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Outside of the room, Han Yue Xin walked in with a cold look. At that moment, inside the room, there was only the Young Noble dressed in his luxurious robes along with two servants with their head respectfully lowered. Aside from them, there was no one else.

The interior was decorated extravagantly, the ground was layered with bright crystals, the brick walls were covered with flickering gold sculptures and ornaments. The room was filled with all sorts of furnitures and mystical formation arrays that spun in place, releasing intoxicating perfumes.

The Young Noble lifted up his teacup and took a sip, then smiled towards Han Yue Xin who had walked in, he handed the teacup over to the maid by the side and stood up. He cupped his fists and bowed slightly, and smiled: “I am your humble Liu Ye Wen. Greetings, miss Han Yue Xin.”

“Liu Ye Wen? You are the Young Noble Liu Ye Wen from the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family?”

(TN: Liu Ye is Flowing Night. I wanted to give the family a nice name and will continue using the actual names for the characters.)

Han Yue Xin was moody, she stared at the man in front of her, and opened her cherry lips and questioned him coldly: “Why did you do that? Why did you stop the match between me and Su Yun?”

“Su Yun is a barbarian and does things without considering the consequences! I was worried… If Miss Han continued fighting with him, you would only be injured by him, thus I, Liu Ye Wen, decided to do it.” Liu Ye Wen laughed and replied.

“This is a competition! If it’s like this, how can we look forward to the future ones? If I, Han Yue Xin feared being injured, why would I participate in the competition? I ask you to immediately come forward and negotiate with the organizers of the contest to clarify the matter and arrange another fight with Su Yun!”

Han Yue Xin replied coldly.

She was a stubborn lady and even more of a female cultivator with a strong sense of self respect, she did not feel that she was worse than Su Yun and did not feel that she would have lost the competition, or even be defeated in such a strange manner! She was unconvinced and wasn’t resigned to it!!!

“Miss Han, are you concerned about the prize money of a million cultivation coins? If you like, I can gift you a million cultivation coins.” Liu Ye Wen laughed and said.

“The problem is not about the cultivation coins! Do you truly think that I am lacking in cultivation coins? What I care about is, who is stronger between Su Yun and I, the problem is principles! Young Noble Wen, you have broken my principles! Do you understand?”

“Principles?” Upon hearing that, Liu Ye Wen laughed without restraint, and spoke with a tinge of fanaticism: “Miss Han, I somewhat understand you, but don’t you think that your so called principles is too much of a joke? There are times where winning or losing is really important, but in this instance, how does winning or losing affect you here? Heh, I will be honest with you Miss Han. Actually, I extremely adore you, that was why I stopped the round between you and Su Yun, I also hope that you would not be hurt by him and I hope that Miss Han will be willing to be my dual cultivation companion, to study and cultivate together! Aside from that, I have no other intentions! As for Su Yun, Miss Han doesn’t need to worry, in the next match, Qin Si will personally take care of Su Yun, and help Miss Han, dispel this resentment.”

Liu Ye Wen spoke extremely straightforwardly, so much that he was awfully explicit, although being cultivation companions was not some embarrassing matter for male and female cultivators, but to declare it so pompously, it still made her feel uncomfortable.

Han Yue Xin frowned, her eyes flashed with a look of anger: “That was the reason you had Zhu Wen end the round between Su Yun and I?”

“If you were injured to the point of affecting your cultivation, it would affect our dual cultivation in days to come.”

“Is that so?” Han Yue Xin snorted, she immediately understood Liu Ye Wen’s intent, but he could no longer change the results of the competition, after thinking about it, she spoke: “Young Noble Liu Wen Ye, I, Han Yue Xin, appreciates your kind intentions, but regarding the matter of dual cultivation, forgive Han Yue Xin for not having the same perspective, even if Han Yue Xin wants to find a dual cultivation companion, I will definitely not take one that I loathe!!! I will take my leave now!”

With that said, Han Yue Xin turned and headed out of the room.

“Han Yue Xin, you shouldn’t refuse this toast only to end up being forced to drink a forfeit!”

The man outside of the private room immediately blocked Han Yue Xin’s path and spoke gravely.

“Bai Shan, let her go!”

Liu Ye Wen laughed and waved his hand.

“But Young Noble…”

“Just let her go!” Liu Ye Wen was not annoyed at all, or even anxious, as though Han Yue Xin’s actions did not matter to him.

Seeing that, the man called Bai Shan snorted, then stood aside and let her pass.

Suspicion grew in Han Yue Xin’s heart, she initially thought that Liu Ye Wen would have a hundred men obstructing her path, she never expected him to let her leave on his own accord.

~What is he thinking?~

Han Yue Xin did not understand, but she knew one thing. By rejecting him, it meant that she had offended Liu Ye Wen. If such a thing happened with any other men, Han Yue Xin would have flipped out long ago, but knowing that he was from the Flowing Night Aristocratic Family, Han Yue Xin had some restraining fear, she could only question him and leave. She could not do anything to Liu Ye Wen.

~Seems like I need to return and stay in the sect for a period of time.~

Han Yue Xin secretly thought, she increased her pace and directly headed out of the competition grounds.

