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C484 - An Evil Ghost Coming Out Of The Black Cauldron

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A crisp sound rang out.

The eyes sword split Su Yun’s head open and went straight through his nose, directly cutting his head off.

A large amount of brain matter gushed out from the blood.

However, Su Yun did not feel any pain, as if the head that had been split was not his.

Ye Moxian pulled his sword aside and retreated.

There was no joy on his face but rather calmness.

Su Yun could clearly feel that his severed head was starting to heal.


Su Yun overjoyed.

In this place, no one could kill anyone!

“It seems like you’ve known all of this!”

Ye Moxian raised his eyes sword and sneered at Su Yun.

He raised the sword in his hand and waved it.

A strange sound rang out, then Su Yun’s vision went black again, and he recovered in about a second.

But at this moment, Ye Moxian wasn’t standing in front of him but was floating in the air. He held the sword with both hands and the eyes sword floated in front of him. The sword emitted a large amount of golden light and shined on Su Yun’s body.

When seeing this, Su Yun suddenly felt powerless, and his body instantly became weak. He hurriedly used his sword to support himself on the ground, and almost fell to the ground.

“What’s going on?”

Su Yun was stunned. He felt that his body was incredibly empty. Profound qi was only one layer left and his strength was extremely weak.

“Hahahaha! Su Yun, although you have seen through that it was an illusion, just now you still fell into my game!”

Ye Moxian laughed and said proudly, “Just now, my Immortal Sword of Illusion activated the profound skill and dragged you into the illusion space. In this space, every time you use a profound skill, the profound energy you consume will be five times more than usual. In this illusion space, I can’t kill you, and you can’t kill me either.”

“However, I can guide you to attack and consume all the profound energy in your body!”

“Right now, your profound energy is no longer able to hold on. You are already at the end of your crossbow. So what else do you have to fight against me?”

Then, Ye Moxian pulled off the Immortal Sword of Illusion and held the eyes sword to activate fierce profound energy, and then threw it at Su Yun.

“Illusion space …” Su Yun squinted his eyes and struggled to stand up.

He didn’t think, he would be playing into Ye Moxian’s hand.

If what he said was true, then the amount of profound energy he consumed was equivalent to releasing five ‘Soaring Sword Wind’ results.

It was already a miracle that there was still a sliver of profound energy left in his body, as one could imagine how much profound energy would be consumed after he released five ‘Soaring Sword Wind’.

Facing the ferocious Ye Moxian, Su Yun snorted and retreated to avoid the sword. Then he raised his hand and a white light appeared from the sword case. Then, a beautiful figure landed beside him.

When Huairou Muyu who was dogfighting with other experts sensed this strange aura, she immediately turned around and asked, “It’s her?”

Ling Qingyu!

She wore a snow-white dress and her feet were bare. Her face was like jade, her eyes were like stars, and her lips were snow-white. Her hair was like a piece of black cloth, and she looked like a fairy descending to the mortal world.

Ling Qingyu turned her neck and glanced at Su Yun with her bright eyes before softly snorting, “I’ve never seen you in such a sorry state. What kind of opponent did you meet this time?”

“Just an opponent who is stronger than me. But this time, I was careless. I am trapped by him and wasted quite a bit of profound energy.”

Su Yun breathed out, put away the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and the Tribulation Fire Sword in his hand, and said, “Right now, I am unable to use the power of these two swords with my current profound energy. For the present plan, I can only borrow your strength, Qingyu.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Ling Qingyu glanced at the still battling HuaiRou Mu, then looked at surprised Ye Moxian not far away. She then lightly snorted and raised her palm. After slightly closing her eyes for a moment, a large amount of snow-white light appeared on Ling Qingyu’s delicate palm.

“Have you called for help?”

Ye Moxian looked at Ling Qingyu and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. He sighed in his heart: What a gorgeous woman. But he snorted and said: “It’s just adding another corpse.”

After saying that, he threw it again.

Chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp, the sword that was full of pupils shot out large amounts of pupil prints, attacking like a hail of bullets.

“I don’t know what grade of magic treasure your’s is. However, your sword is absolutely not a match for my sword!”

Su Yun stared at the incoming pupil prints and suddenly roared in a low voice. He extended a hand towards Ling Qingyu’s palm and waved it. Whoosh!

The Contracted Sword that Secures Victory!

A snow-white bolt of lightning shot out.

Du du du du, du du, du, all the pupil prints were cut open, releasing one and other strange sounds. That snow-white light dance which looked like a rope was so sharp that it could cut through everything like rotten wood.


Ye Moxian’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe what he saw.

It actually cut open the pupil prints!

This required a large amount of profound energy to support it, but did Su Yun still have that kind of strength?

Logically speaking, he should have consumed a lot of his energy in the illusion space just now!

Hua la!

At this moment, the white lightning came again and struck Ye Moxian’s head.

Ye Moxian quickly raised his eyes sword to defend himself.


