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Chapter 494 Seventy-two Stars Strike

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“Now’s not the time to think about it, is it?”

Su Yun stood up and took out the Tribulation Fire Sword. He looked at Ye Moxian with the big stone on his back. His eyes were full of coldness as if he had lost his last bit of trust and patience towards Ye Moxian.

Ye Moxian’s body shook violently and his eyes were wide open. He looked at Su Yun in fear. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it when the words reached his throat.


Just at this moment, a large amount of golden light flashed past and killing intent filled the air. Su Yun dodged to the side and saw countless scales cutting at him like swords.

He pulled Ling Qingyu away and dodged. The scales penetrated through the gravel and flattened the big tree in the distance before disappearing.

As for the owner of those scales, it was Imperial Lady Hai Min.

“Ye Moxian is my saviour, I won’t allow you to hurt him!”

“If you dare to harm him, then die!”

Imperial Lady Hai Min made a grasping motion with both hands, and a slender stream of water flew out of the river and converged in her palm, forming a blue trident.

“Dragon’s Roar, Rain Strike!”

The Imperial Lady Hai Min struck out with her halberd, and a water dragon appeared on the halberd, aggressively attacking Su Yun.

Just by looking at her imposing manner, she seemed to have cultivation base of the sixth grade of Spirit Master. Furthermore, they were beside the river, so her profound skill could be unleashed more easily and she was more powerful!

However, Su Yun was not afraid of Imperial Lady Hai Min.

He pulled out the Tribulation Fire Sword with a backhand grip. The blazing and deathly white sword fiercely rammed into the water dragon, roasting it at a high temperature.

The surface of the water dragon had shrunk by one size, and a large amount of steam was emitted. When the water dragon got close to Su Yun, it was already as thin as a small snake, completely without much destructive power.

“That sword is so terrifying. You actually have such a scorching sword!”

She was extremely afraid of the Tribulation Fire Sword.

“I’ll use you to test my ‘Burning Heaven Sword Technique!’”

“Swish!” After hearing Su Yun’s low shout, he raised his hand, and the Tribulation Fire Sword flew up into the sky. At the same time, eight red-hot longswords flew out from the sword sheath.

Each handful was as hot as the sun, easily able to melt through iron, steel and burn boulders.

Nine swords flew into the air and spun around in a circle. Su Yun’s hands were rapidly forming a sword art sign as his profound energy followed the changes in the sword art and surged out of his body, colliding with one of the swords. Finally, “Phoenix Dancing In The Sky!”

Su Yun shouted.

A sword flew out from the nine swords, burning out a large number of flames, flying towards Imperial Lady Hai Min in the form of a phoenix.

The phoenix’s attitude was proud and haughty as it looked down upon the world. It was unstoppable and domineering as if everything in this world was nothing in its eyes. The sand beneath its feet was insignificant!

The momentum was too strong!

Feeling this unimaginably intense heat, Imperial Lady Hai Min’s expression changed drastically. She retreated several steps back, the trident in her hand spinning rapidly. A large amount of seawater and bubbles formed a huge tortoise shell around her.

But it was futile.


As the Phoenix attacked, a violent explosion rang out.

The tortoiseshell instantly shattered like a piece of paper. The terrifying phoenix of fire landed on Imperial Lady Hai Min, sending her flying out of the tortoiseshell and into the sea. When she got up, blood was already coming out of the corner of her mouth.

‘I never thought that Su Yun would have such a terrifying profound skill.’

Ye Moxian looked at everything with eyes full of disbelief.

Such destructive power far exceeded the existence of the sixth grade of Spirit Master!

But he did not know that Su Yun was only on the verge of entering sixth-grade cultivation.

Without the slightest hesitation, Su Yun took advantage of the fact that Imperial Lady Hai Min hadn’t stood up and rushed forward. He waved his hand and attacked all the swords that were left, thrusting them towards Imperial Lady Hai Min.

