man wearing a conical hat with a face that could not be seen clearly turned his head and spoke to the other Spirit Cultivators in a deep voice.

The other four people nodded, got up, and quickly flew away.

When Su Yun saw this, he immediately followed the four people and rushed towards the source of the sound.

Although there were a lot of ferocious beasts and spirit beasts in Tame Dragon Land, the sound just now was absolutely not from a beast. Very few beasts would be so cautious, unless they were intelligent beasts and they wanted to avoid humans.

Therefore, this voice must have come from a Spirit Cultivator.

The group of people were not slow, the four people were running below while Su Yun was running behind them on the branch.

He wanted to know what the purpose of these people was. If it was as he guessed, he might be able to observe and see if there was anything of interest to him.

Su Yun was not in a hurry to enter the center of the Tame Dragon Land. In other words, he had no intention to enter the center. Right now, what he needed to do was mainly benefit.

After running for a few minutes, everyone stopped.

The source of the sound was right in front of them. The moment they approached, the person noticed the four people charging over. He immediately backed up repeatedly and looked at the four people who were charging over vigilantly.

Su Yun followed them from afar and looked towards the source. However, after a glance, he was stunned.

Another acquaintance?