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Chapter 472 Divine Sword Tribulation Fire

Within the Sword Sheath’s world.

Su Yun and Ling Qingyu flew rapidly in the endless sky. On the roadside, they could see many huge Sword Palace. The surrounding area of each Sword Palace was densely packed with subordinate swords. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

Although there were many divine swords around, Su Yun was not in a hurry to subdue them. He only had a limited amount of cultivation for the Limitless Sword Arts, could not control big number of swords now, he could only take what was useful to him.

The higher level of the Limitless Sword Arts does not need the help of the swords in the sword sheath to kill the enemy. When you reach the level of two middle tiered sword, yo can extract the spirits of all living things in the world and use them as swords. As for the top tiered sword, there is no need for a real sword. Therfore, the swords in the sword sheath only prepared by the Sword Ancestor for you to train in the four bottom-tiered sword."

Ling Qingyu said.


Su Yun was stunned and said, “But there are 108,000 swords in this sword sheath, why do you need so many swords to practice four bottom-tiered sword?”

“This …”

Ling Qingyu hesitated for a moment before shaking her head, "I don’t know either. But then again, during those years, the Sword Ancestor went around collecting all kinds of famous swords, from the Sky Martial Continent, Demon Realm, Evil Realm, Devil Realm to Ghost Realm. I’m afraid there are also some traces of him in the Ultimate Martial World too. What is the purpose of collecting these swords? Was it just for the person who had obtained the sword sheath? "

When Su Yun heard this, he lowered his head in thought. After a while, he shook his head, “If there’s a chance to meet the Sword Ancestor, then everything will be known.”

“We doesn’t know if the Sword Ancestor is dead or alive yet, so why are we still talking about him? Isn’t this just too whimsical?”

Ling Qingyu said.

Su Yun didn’t say anything.

Now, Sword Elder rebuilding the Limitless Sword Sect. If the Sword Ancestor was still alive, perhaps he would return to the sect to take a look. However, after so many years, the Sword Ancestor didn’t have any more news, perhaps he really wasn’t there anymore.

“We’re here!”

At this moment, Ling Qingyu called out softly.

Su Yun was stunned, and saw a small sun appearing in the distance. A wave of heat rushed towards him.

Su Yun opened his Heavenly Scale Divine Eyes, looked into the distance.

Under the swords was a red-hot iron mountain. The hundred swords stabbed into the Iron Mountain, and the entire Iron Mountain and the sword emitted raging flames like a small sun. And on the top of the Iron Volcano was stabbed a long sword that was covered in a snow-white flame.

“What sword is that?”

Su Yun was stunned for a while before he asked.

“Divine Sword Tribulation Fire.”

Ling Qingyu said.

“Tribulation Fire?”

Su Yun stared at the divine sword that looked like a white lotus, his eyes were burning with passion.

“You know the rules of this world. If you want to subdue a sword, you have to rely on yourself. I can not help you in the slightest. Otherwise, the sword will not admit you.”

Ling Qingyu stopped and said to Su Yun, “The rest is up to you.”

Su Yun nodded and did not say anything. He pinched his sword arts and waved his hand. The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and Desolator Sword flew over from afar withsubordinate swords, surrounding Su Yun.

Su Yun let out a sigh and stared at the Tribulatinn Fire Divine Sword in the distance. He immediately waved his hand and threw the thousands of swords behind him.

No matter what he did, he would make preparations. He did not know anything about the Tribulatinn Fire at the moment. If he recklessly attacked it, he would only suffer losses. Using the flying sword to psrobe its strength was the best thing to do right now.

Thousands of flying swords shot out simultaneously, covering the sky and blotting out the sun. They formed a roaring sword dragon in the air, aiming the Tribulatinn Fire, like arrows from Houyi shooting towards the blazing sun.

The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and Desolator Sword were origin swords, and they were both of the same grade as the Tribulatinn Fire. When the two origin swords attacked, they were naturally very dangerous to the Tribulatinn Fire.

Now that Su Yun’s cultivation had risen and he had two prigin swords in his hands, it shouldn’t be too difficult to take the Tribulatinn Fire.

Hua la.

As the thousand swords approached the Tribulation Fire, strange sound burst out from that huge red-hot metal mountain. Soon after, a burst of white flames rose from all around the iron mountain. They were like a cover that surrounded the entire mountain.

As the thoustnd swords stabbed towards the flames, the flames extended out a large number of thick and long palms, grabbing onto the swords that were thrusting towards them.


Su Yun was shocked.

Thousands of flaming hands appeared around Iron Mountain and tightly gripped the swords, preventing them from moving any further.

The power of both Desolator Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword was astonishing. These flaming hands were unable to restrain them. Thus, the two swords broke free of the flames and continued to rush forward.

They pierced through the wall of flames with an irresistible momentum, stroke straightly at the Tribulations Fire Divine Sword at the top of Iron Mountain. .

But just as the two swords drew near, the Tribulations Fire Divine Sword finally moved.

