Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 443
The Decisive Battle of Swift Swords


An intense explosion sounded out from the stage.

Two figures separated and landed on opposites sides of the stage, the terrifying destruction pervaded out like a ripple and everything that was struck withered or broke down.
The initially completely restored stage was once again broken into ruins, the sky darkened as though a storm was approaching.

All of the spectators held their breaths, all of them focused on the two figures lying on the ground.

The intense battle had already made them completely immersed in it, now, they only cared who would be able to stand, who would be the winner!!

“Liu Lang is a fierce man with powerful offense. Like a ravenous wolf, he never holds back on any mystical technique he uses and gives it his all, he fights extremely savagely, as though he is suppressing Qin Si, but towards the end, fatigue and weakness set in, his reckless use of Spirit Qi started to reveal its effects and in the end, Qin Si who was always defending turned the situation.”

Seated in the participants stand, Su Yun muttered to himself as he gauged the situation.

The two competitors were fourth stage Spirit Master realm cultivators, any technique they used could easily destroy a sect! If not for the unique set up of the competition, the whole place would have been razed to the ground!

Liu Lang was not weak, it was just that Qin Si was proficient in his defense and dragged the battle as he waited for Liu Lang to exhaust himself, thus turning the situation more towards his favor.

Su Yun no longer bet in the following rounds, he did not know the other participants and did not know who was stronger or weaker, if he had made bets, he would simply make a loss. But he had confidence in his own matches, thus he could place bets. Although at the moment, the participant’s strengths were all unfathomable, he was already deep into it, he knew of the dire punishments for losing and since it was so, why not give himself a bit more pressure?

“Brother Su, who do you think will win in this round?” Lu Zhan Yuan asked softly.

Su Yun gently shook his head and did not say a word. He was not sure himself, they were both representatives of the huge organisations, who knew if they had trump cards?


Right then, a clear sound suddenly came out from the stage.

Everyone immediately looked towards the stage, they saw Qin Si who was initially on the ground gasping for breath as he stood up.

What surprised everyone was that he was slowly recovering despite all the injuries on his body, the wounds started to close up and heal, and even his robes were seemingly being patched up by itself. This bizarre scene stunned the spectators.

A few of them looked carefully and noticed that a faint halo of grey charms floated around Qin Si, they were spinning at a fast speed around him. Because they were extremely thin and faint, adding their fast revolutions, no one noticed it.

The charms were releasing strange Profound Spirit Qi that enveloped Qin Si, restoring his flesh and skin, and even his items.

“Is that a treasure?”

Lu Zhan Yuan finally noticed something weird on Qin Si and asked.

“Most likely. Qin Si is a representative of one of the organisations, the treasures on him are most likely supplied by the organisation, so how can they be weak?” Su Yun asked.

“I never thought that the organisation would actually give Qin Si such a recovery treasure, who knows what grade it is, I believe it wouldn’t be low.” Lu Zhan Yuan said.

“Recovery Treasure?” Su Yun was startled, he then shook his head: “Zhan Yuan, when have you ever seen a recovery treasure that can even restore the clothes?”

Hearing that, Lu Zhan Yuan looked at Qin Si again, and was dumbstruck: “That…”

“Most probably, this is a treasure that reinstates the user’s original form, maybe it can restore everything of Qin Si to the state he was in before the battle.”
Su Yun breathed deeply. Seeing Qin Si gradually regaining clarity and his eyes that was filled with energy, he said: “I am afraid that even the exhausted Spirit Qi in him has been restored.”

“I-if that’s the case, doesn’t it mean that Liu Lang is bound to lose?”

Lu Zhan Yuan was extremely shocked.

To think that such a treasure existed, wouldn’t that mean that anyone who fought Qin Si would lose?

Su Yun did not say anything.

At that moment, Qin Si was already restored to his optimal state, he walked slowly over to Liu Lang, where his footsteps were extremely clear in the silence.

Liu Lang was covered with wounds, especially his hands, they were scorched where even the bones were gone, he had been crippled, and blood continued to flow nonstop.


Liu Lang did his best to lift his head, staring at Qin Si with his unreconciled bloodshot eyes: “To deliberately cripple my hands while fighting, preventing me from using any treasures, you’re despicable!”

Liu Lang was a representative of one of the organisations as well so naturally, he had his own life saving treasures. In the clash, Qin Si had acted as though he was aiming to defeat and kill him, but in truth, Qin Si had focused on his hands. During the final clash, in their last movements, Liu Lang had accurately aimed for Qin Si’s heart, while Qin Si had aimed at Liu Lang’s hands.

Qin Si was heavily injured, Liu Lang’s hands were both crippled, but he had never expected for Qin SI to actually have a bit of strength left to use his life saving treasure. And for Liu Lang, he had a lot of strength left, but no longer had his hands, and was unable to retrieve the life saving treasure out of the spatial bag on his waist, thus, the victor had been determined.

“The winner is king, there’s nothing despicable about it, you can only say that you were too foolish.”

Qin Si said indifferently, he raised his leg and aim straight down ferociously on Liu Lang’s head.

