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Chapter 490 Stupid Idea

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The second day, Su Yun finished cultivating the Burning Heaven Sword Formation and rushed to that street to wait. Although he wasn’t sure if the master of that familiar aura would appear again, thinking that they were most likely related to Ye Mo Xian, he waited quietly.

At last, he did not disappoint those who wanted to. At noon, the owner of that aura appeared once more.

Su Yun was sharp enough to catch this aura. He immediately followed the aura and quickly locked onto the two people.

They continued to walk towards the Cui Jiang Restaurant with ease. Along the way, the two of them did not speak.

Entering the restaurant, the waiter immediately led them into the underground fighting arena.

Su Yun waited outside for more than ten seconds before walking in.

“Yo! Sir, you’re here again?”

The little guy saw Su Yun at a glance.

“I have an appointment.”

Su Yun said calmly.

“May I ask the guest’s name?”

“Su Yun.”

Su Yun revealed his identity token.

After a moment, the waiter returned with a respectful look on his face. He first bowed towards Su Yun, then said in an anxious voice, “So it’s Lord Su, this one has eyes but couldn’t recognize Mount Tai. Lord, please come in, please come in.”

Not only did he know that it was the first time Su Yun came to the underground fighting arena but was also acting as a narrator, explaining everything about the arena to Su Yun.

In fact, there weren’t any complicated decorations in the back hall. It was just a small room, with a counter on the left and right side of the room and staff members standing in front. At the end of the hall was a glowing door that no one could pass through without the permission of the person in charge.

As the two entered the door, they saw a flight of black brick steps leading downwards. As they walked down, they could faintly hear heart-rending shouts and excited cheers.

The air gradually rippled with a nauseating smell of blood, and the thick profound energy began to touch Su Yun’s skin.

There was a battle!

Was this a match from the arena?

The aura could be felt here, and it could be seen that there weren’t any protective measures in this so-called fighting arena.

“Sir, would you like to place a bet?”

“I may not be a smart person, but I’ve been rolling around here for decades, and my eyes are as bright as snow. Hehe, recently, a contestant called ‘Changlan Yu’ has arrived, and he’s a real dark horse. Although his cultivation isn’t the highest among these contestants, his martial skill is still the strongest.”

“I’m sure I won’t disappoint you.”

The waiter said with a smile.


“Is that so?”

Su Yun frowned and said, “You will win for sure if you buy him?”

“Then who else will win?”

“We can’t all buy him to win, right?”

“That won’t happen. A lot of the customers just bought their own contestants to win. Quite a few people who came here to play would bring a few Spirit Cultivators to participate in the competition. However, a lot of people were killed.”

“What about the other two?”

“Who do they buy to win?”

“Or was one of them here to participate?”

Su Yun asked casually while paying attention to the waiter’s expression.

However, the waiter’s face was slightly startled. He then shook his head and said: “What about the two of you?”

“Sigh! Sir, let’s not talk about it anymore, these two are freaks. Normally, if one doesn’t bring a contestant here, they would at least place their bets on other contestants, but these two guests are different. After coming here, they directly went to the private room to drink, neither watching the competition nor paying any attention to it, like this arena is a restaurant. If someone really wants to drink, wouldn’t the restaurant be better? Well, I don’t know why they were here.”

When Su Yun heard this, he thought for a moment, then revealed a surprised expression and said, “There’s actually such a strange person?”

“Do you know which compartment they are in?”

“SkyBox No 3.”

"They always go there. "

Su Yun nodded and continued to walk forward.

The stairs descended, revealing a long corridor. The hustle and bustle here became even louder, and there were also quite a few Spirit Cultivators coming and going. Some were chatting in the corridor, and some were walking out, seemingly without any rules.

“Sir, you have reserved box No 7. Please follow me.”

The waiter said with a smile.

‘An appointment for a private box?’

‘Could this be arranged by Muyu?’

Su Yun thought.

At the end of the corridor was a huge fighting arena, similar to the ancient Roman arena. The surroundings were filled with spectators, but these spectators were all sitting on floating stones, watching the competition. Below the arena was a large fighting arena, and in the middle of the arena was an even larger rock.

This was a battle that would not end until one side was dead. The two of them had sinister expressions and bloodshot eyes. They did not show the slightest bit of fear and used all of their strength to make the other party’s death their ultimate goal.

The audience roared like a tsunami. Some excited people stood on pumice stones and shouted at the arena. Whoever fell behind would attract a string of insults from their supporters.

The situation was extremely chaotic.

