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Chapter 493 Trap Dragon Treasure

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“Imperial Lady Hai Min!”

Ye Mo’s face was pale as he yelled, “I order you to immediately remove the Life Binding Curse.”

These words surprised this woman with fish characteristics. She scanned Ye Moxian with her golden eyes, then stared at Su Yun vigilantly and said, “Your situation doesn’t seem to be ideal, you begged me to remove the Life Binding Curse, why do you have to do this now?”

“Have you been coerced into doing this?”

“If that’s the case, I can remove this threat for you.”

As soon as her voice fell, all the monsters within the Cang Lan River rushed out, surrounding Su Yun completely. The terrifying water halberd was fiercely aimed at his face.

Su Yun looked around and said calmly, “Imperial Lady Hai Min, it seems like you aren’t friendly with me. Don’t worry, I’m Ye Moxian’s friend!”

Then, he bumped Ye Moxian’s back with one hand and said, “Young master Ye, isn’t that true?”

Ye Moxian’s arms were both broken and his body was full of wounds. His entire life meridian was in Su Yun’s hands, how could he defy his will?

He gritted his teeth and said with difficulty, “Imperial lady, don’t misunderstand me, and don’t waste any time either. Quickly remove the Life Binding Curse. Quick.”

The empress’s golden eyes narrowed. “Are you sure?”


“That’s fine.”

The empress no longer persisted and nodded: “No matter what reason you have, the last thing that I, Imperial Lady Hai Min, have done for you has also been completed. From now on, you and Cang Lan River will not owe each other anything.”

With that, the Imperial Lady raised her arm full of scales and waved it gently, causing the surrounding creatures to retreat.

Then, a blue and white Bagua Disc appeared in her palm. The Bagua in the tray were still rotating slightly, and two of the fish were already intertwined.

“This is the main item for the Life Binding Curse. The Yin side belongs to Imperial Lady Hai Min, and the Yang side belongs to Huairou Gong.”

Ye Moxian said plainly.

Imperial Lady Hai Min put the item on the ground and then activated her profound energy. He saw that the item emitted many strange red lights. The light was very bright, just like the stars.

However, the red light lasted for less than ten breaths of time before a ‘patter’ sound rang out. The red light disappeared, and the artefact was like a machine that had stopped spinning. It didn’t have any movement at all.

Su Yun frowned.

“I failed.”

The woman stared at the artefact and then shook her head. “It’s not easy to remove this Life Binding Curse. When I first created it, it took me three days and three nights and with Ye Moxian’s help, it will probably take me at least three days and three nights to remove it. I need a rank 6 existence of Spirit Master to help me. Otherwise, this curse seal won’t be undone!”

‘Three days?’

Su Yun slightly frowned, his gaze sweeping towards the artefact, and said calmly, “Since you said you need assistance, how should I help you remove this curse seal?”

“Just pour your profound energy into it endlessly.”

"The Heaven and Earth are attached to the power of the curse seal, and if I want to remove the Life Binding Curse, I will have to separate the Heaven and Earth. Separating also requires a large amount of profound energy, and it will be very difficult for me alone to accomplish that. So, only by dealing with the power of the curse seal I can concentrate on separating the Heaven and Earth and removing this curse seal.

Hearing that, Su Yun took the item and scanned through its structure. He found that there was indeed a strong barrier that was hard to explain.

He looked at Ye Moxian and saw that Ye Moxian had his back against a rock while gasping for breath. He was only in endless pain, and from the beginning to the end, Imperial Lady Hai Min didn’t seem to care about Ye Moxian or Su Yun.

Three days was not a long period of time, but if he wanted to remove it, it would likely consume a lot of profound energy. Moreover, he didn’t know much about the Imperial Lady Hai Min. If he were to fall for her, it would be quite troublesome.

Su Yun thought to himself and was a bit wary.

However, his concerns were quickly swept away.

“Since you need help, fine, I’ll help you remove this curse.”

Su Yun thought for a moment, then nodded and said seriously.


Imperial Lady Hai Min waved her hand and a dark blue light shot out from her palm and scattered in all directions. With the object as the centre, she actually constructed a carefully patterned formation with a fish pattern on it.

Imperial Lady Hai Min sat down and closed her eyes to recite a spell. Su Yun took a deep breath, raised his right hand, and covered the item in his hand. Then, he also closed his eyes to transfer his Qi.

The two energies rushed into the artifact, one above the other. The dazzling light that had been like starlight once again appeared, glittering and shining. It was extremely miraculous.

Ye Moxian opened his eyes and looked at the two. His dark eyes had a ripple of unfathomable power.

Su Yun’s power was very strong. Because of his divine power, his profound energy was complex and very unstable. It was not like the aura of Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi emitted by Imperial Lady Hai Min.

The aura seeped into the magic treasure, and Su Yun immediately encountered the layer of curse seal that Imperial Lady Hai Min talked about. He converted his profound qi into Spirit Lord Qi, and with a sharp aura, tore open a hole in the seal, allowing Imperial Lady Hai Min’s aura to seep through and approach the Heaven and Earth.