Imperial Lady Hai Min was forced to a dead end!

If he held back any longer, he would only end up dead!

She tightened her scaly face, coldly stared at Su Yun, and yelled in a low voice, “Don’t look down on people, since you’re so aggressive, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

As soon as she said that, a strange beast roar suddenly exploded from her body.

Both Su Yun and the flying swords were knocked away.

Su Yun held onto the Tribulation Fire Sword and retreated backwards, staring at Imperial Lady Hai Min, he saw a large number of white light spots on her body, there were about twenty of them, on her shoulders, chest, abdomen, joints, and other places, they all quickly moved, alternating, sometimes merging together, and waves of unexplainable magical power began to swirl around her body.

“This is bad!”

“This was Seventy-two Stars Strike!”

“Su Yun, quick!”

“Interrupt her accumulation, or else everything will be over once she completes her accumulation!”

Ling Qingyu shouted loudly.

“Seventy-two Stars Strike?”


“I’m afraid not!”

A golden shadow of incense suddenly appeared on Imperial Lady Hai Min’s chest. The incense shadow was burning at a rapid rate that could be seen with the naked eye.

When the incense shadow reached the bottom, all the white spots on her body turned golden.

Accumulation completed!

“We’re finished!”

Ling Qingyu’s expression was extremely ugly, her eyes wide open as she stared at Imperial Lady Hai Min, muttered, “Execute Seventy-two Stars Strike, and with the acceleration magic treasure, you’ll greatly shorten the time of accumulation, you won’t even have the chance to interrupt …” Ling Qingyu suddenly thought of something, turned around and shouted at Su Yun, “Su Yun, go quickly!”


Su Yun frowned.

Before he could say anything else, Imperial Lady Hai Min had already arrived.

She lifted the trident in her hand, twisted her body, and the long halberd stabbed forward. In an instant, the halberd turned into 72 shadows, smashing towards 72 acupuncture points on Su Yun’s body with the force of a falling star.

72 shadows descended at the same time, their speed unimaginably fast.

“Seventy-two Stars Strike?”

Wasn’t this Star Heavenly Sovereign’s famous ultimate skill?

“Could it be that Imperial Lady Hai Min had the fortune to obtain this terrifying profound skill from Star Heavenly Sovereign?”

Seeing this scene, Ye Moxian’s face was filled with hope again and he looked at this side with excitement.

The Seventy-two Stars Strike focused on launching seventy-two strikes in the blink of an eye. Each strike consumed one Star Point on her body, and the seventy-two Star Points would be fully released within five seconds, each strike containing an extremely terrifying power. In other words, Imperial Lady Hai Min could launch a total of five thousand one hundred and eighty-four strikes in the blink of an eye. And every strike was so terrifying that no matter how powerful a person was, in front of this strike, there was no way they could defend against it, they would all be turned into ashes!

This was a killing blow, and the victor would be decided by this strike.

Ye Moxian looked closely at Imperial Lady Hai Min and couldn’t help but to smile. He thought his plan would fail, but he didn’t expect her to give him such a big surprise.

Whoosh! The sky full of trident shadows wrapped around Su Yun, and between the trident shadows, there was a flash of light, and stars were dancing in the air. It was incomparably magical and beautiful.

Sounds of stars travelling through the sky could be heard, and Su Yun’s body seemed to have become a galaxy. Large amounts of light spots appeared and disappeared, it was very beautiful.

In the blink of an eye, seventy-two strikes.

Heaven and Earth were crippled, and the sun and moon withered.

Fierce and peerless, unparalleled in the world!


Just as the Seventy-two Stars Strike was about to be unleashed, a strange sound suddenly rang out.

‘Dang! Dang!’

It was as if a porcelain bowl had been broken in a quiet room. A huge rock suddenly fell from an uninhabited valley, creating an unimaginably loud sound. Amidst the sound of the stars exploding, it was like an intruder, catching people off guard.

