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Chapter 473 Burning Heaven Sword Formation

The flaming long sword cut down and a large amount of fire burst out from the sword, completely devouring the air shield. The fierce fire opened its beast-like mouth and devoured Su Yun.

Su Yun clenched his teeth and stared at everything in front of him. The Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment that could withstand any attacks before was trembling slightly, suddenly became weaker.

As for the origin sword, the strength was countless times stronger than the subordinate sword, and after being controlled by Su Yun, the power of the sword was limited. Rather than saying that it was a restriction, it was better to say that Su Yun’s current strength could not display all of its power. The death sword was a very good example. He was also unable to contend against the death sword that was unleashed with its full power.

This strike from the Divine Sword Fire Tribulation was sufficient to show that its explosiveness and destruction far exceeded that of Desolator Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

However, even though it was difficult for the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment, it was still a Imperial Equipment after all. It was a divine item that surpassed all the other magic treasures in the Sky Martial Continent. Su Yun speculated that this Imperial Equipment was even stronger than a divine treasure.

The light shield continuously trembled and shook, but in the end, it still stopped. Su Yun poured all the profound energy in his body into the Imperial Equipment, and the originally weak air shield was suddenly thickened by a whole circle!

Flames overflowed with a great amount of fiery energy that was like steel wire. They wrapped around the air shield and then crazily pulled it apart with the intention of ripping it apart.

However, the air shield’s defense was too shocking. As a pure defensive Imperial Equipment, it was able to resist attacks that surpassed the imagination of ordinary cultivators.

In the end, the tribulation fire failed, and the flames gradually weakened, finally returning to the body of the tribulation fire.

The sword in the giant’s hand dissipated, and it slowly retreated. Under the control of the tribulation fire, it retreated step by step, seemingly intending to temporarily retreat.


A vicious look flashed across Su Yun’s eyes, and he suddenly removed his Imperial Equipment. He grasped the Desolator Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword tightly, and like a shooting star, he rushed towards the tribulation fire.


As if Su Yun had provoked it, the tribulation fire sword that had just stopped began to spin crazily again. The giant let out a heaven-shaking roar, his two hands formed fists, fiercely beating towards Su Yun, his momentum extremely fierce!

This was Su Yun’s only chance. Although Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment was powerful, it couldn’t withstand the second attack of the tribulation fire.

He roared angrily and pushed his speed to the limit. He stared at the Divine Sword Tribulation Fire on the giant’s chest. Then, he struck out with both of his swords without care for his own safety.

He entered the giant’s chest, and the fanatical flames began to burn his skin. The profound qi in his body quickly resisted, but Su Yun did not leave much profound energy for himself. Previously, using his Imperial Equipment to block the attack had already consumed more than half of his profound energy, and he did not have much energy left in his body.

The two swords were like dragons as they attacked from the left and right. Fiery flames began to bloom on the tip of the swords.

Even if the Divine Sword Tribulation Fire was intelligent, it was hard to imagine how vicious Su Yun was. Even Ling Qingyu, who was far away, was dumbstruck as she stared at Su Yun.

“Does he want to die?”

Ling Qingyu exclaimed.

The sword energy was like a rainbow as it shot forward. The Divine Sword Tribulation Fire had no more energy left to resist, but listening to it …

Clang! Clang!

Sparks flew as the huge ripples dispersed. The incomparably huge giant was like broken glass, quickly disintegrating, dispersing, and finally vanishing.

The Divine Sword Tribulation Fire was repelled and Su Yun immediately let go of the two swords in his hands as he tightly held onto the Tribulation Fire’s sword hilt.

When his hands touched the hilt, the scorching heat immediately spread out. At that moment, Su Yun felt that he was not grabbing onto the hilt of the sword, but was grabbing onto a piece of iron that was burning red.

White smoke seeped out of his palms. The flesh began to burn and melt. Su Yun felt as if his bones had touched the hilt. The intense pain made him want to let go.

But if he let go, everything would be in vain.

He gritted his teeth and sweat poured out, but it was evaporated by the high temperature. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with stubbornness.

The tribulation fire started to quiver, and the sword’s body started to release flames, wanted to force Su Yun stepping back, but he didn’t stop. He grabbed the tribulation fire and crazily pulled back, like a madman who had lost his mind.

Thousands of flying swords immediately flew over and revolved around the Tribulation Fire. The terrifying sword intention was like a tidal wave crashed into the Tribulation Fire.


This continued for the time of burning an incense stick before the restless sword slowly cooled down.

Ling Qingyu didn’t know what to say to Su Yun, he was the kind of person who didn’t cared about his life.

Gradually, the Tribulation Fire that had been seized by Su Yun was unable to gather any power. Once it gathered strength, Su Yun crazily shook the sword’s body, causing the power in its body to be messed up. Su Yun’s willpower was also slowly being detected by the Tribulation Fire, could it be that this willpower that surpassed an ordinary person could not subdue this sword?

