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Chapter 474 Demonic Horse

Burning Heaven! Just from the name alone, one could tell that this sword formation was quite imposing. Perhaps, it would be slightly stronger than the Seven Ascension and Cold Hail.

This is also a high-level sword formation, but its power is much stronger than Seven Ascension Slaughter Formation. There are many types of sword formations, and I can only be divided them into primary grade, middle grade, and high grade. In fact, whether it is the primary or high grade of the sword formation, the gaps are not large. Even a primary sword formation can display the might of a high grade sword formation. On the other hand, if you don’t have a clear understanding of the sword formation, even if it’s a high grade sword formation, it probably won’t be stronger than a primary!"

After Ling Qingyu had finished speaking, she took out nine swords from the weapons rack at the edge of the training field. These swords were of the star grade. Although they were considered treasures in the Sky Martial Continent , they could not be more ordinary here.

As Ling Qingyu activated her profound energy, the swords were ignited into flames.

With so many sword formations she knew, she had probably cultivated quite a few profound energy attributes. Su Yun looked at the flaming swords and thought to himself.

Ling Qingyu’s slender fingers lightly pinched, the ring finger and index finger slightly curled, then quickly changed again. The other fingers swayed quickly, the frequency was fast, but it seemed very stiff.

As she recited the words of the sword formation, the nine swords began to lightly tremble, and what was even more amazing was the flames on the nine swords actually began to move restlessly at this moment. The flame on the surface gradually converged on the swords, and as the flames gathered together, the flames around them became much thinner, making the flames in the center extremely conspicuous.

These incantations flashed continuously. The nine swords flew up into the air, circling around Ling Qingyu. The sharp swords rotated at high speed, releasing their flames, making Ling Qingyu look as beautiful as a fire lotus.

Su Yun was stunned until the rising heat woke him up. He quickly retreated to avoid being burnt by the heat.

As the nine swords spun faster and faster, the Revolving flame qi became stronger and stronger, as if it was going to form a flaming storm. The martial field’s barrier immediately sensed Ling Qingyu’s release of profound energy, and the barrier immediately activated. A layer of aqua-blue light rose up, and the flames clashed against the light screen, constantly burning it. As a business family, the objects used by the Huairou Family were all of high quality. However, after being struck by the flame storm, the light screen started to emit a large amount of white smoke and became thinner.

Su Yun was a bit stunned when he saw this.

The temperature of this place was probably not the slightest bit inferior to the flame from the Iron Mountain where Tribulation Fire was located.


Suddenly, from the nine swords that were spinning quickly around Ling Qingyu, a huge phoenix appeared.

Su Yun looked closely and saw that the phoenix was actually formed from a sharp sword. It flew out and viciously crashed into the light screen.

The light screen with unknoen grade was broken like paper and flew towards the gate of the martial field.

When Su Yun saw this, his face immediately became anxious and he quickly shouted, “Qingyu, quickly stop!”

However, it was too late!


A violent explosion rang out.

Dust flew everywhere and the entire martial field shook a few times. After splashes, Su Yun looked back and saw that the gate of the martial field was already shattered. Broken barrier fragments and equipment were scattered on the ground. The scene was a complete mess.

Ling Qingyu was stunned as she hurriedly removed the Burning Heaven Sword Formation.

As for Su Yun, he looked at the scene in shock.

“That…This place is too small, not suitable for using the Burning Heaven Sword Formation. I’ll teach you another day.”

After Ling Qingyu finished speaking, she leaped up, turning into a white light and entered the sword sheath.


Su Yun shouted again, but it was too late.

Hua la la…

At this time, sounds of footsteps floated over from outside the martial field.

Su Yun opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

Not long after, the guards, servants, and stewards of the Huairou Family all rushed over. When they saw the scene, they were all filled with shock. All of them looked at Su Yun with astonishment, surprise, and displeasure.

“Mister Su, what is going on? Are you planning to tear down the Huairou Mansion?”

Butler Mu walked out of the crowd, glanced at the ground, and said to Su Yun.

This was an old man with a gray beard that covered his neck. He looked very old, with wrinkles all over his forehead, skin like dead trees, and a large mole at the corner of his mouth.

“Haha, I couldn’t control myself when I was cultivating, but it ended up like this. It was an accident, a pure accident!” Su Yun quickly laughed.

It was fortunate that these people knew that he was a guest invited by Huairou Muyu. Otherwise, he would at least lose a layer of skin if he didn’t die.

“It’s been almost fourty years since this training field was built, and it has never been like this before. I didn’t think that Mister Su would make such a mess today, it would have to be renovated.” Butler Mu shook his head, but he didn’t dare to blame Su Yun. He turned to the servants beside him and said, “Do it, quickly take care of it. The training field are used every day, so if old master wants to use the training field, then it’s bad. Try to recover as soon as possible.”

“Yes, butler Mu.”

People began to clear up the place.

“This training field has five barriers. Generally speaking, they are very difficult for normal profound skill to break through. Su Yun, what skill were you cultivating just now? How can you make such a terrible mess?”

At that moment, an exclamation came from behind the crowd.

The crowd turned to look, Huairou Muyu were walking over.

“Ah, yes, miss!”

