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The Battle Between the Officials

~Not allowed to win against Han Yue Xin?~

Su Yun frowned, he stared at the man: “Who is your Young Master?”

“Someone you can’t offend.” The man did not speak further, he chuckled, then patted Su Yun’s shoulder again, revealing a cheeky smile, he turned and left. Su Yun watched the man leave. After walking through the walkway, he reached an exquisite private room and after cupping his fists and bowing, he entered.

The private room was luxurious, by the door stood two maidservants, the door itself had an array formation, where the key to activating the formation was already taken by the guest inside. Aside from the guest, no one else could open the doors. This was specially used by the organisers to attract rich guests.

“Brother Su, what’s wrong?”

By his side, Lu Zhan Yuan looked at him suspiciously.

“Zhan Yuan, do you know who is in that room?” Su Yun pointed to the room at the end of the walkway.

“That room? I don’t have the specifics, but I heard from a few New Deer City participants talking about it before, they said that the person is a noble guest invited by New Deer City’s City Lord, with an extremely huge identity. I think that ordinary people dare not provoke that guest? Brother Su, did that guest also display an interest in recruiting you?” Lu Zhan Yuan smiled: “You are truly popular, everyone seems to have take a liking to you, hehe.”

“You’re wrong.” Su Yun laughed bitterly: “This time, the popular person should be Han Yue Xin.”

Hearing that, Lu Zhan Yuan started to perspire: “What do you mean by that?”

Su Yun shook his head and did not speak further, he continued to look at the center of the Snow Jade Space.

As the official representatives, Qin Si and Huo Quan Cai had extremely high innate talent, their cultivation was more than multiple times that of their peers. Disregarding their peers, even in New Deer City, the two of them would be well known figures! The two of them were recruited by the organizations, thus were covered with high grade treasures of at least the Sage Level, they might even have Imperial Equipments!

The two of them had extremely beautiful techniques, their mystical techniques were even matched with treasures, the power produced was at a level that no one dared to imagine, but Su Yun was not focused on their style of fighting, they were already used to fighting with treasures matched with their mystical techniques, their methods not suited for wandering cultivators. What he was more focused on was the mysterious Snow Jade Space.

When the participants entered the space, it would immediately form bone chilling gales of wind, snow would fall and wind blew wildly. The wind was not ordinary wind, this wind was easily able to cut people’s skin and flesh, the snow was no ordinary snow either, when the snow covered a person’s body, it could prevent Spirit Qi from flowing out of the body.

To compete in here, not only must the competitor find ways to defeat their opponent, they also had to raise their guard against the harsh environment that placed them at an disadvantage. Of course, if it was only these, New Deer City Auction House would not use such a treasure to act as the stage.

In the round, there would be white lights that would appear from time to time, and after the white light dissipates, a third stage Spirit Master ferocious beast, called the ‘White Haired Ape Sage’ would appear using mainly Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi. This ‘White Haired Ape Sage’ did not have much destructive capabilities, but its most terrifying technique was being able to summon and manipulate the wind and snow to target the participants, bringing forth a lot of trouble.

The White Haired Ape Sage suddenly appeared beside Qin Si, it extended its massive fists and struck its own chest. Following that, it opened its mouth and took a vigorous breath in, which instantly pulled all the wind and snow inside the Snow Jade Space into its mouth, causing the wind and snow to stop.

The White Haired ape Sage then exhaled it towards Qin Si, the snow and wind transformed into a snow dragon that flew at Qin Si. Seeing that, Huo Quan Cai immediately took the opportunity and increased his attacks, perfectly taking into considerations the White Haired Ape Sage’s attack.


Being caught off guard, Qin Si was struck directly in the body by the wind and snow, causing him to turn completely into ice!

“That’s great!”

Huo Quan Cai chuckled, he opened up the fan in his hand, where the tail of the fan actually turned into a blade which slashed fiercely towards Qin Si’s neck!

A deadly attack!

But in a battle between the representatives of the organizations, no one would stop until their opponent was dead. Even with the evaluators there, even the crowds felt that it was considered a norm.


Qin Si who was being frozen into an ice statue, had his head sliced off immediately! But when his head landed, the ice sculpture shattered and transformed into powder.

“A false body?”

Right at the moment when Huo Quan Cai’s eyes constricted, a surprise attack was launched from behind him, causing him to be flung out straight for the White Haired Ape Sage!! Unknowingly, Qin Si had actually appeared behind Huo Quan Cai! It was a spectacular counterattack!

Upon seeing Qin Si, the spectators flew into an uproar, all of the participants also praised his move, everyone noting the beautiful counterattack.

The White Haired Ape Sage immediately locked onto the closer target, Huo Quan Cai. It opened its mouth once again and inhaled in the snow and wind, then spat it all out furiously.

Huo Quan Cai’s face looked anxious, he immediately unleashed his defensive treasure which formed a layer of thick black armor on his body that looked like a skin made of iron, covering him up tightly.

With the snow and wind on him, Huo Quan Cai had difficulty moving. Qin Si took the opportunity to chase and attack, unleashing 18 palms at Huo Quan Cai. Every single one of these palms contained earth shattering might, which instantly dispersed the snow and ice on Huo Quan Cai’s body and formed many handprints dented into the iron skin covering him.

Huo Quan Cai’s face turned white, his mouth started flowing with blood, he had instantly fallen to a disadvantage!!

“Huo Quan Cai, you can do it!”

“Qin Si, defeat him with one move! Kill him! Quickly!”

The crowd was extremely roused.

Huo Quan Cai was forced into such such a desperate strait because of the White Haired Ape Sage and Qin Si’s pincer attack, he gritted his teeth while staring ferociously at Qin Si, he no longer held back! With a low growl, he unleashed his famous consummate technique.