Imperial Lady Hai Min was startled. Su Yun’s actions had shocked her. This person’s aura wasn’t strong, but there was an indescribable power to it.

‘What was with this sharp aura?’

It was as if it had realized something, and only when Su Yun’s aura had already passed did it stand up to resist. The strong power began to crazily squeeze Su Yun’s profound qi, trying to force every bit of his strength out of the artefact. Su Yun did not dare to be distracted as he stared at the artefact with rapt attention.

The profound energy in his body flowed like a gushing river.

Although it was tricky, it wasn’t hard to subdue. From the strength of its aura, it seemed very similar to Ye Moxian’s.

Su Yun, who had his eyes closed, looked into the artefact and thought to himself.

He focused his attention on the interior of the seal barrier and saw that the power of Imperial Lady Hai Min was endlessly revolving around the Heaven and Earth. Within the Azure was a bit of a bloody red aura, and it was like a demon’s hand as it ceaselessly stroked the power of the Heaven and Earth.

However, Su Yun noticed that Imperial Lady Hai Min had no intention of separating the Power of Heaven and Earth.

“Imperial Lady Hai Min, why haven’t you made your move yet?”

Su Yun asked.


Imperial Lady Hai Min did not answer him.

On the other hand, the strange hand of air that was caressing Heaven and Earth became faster and faster. Sometimes it would reach upwards, and other times it would stroke downwards. It was endless, but it would never split the Power of Heaven and Earth.

Su Yun frowned and felt that something was wrong.

Although he didn’t understand the procedures of the curse, he could tell that the situation wasn’t looking good from what he saw in front of him.

Thinking to that point, Su Yun immediately removed his aura and stopped fighting against the seal barrier.

However, the instant he removed the seal barrier, the power of the barrier seemed to have gone insane as it pounced towards his profound qi. It actually bit onto Su Yun’s profound qi, and refused to let go in the slightest!

Su Yun frowned and opened his eyes. He looked at Imperial Lady Hai Min in front of him and said, “You planned to harm me?”

“That’s not bad, it’s just that I want to live.”

Just at this moment, Ye Moxian, who was sitting there, smiled weakly.


"Did you tell her to do it? "

Su Yun asked.

“That’s right!”

“But I don’t see you communicating with each other, so how were you instructing her?”

“Fish Language!”

Ye Moxian laughed pale: “I inadvertently saved Imperial Lady Hai Min 100 years ago. In order to repay our gratitude, she promised to do three things for me, and now this is the third. Su Yun, although you are very smart, you never would have thought that during my many years with Imperial Lady Hai Min I have learnt the Fish Language. Just when we were talking, I used Fish Language to discuss with Imperial Lady Hai Min.”

“Together against you, and now, it’s a good chance to make a move!”

“Although she is strong, she is not my match. Ye Moxian, if you place your hopes on her, then you are very wrong.”

Su Yun said calmly.

“Of course I wouldn’t be so stupid. Although I don’t know your cultivation, how could I not be on guard against you?”

“So, I intentionally made Imperial Lady Hai Min take out the ‘Trap Dragon Treasure’ and use it to pass it as the ‘Life Binding Curse’ to trick you into the game. Now, all your profound energy is already within this ‘Trap Dragon Treasure’ and it will be difficult to extract it.”

“Hahaha …” Ye Moxian laughed very proudly.

No one had thought that coming to Cang Lan River would actually be a trap set up for him.

From the beginning to the end, the woman was still following Ye Moxian’s orders and didn’t even intend to remove the Life Binding Curse.

It was indeed very difficult for anyone to break away from the bindings. After all, the power was still constantly consuming their own profound energy. When time dragged on, the power of humans would become weaker.

However, Su Yun was prepared.

“You really won’t cry until you see the coffin.”

Su Yun gently shook his head, his eyes revealing an expression of impatience. With a low shout, Heavenly Crystal instantly exploded out from within his chest, filled with energy flowing out from his chest, covering every part of his body.

These powers were all Ye Moxian’s powers.

In an instant, Su Yun’s cultivation increased by leaps and bounds.

Heavenly Crystal!

After using it, Su Yun absorbed all of Ye Moxian’s power to make it work again.


Imperial Lady Hai Min was extremely shocked.

She knew that Su Yun had activated his magic treasure, but she didn’t think that Su Yun’s magic treasure would cause him to have such a huge change in such a short period of time. She immediately increased the activation of the ‘Trap Dragon Treasure’ in an attempt to suppress Su Yun’s profound energy, making it impossible for him to escape.

After all, the Trap Dragon Treasure was not an ordinary item. Even if Su Yun suddenly exploded, she would still be able to forcefully suppress him with it.

However, in that split-second, the sword sheath behind Su Yun flashed with a white light, and then a beautiful figure appeared. The beautiful figure didn’t hesitate at all, and as soon as it appeared, it formed a blade with one hand, slashing towards the neck of Imperial Lady Hai Min.

Imperial Lady Hai Min’s expression changed drastically as she immediately removed the ‘Trap Dragon Treasure’.

Ye Moxian opened his eyes wide and stared at that beautiful figure in shock: “It’s you again!”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Why do you always appear out of nowhere?”