After an unknown amount of time, the surrounding temperature started to drop. Gradually, the temperature returned to normal. The Tribulation Fire stopped moving, and Su Yun held it in his hands in a deathly silence. Iron Mountain’s flames were still burning, but the temperature was not high.

Su Yun did his best to raise his eyes to look at the pale-white sword in his hands. He finally revealed a bitter smile, then fainted.
“Su Yun!”

Ling Qingyu, who was on the other side, quickly flew over and hugged Su Yun. She looked around, then carried Su Yun and flew out of the sword sheath.

After about an hour, Su Yun slowly opened his eyes.

Looking at the surroundings, it was already within the Huairou Family’s martial training field, and Ling Qingyu was standing next to him.

“Are you alright, Su Yun?”

Seeing that Su Yun had woken up, Ling Qingyu immediately crouched down and asked gently.

“I’m fine.”

He was about to get up, but just as he put his hands on the ground, a heart-wrenching pain came from his hands.

He sucked in a breath of cold air and quickly lay down. He raised his hands and saw that they were almost burnt through, leaving only a thin layer of mucous membrane covering the bones. It was absolutely horrifying.

“You idiot, you actually forcefully used your hands to take the Tribulation Fire. Fortunately, your willpower has subdued Tribulation Fire, otherwise, your hands would have been gone!” Ling Qingyu grunted and scolded him.

“I really couldn’t think of any better way!” Su Yun smiled embarrassedly and said, “What’s more, even if I lose my hand, with my current cultivation, wouldn’t it be easy for me to recover?”

When Ling Qingyu heard that, she was stunned for a moment, then she gently bit her lips and said, “Actually, Su Yun, just now, after you obtained the Tribulation Fire, I saw and tested the attribute of it. Perhaps it is stronger than I imagined …”

“Stronger?” Su Yun was stunned, “What do you mean?”

“It also contains another terrible force, I detected that when I checked your wound. Fortunately, the strength on your wound is not strong and should be able to disappear after a period of time. It is likely that the Tribulations Fire did not deliberately use this kind of strength, and if it used, maybe your hands would not be able to recover. Other than cutting them off, there is no other way …”


When Su Yun heard this, his face was filled with shock, “What kind of power is this?”

“Unhealed spirit energy.”

“Unhealed spirit energy? Could it be …”

"Yes, when you activate the power of Tribulations Fire and fight others, once you leave a wound on his body, this wound will not heal. If you cut off the hands and feet of others, and no matter how high his cultivation level is, he will not be able to recover. What’s even more terrifying is that once you kill any living being with this sword, this creature’s souls will also be devoured by the divine flame on the sword, and will no longer be able to come back to life. This is a sword of death. “After saying this, Ling Qingyu took a deep breath and said,” That was why you recklessly went to get Tribulations Fire, it was really a great fortune. If it wanted to cut you down, I’m afraid no one can revive you! "

When Su Yun heard this, he was drenched in cold sweat and had a lingering fear.

He never expected this sword to be so terrifying.

Su Yun raised his hands and looked at the wounds. He took a deep breath, quickly took out a few pills from his ring and swallowed them one by one.

As the pill entered his stomach, began to exert effects. The medicinal effect nourished the injured areas of his body, but what was surprising was that the healing speed of these wounds was extremely slow.

He urged his profound energy to transform the Monarch Occult Force into Spirit Life Qi to moisten his wounds. However, the effect was still as poor as before.


Su Yun suddenly felt a sweet taste in his throat. He spat out a mouthful of blood and then started to cough violently.

“Quickly stop! Su Yun, you’ve already fainted due to profound energy exhaustion, and now you’re even using profound energy. Do you want to die?” Ling Qingyu hurriedly said.

Su Yun stopped, but frowned as he looked at the wound on his palm.

Seeing the situation, Ling Qingyu said, “You don’t have to worry, the attachment power here is very weak. The Tribulation Fire didn’t use this power during the fight with you, just a little, I believe it will heal in ten days or half a month.”

“Ten days or half a month? Hope it could be faster.”

Su Yun sighed and walked out of the martial field. He asked the maidservants outside to bring two white cloths and wrapped his hands.

Afterwards, he sat down cross-legged and took out the deathly white long sword from its sheath.

“A sword that can cut down a person’s spirit … Just by this alone, it’s already an extremely powerful sword!”

Su Yun sighed with emotion. He held the Tribulation Fire and looked at it carefully.

The blade of the sword was white, and the hilt was crimson red. Several protruding tendons could be seen, and in the center of the hilt was a fiery red gem.

“Perhaps the power of this sword is more than this. Only if you are completely familiar with this sword and have a thorough connection with its spirit, will you be able to display its full might.”

Ling Qingyu stood in front of Su Yun and said seriously, “The reason I asked you to take this sword is actually because I wanted to teach you a new sword formation. With this sword’s help, the power of this sword formation will double!”

When Su Yun heard this, he hurriedly asked, “What kind of sword formation is it?”

“Burning Heaven Sword Formation.”