Ye Moxian and Ling Qingyu hurriedly looked towards the source of the voice. However, a shocking scene appeared.

A white sword suddenly appeared between the trident, blocking its attack and blocking it completely.

“This is impossible!” Ye Moxian murmured, his eyes rolling.

“How is it possible for this fellow to interrupt Seventy-two Stars Strike?”

Ling Qingyu’s face was filled with astonishment and disbelief.

Unless his speed could reach the thousandth sword in a second and each strike was infused with profound qi!

Could it be that he was already able to do this?

“You …” Imperial Lady Hai Min hadn’t said anything when Su Yun suddenly kicked viciously towards her.


Imperial Lady Hai Min got kicked away and she was thrown out once again.

The previous pros and cons had been dramatically changed!

Su Yun’s sword swept out like the wind, slashing towards Imperial Lady Hai Min. She was shocked and terrified, she immediately threw away the trident in her hand, turned around, and fled into the Cang Lan River. Su Yun’s speed was extremely fast, and she did not have the time to dodge, so the blazing sword of fire cut off one of her arms.

Imperial Lady Hai Min miserably cried out but didn’t dare to stay any longer. She endured the pain and wanted to drill into the Cang Lan River.

But how could Su Yun let her do as she wished?

He immediately pushed his speed to the limit, and with a speed even faster than the wind, he instantly landed in front of Imperial Lady Hai Min. He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her to the shore.

After one of her arms was cut off by the Tribulation Fire Sword, she only had one hand left. At this moment, she was powerless to fight against Su Yun.

Victor had already been decided!

“Right now, I will only give you two a day to dispel Huairou Gong’s ’Life Binding Curse '. If you two still do not undo it a day later, then I can only apologize to Huairou Muyu. You two can only accompany Huairou Gong in a tomb!”

Su Yun said with a cold voice.

Ye Moxian and Imperial Lady Hai Min looked at Su Yun in fear.

He wasn’t joking, and he would not make the joke any more.

He did not really care about Huairou Gong’s survival. If not for Huairou Muyu, he might have already entered Bei Yang.

Under Su Yun’s domineering pressure, Imperial Lady Hai Min had no choice but to obey.

In the end, she obediently started the spell to remove the Life Binding Curse.

It wouldn’t be difficult to get rid of her, and it wouldn’t take three days, nor would she need the cooperation of others. After all, she was the one who had cast the spell.

Moreover, she wouldn’t casually take her life as a joke. If she didn’t remove it, then once Huairou Gong died, Imperial Lady Hai Min would be buried along with him.

Six hours later.

Under Ye Moxian and Su Yun’s gaze, Imperial Lady Hai Min’s body started to shine with a large amount of light. After the light disappeared, she slowly opened her eyes and weakly said to Su Yun, “Okay, the ‘Life Binding Curse’ on Huairou Gong has been eliminated.”


Su Yun nodded and said to Imperial Lady Hai Min, “You were my enemy just to repay Ye Moxian’s kindness so, I won’t kill you. Go back quickly!”

“Thank you for your mercy.”

She quickly bowed to Su Yun, then slipped into the Cang Lan River and disappeared.

The departure of the Imperial Lady Hai Min destroyed the last bit of hope in Ye Moxian’s eyes.

Su Yun sat down cross-legged and removed the power of Heavenly Crystal. He took out a medicinal pill and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Qingyu, help me look at Ye Moxian, I will recover my strength for now!”


Ling Qingyu nodded.

At this moment, with both of his arms covered in wounds, Ye Moxian no longer had any fighting strength and couldn’t pose any threat at all.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Yun opened his eyes again and stretched his body. He felt the air in his body was great, and aftereffects of using Heavenly Crystal were very small. He immediately grabbed Ye Moxian, who was still lying in front of the rock and flew into the distance.

“You … where are you taking me to?” Ye Moxian asked weakly as he was carried by Su Yun like a bag.

“Wu Ye City!”

Su Yun said calmly.