The Sky No. 7 VIP Box was located right in front of the arena, in a floating tower with a beautiful appearance. It was inlaid with gold, jade and was wrapped in a layer of faint red light, covering the entire pavilion.

In the pavilion, there was a maid who served there. If there was any demand, she only needed to speak, and it was extremely convenient to watch the competition from the inside. From the outside, this was a pavilion, but from the inside, this pavilion was completely invisible, allowing one to clearly see everything that was happening outside.

Su Yun looked around the pavilion and threw a few profound coins to the maid to leave. The maid bowed and then left the pavilion and waited outside.

Seeing that, Su Yun looked towards box number 3.


he called.

With just a flash of white light, Ling Qingyu’s figure quickly appeared beside him.

She had heard all of this before, so she wasn’t surprised that Su Yun came.

“You think one of those two is Ye Moxian?”

“It’s possible, but I still need to confirm it.”

“Three more days, and it will be the appointed time between Green Ghost King and the Huairou family. At that time, Ye Moxian will take everything from the Huairou family to Green Ghost King. Do you think Ye Moxian will appear at this time?”

“What’s more, why is he here?”

“I don’t know, but there are spies from the Huairou family everywhere in Wu Ye City. This place is different. There are many Spirit Cultivators of the lower ranks here, and many of them are not from Wu Ye City. If he appears here, it wouldn’t cause anyone to doubt him.”

"As to why he has come here, I think it would be most appropriate to ask him himself. "

“What are you going to do?”

Ling Qingyu turned her head and asked.

“Won’t you just subdue them?”

“If there is Ye Moxian in there, how can you easily subdue him?”

“Although Ye Moxian’s power is inferior to yours, it shouldn’t be too hard for him to escape. After all, he escaped using that strange black cauldron.”

“If he is unable to activate his profound qi, then wouldn’t it be easy to subdue him?”

Su Yun said.

Ling Qingyu frowned, “What should I do?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

Su Yun smiled embarrassedly, “Of course not, I know a lot of poisons that can be used to temporarily lose profound qi, but these are all products of Sky Martial Continent, and I don’t know if they can be used to help the existence of Spirit Master. Moreover, I can’t concoct such a pill in such a short period of time, so I can only rely on a stupid method. Although the risk is not small, the probability of success is not low.”

Ling Qingyu frowned and asked, “What method?”

“Limitless Sword Sheath.”

Su Yun said, “Other than the door, nothing else in the Sword Sheath’s world can be passed through. If I take advantage of the unpreparedness and drag those two people into the Sword Sheath’s world, everything will be easy to deal with, but this is a stupid method, and there are many unstable factors. First, these two people are much weaker than me in terms of strength, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to subdue them.”

“If the Limitless Sword Sheath can really trap them, then if they have another magical magic treasure to escape with, then their efforts will be in vain.”

When Ling Qingyu heard this, she couldn’t help but shake her head, “What a stupid way to do things. Su Yun, I thought you were smart, but I never thought you would say such a thing.”

“Actually, there’s another method that’s worth a try. However, I’m not sure if that magic treasure will work on them. I need to figure out their cultivation before I can use this method.”

“Tell me about it.”

However, Su Yun didn’t say anything. He opened his clothes and pointed at a black rock on his chest.

“Heavenly Crystal?”

Ling Qingyu was stunned.

“I only hope that this divine artifact won’t disappoint me!”

Su Yun smiled and looked towards VIP box No. 3.

After staring for a moment, he took out some materials from his spatial ring and began to draw.

A moment later, a small barrier appeared, and Su Yun immediately sat cross-legged, covering his hand above Heavenly Crystal.

“Su Yun, what are you doing?”

Did he really intend to use Heavenly Crystal to deal with those two existences?

“This doesn’t seem too realistic, right? Let’s think of another plan!”

Ling Qingyu hurriedly said.

Although Heavenly Crystal’s grade was not low, this magic treasure was too unusual. Even in the Ultimate Martial World, it was a treasure that was difficult for a Spiritual cultivator to control.

“Heavenly Crystal is a divine object, and it is also a vicious beast that doesn’t know what it’s full of. This time, we can rely on it, and if it doesn’t succeed, we can drag those two into the world of the Sword Sheath’s world.”

Traces of profound energy slowly seeped into Heavenly Crystal on his chest, and gradually, the power contained within Heavenly Crystal began to release a torrential river of energy that began to gush out. A thick power crazily crashed within the pavilion, and if there wasn’t a pavilion to conceal it, then Su Yun was afraid that this aura would have long shocked everyone present.