With a metallic clang, a beam of snowy light rose up into the air, and Tribulation Fire Divine Sword flew away, its body begn to spin at high speed. A large amount of flames on the Iron Mountain served as the center, and soon, the entire body of the Tribulations Fire Divine Sword was wrapped by a scohing white flame, seeming to form a new sun.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang

Hundreds of subordinate swords of Tribulation Fire on the Iron Mountain also flew out at this moment. They circled around the Iron Mountain at high speed. As they spun faster and faster, the temperature of the Iron Mountain got higher.

Su Yun’s eyebrows tightened. He did not dare to hesitate as he controlled Desolator Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword to viciously attack the tribulation fire. However, the tribulation fire seemed to have prepared for this. When the two swords attascked, bursts of intense explosions arose around its surroundings. Countless waves of air blew in all directions, stopping the two swords’ attack. Even Su Yun, who was far away from the tribulation fire, felt how powerful this air wave was!

The sounds of explosions in the surroundings of the tribulation fire continued without stopping. The speed of the two swords slowed down when they were over a hundred meters away from the tribulation fire. It was already extremely difficult to advance any further.

When Su Yun saw this, Immediately, he increased the transpotation of profound qi to the two swords as they advanced forward shakily. They struggled to move forward but approached slowly.

"Su Yun, this is a conmption! Cant you see? ’

Ling Qingyu, who was at the side, frowned and said.

“How can I not see it?” Su Yun focused his eyes and said, “The tribulation fire is using its magic to exhaust the impact of these two swords, and once it’s used up, it will attack again. This sword is very intelligent, it knows its current strength and disadvantage, it will use its own strength to determine the victor!”

Ling Qingyu was stunned and said, “You saw its advantage?”

Su Yun nodded.

Ling Qingyu was immediately shocked, “How is this possible?” “Yo just came into contact with this sword, how can you already see the advantage of this sword?”

Su Yun didn’t explain, he didn’t have time to explain either.

Actually, he could tell that the power of this sword was quite strong from the energy waves from the Tribulation Fire forced two swords not to move forward. It was definitely a divine sword that relied on explosive attacks to defeat enemy.

If that was the case, in other words, as long as he was able to endure its explosion and take advantage of its weakness to counterattack, he would definitely be able to take this sword.

But what kind of attack would it use to determine the victor, and would he have the ability to counterattack?

Su Yun’s heart became alert. He stared unblinkingly at the scorching sun hovering above the Iron Mountain. The waves of air continued to bombard Desolator Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword one after another. The two swords were shaking more and more violently, and Su Yun also felt the profound qi in his body crazily flowing away. No matter how much profound energy he infused into the two swords, it was still difficult for them to move forward.

No, if this continued, he would definitely lose!

If he was used up, then everything would be for naught!

He gritted his teeth and suddenly made up his mind. He leaped up and pushed his speed to the limit, rushed straight to the two swords.

“Su Yun, what are you doing! Come back quickly, the temperature is too high for you!”

Ling Qingyu anxiously shouted with all her might.

However, Su Yun was like a runaway horse, and couldn’t be pulled back at all.

At first, it was only a heat wave that burned one’s face. As people got closer, the heat wave began to transform into a knife that cut at one’s skin, and in the end, it was no longer a heat wave, but a flame that started to devour one’s body.

This temperature was almost heaven-defying.

Su Yun didn’t even dare to imagine. At this moment, he no longer hesitated and immediately activated his rank Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment.

Air shield enveloped him, isolating the surrounding heat waves. At the same time, he had also bumped into two swords.

The two swords stopped moving. At this moment, Su Yun had gathered all his profound qi into the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment.

When Su Yun and the two swords met, the Tribulation Fire began to move!

The flames on its surface began to move rapidly, like living creatures. Some parts started to expand, some parts started to cave in, some parts started to split up, and some parts started to merged together.

The pale white sword rotated at high speed, and as it did so, the divine sword gradually rose into the air. The flames began to swirl around it, and in the end, a gigantic body of flames appeared.

The sky was dyed red by these flames. The scorching heat seemed to want to burn the entire world. This scene was like the apocalypse.

When Su Yun saw this, his heart tightened, and he immediately poured all the profound energy in his body into the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment.

The air shield became thicker.

The fire giant immediately raised its hands up and a gigantic fire sword formed between its hands.

The scorching heat seemed to be going through the air shield of the Imperial Equipment, blowing towards inside.

Such a grand attack, even Ling Qingyu, who was far away, felt her heart shudder…

“It’s here!”

Su Yun let out a roar and stared at the huge sword of fire.

He saw the fire blade slow down for a second and then quickly swing down.

Hua la!!!

It was like the entire Sword Sheath’s world was shaking!

The giant grasped the flaming sword with both hands and viciously slashed at the shield!

The momentum of a sword that could swallow mountains and rivers was incomparable. The edge of the sword was scorching hot, and its power was limitless. It viciously slashed at the air shield with a sky-splitting momentum …


In that instant.

Su Yun’s arm, which was holding the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment, trembled violently. The profound qi in his body was overturning the tides, and it was hard for him to calm down …

This attack was the strongest attack he had ever faced before. Even if it was Desolator Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, there was no way they could be compared with this attack.