“Dance of the Heavenly Fan!”

Huo Quan Cai’s entire body unleashed a powerful shockwave that pushed the man and ape away. Huo Quan Cai escaped danger, but he was not anxious to leave the bad position, holding onto his fan tightly. While staring at the tip of the fan, his hand moved like a golden snake, gently swaying as it oscillated continuously, the fan subsequently appeared to release Spirit Qi.

Suddenly, Huo Quan Cai’s arm extended out straight, his expression warped, as though he had unleashed all of the power in his body and flicked the fan up into the sky.


The dense clouds in the sky ripped apart as a gigantic fan made out of light descended and smashed to the ground in front of Huo Quan Cai. This fan of light was more than 10 m tall, with a width extending close to a 100 m, almost extending out of the Snow Jade Space, like a large blade slicing part of the dome.

Huo Quan Cai’s eyes released a penetrating light, his hand was enveloped with a halo of blue light. He started to move his legs, striding in a serious manner. In his graceful dance, the fan in his hand started to move in an enchanting manner, whenever he raised up his fan, the gigantic fan of light would sway as well.

Huo Quan Cai was in control of it!

The gigantic fan of light slashed at Qin Si. Seeing that, Qin Si immediately dodged.


The entire ground trembled. The Snow Jade Space was like a small boat inside a heavy storm, swaying incessantly. The area where the large fan of light had struck formed an extremely deep gorge which unleashed a powerful destructive force, forcing the White Haired Ape Sage that was closer to Huo Quan Cai to be instantly flung out!!!

What a terrifying force! If it were any human that was struck by it, they would instantly die without a doubt! With the standard of all the previous participants, no one would be able to take on Huo Quan Cai’s technique!

Qin Si frowned, he stared and focus at the fan in Huo Quan Cai’s hand, and with a snort, he rushed over. From his movements, it looked as though he was prepared to do something to the fan, but Qin Si had truly seen through it, his reaction speed was also very quick, the powerful and destructive fan of light was truly controlled by the fan in Huo Quan Cai’s hands. But Qin Si did not understand one thing, it was that the fan held by Huo Quan Cai could not be taken that easily!

Huo Quan Cai moved agilely and steadily, when Qin Si approached him, he turned around and in an instant, landed at the side of the Snow Jade Space, instantly pulling away from Qin Si.

“What a beautiful movement technique and what stunning attack! Huo Quan Cai’s Dance of the Heavenly Fan is truly unordinary! I never thought that a man can also dance so gracefully, it is a pleasing performance!”

Beneath the stage, Liu Gu could not resist but praise out loud.

“That’s right, even though he is a representative of one of the official organizations, even I might not be able to defeat him.” Zhang Guo Hao added.

Everyone else nodded. Even the evaluators could only be spectators in such a level of fight.

It seemed like it would not be easy for Qin Si to win the fight.


Five Leaves City!

A huge trading city that was famous in the Ultimate Martial World. In here, many large trading families held onto large lands and was where countless of powerful cultivators chose to stay! And inside Five Leaves City, The Huai Rou Family was the most famous and powerful.

Inside the Huai Rou Mansion in the middle of Five Leaves City, a maidservant dressed in green, with a beautiful head ornament rushed anxiously towards a pavilion made out of gold and jade.

“Young miss, young miss!”

When the maidservant approached the doors, she shouted out excitedly: “There’s news of the Young Noble, there’s news of the Young Noble, Young miss!”

“Oh? So fast?”

An indifferent and gentle voice came out from the pavilion. Following that, the large doors that was covered completely with bright gems was gently pushed open. A young lady dressed in yellow and pink walked out gracefully.

The maidservant was smiling from ear to ear as she handed over a jadestone.

The young lady accepted the jadestone and extended her slender finger, imbuing some Spirit Qi in it which caused the jadestone to unleash a light aura that had rows of words flickering in it.

“Oh? Su Yun is in New Deer City? And is participating in the competition held there?” Huai Rou Mu Yu blinked her eyes as she started to ponder.

“With Young Noble Su’s strength, he will definitely be able to obtain the first place.” The maidservant laughed.

Huai Rou Mu Yu gently shook her head and said: “Su Yun is indeed quite strong, but the competition is an open competition with a few trading organizations collaborating and organizing it. It isn’t considered an official competition, there will definitely be a few representatives from the organizations participating as well, all of them definitely powerful individuals. With the support of the organizations, they will have powerful treasures on them. Su Yun will be able to reach the finals without a problem, but if he wants to be the champion, I am afraid that will be difficult.”

“T-that’s already a very good outcome, since he will be in the top few…” The maidservant scratched her head and said.

“What I am more curious about, is his reason for running to New Deer City to participate in the competition. Is he doing it for the prize money? Is he lacking money?”

“Maybe he just wants to spar with a few experts.” The maidservant grinned, when she suddenly thought of something, and spoke anxiously: “Oh yes, young miss, the servant that obtained the news said that Young Noble Su was placed in Group D, but he had already interacted with a few Group A and B participants. However, in the middle of it, something happened and Su Yun’s present situation isn’t looking optimistic.”

“Isn’t looking optimistic?” Huai Rou Mu Yu frowned: “Something happened?”

“It’s related to the Quick Blade Sect. It was said that in the competition, Young Noble Su killed Quick Blade Sect’s Disciple, Dao Huang. The Quick Blade Sect protects their disciples really well and Dao Huang is even the Sect Leader’s daughter! I am afraid that when the competition ends, the Quick Blade Sect will find Young Noble Su for revenge and he will most likely be in a dangerous situation after the competition.” The maidservant said.

“Quick Blade Sect?”

Huai Rou Mu Yu looked down to the ground as she whispered the name gently.