A crisp sound came out and a fierce power went from the eyes sword into Ye Moxian’s arm. He quickly raised his profound qi to stabilize this power, but at this moment, Ye Moxian felt a pain behind his back. He took a look and saw this snow-white thing of light went around his eyes sword like a whip and sliced his back.

A deep bloody wound appeared.

“What the hell is this!”

Ye Moxian growled and activated that eyes sword again. The eyes on the sword quickly rotated and the pupils all split into two balls. Large amounts of talismans appeared in these balls and then a strange profound energy spread out.

The surroundings began to shake crazily, and explosions could be heard nonstop.

However, Su Yun, who was holding this whip-like sword, just stood there and didn’t retreat. He grabbed the sword and quickly swung it, and the sword was like a white dragon dancing in the sky. Under his lightning speed, Ye Moxian felt like he was thrown into a prison formed by a dragon.




The sharp sword cut through his profound energy and cut through his skin.

The more Ye Moxian thought about it, the colder he became and the more powerless he became.

Although he believed that he was far stronger than Su Yun, Su Yun’s speed and weapon were not something he could match up to!

Ye Moxian rushed to activate the profound skill again and suddenly disappeared. Su Yun looked and saw that he was already a hundred meters away.

At this moment, Ye Mo Xian’s body was full of wounds and he was breathing heavily. Blood flowed from his wounds and dyed his entire body red.

Su Yun’s swift and ruthless attacks not only disrupted his momentum but also made all the profound qi in his body disordered. The sword Ye Mo Xian held in his hand dimmed, and his eyes also started to glitter.

“What the hell is going on?”

Why was that even though Su Yun was already at the end of his tether, he was still able to display such powerful strength?

What the hell was that sword?

"Damned guy, why is it so strange?

This made Ye Moxian very confused. He was getting more and more confused about this so-called wild kid.

Actually, what he did not know that the power of the sword in Su Yun’s hand was most likely dependent on Ling Qingyu!

Ling Qingyu was indeed Su Yun’s saviour. Now, most of the energy that fought with Ye Moxian were from Ling Qingyu.

“Ye Moxian, it’s time to end this!”

Su Yun shouted with a cold face and suddenly charged forward, flying up into the air. The Sword that Secures Victory in his hand shot out like a rainbow, heading straight for his face.

That slender blade seemed to cut through the heaven and earth, descending towards the earth with an incomparably astonishing momentum.

“Don’t look down on me!”

Ye Moxian gritted his teeth and suddenly growled: “Nine Hearts Underworld Rune!”

A low roar erupted. It was unknown what magic treasure Ye Moxian used and a large number of runes whirled out with him as the centre.

These runes revolved around him just like the moon circling around the earth, and their rotation became faster and faster. When the Contracted Sword fell down, with a ‘dang’ sound, there was a burst of sparks, and the Contracted Sword was repelled away. At the centre of the runes appeared a clearly visible crack.

When the two saw this, they were both shocked.

Su Yun: There still is something that the Contracted Sword actually can’t break.

Ye Moxian: How is it possible for him to make a crack?

Just how sharp was this sword?

However, the two of them did not continue to be shocked for long before they each unleashed another attack.

Su Yun swung his arm and prepared to attack again to break this thing.

Ye Moxian no longer planned to fight with Su Yun. He snorted and took out a black cauldron from his space bag. The black cauldron was originally only the size of a fist, but as it spun faster and faster, it became bigger and bigger. Finally, it turned into a five-meter tall cauldron and descended above Ye Moxian.

Then Ye Moxian jumped to the mouth of the cauldron.

When the Contracted Sword attacked, the cauldron let out a loud noise like the roar of an evil ghost, directly knocking away the Contracted Sword.

Ling Qingyu, who was on the other side, seemed to be affected as well. She hurriedly retreated, clutching her chest. Her lips were slightly pale, and a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

When Su Yun heard this, his heart was tightened.


“Su Yun!”

“Don’t be complacent too soon. Although today was destroyed by you, it doesn’t mean that it is over. The Huairou family is mine, and I still have the life of Huairou Palace in my hands!”

“In the future, I will personally go to Huairou family to retrieve it. You all just wait!”

Then, Ye Moxian jumped towards the cauldron and disappeared.

“Don’t go!”

Su Yun yelled and rushed towards the cauldron.

However, just as he approached the cauldron, waves of cold wind blew out from the cauldron’s mouth, and a terrifying ghost face formed from the cold wind. The ghost face fiercely stared at Su Yun, then opened its mouth and let out a thunderous roar.

“What the hell is this bastard? How dare you act wildly in front of this sovereign? Scram!!!”

The huge roller seemed like it was going to shatter one’s eardrums!

Judging from his aura, he must be a powerful and peerless existence.

However, Su Yun was angered by Ye Moxian’s voice and in his extreme rage, he pulled out the death sword from his back and swung it at that ferocious face.

“F * ck off!”

An angry roar erupted.