After Han Yue Xin left, the man named Bai Shan walked into the room and cupped his fists, then bowed towards the Young Noble sipping on his tea. He asked: “Young Noble, why did you let Han Yue Xin leave like that? With Young Noble’s cultivation, forcefully keeping her is simple.”

“Forcefully keep her? What? You think that I am merely lusting for her body?” Liu Ye Wen asked coldly: “This Young noble cares about her talent, her physique and her cultivation! Dual cultivation emphasises on the willingness in both parties, forcefully doing it prevents me from obtaining the best results. There is no rush for Han Yue Xin, we have to do it slowly, she can’t run away. Heh, for so many years, how many female cultivators actually escaped from this young noble’s hands?”

Hearing that, Bai Shan was stunned for a moment, he then laughed and cupped his fists: “This lowly one understands it now.”

“En.” Liu Ye Wen nodded his head, then spoke: “We shall temporarily leave Han Yue Xin aside, let us first settle the debt with Su Yun. In the entire New Deer City, the number of people who dares to go against me are few. Send the order down, prepare a Sage Level Pill cauldron and get Qin Si to bring Su Yun’s Yang and Yin spirits, I will use them to refine some spirit pills.”

“This subordinate will get it done.”


Countless of people felt pity towards the battle between Han Yue Xin and Su Yun, maybe after many years, the citizens would occasionally discuss this battle and would continue to bicker as to who would win and lose.

The competition grounds was still buzzing with activity, there were spectators who continued to rant about their dissatisfaction. Of course, the consequences of their actions was that they were asked to leave the competition grounds, while the remaining spectators could continue to watch the battle.

Although majority of the people had their suspicions about the fairness of the competition, it was no longer important, because they were already in the last round which was about to begin.

Who will be the champion of New Deer City’s competition? That was what everyone cared for the most.

Su Yun sat at the participant stand and closed his eyes to rest. At that moment, over 60% of the spectator’s eyes were on Su Yun, while the rest were on the pavilion belonging to Yu Shuang Auction house.

Su Yun!

~Who is this man? A Group D Participant actually fought his way to the finals, who is this mysterious powerhouse that no one has ever seen?~

A few people started to make guesses on Su Yun’s identity, even Lu Zhan Yuan was interested in Su Yun’s background.

“Young Noble, Young Noble!”

Just then, an anxious voice came out from the pathway. It was the maid Xiao Xiu, who was running over anxiously.

Su Yun opened his eyes: “What’s wrong, Xiao Xiu?”

Xiao Xiu ran over and gasped for breaths while supporting herself with a chair, she then took out a piece of cultivation paper from the belt on her waist and handed it over to Su Yun: “Young Noble, this was given to me by Miss Han’s maid, she requested me to hand this over to you, she said that Miss Han wrote it for Young Noble and wanted Young Noble to read it immediately.”


Su Yun frowned, he looked around warily, before opening the cultivation paper.

The pure white paper had a line of words.

“Qin Si was ordered to kill you, immediately leave the competition grounds.”

Seeing that, Su Yun’s eyes gleamed, he kept the cultivation paper, then asked: “Where’s Miss Han?”

“They said that she has already left the competition grounds and her maid told me that Miss Han plans to return to her sect through the night.”

“Return to her sect?”

Su Yun scratched his chin and thought for a moment. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought about something, he looked at the private room at the end of the pathway. After thinking for a moment, he stood up.

Right at that moment…

“Alright! Everyone, the long anticipation has finally come to an end! The final battle for the competition has finally come! Who will be the champion for our New Deer City’s Great Competition?! We can only watch and see!!!”

Zhu Wen shouted with exaggeration, causing Su Yun’s expression to freeze. At that instant, he sensed everybody’s focus gathering on him again. He had initially wanted to heed Han Yue Xin’s advice and leave the competition. Although he was not afraid of the competition, he did not dare guarantee about anything else.

But at that moment, the arrow had been shot from the bow and he could no longer run. Helplessly sighing, Su Yun’s face revealed a bitter smile.

“Now, let our two final participants come up on stage! Let us have participant Qin Si nd Participant Su Yun enter the arena!!!”

Zhu Wen continued to exclaim.

The spectators stand immediately flew into an uproar.

“Brother Su, do your best, once you defeat Qin Si, your name will be famous in the entire New Deer City!!!”

Lu Zhan Yuan encouraged Su Yun.

Su Yun laughed, nodded his head, then stood up and leapt up the stage.


He landed gently like goosefeather, his movements naturally confident and at ease, his pitch black cloak made him even more mysterious. The faintly discernible pale face under the hood made him look extremely charming. With the gigantic sword sheath on his back and blood red sword in hand, he looked extremely imposing.

“Su Yun! Do your best!!!”

“Su Yun, you have to get first! We are supporting you!”

The crowd immediately shouted out excitedly.

Su Yun sighed, then looked up at the pavilion in the sky.

The doors opened, and a figure shot out.

Right when the person entered the Snow Jade Space, killing intent immediately filled the room.

Su Yun scoffed, his face instantly turned gloomy.