“Greetings, Miss!”

The servants and guards all bowed to Huairou Muyu.

Butlert Mu didn’t dare act rashly and hurriedly bowed his head as he greeted, “Greetings, Young Miss.”


Huairou Muyu nodded, indicating everyone to continue working, then said to Su Yun, “Su Yun, you haven’t replied me yet.”

“Reply what?”

“How did you do this? Do you know who created these five barriers?” Huairou Muyu asked softly, “These five barriers can’t even be broken by a tenth grade Spirit Master. Yet, you broke through them, even at the same time. Su Yun, what kind of profound skill are you cultivating? Is it convenient to reveal?”

“This …” Su Yun hesitated for a moment before letting out a sigh and shaking his head, “It’s just a sword formation, but I didn’t manage to learn it.”

“Oh.” Seeing that Su Yun did not say anything straightforward, Huairou Muyu were also aware that she had asked too many questions. Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she saw Su Yun’s hands wrapped in strips of cloth. She immediately asked, “What happened to your hands?”

“It’s difficult to heal from injuries sustained during cultivation, so I’ll use this to deal with it.”

“Is there a wound that even Spirit Master can not heal?” Huairou Muyu were perplexed.

“It just healed a bit slower.”

Su Yun laughed.

Huairou Muyu were deep in thoughts, but she didn’t continue questioning him. She changed the topic and asked, "Su Yun, how are your preparations? We’re leaving this afternoon. "

“Leaving in the afternoon? So fast?”

“Didn’t I tell you earlier to set this time? The time has come. If we don’t leave now, when?”


Su Yun hesitated for a moment and secretly glanced at butler Mu before asking in a low voice, "Didn’t you say that butler Mu should be in the Bei Zhou City? Why is he still here? "

“He will be going out later, and he will arrive at the city before us. His people are already working in the city.” Huairou Muyu said.

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded.

“Alright, I’ll get someone to inform you to depart later.”

Huairou Muyu turned around and left.

Su Yun didn’t have much to prepare. All of his belongings were in the spatial ring on his finger. Although people in the Ultimate Martial World liked to wear space bags on their body, he liked wearing rings more.

As expected, butler Mu immediately set off after taking care of the situation at the training field, leaving Wu Ye City. After noon, a luxurious carriage stopped outside Huairou’s mansion. Two rows of powerful guards stood on both sides of the carriage, and two maids knelt on both sides of the carriage, waiting quietly.

This is a big show.

Su Yun looked at the frame of the car and thought to himself.

Not long after, Huairou Muyu walked out of Huaiyu Palace accompanied by Xiao Yan. However, other than that, there was another person that followed along …

It was the sworn brother of Huairou Muyu, Ye Moxian.

When Su Yun saw Ye Moxian, Ye Moxian also saw him.

Seeing Su Yun standing by the car, Ye Moxian frowned and asked, "My sister, what is it? Is this man coming with us? "

“If Mister Su wants to go to Bei Yang, he must pass through the Bei Zhou City. Then, he will come with us and we can take care of him. What about it? Does Big Brother not wish for this person to travel with us?” Huairou Muyu said softly.

“Of course not, haha, since he’s my little sister’s friend.”

Ye Moxian smiled stiffly and then said to Xiao Yin, “Xiao Yin, quickly help Miss get in the car.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Xiao Yin leaned forward and carefully helped HuaiRou Muyu onto the frame of the carriage.

Ye Moxian’s servant brought over a white horse. This horse had four wings and extraordinary charm. Ye Moxian got on the horse and sat up straight. He was handsome, attracted the eyes of women.

Su Yun glanced at him but did not say anything. He saw that Xiao Yin had brought over another black horse. This horse had two wings, was only a little bit wider than the white horse, but a lot shorter. It looked like a fat horse …

Su Yun didn’t say anything and directly got on the horse. He hadn’t thought that a burst of laughter would come from the other side as soon as he got on the horse.

Su Yun looked over and saw Ye Moxian was laughing. Seeing Su Yun look at him, Ye Moxian clasped his hands and said, “Mister Su, this horse suits you pretty well, hahahaha.”

Everyone could see the horse’s ugliness. After all, it was short and fat. Ye Moxian’s words were obviously mocking Su Yun.

However, who would have thought that the dark horse would let out a roar that resembled a lion’s roar.

People were shocked, and the two heaven horses that were pulling HuaiRou Muyu’s carriage also started to move. Ye Moxian tried to control the horse but it ws restless and couldn’t calm down.

Su Yun was stunned. He looked at the horse and found that its eyes were blood-red …

“Young Master Ye, you have to be careful. This horse is a Two Wings Dark Blood Horse from Demon Realm, it is very intelligent. It will become immortal after cultivate for another eight hundred years, your words just now may have angered it.”

Xiao Yin covered her mouth as she laughed.

Ye Moxian dazed. So it was a demonic horse.

A trace of embarrassment appeared on his face. He wanted to flare up, but there was excuse for it. He could only groan and no longer utter a sound.

“Let’s go!”

Just at that moment, within the frame of the car, Huairou Muyu said something that broke the strange atmosphere.

No one spoke another word as the convoy advanced slowly and flew into the sky.