Profound Spirit Qi was flowing all over his feet.

Liu Lang’s eyes became wide open.


A loud boom came out from the stage.

Qin Si’s leg that had Profound Spirit Qi was like a ten thousand kg hammer that smashed onto Liu Lang.

Liu Lang was incapable of using any defensive treasure, and was directly trampled on his body. Blood and all of his internal organs flew out, flowers of blood sprinkled all over and a blood mist blossomed on stage.

The stage was instantly dyed to a hell color.

Liu Lang had died.

The entire competition grounds was shocked!


Blatant, murder!

In that situation, even a three year old kid could tell that it was intentional murder.

Of course, the evaluators did not dare to intrude.

They did not dare to call it a foul.

Even the crowd did not dare reveal any looks of unhappiness.

As representatives, a powerful figure stood behind Qin Si! Qin Si’s actions represented Yu Shuang Auction house’s provocation towards General Ring Chain Chamber of Commerce! How powerful were the two businesses? Who would even dare to tease their brows?

Below the stage, all of the workers looked at the messy stage, and yet no one dared to move.

At that instance, the entire place was silent!

Qin Si snorted, then turned and flew back towards the pavilion.

When he reached near the pavilion, he cupped his fists, then flew inside.

After a long time, the entire competition grounds started to have their own discussions, no one cheered, no one scolded, the atmosphere was extremely strange.

~Is this still a competition? Or is this just a competition made for the contest between the few trading organisations?~ Su Yun thought.

Liu Lang was eliminated, and the number of participants became even lesser.

Zhu Wen trembled for a moment, after looking around, he climbed back up and shouted with a still slightly trembling voice: “The previous round’s victor is Participant Qin Si, from Yu Shuang Auction house. Alright, fellow spectators and audience, now, let us enter our next round, who will be our participants?”

With that said, the screen started churning.

Everyone’s eyes gathered at the same location.


The screen quietened down

Su Yun against Li Chang Zai

The decisive battle between Swift Swords.

When these two names appeared, the originally strange atmosphere was instantly lit up again, and cheers overwhelmed the competition grounds.

“It’s actually Su Yun against Li Chang Zai! That’s great!!! Haha!”

“In the end, we need to find out who is the victor between the two swift swords, I still thought that one of them would be eliminated early, who knew that they would be clashing right now!”

“Li Chang Zai, do your best!”

“Su Yun, you have to win!”

“I believe this will be a spectacular round.”

The atmosphere became lively, majority of the spectators revealed looks of excitement, all of them interested in the battle between Su Yun and Li Chang Zai.

Even the participants who were resting in the recovery rooms, after hearing that it was Su Yun against Li Chang Zai, they all ran out to watch the match.

“I never thought that they would put those two against each other, seems like this round’s excitement isn’t any weaker than Liu Lang and Qin Si’s.”

Liu Gu smiled and said.

“Let us watch carefully, the two of them aren’t weak, and even if it was us going up, we have to be extra careful too, who knows if we might learn a thing or two.” Xiao Zi Ru said coldly.

Liu Gu nodded.

In the participant stands, Han Yue Xin turned her focus as she stared at the man completely in black situated in Group D’s region.

He gradually stood up, took out a million cultivation coins card and handed it over to the servant beside him, then stepped towards the stage.

Half of the spectators had their eyes glued onto Li Chang Zai, while the other half on Su Yun.

“The victor of this round will be the person to earn the name of Swift Sword!”

The host Zhu Wen shouted out loudly.


From Group A’s region, a figure swept past and instantly, everyone saw Li Chang Zai holding onto his sword standing on the stage.

His movements was too quick for anyone to follow up, revealing to the spectators his breathtaking speed.

As for Su Yun, he did not rush towards the stage like Li Chang Zai, he walked step by step up the stage. The stage was slowly being restored, as for Su Yun’s pace, he seemed to be following accordingly to the changes of the stage, his steps seemed to be extremely blurred and unreal.

Li Chang Zai had his eyes closed.

Su Yun stood there and looked at Li Chang Zai, revealing half of his pale white face under the sinister black cloak, he touched the sword sheath behind him and retrieved the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword. He unsheathed the sword and held it with the blade pointing downwards.

“Young Noble Su, I will be using all of my strength, I hope that you will not hold back as well and fight me with everything that you have.” Li Chang Zai unsheathed his sword and spoke earnestly to Su Yun.

“Alright.” Su Yun replied back with a word and no longer spoke.

Li Chang Zai became serious.

“Now, will the two participants get ready!”

Zhu Wen shouted out loud.

Right when he said that, Li Chang Zai’s entire body erupted with an aura that was sharper than any blade or sword!

This Spirit Qi ravaged outwards, pushing everything aside! Zhu Wen had not even finished speaking but he was instantly thrown off the stage, it was truly tyrannical beyond comparison.


The bell sounded out indicating the start of the round!

Li Chang Zai was unwilling to let Su Yun take the initiative, with sword in hand, he rushed towards Su Yun and just as he was about to approach Su Yun, from Su Yun’s sides and back, appeared three more ‘Li Chang Zai’!